Details about [hdphoto]

Details about [hdphoto]


Date Added Extension Description MIME Type
2007-01-13 HDP HD Photo. Microsoft-proprietary lossy raster image format for photography. Previously known as Windows Media Photo.
2007-01-13 WDP Windows Digital Picture. Microsoft-proprietary raster image format for photography. This extension is deprecated: use HDP instead.

Third Party Resources

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Blog Entry Microsoft's HD Photo file format Microsoft's Bill Crowe discusses the name and licensing changes for HD Photo (formerly known as Windows Media Photo). Nice that it is free and all, but it is hard to see why this is anyone would use it. If I wanted the very best quality photos, I would go with RAW (or Adobe's DNG). And if I didn't mind a lossy format, either the current JPEG or the new JPEG2000 are better choices (see this quality comparison between HDPhoto and JPEG2000). (via Data Compression News Blog)


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