UTF-8 Browser Test for Unicode Block 'Adlam'


This is a test page to see how well your browser supports UTF-8 characters in the Adlam Unicode block.


0x00 0x01 0x02 0x03 0x04 0x05 0x06 0x07 0x08 0x09 0x0A 0x0B 0x0C 0x0D 0x0E 0x0F
0x1e900 ๐žค€ ๐žค ๐žค‚ ๐žคƒ ๐žค„ ๐žค… ๐žค† ๐žค‡ ๐žคˆ ๐žค‰ ๐žคŠ ๐žค‹ ๐žคŒ ๐žค ๐žคŽ ๐žค
0x1e910 ๐žค ๐žค‘ ๐žค’ ๐žค“ ๐žค” ๐žค• ๐žค– ๐žค— ๐žค˜ ๐žค™ ๐žคš ๐žค› ๐žคœ ๐žค ๐žคž ๐žคŸ
0x1e920 ๐žค  ๐žคก ๐žคข ๐žคฃ ๐žคค ๐žคฅ ๐žคฆ ๐žคง ๐žคจ ๐žคฉ ๐žคช ๐žคซ ๐žคฌ ๐žคญ ๐žคฎ ๐žคฏ
0x1e930 ๐žคฐ ๐žคฑ ๐žคฒ ๐žคณ ๐žคด ๐žคต ๐žคถ ๐žคท ๐žคธ ๐žคน ๐žคบ ๐žคป ๐žคผ ๐žคฝ ๐žคพ ๐žคฟ
0x1e940 ๐žฅ€ ๐žฅ ๐žฅ‚ ๐žฅƒ ๐žฅ„ ๐žฅ… ๐žฅ† ๐žฅ‡ ๐žฅˆ ๐žฅ‰ ๐žฅŠ ๐žฅ‹ ๐žฅŒ ๐žฅ ๐žฅŽ ๐žฅ
0x1e950 ๐žฅ ๐žฅ‘ ๐žฅ’ ๐žฅ“ ๐žฅ” ๐žฅ• ๐žฅ– ๐žฅ— ๐žฅ˜ ๐žฅ™ ๐žฅš ๐žฅ› ๐žฅœ ๐žฅ ๐žฅž ๐žฅŸ