Extensions from Dynamic Web Technologies

Extensions from Dynamic Web Technologies


Many websites serve HTML content that is generated by a program instead of just sending a file.

You can determine the web technology used by looking at the file extension in the URLs.


Extension Technology
AFP Microsoft Active FoxPro
ASP Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP)
ASPX Microsoft ASP.NET
CGI Common Gateway Interface: this is program that will run on the host server, so it can be in written in anything that the server supports. Commonly used for C/C++, Perl and TCL. It is also commonly a /cgi-bin/ directory and no extension.
CFM Adobe ColdFusion
CFC Adobe ColdFusion MX Component
DO Apache Struts
JSP, JSPX Java Server Pages
MV MivaScript
PHP PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
PL Perl
PY Python
SHTML, SHTM, SHM Server-side includes
VM Apache Velocity