Unicode Characters in the Chakma Block

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Character Description Browser Font used
U+11100 CHAKMA SIGN CANDRABINDU (U+11100) 𑄀 lastresort
U+11101 CHAKMA SIGN ANUSVARA (U+11101) 𑄁 lastresort
U+11102 CHAKMA SIGN VISARGA (U+11102) 𑄂 lastresort
U+11103 CHAKMA LETTER AA (U+11103) 𑄃 lastresort
U+11104 CHAKMA LETTER I (U+11104) 𑄄 lastresort
U+11105 CHAKMA LETTER U (U+11105) 𑄅 lastresort
U+11106 CHAKMA LETTER E (U+11106) 𑄆 lastresort
U+11107 CHAKMA LETTER KAA (U+11107) 𑄇 lastresort
U+11108 CHAKMA LETTER KHAA (U+11108) 𑄈 lastresort
U+11109 CHAKMA LETTER GAA (U+11109) 𑄉 lastresort
U+1110A CHAKMA LETTER GHAA (U+1110A) 𑄊 lastresort
U+1110B CHAKMA LETTER NGAA (U+1110B) 𑄋 lastresort
U+1110C CHAKMA LETTER CAA (U+1110C) 𑄌 lastresort
U+1110D CHAKMA LETTER CHAA (U+1110D) 𑄍 lastresort
U+1110E CHAKMA LETTER JAA (U+1110E) 𑄎 lastresort
U+1110F CHAKMA LETTER JHAA (U+1110F) 𑄏 lastresort
U+11110 CHAKMA LETTER NYAA (U+11110) 𑄐 lastresort
U+11111 CHAKMA LETTER TTAA (U+11111) 𑄑 lastresort
U+11112 CHAKMA LETTER TTHAA (U+11112) 𑄒 lastresort
U+11113 CHAKMA LETTER DDAA (U+11113) 𑄓 lastresort
U+11114 CHAKMA LETTER DDHAA (U+11114) 𑄔 lastresort
U+11115 CHAKMA LETTER NNAA (U+11115) 𑄕 lastresort
U+11116 CHAKMA LETTER TAA (U+11116) 𑄖 lastresort
U+11117 CHAKMA LETTER THAA (U+11117) 𑄗 lastresort
U+11118 CHAKMA LETTER DAA (U+11118) 𑄘 lastresort
U+11119 CHAKMA LETTER DHAA (U+11119) 𑄙 lastresort
U+1111A CHAKMA LETTER NAA (U+1111A) 𑄚 lastresort
U+1111B CHAKMA LETTER PAA (U+1111B) 𑄛 lastresort
U+1111C CHAKMA LETTER PHAA (U+1111C) 𑄜 lastresort
U+1111D CHAKMA LETTER BAA (U+1111D) 𑄝 lastresort
U+1111E CHAKMA LETTER BHAA (U+1111E) 𑄞 lastresort
U+1111F CHAKMA LETTER MAA (U+1111F) 𑄟 lastresort
U+11120 CHAKMA LETTER YYAA (U+11120) 𑄠 lastresort
U+11121 CHAKMA LETTER YAA (U+11121) 𑄡 lastresort
U+11122 CHAKMA LETTER RAA (U+11122) 𑄢 lastresort
U+11123 CHAKMA LETTER LAA (U+11123) 𑄣 lastresort
U+11124 CHAKMA LETTER WAA (U+11124) 𑄤 lastresort
U+11125 CHAKMA LETTER SAA (U+11125) 𑄥 lastresort
U+11126 CHAKMA LETTER HAA (U+11126) 𑄦 lastresort
U+11127 CHAKMA VOWEL SIGN A (U+11127) 𑄧 lastresort
U+11128 CHAKMA VOWEL SIGN I (U+11128) 𑄨 lastresort
U+11129 CHAKMA VOWEL SIGN II (U+11129) 𑄩 lastresort
U+1112A CHAKMA VOWEL SIGN U (U+1112A) 𑄪 lastresort
U+1112B CHAKMA VOWEL SIGN UU (U+1112B) 𑄫 lastresort
U+1112C CHAKMA VOWEL SIGN E (U+1112C) 𑄬 lastresort
U+1112D CHAKMA VOWEL SIGN AI (U+1112D) 𑄭 lastresort
U+1112E CHAKMA VOWEL SIGN O (U+1112E) 𑄮 lastresort
U+1112F CHAKMA VOWEL SIGN AU (U+1112F) 𑄯 lastresort
U+11130 CHAKMA VOWEL SIGN OI (U+11130) 𑄰 lastresort
U+11131 CHAKMA O MARK (U+11131) 𑄱 lastresort
U+11132 CHAKMA AU MARK (U+11132) 𑄲 lastresort
U+11133 CHAKMA VIRAMA (U+11133) 𑄳 lastresort
U+11134 CHAKMA MAAYYAA (U+11134) 𑄴 lastresort
U+11136 CHAKMA DIGIT ZERO (U+11136) 𑄶 lastresort
U+11137 CHAKMA DIGIT ONE (U+11137) 𑄷 lastresort
U+11138 CHAKMA DIGIT TWO (U+11138) 𑄸 lastresort
U+11139 CHAKMA DIGIT THREE (U+11139) 𑄹 lastresort
U+1113A CHAKMA DIGIT FOUR (U+1113A) 𑄺 lastresort
U+1113B CHAKMA DIGIT FIVE (U+1113B) 𑄻 lastresort
U+1113C CHAKMA DIGIT SIX (U+1113C) 𑄼 lastresort
U+1113D CHAKMA DIGIT SEVEN (U+1113D) 𑄽 lastresort
U+1113E CHAKMA DIGIT EIGHT (U+1113E) 𑄾 lastresort
U+1113F CHAKMA DIGIT NINE (U+1113F) 𑄿 lastresort
U+11140 CHAKMA SECTION MARK (U+11140) 𑅀 lastresort
U+11141 CHAKMA DANDA (U+11141) 𑅁 lastresort
U+11142 CHAKMA DOUBLE DANDA (U+11142) 𑅂 lastresort
U+11143 CHAKMA QUESTION MARK (U+11143) 𑅃 lastresort