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P (1) Pascal Source Code; see PAS
P Lotus Applause
P10 Picture; Tektronix Plot 10 (Vector Drawing)
P10 Tektronix Plot 10 drawing
P16 Sound; Pro Tracker Studio
P3 Primavera Project Planner file
P65 Pagemaker 6.5 file
P65 Adobe PageMaker 6.5; see PM5
P7C Digital ID file (MIME)
P7C Internet Digital ID, identification validation (MIME: application/pkcs7-mime)
P7M Internet Digital ID
P7S Internet identification validation
PA1 Page-Ahead
PAB (1) Microsoft Exchange Personal Address Book
PAB (2) Microsoft Word Personal Address Book
PAB Microsoft Personal Address Book
PAB Microsoft Exchange personal address book
PAC (1) Windows Applications Manager added or changed package; see GRP
PAC (2) Internet Program; Netscape application
PAC (4) Sound; Atari Stad
PAC SB Studio II package
PAC (3) Sound; SVStudio
PAD Portable Application Description. Details about an application for inclusion in an website or online library. More Info.
PAD Document; NoteBook for Windows
pag MS VB property page file
PAK Quake WAD file
PAK (2) Archive; Quake Game
PAK (1) Archive
PAL Palette. Color palette for Dr Halo image. Details
PAR Parity. A parity file used to recover a corrupted RAR file.
PAR (1) Windows 3.x swap file: 386SPART.PAR, SPART.PAR
PAR (2) Parameter (generic)
PAS Borland Pascal source code
pas Pascal source code
PAS Pascal, Turbo Pascal, Delphi
PAS Pascal source code (Borland)
PAT (3) Sound; Gravis Ultra-sound Patch
PAT (1) Pattern (Bitmap Picture used by drawing programs)
PAT DataCAD Hatch pattern file
PAT Advanced Gravis Ultrasound/Forte tech. Patch
PAT (2) AutoCAD Pattern Definition
PAT Corel Draw pattern
PB (1) PowerBasic configuration (PBCONFIG.PB)
PB (2) Data; WinFax Pro Phone Book; FAXability Plus
PB1 Document; First Publisher
PBB Microsoft Mail address information file; see MAI
PBD PowerBuilder Dynamic library, an alternative to a native DLL
PBD Bitmap Picture; Adobe Photo Deluxe; see PDD
PBD (3) Power Builder Dynamic Library
PBD (2) Data; Fax-Now Phone Book
PBF Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank File
PBH PowerBasic Help file
PBI Microsoft Profiler
PBK MSN Phone book
PBK (1) MSN Phone Book
PBK (2) HP-95 Phone Book
PBK Microsoft Phonebook
PBL PowerBuilder Library used in the PowerBuilder development environment
PBM Portable BitMap. Raster image. Details
PBO Microsoft Profiler
PBR PowerBuilder Resource
PBT Microsoft Profiler
PC1 Picture; Atari ST Degas
PC2 Picture; Atari ST Degas
PC3 Harvard Graphics DOS 3.0 Custom palette
PC3 Picture; Atari ST Degas
PC8 (1) Text Document; IBM Codepage 437 text
PC8 (2) Hewlett-Packard NewWave Write
PCC Same as PCX
pcd Kodak PhotoCD. Details
PCD P-Code compiled test scripts as in Microsoft Tst and Microsoft Visual Test
PCE Maps Eudora mailbox names to DOS filenames
PCF (2) HP-95 Printer configuration
PCF (1) Microsoft Profiler command file
PCH (2) Patch
PCH (1) Pre-compiled Header (Microsoft Visual C++)
PCJ Picture; IBM Linkaway-Live
PCL Device Driver; Printer Control Language for printer driver
PCL Hewlett-Packard Printer Control Language file (printer-ready bitmap)
PCM (2) Bitmap Picture; Son-Arc
PCM (1) Printer Cartridge Metric for printer driver
PCM Audio file format
PCM (3) Sound
PCM OKI MSM6376 synth chip PCM format
PCP Symantec Live Update; PC Pro
PCP Symantec Live Update Pro file
PCS (1) Microsoft Clipart Index
PCS (2) Bitmap Picture; PICS animation
PCS PICS animation
PCT Macintosh QuickDraw picture. Usually PICT. Details
PCW Document; PC Write
PCX ZSoft PC Paintbrush. Raster image. Details
PDA Bitmap Picture
PDB (2) Database; Tact
PDB 3Com Palmpilot database file
PDB (1) Program Database, used by 32-bit LINK.EXE for program information
PDD Bitmap Picture; Adobe Photo Deluxe; Adobe Acrobat Distiller (Style?); see PBD
PDD Graphic image that can be opened with Paint Shop Pro and possibly other image software
PDF Package Definition File. Microsoft Systems Management Server
PDF Adobe Acrobat Portable Document File. Detailed spec. [pdf] application/pdf
PDF Printer Definition File. Novell NetWare
PDI (1) Microsoft PowerPoint Translator (import/export filter)
PDI (2) IBM VideoTex
pdm PowerDesigner Data Model
pdn PaintDotNet. A Paint.Net raster image [pdn]
PDP Broderbund's Print Shop Deluxe file
PDQ Patton&Patton Flowcharting PDQ Lite file
PDR Device Driver; Windows Port Driver (a kind of virtual device driver)
PDR Port driver
PDS NASA Planetary Data System
PDS Photographic image file (origin not yet identified)
PDS Planetary Data System Format
PDW Bitmap Picture; HiJaak; Professional Draw
PDX (2) Adobe PageMaker Printer Description; INI
PDX (1) Paradox; see INI
PE Portable Executable program; see STI
PEF Pentax Electronic Format. Photograph from a Pentax camera. [RAW]
PF Aladdin Systems Private Files encrypted file
PF ICC Profile; Windows ICM profile
PF ICM profile
PFA Type 1 font (ASCII)
PFA Font; PostScript Font Type 3
pfb PFS:Write document
PFB PostScript Font; Postscript Type 1 outline Font; see AFM, MMM
PFB Type 1 font (binary)
PFC (2) Document; First Choice
PFC PF Component
PFC (1) WordPerfect Perfect Fit (filter?)
PFK X-Tree Pro
PFL Presentation; Lotus Freelance for DOS 4.0 Portfolio
PFM (2) PCL Printer
pfm PostScript font metric
PFM (1) Postscript Font PFM; PostScript Printer Font; ee AFM
PFM Printer Font Metrics
PFR Font; Bitstream Portable Font Resource, embedded font for Internet Documents
PFS Document, Data; PFS:File or PFS:Write
PFT Font; ChiWriter
PFZ PixelLive Format for Zooming. A raster image format with additional info for improved scaling. See VFZ.
pgl HPGL
PGL HP Plotter drawing
PGL Picture; HP7475A Plotter (Vector Drawing)
PGM Portable GreyMap. Raster image. Details
PGN Game; Portable Game Notation
PGP Pretty Good Privacy
PGP PGP encrypted file
pgx MS VB property page binary data
PH (1) Windows Help file phrase-table, created by the Microsoft Windows help compiler (HC.EXE)
PH Temporary file generated by Microsoft Help Compiler
PH (2) PERL Source Code Header
PHD PolyHedra Database
PHN Database; Ultra Fax phone book
PHO Database; Metz Phone
PHP HTML page that includes a PHP script
PHP3 HTML page that includes a PHP script
PHTML HTML page that includes a PHP script
PHTML Perl-parsed HTML
PI$ Microsoft compressed PIF; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
PI1 Picture; Atari ST Degas
PI2 Picture; Atari ST Degas
PI3 Picture; Atari ST Degas
PIC Pegasus Imaging Corporation Format
PIC Picture. Raster image format by Lotus. Details
PIC truncated version of PICT
PIC Micrografx Draw! Graphics Format
PIC VideoShow Graphics Format
PIC Picture. Raster image from Pixar workstation
PICT Mac PICT vector image file. Details [MACPICT]
PIF Shortcut to MS-DOS-based application
pif IBM picture interchange format
pif Windows Program Information File
PIF IBM PIF drawing
pif MS Windows program information file for DOS programs
PIF (1) Program Information; Shortcut to MS-DOS program
PIF (2) Bitmap Picture; IBM
PIF Program Information File
PIG Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD file
PIN Microsoft Pushpin Set
PIN Epic Pinball data file
PIP Bitmap Picture; JPEG, JPG, JPE, JFIF, PJPEG compressed Bitmap Picture
PIT Archive; Macintosh Pack-It
PIX Picture. Raster image. Details
PJ (2) Hewlett-Packard Paint Jet
PJ MKS Source Integrity file
PJ (1) Project; Computer Associates SuperProject
PJP PJPEG Internet Picture; see JPG
PJT Microsoft's Visual Foxpro Project
PJT FoxPro Project Memo
PJX Project; Microsoft FoxPro
PJX Microsoft's Visual Foxpro Project
PK Font; TeX, Metafont Bitmap Font
PKA Archive; PKArc
PKG Microsoft Developer Studio application extension (similar to a DLL file)
PKG (1) Microsoft Developer Extension (C++ 4.0)
PKG (2) AppleLink
PKR PGP Public Keyring
pl Perl script
PL (3) Perl Source Code
PL (2) Prolog Source Code
PL Perl program
pl Perl source
PL PFS: Plan
PL (4) Font; TeX font metrics
PL (1) Internet Program; PERL script
PL1 Drawing; 3D Home Architect floor plan
PL3 Harvard Graphics DOS 3.0 Chart Palette
PL4 Micrografx Designer Palette
PLB FoxPro runtime API Library for DOS (use FLL for Windows runtime Library)
PLG A file format use by REND386/AVRIL
PLG Microsoft HTML form
PLI Oracle 7 data description
PLL Library; Clipper
PLM DisorderTracker2 module
PLN Spreadsheet; WordPerfect
PLS DisorderTracker2 sample
PLS MPEG PLayList file (used by WinAmp)
PLT AutoCAD Plot drawing
PLT HPGL Plotter drawing
plx CompuServe email message
PLY (2) Drawing; Autodesk Animator Polygon Format
PLY (1) Presentation; Harvard Spotlight
PLY ZipPack
PM (2) Bitmap Picture; X11
PM (3) Perl script
PM (1) PageMaker Document
PM3 Aldus PageMaker 3 Document (there is no PM1 or PM2)
PM4 Adobe PageMaker 4 Document
PM5 Adobe PageMaker 5 Document; see P65
pm5 Pagemaker 5 Publication File
PM5 Pagemaker 5.0 file
PM6 Pagemaker 6.0 file
PM6 Adobe PageMaker 6 -- is this true?
PMA Windows NT Performance Monitor Alert
PMB Picture; Bitmap?
PMC (1) Windows NT Performance Monitor Chart
PMC (2) Bitmap Picture; A4Tech Scanner
PMD PlanMaker Document. PlanMaker is a spreadsheet from SoftMaker.
PML Windows NT Performance Monitor Log
PMP VideoCraft GIF Animator Project; see VPR
PMR Windows NT Performance Monitor Report
PMW Windows NT Performance Monitor Workspace
PNG Portable Network Graphics. Raster image. [png] image/png
pnm portable anymap. Raster image. Details
PNT Bitmap Picture; Macintosh SuperPaint
PNT MacPaint graphic file
PNTG Bitmap Picture; same as PNT
PNTG Same as PNT file
PO Portable Object. A GNU Gettext catalog of strings for internationalization. Cross-platform editor.
POD Parameter Oriented Data. Details
POD Plain Old Documentation. Perl documentation. Can also be embedded within Perl (.pl) source files. Details (or search for perlpod).
POG Descent2 PIG file extension
POL Windows NT Policy file
POL InnovMetric Software Polygon Models Format
POL (2) InnovMetric Binary
POL (1) Policy (Windows 95 network setup)
POP Visual dBASE popup file
POP Message; Pop-Mail
POT Microsoft PowerPoint Template
POT GNU gettext Portable Object Translation.
POTM Microsoft PowerPoint Template with Macros. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 template [MSOfficeXML]
POTX Microsoft PowerPoint Template. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 template [MSOfficeXML]
POV Persistence of Vision Raytracing. Details
POW Sound; Power-Chords chord chart
PP Archive; Amiga Power-Packer
PP4 Bitmap Picture; Micrografx Picture Publisher 4; see PPF (MIME: image/tiff)
PP4 Picture Publisher 4 bitmap
PP5 Bitmap Picture; Micrografx Picture Publisher 5; see PPF (MIME: image/tiff)
PPA Wizard; Microsoft PowerPoint add-in
PPA Microsoft PowerPoint Add-in
PPAM Microsoft PowerPoint Add-in. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 add-in/extension [MSOfficeXML]
PPB PepperBox. Content that requires a PepperCoin micropayment to access.
PPD PostScript printer description
PPD PostScriptTM printer description file
PPF Micrografx Picture Publisher (MIME: image/tiff)
PPF Turtle Beach Pinnacle Program File
PPL Polaroid Palette Plus Color Key
PPM Portable PixMap. Raster image. Details
PPP Document; PagePlus
PPP Parson Power Publisher
PPP Serif PagePlus desktop publishing default output
PPS Microsoft PowerPoint slide show
PPS (2) Personal Producer story board
PPSM Microsoft PowerPoinT with Macros. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 slideshow [MSOfficeXML]
PPSX Microsoft PowerPoinT Slideshow. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation [MSOfficeXML]
PPT Microsoft PowerPoint
PPTM Microsoft PowerPoinT with Macros. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation [MSOfficeXML]
PPTX Microsoft PowerPoinT XML: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Presentation [MSOfficeXML]
PPV Microsoft Pocket Powerpoint Presentation for Windows CE
PPZ Microsoft PowerPoint
PQF Corel Presentations Runtime
PQW Corel Presentations Runtime
PR2 Presentation; Aldus Persuasion
PR2 Freelance files
PR3 Presentation; Aldus Persuasion
PRC 3Com Palmpilot resource (text or program) file
PRC (1) PalmPilot Application
PRC (2) Corel Presentations Palette
PRD (1) Microsoft Printer Driver
PRD (2) Printer Description
PRE Lotus Freelance 1.0-2.1, 96 Presentation; see PRZ
pre Lotus Freelance
PRE Lotus Freelance presentation
PRE Freelance for Windows
PRF (2) Function list (Microsoft Profiler?)
PRF (3) Preferences (like INI)
PRF (4) Microsoft Windows printer color map
PRF (1) Bitmap Picture; Improcess, Fast-Grah
PRF Macromedia Director settings file
PRF Windows system file
PRG (1) Database Program; dBase program
PRG dBase, Clipper, and FoxPro program source files
prg DBase/FoxPro program
PRG (2) Atari ST program
PRG WAVmaker program
PRJ 3d Studio (DOS) project file
PRJ Project
prj project
PRM Prolog Module (tokenized code)
prn printer file
PRN (2) PostScript Document printed to a file; see PS
PRN Print Table (space delimited text)
PRN (1) Document printed to a file; Lotus applications
PRN DataCAD Windows Printer file
PRO Prolog Source Code
Professional Write 1 2
PRP Oberon's Prospero data conversion product saved project file
PRS (2) Presentation; Lotus Freelance 2.x for OS/2
PRS (1) Presentation; Harvard Graphics for Windows
PRS (3) WordPerfect Printer Description (driver)
PRS Harvard Graphics for Windows presentation
PRT CADKey design file
PRT Pro/ENGINEER part file
PRT Printer formatted file (from a Print-to-file operation)
PRT Parallel Ray Trace. Details
PRV Backup file; previous version, likely created by a memory optimization program
PRV A PsiMail Internet provider template file
PRX (2) Atari ST
PRX (1) Database Program; FoxPro Compiled Format
PRZ Lotus Freelance Graphics 97 file
PRZ Presentation; Lotus Freelance Graphics 97 or later; see PRE
prz Lotus Freelance
PS PostScript. Vector image (and more: really anything that can be printed). Originally from Adobe. [PostScript] application/postscript
PSB Pinnacle Sound Bank
PSD PhotoShop Drawing. Raster image. Details
PSF PC Screen Font. Details [PSF]
PSI PSION a-law audio
PSM Sound; Protracker Studio Module
PSM Protracker Studio Module format
PSM Sound data for Epic's games
PSP (2) Prodea Synergy
PSP PaintShop Pro. Raster image
PSR Powersoft Report
PSS Adobe Type Manager PostScript stub file; see MMM
PST POST. Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder File
PT (2) Pop!site; HTML
PT (1) Kodak Precision Transform color matching; text
PT3 Document Template; PageMaker 3; see PM3, PUB
PT4 Document Template; PageMaker 4
PT5 Document Template; PageMaker 5
PT6 Document Template; PageMaker 6
PTB PubTech Batch-Works
PTD Pro/ENGINEER table file
PTE Pop!site; Pop!talk Errors
PTI Pop!site; Pop!talk Include
PTM PubTech Batch-Works
PTM Polytracker music module (MOD) file
PTU Performer Terrain Utilities
PTX Pop!site; Pop!talk Server
PUB Microsoft Publisher document
PUB (5) First Publisher Document
PUB Ventura Publisher publication
PUB (1) Microsoft Publisher Document
PUB (4) Aldus PageMaker 1 Document; see PM3, PT3
PUB (2) Public key for Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
PUB (3) Ventura Publisher Document
pub Desktop Publishing Graphic File
PVK Private Key. Details [pvk]
PW Document; Professional Write
pw1 Professional Write
PWD Document; Microsoft Pocket Word for Windows CE; see DOC
PWD Microsoft Pocket Word document
PWL Password List (Windows)
pwl password list
PWL Password list
PWL Windows 95 password list file
PWP Photoworks image file (a roll of file that can be viewed using Photoworks)
pwp Professional Write
PWP Document; Professional Write Plus
PWP Professional Write Plus
PWZ Power Point Wizard
PWZ Wizard; Microsoft PowerPoint Wizard
PWZ Microsoft PowerPoint Wizard
PX Database Index; Paradox Index
PX1 Bitmap Picture; Pixel Paint
PXL Spreadsheet; Microsoft Pocket Excel for Windows CE; see XLS
PXL Microsoft Pocket Excel spreadsheet
PXR Pixar. Raster image from a Pixar workstation
PY Save emessages from Yahoo
PY Python script file
PY Python script
PYC Python script file
PYC Python compiled script
PYX A line oriented representation of an XML document (not actually XML itself though). Overview
PZP Palette; Pizzazz Plus