The DBase II File Format

The DBase II File Format

Also known as: DBF

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The DBase II file format.
The dBASE II file header has a fixed size of 521 bytes.
OFFSET              Count TYPE   Description
0000h                   1 byte   dBASE version, 02h = dBASE II
0001h                   1 word   Number of data records in file
0003h                   1 byte   Month of last update
0004h                   1 byte   Day of last update
0005h                   1 byte   Year of last update
0006h                   1 word   Size of each data record
0008h                  64 rec    Field descriptors
					   11 char   ASCIIZ field name, 0Dh as first
								 char indicates end of list.
						1 char   Data type
								 'C' - Char
								 'N' - Numerical
								 'L' - Logical
						1 byte   Field length
						1 word   Field data address ( set in RAM )
						1 byte   Number of decimal places
0208h                   1 byte  If 0Dh, then all 32 field descriptors were used;
								otherwise 00h

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