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Date Added Extension Description MIME Type
2007-10-13 EPS Encapsulated PostScript. A vector image. Proprietary but publicly available from Adobe. Details application/postscript

Third Party Resources

Title Description
Books Graphics File Formats: Reference and Guide
Books The Graphic File Toolkit


Type File name Description Size
Sample File BLK.EPS 58,342
Sample File BLU.EPS 58,342
Specification EPS.PDF 36,306
Sample File FLAG_B24.EPS 31,454
Sample File GRN.EPS 58,342
Sample File MARBBIN.EPS 5,685,900
Sample File RED.EPS 58,342
Sample File TRU256.EPS 33,346
Sample File VENUS.EPS 90,754
Sample File WHT.EPS 58,342

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