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Last updated October 2, 2020 at 9:34:07 PM GMT

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Unicode 13.0 Released
The Unicode Consortium has released version 13 with 5,390 new characters.

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Image Conversions
Common - convert between standard image types
SVG to raster - convert vector SVG images to PNG, JPEG or TIFF images.
Identify - detailed information about an image
Metadata - view metadata for standard image types
More image conversions...
Text Conversions
CharSet - character set (aka Code Page) conversion
UTF - change UTF encoding
unix2dos - Unix to Windows/MS-DOS text files
dos2unix - Windows/MS-DOS to Unix text files
More text conversions...
Document Conversions
PDF to Text - extract text from an Adobe Acrobat PDF file
PowerPoint to Flash - convert from Microsoft PowerPoint (.PPT) to Flash (.SWF)
Online Tools
HexDump - view contents of a binary file
Strings - find text in a binary file
RegEx - regular expression tester
Hash - calculate hash functions
IPLocation - geographic location from IP address
Label - label and envelope printing
More tools...