Details about [raw]

Details about [raw]


Date Added Extension Description MIME Type
2005-11-11 CR2 Canon RAW version 2. Photograph from a Canon camera.
2005-11-11 CRW Canon RAW. Photograph from a Canon camera.
2005-11-11 DCR Digital Camera RAW. Photograph from a Kodak digital camera.
2004-06-27 MRW Minolta RAW. Raster image from a Minolta digital camera.
2004-06-27 NEF Nikon Electronic Format. Raster image from a Nikon digital camera.
2004-06-27 ORF Olympus Raw Format. Raster image from an Olympus digital camera.
2005-11-11 PEF Pentax Electronic Format. Photograph from a Pentax camera.
2004-06-27 RAF RAW Fuji. Raster image from a Fuji digital camera
2005-11-11 SRF Sony RAW File. Photograph from a Sony digital camera.

Third Party Resources

Title Description
Websites dcraw utility for .RAW files an ANSI C program that decodes any raw image from any digital camera on any computer running any operating system.
Blog Entry DNG (Digital Negative) - Adobe's replacement for .RAW files The Digital Negative (DNG), a new, publicly available archival format for the raw files generated by digital cameras.
Blog Entry OpenRAW: Trying to document RAW images A new group has formed to try to address the problems with images saved in RAW format.


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