Unicode Characters in the CJK Unified Ideographs Block

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Character Description Browser Font used
U+4E00 <CJK Ideograph, First> (U+4E00) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E01 male adult; robust, vigorous; 4th heavenly stem (U+4E01) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E02 obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks release; variant of other characters (U+4E02) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E03 seven (U+4E03) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E04 above (U+4E04) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E05 under, underneath, below; down; inferior; bring down; used to transliterate the Latin letter 'T' (U+4E05) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E06 kwukyel (U+4E06) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E07 ten thousand; innumerable (U+4E07) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E08 unit of length equal 3.3 meters; gentleman, man, husband (U+4E08) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E09 three (U+4E09) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E0A top; superior, highest; go up, send up (U+4E0A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E0B under, underneath, below; down; inferior; bring down (U+4E0B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E0C table (U+4E0C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E0D no, not; un-; negative prefix (U+4E0D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E0E and; with; to; for; give, grant (U+4E0E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E0F parapet; invisible (U+4E0F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E10 beggar; beg; give (U+4E10) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E11 clown, comedian; 2nd terrestrial branch (U+4E11) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E12 the period from 1 to 3 a.m.; 2nd character of the 'branches' (U+4E12) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E13 monopolize, take sole possession (U+4E13) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E14 moreover, also (post-subject); about to, will soon (pre-verb) (U+4E14) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E15 great, grand, glorious, distinguished (U+4E15) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E16 generation; world; era (U+4E16) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E17 thirty, thirtieth (U+4E17) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E18 hill; elder; empty; a name (U+4E18) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E19 third; 3rd heavenly stem (U+4E19) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E1A profession, business; GB radical 111 (U+4E1A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E1B bush, shrub; thicket; collection (U+4E1B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E1C east, eastern, eastward (U+4E1C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E1D silk; fine thread; wire; strings (U+4E1D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E1E assist, aid, rescue (U+4E1E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E1F discard, reject, lose (U+4E1F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E20 hill; elder; empty; a name (U+4E20) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E21 two, both, pair, couple; a tael, ounce (U+4E21) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E22 discard (U+4E22) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E23 ancient form of the tenth of the twelve Terrestrial Branches, U+9149 酉 (U+4E23) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E24 two, both, pair, couple; ounce (U+4E24) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E25 strict, rigorous, rigid; stern (U+4E25) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E26 equal to; side by side; also, what is more; both (U+4E26) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E27 mourning; mourn; funeral (U+4E27) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E28 (same as U+3021 HANGZHOU NUMERAL ONE 〡) number one; line; KangXi radical 2 (U+4E28) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E29 to join or connect the vine (U+4E29) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E2A numerary adjunct, piece; single (U+4E2A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E2B forked; bifurcation (U+4E2B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E2C half of tree trunk; rad. no. 90 (U+4E2C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E2D central; center, middle; in the midst of; hit (target); attain (U+4E2D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E2E catch (U+4E2E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E2F dense (U+4E2F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E30 abundant, lush, bountiful, plenty (U+4E30) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E31 child's hairstyle bound in two tufts; ore (U+4E31) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E32 string; relatives; conspire (U+4E32) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E33 spit, grill; a skewer (U+4E33) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E34 draw near, approach; descend (U+4E34) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E35 thick (grass) (U+4E35) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E36 dot; KangXi radical 3 (U+4E36) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E37 kwukyel (U+4E37) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E38 small round object; pellet, pill (U+4E38) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E39 cinnabar (native HgS); vermilion (artificial HgS used as pigment) (U+4E39) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E3A do, handle, govern, act; be (U+4E3A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E3B master, chief owner; host; lord (U+4E3B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E3C bowl of food; well (U+4E3C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E3D beautiful, magnificent, elegant (U+4E3D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E3E raise, lift up; recommend (U+4E3E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E3F line; KangXi radical 4 (U+4E3F) 丿 arial_unicode_ms
U+4E40 stretch (U+4E40) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E41 U+4E41 (U+4E41) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E42 govern, control, manage; nurture (U+4E42) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E43 then; really, indeed; as it turned out, after all; namely (U+4E43) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E44 SHIME: to find a place to dwell; sum; a measurement of paper; SHITE to do; (not to be confused with U3024 HANGZHOU NUMERAL FIVE) (U+4E44) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E45 long time (ago); time passage, grow late (U+4E45) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E46 long time (ago); time passage, grow late (U+4E46) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E47 to depend on, to entrust with (U+4E47) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E48 interrogative particle; repetition of a tune small; tender (U+4E48) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E49 right conduct, righteousness (U+4E49) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E4A kwukyel (U+4E4A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E4B marks preceding phrase as modifier of following phrase; it, him her, them; go to (U+4E4B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E4C crow, rook, raven; black, dark (U+4E4C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E4D first time, for the first time (U+4E4D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E4E interrogative or exclamatory final particle (U+4E4E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E4F lack; poor (U+4E4F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E50 happy, glad; enjoyable; music (U+4E50) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E51 stand side by side (U+4E51) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E52 used with pong for ping pong (U+4E52) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E53 used with ping for ping pong (U+4E53) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E54 tall, lofty; proud, stately (U+4E54) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E55 tiger; brave, fierce; surname (U+4E55) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E56 rebel; crafty, shrewd (U+4E56) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E57 ride, ascend; avail oneself of; numerary adjunct for vehicles (U+4E57) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E58 ride, ascend; avail oneself of; numerary adjunct for vehicles (U+4E58) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E59 second; 2nd heavenly stem (U+4E59) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E5A hidden, mysterious, secret; to conceal; small; minute (U+4E5A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E5B kwukyel (U+4E5B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E5C to squint; (Cant.) what? huh? (U+4E5C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E5D nine (U+4E5D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E5E beg; request (U+4E5E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E5F also; classical final particle of strong affirmation or identity (U+4E5F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E60 practice; flapping wings (U+4E60) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E61 country; rural; village (U+4E61) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E62 lid, to cover; to hide; a cover; an umbrella (U+4E62) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E63 U+4E63 (U+4E63) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E64 first character of Korean place name 'Halpho' (U+4E64) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E65 kwukyel (U+4E65) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E66 book, letter, document; writings (U+4E66) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E67 U+4E67 (U+4E67) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E68 the beginning; to start, to begin, to be the first (U+4E68) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E69 to divine (U+4E69) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E6A (Cant.) a bend in a river (U+4E6A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E6B used in Korean place names (U+4E6B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E6C to hang (U+4E6C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E6D rock; used in Korean names (U+4E6D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E6E U+4E6E (U+4E6E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E6F U+4E6F (U+4E6F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E70 buy, purchase; bribe, persuade (U+4E70) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E71 confusion, state of chaos, revolt (U+4E71) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E72 U+4E72 (U+4E72) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E73 breast, nipples; milk, suckle (U+4E73) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E74 U+4E74 (U+4E74) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E75 to enter; to make progress to advance; to urge forward (U+4E75) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E76 Korean place name Pholha (U+4E76) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E77 U+4E77 (U+4E77) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E78 (Cant.) feminine suffix (U+4E78) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E79 (Cant.) to clean; dried up (U+4E79) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E7A painting tool place name (U+4E7A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E7B U+4E7B (U+4E7B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E7C rope (U+4E7C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E7D U+4E7D (U+4E7D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E7E dry; first hexagram; warming principle of the sun, penetrating and fertilizing, heavenly generative principle (male) (U+4E7E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E7F to cure, to heal (U+4E7F) 乿 arial_unicode_ms
U+4E80 turtle or tortoise; cuckold (U+4E80) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E81 dry; dried, as opposed to fresh (U+4E81) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E82 confusion, state of chaos; create chaos, revolt (U+4E82) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E83 name of a kind of animal (U+4E83) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E84 greedy, stingy (U+4E84) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E85 hook; KangXi radical 6 (U+4E85) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E86 to finish; particle of completed action (U+4E86) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E87 kwukyel hammer (U+4E87) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E88 I, me; to give (U+4E88) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E89 dispute, fight, contend, strive (U+4E89) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E8A affair, matter, business; to serve; accident, incident (U+4E8A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E8B affair, matter, business; to serve; accident, incident (U+4E8B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E8C two; twice (U+4E8C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E8D to take small steps; Korean place name (U+4E8D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E8E in, on, at; go to; surname (U+4E8E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E8F lose, fail; damage; deficient (U+4E8F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E90 U+4E90 (U+4E90) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E91 say, speak; clouds (U+4E91) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E92 mutually, reciprocally (U+4E92) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E93 (archaic form) his, her, its, their; that (U+4E93) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E94 five; surname (U+4E94) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E95 well, mine shaft, pit (U+4E95) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E96 four (U+4E96) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E97 harvest; year; age (U+4E97) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E98 extend across, through; from (U+4E98) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E99 extend across, through; from (U+4E99) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E9A Asia; second (U+4E9A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E9B little, few; rather, somewhat (U+4E9B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E9C Asia; second (U+4E9C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E9D even, regular, uniform all alike; to arrange (U+4E9D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E9E Asia; second; used as a prefix to names (U+4E9E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4E9F urgently, immediately, extremely (U+4E9F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EA0 head; KangXi radical 8 (U+4EA0) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EA1 death, destroyed; lose, perish (U+4EA1) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EA2 high, proud; violent, excessive; skilled; name (U+4EA2) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EA3 U+4EA3 (U+4EA3) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EA4 mix; intersect; exchange, communicate; deliver (U+4EA4) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EA5 12th terrestrial branch (U+4EA5) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EA6 also, too; likewise (U+4EA6) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EA7 give birth, bring forth, produce (U+4EA7) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EA8 smoothly, progressing, no trouble (U+4EA8) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EA9 Chinese land measure; fields (U+4EA9) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EAA kwukyel (U+4EAA) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EAB enjoy (U+4EAB) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EAC capital city (U+4EAC) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EAD pavilion; erect (U+4EAD) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EAE bright, brilliant, radiant, light (U+4EAE) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EAF to receive; to enjoy (U+4EAF) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EB0 capital city (U+4EB0) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EB1 night, dark; in night; by night (U+4EB1) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EB2 relatives, parents; intimate the hazel nut or filbert tree a thorny tree (U+4EB2) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EB3 name of district in Anhui; capital of Yin (U+4EB3) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EB4 U+4EB4 (U+4EB4) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EB5 slight, insult, treat with disrespect (U+4EB5) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EB6 sincere; real, true; truth (U+4EB6) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EB7 upright, honorable, honest (U+4EB7) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EB8 read aloud, recite, chant; droop (U+4EB8) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EB9 progress; busy, untiring; exert (U+4EB9) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EBA man; people; mankind; someone else (U+4EBA) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EBB radical number 9 (U+4EBB) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EBC to assemble. to gather together (U+4EBC) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EBD kwukyel (U+4EBD) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EBE death, destroyed; lose, perish (U+4EBE) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EBF hundred million; many (U+4EBF) 亿 arial_unicode_ms
U+4EC0 file of ten soldiers; mixed, miscellaneous (U+4EC0) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EC1 humaneness, benevolence, kindness (U+4EC1) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EC2 surplus or excess; remainder (U+4EC2) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EC3 lonely, solitary (U+4EC3) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EC4 slanting, oblique; oblique tones (U+4EC4) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EC5 only, merely, solely, just (U+4EC5) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EC6 fall forward; lie prostrate, prone; servant (U+4EC6) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EC7 enemy, hate, hatred, enmity (U+4EC7) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EC8 U+4EC8 (U+4EC8) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EC9 surname of the mother of Mencius (U+4EC9) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ECA now, today, modern era (U+4ECA) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ECB forerunner, herald, harbinger; to lie between; sea shell; to wear armor (U+4ECB) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ECC U+4ECC (U+4ECC) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ECD yet, still, as ever; again; keep -ing, continuing (U+4ECD) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ECE from, by, since, whence, through (U+4ECE) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ECF Buddha (U+4ECF) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ED0 (J) non-standard form of 傘 U+5098, umbrella, parasol, parachute (U+4ED0) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ED1 logical reasons, logical order (U+4ED1) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ED2 kwukyel (U+4ED2) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ED3 granary; berth; sea (U+4ED3) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ED4 small thing, child; young animal (U+4ED4) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ED5 official; serve government (U+4ED5) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ED6 other, another; he, she, it (U+4ED6) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ED7 rely upon; protector; fight; war, weaponry (U+4ED7) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ED8 give, deliver, pay, hand over; entrust (U+4ED8) arial_unicode_ms
U+4ED9 Taoist super-being, transcendent, immortal (U+4ED9) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EDA to fly (U+4EDA) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EDB young girl; strange, different (U+4EDB) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EDC U+4EDC (U+4EDC) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EDD together, same; surname (U+4EDD) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EDE ancient unit of measure (8 feet); 'fathom' (U+4EDE) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EDF one thousand; leader of one thousand men (U+4EDF) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EE0 U+4EE0 (U+4EE0) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EE1 strong; valiant (U+4EE1) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EE2 U+4EE2 (U+4EE2) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EE3 replace, replacement (of person or generation); era, generation (U+4EE3) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EE4 command, order; 'commandant', magistrate; allow, cause (U+4EE4) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EE5 by means of; thereby, therefore; consider as; in order to (U+4EE5) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EE6 U+4EE6 (U+4EE6) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EE7 U+4EE7 (U+4EE7) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EE8 (coll.) three (cannot be followed by a measure word) (U+4EE8) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EE9 U+4EE9 (U+4EE9) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EEA ceremony, rites gifts; admire (U+4EEA) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EEB tribe (U+4EEB) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EEC adjunct pronoun indicate plural (U+4EEC) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EED ancient unit of measure (8 feet); 'fathom' (U+4EED) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EEE falsehood, deception; vacation (U+4EEE) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EEF U+4EEF (U+4EEF) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EF0 raise the head to look; look up to, rely on, admire (U+4EF0) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EF1 U+4EF1 (U+4EF1) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EF2 middle brother; go between, mediator; surname (U+4EF2) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EF3 separate, part company (U+4EF3) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EF4 U+4EF4 (U+4EF4) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EF5 similar (U+4EF5) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EF6 numerary adjunct for article; matter (U+4EF6) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EF7 price, value (U+4EF7) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EF8 bent, distorted, crooked; feeble (U+4EF8) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EF9 U+4EF9 (U+4EF9) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EFA U+4EFA (U+4EFA) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EFB trust to, rely on, appoint; to bear, duty, office; allow (U+4EFB) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EFC U+4EFC (U+4EFC) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EFD portion, part; duty (U+4EFD) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EFE to hang or bow the head, to droop, to lower; low, beneath (U+4EFE) arial_unicode_ms
U+4EFF imitate, copy; as if (U+4EFF) 仿 arial_unicode_ms
U+4F00 excited (U+4F00) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F01 plan a project; stand on tiptoe (U+4F01) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F02 U+4F02 (U+4F02) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F03 handsome (U+4F03) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F04 U+4F04 (U+4F04) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F05 U+4F05 (U+4F05) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F06 U+4F06 (U+4F06) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F07 U+4F07 (U+4F07) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F08 nervous, fearful (U+4F08) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F09 compare, match; pair; spouse (U+4F09) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F0A third person pronoun; he, she, this, that (U+4F0A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F0B deceptive (U+4F0B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F0C U+4F0C (U+4F0C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F0D five, company of five; troops (U+4F0D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F0E talent, skill, ability (U+4F0E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F0F crouch, crawl, lie hidden, conceal (U+4F0F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F10 cut down, subjugate, attack (U+4F10) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F11 rest, stop; retire; do not! (U+4F11) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F12 U+4F12 (U+4F12) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F13 U+4F13 (U+4F13) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F14 U+4F14 (U+4F14) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F15 common laborer (U+4F15) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F16 U+4F16 (U+4F16) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F17 multitude, crowd; masses, public (U+4F17) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F18 superior, excellent; actor (U+4F18) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F19 companion, colleague; utensils (U+4F19) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F1A assemble, meet together; meeting (U+4F1A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F1B humpback; stoop (U+4F1B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F1C deputy, vice- (U+4F1C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F1D summon; propagate, transmit (U+4F1D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F1E umbrella, parasol, parachute (U+4F1E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F1F great, robust; extraordinary (U+4F1F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F20 summon; propagate, transmit (U+4F20) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F21 U+4F21 (U+4F21) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F22 child (U+4F22) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F23 like (U+4F23) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F24 wound, injury; fall ill from (U+4F24) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F25 ghost of one devoured by tiger (U+4F25) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F26 normal human relationships (U+4F26) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F27 vulgar person, country man (U+4F27) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F28 U+4F28 (U+4F28) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F29 trust, believe; letter; (Cant.) small (U+4F29) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F2A false, counterfeit, bogus (U+4F2A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F2B look towards; turn one's back on (U+4F2B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F2C U+4F2C (U+4F2C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F2D dark, somber; deep, profound (U+4F2D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F2E to make a great effort (U+4F2E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F2F older brother; father's elder brother; senior male 'sire'; feudal rank 'count' (U+4F2F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F30 merchant; estimate, guess, presume (U+4F30) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F31 thou, you (U+4F31) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F32 we (Shanghai dialect) (U+4F32) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F33 U+4F33 (U+4F33) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F34 companion, comrade, partner; accompany (U+4F34) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F35 U+4F35 (U+4F35) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F36 lonely, solitary; actor (U+4F36) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F37 descendent (U+4F37) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F38 extend, stretch out, open up; trust (U+4F38) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F39 dull, slow, unskillful (U+4F39) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F3A serve, wait upon, attend; examine (U+4F3A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F3B messenger, emissary; send emissary (U+4F3B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F3C resemble, similar to; as if, seem (U+4F3C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F3D transcription of sanskrit 'gha' in buddhist texts ('samgha', etc.); (nursing; attending; entertainer) (Jap.); tample; in Chinese this character is not used alone (U+4F3D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F3E mighty (U+4F3E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F3F U+4F3F (U+4F3F) 伿 arial_unicode_ms
U+4F40 resemble (U+4F40) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F41 U+4F41 (U+4F41) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F42 U+4F42 (U+4F42) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F43 tenant farmer; be a tenant farmer (U+4F43) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F44 U+4F44 (U+4F44) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F45 U+4F45 (U+4F45) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F46 only; but, however, yet, still (U+4F46) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F47 wait; look towards; turn one's back on (U+4F47) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F48 spread, publicize, announce (U+4F48) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F49 surname; name of a divine being; transliteration of Sanskrit 'kh' (U+4F49) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F4A U+4F4A (U+4F4A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F4B continue, carry on; hand down; to join (U+4F4B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F4C small (U+4F4C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F4D throne; position, post; rank, status; seat (U+4F4D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F4E low; to lower, hang, bend, bow (U+4F4E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F4F reside, live at, dwell, lodge; stop (U+4F4F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F50 assist, aid, second; subordinate (U+4F50) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F51 help, protect, bless (U+4F51) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F52 U+4F52 (U+4F52) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F53 body; group, class, body, unit; inferior (U+4F53) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F54 occupy by force, usurp; possess (U+4F54) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F55 what, why, where, which, how (U+4F55) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F56 U+4F56 (U+4F56) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F57 other, he; surname; a load (U+4F57) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F58 surname (U+4F58) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F59 I, my, me; surname; surplus (U+4F59) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F5A indulge in pleasures; flee (U+4F5A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F5B Buddha; of Buddhism; merciful person; Buddhist image; the dead (Jap.) (U+4F5B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F5C make; work; compose, write; act, perform (U+4F5C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F5D rickets (U+4F5D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F5E flattery; glib (U+4F5E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F5F a name (U+4F5F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F60 you, second person pronoun (U+4F60) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F61 make effort, endeavor (U+4F61) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F62 (Cant.) he, she, it (U+4F62) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F63 commission fee (U+4F63) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F64 the Va (Wa) nationality, living in Yunnan (U+4F64) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F65 all, together, unanimous (U+4F65) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F66 U+4F66 (U+4F66) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F67 U+4F67 (U+4F67) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F68 U+4F68 (U+4F68) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F69 belt ornament, pendant; wear at waist, tie to the belt; respect (U+4F69) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F6A hesitate (U+4F6A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F6B U+4F6B (U+4F6B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F6C (Cant.) man, person; mature (U+4F6C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F6D unsubmissive; obstreperous (U+4F6D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F6E (Cant.) intensive particle (U+4F6E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F6F pretend, feign; false, deceitful (U+4F6F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F70 hundred (U+4F70) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F71 U+4F71 (U+4F71) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F72 U+4F72 (U+4F72) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F73 good, auspicious; beautiful; delightful (U+4F73) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F74 a second, an assistant (U+4F74) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F75 combine, annex (U+4F75) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F76 strong, robust; exact, correct (U+4F76) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F77 to act contrary to (U+4F77) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F78 meet (U+4F78) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F79 depend upon; support; go against; (variant deceive) (U+4F79) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F7A fairy (U+4F7A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F7B frivolous; unsteady; delay (U+4F7B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F7C beautiful, handsome, good-looking (U+4F7C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F7D aid; help (U+4F7D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F7E a row or file of dancers (U+4F7E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F7F cause, send on a mission, order; envoy, messenger, ambassador (U+4F7F) 使 arial_unicode_ms
U+4F80 form (U+4F80) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F81 crowd (U+4F81) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F82 to commission, to entrust to, to depute; to request, to ask (U+4F82) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F83 upright and strong; amiable (U+4F83) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F84 nephew (U+4F84) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F85 to give; prepared for included in; embraced in (U+4F85) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F86 come, coming; return, returning (U+4F86) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F87 a class, a category a corpse (U+4F87) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F88 luxurious, extravagant (U+4F88) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F89 to speak with an accent; big and clumsy (U+4F89) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F8A big (U+4F8A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F8B precedent, example; regulation (U+4F8B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F8C U+4F8C (U+4F8C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F8D serve, attend upon; attendant, servant; samurai (U+4F8D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F8E to soothe, to pacify; to settle, to establish (U+4F8E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F8F small, little, tiny, dwarf (U+4F8F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F90 quiet (U+4F90) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F91 help, assist, repay kindness (U+4F91) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F92 U+4F92 (U+4F92) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F93 U+4F93 (U+4F93) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F94 equal (U+4F94) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F95 U+4F95 (U+4F95) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F96 logical reasons, logical order (U+4F96) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F97 big; ignorant; rude, rustic (U+4F97) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F98 disappointed, forlorn (U+4F98) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F99 U+4F99 (U+4F99) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F9A fast (U+4F9A) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F9B supply, provide for; offer in worship (U+4F9B) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F9C lies (U+4F9C) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F9D rely on, be set in; consent, obey a wish (U+4F9D) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F9E U+4F9E (U+4F9E) arial_unicode_ms
U+4F9F U+4F9F (U+4F9F) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FA0 chivalrous person; knight-errant (U+4FA0) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FA1 price, value (U+4FA1) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FA2 load (U+4FA2) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FA3 companion; associate with (U+4FA3) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FA4 U+4FA4 (U+4FA4) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FA5 be lucky; by chance, by luck (U+4FA5) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FA6 spy, reconnoiter; detective (U+4FA6) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FA7 side; incline, slant, lean (U+4FA7) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FA8 sojourn, lodge (U+4FA8) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FA9 go-between, broker, proxy (U+4FA9) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FAA a company, companion; together (U+4FAA) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FAB flattery; glib (U+4FAB) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FAC I; you; family name (U+4FAC) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FAD complete, utmost (U+4FAD) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FAE insult, ridicule, disgrace (U+4FAE) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FAF marquis, lord; target in archery (U+4FAF) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FB0 U+4FB0 (U+4FB0) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FB1 U+4FB1 (U+4FB1) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FB2 U+4FB2 (U+4FB2) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FB3 U+4FB3 (U+4FB3) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FB4 surname (U+4FB4) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FB5 invade, encroach upon, raid (U+4FB5) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FB6 companion; associate with (U+4FB6) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FB7 narrow, cramped, confined (U+4FB7) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FB8 U+4FB8 (U+4FB8) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FB9 U+4FB9 (U+4FB9) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FBA U+4FBA (U+4FBA) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FBB U+4FBB (U+4FBB) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FBC U+4FBC (U+4FBC) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FBD U+4FBD (U+4FBD) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FBE U+4FBE (U+4FBE) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FBF convenience, ease; expedient (U+4FBF) 便 arial_unicode_ms
U+4FC0 U+4FC0 (U+4FC0) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FC1 big (U+4FC1) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FC2 bind, tie up; involve, relation (U+4FC2) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FC3 urge, press, hurry; close (U+4FC3) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FC4 sudden(ly), soon; Russian (U+4FC4) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FC5 ornamental cap (U+4FC5) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FC6 U+4FC6 (U+4FC6) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FC7 U+4FC7 (U+4FC7) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FC8 to inform quickly; an urgent communication (U+4FC8) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FC9 U+4FC9 (U+4FC9) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FCA talented, capable; handsome (U+4FCA) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FCB U+4FCB (U+4FCB) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FCC U+4FCC (U+4FCC) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FCD U+4FCD (U+4FCD) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FCE chopping board or block; painted (U+4FCE) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FCF like, similar; resemble; pretty (U+4FCF) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FD0 smooth; active; clever, sharp (U+4FD0) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FD1 wooden figure buried with dead (U+4FD1) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FD2 U+4FD2 (U+4FD2) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FD3 straight; pass (U+4FD3) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FD4 like (U+4FD4) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FD5 U+4FD5 (U+4FD5) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FD6 U+4FD6 (U+4FD6) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FD7 social customs; vulgar, unrefined (U+4FD7) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FD8 prisoner of war; take as prisoner (U+4FD8) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FD9 to pretend, appear as if (U+4FD9) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FDA rustic, vulgar, unpolished; mean (U+4FDA) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FDB make effort, endeavor; to lower the head (U+4FDB) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FDC to trust to; send a message (U+4FDC) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FDD protect, safeguard, defend, care (U+4FDD) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FDE surname; consent, approve (U+4FDE) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FDF wait for, wait until, as soon as (U+4FDF) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FE0 chivalrous person; knight-errant (U+4FE0) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FE1 trust, believe; letter (U+4FE1) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FE2 U+4FE2 (U+4FE2) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FE3 big (U+4FE3) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FE4 (J) same as 面影 U+9762 U+5F71, visage, face; trace, shadow; memory (U+4FE4) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FE5 rickshaw, cart, vehicle; name of piece in Chinese chess (U+4FE5) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FE6 companion, mate, colleague (U+4FE6) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FE7 U+4FE7 (U+4FE7) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FE8 grave, respectful, majestic (U+4FE8) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FE9 two, pair (U+4FE9) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FEA spouse, couple, pair (U+4FEA) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FEB to induce to come; to encourage (U+4FEB) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FEC (Cant.) 傢俬, furniture (U+4FEC) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FED temperate, frugal, economical (U+4FED) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FEE study; repair; cultivate (U+4FEE) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FEF bow down, face down, look down (U+4FEF) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FF0 U+4FF0 (U+4FF0) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FF1 all, together; accompany (U+4FF1) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FF2 same as 傚 U+509A, imitate, mimic (U+4FF2) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FF3 actor; vaudeville show; insincere (U+4FF3) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FF4 thin (U+4FF4) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FF5 divide, distribute (U+4FF5) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FF6 start, begin; beginning; arrange (U+4FF6) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FF7 U+4FF7 (U+4FF7) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FF8 wages, salary, official emolument (U+4FF8) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FF9 U+4FF9 (U+4FF9) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FFA personal pronoun, I (U+4FFA) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FFB to prepare; to provide; to put in order; to complete perfection; completeness (U+4FFB) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FFC U+4FFC (U+4FFC) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FFD U+4FFD (U+4FFD) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FFE so that, in order that; to cause; (Cant.) to give (synonymous with Mandarin 給) (U+4FFE) arial_unicode_ms
U+4FFF U+4FFF (U+4FFF) 俿 arial_unicode_ms
U+5000 bewildered; rash, wildly (U+5000) 倀 arial_unicode_ms
U+5001 U+5001 (U+5001) arial_unicode_ms
U+5002 combine (U+5002) arial_unicode_ms
U+5003 damage, destroy (U+5003) arial_unicode_ms
U+5004 U+5004 (U+5004) arial_unicode_ms
U+5005 deputy, vice- (U+5005) arial_unicode_ms
U+5006 clever, skilled; two, pair (U+5006) arial_unicode_ms
U+5007 U+5007 (U+5007) arial_unicode_ms
U+5008 to induce to come; to encourage (U+5008) arial_unicode_ms
U+5009 granary; berth; sea (U+5009) arial_unicode_ms
U+500A U+500A (U+500A) arial_unicode_ms
U+500B numerary adjunct, piece; single (U+500B) arial_unicode_ms
U+500C assistant in wine shop, groom (U+500C) arial_unicode_ms
U+500D times, fold, multiple times (U+500D) arial_unicode_ms
U+500E U+500E (U+500E) arial_unicode_ms
U+500F hastily, suddenly, abruptly (U+500F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5010 hastily; suddenly (U+5010) arial_unicode_ms
U+5011 adjunct pronoun indicate plural (U+5011) arial_unicode_ms
U+5012 fall over; lie down; take turns (U+5012) arial_unicode_ms
U+5013 U+5013 (U+5013) arial_unicode_ms
U+5014 stubborn, obstinate, intransigent; firm (U+5014) arial_unicode_ms
U+5015 U+5015 (U+5015) arial_unicode_ms
U+5016 lucky, fortunate; dote on, spoil (U+5016) arial_unicode_ms
U+5017 U+5017 (U+5017) arial_unicode_ms
U+5018 if, supposing, in event of (U+5018) arial_unicode_ms
U+5019 wait; expect; visit; greet (U+5019) arial_unicode_ms
U+501A rely on, depend on; lean heavily (U+501A) arial_unicode_ms
U+501B U+501B (U+501B) arial_unicode_ms
U+501C raise high; unrestrained (U+501C) arial_unicode_ms
U+501D sunrise; dawn (U+501D) arial_unicode_ms
U+501E far (U+501E) arial_unicode_ms
U+501F borrow; lend; make pretext of (U+501F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5020 U+5020 (U+5020) arial_unicode_ms
U+5021 guide, leader; lead, introduce (U+5021) arial_unicode_ms
U+5022 beautiful, handsome; woman (U+5022) arial_unicode_ms
U+5023 imitate (U+5023) arial_unicode_ms
U+5024 price, cost, worth (U+5024) arial_unicode_ms
U+5025 boorish, ignorant; urgent, pressing (U+5025) arial_unicode_ms
U+5026 be tired of, weary (U+5026) arial_unicode_ms
U+5027 U+5027 (U+5027) arial_unicode_ms
U+5028 arrogant, haughty, rude (U+5028) arial_unicode_ms
U+5029 beautiful, lovely; son-in-law (U+5029) arial_unicode_ms
U+502A feeble, tiny, young and weak (U+502A) arial_unicode_ms
U+502B normal human relationships (U+502B) arial_unicode_ms
U+502C noticeable, large; clear, distinct (U+502C) arial_unicode_ms
U+502D dwarf; dwarfish, short (U+502D) arial_unicode_ms
U+502E bare, naked, uncovered (U+502E) arial_unicode_ms
U+502F U+502F (U+502F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5030 U+5030 (U+5030) arial_unicode_ms
U+5031 U+5031 (U+5031) arial_unicode_ms
U+5032 U+5032 (U+5032) arial_unicode_ms
U+5033 to stick in, to stab; to erect (U+5033) arial_unicode_ms
U+5034 U+5034 (U+5034) arial_unicode_ms
U+5035 U+5035 (U+5035) arial_unicode_ms
U+5036 all (U+5036) arial_unicode_ms
U+5037 U+5037 (U+5037) arial_unicode_ms
U+5038 U+5038 (U+5038) arial_unicode_ms
U+5039 temperate, frugal, economical (U+5039) arial_unicode_ms
U+503A debt, loan, liabilities (U+503A) arial_unicode_ms
U+503B phonetic used in Korean place names (U+503B) arial_unicode_ms
U+503C price (U+503C) arial_unicode_ms
U+503D what; which; who; why (U+503D) arial_unicode_ms
U+503E upset, pour out, overflow (U+503E) arial_unicode_ms
U+503F U+503F (U+503F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5040 U+5040 (U+5040) arial_unicode_ms
U+5041 state (U+5041) arial_unicode_ms
U+5042 U+5042 (U+5042) arial_unicode_ms
U+5043 cease, lay off, lay down (U+5043) arial_unicode_ms
U+5044 weak (U+5044) arial_unicode_ms
U+5045 U+5045 (U+5045) arial_unicode_ms
U+5046 U+5046 (U+5046) arial_unicode_ms
U+5047 falsehood, deception; vacation (U+5047) arial_unicode_ms
U+5048 brave; martial; hasty; scudding (U+5048) arial_unicode_ms
U+5049 great, robust; extraordinary (U+5049) arial_unicode_ms
U+504A to walk alone; self-reliant (U+504A) arial_unicode_ms
U+504B U+504B (U+504B) arial_unicode_ms
U+504C thus, so, like, such (U+504C) arial_unicode_ms
U+504D U+504D (U+504D) arial_unicode_ms
U+504E cling to, cuddle, embrace, fondle (U+504E) arial_unicode_ms
U+504F inclined one side; slanting (U+504F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5050 false, counterfeit, spurious (U+5050) arial_unicode_ms
U+5051 U+5051 (U+5051) arial_unicode_ms
U+5052 U+5052 (U+5052) arial_unicode_ms
U+5053 to fuss (U+5053) arial_unicode_ms
U+5054 U+5054 (U+5054) arial_unicode_ms
U+5055 together; be in order (U+5055) arial_unicode_ms
U+5056 rip up, tear down; raise; haul (U+5056) arial_unicode_ms
U+5057 U+5057 (U+5057) arial_unicode_ms
U+5058 ancient family name (U+5058) arial_unicode_ms
U+5059 U+5059 (U+5059) arial_unicode_ms
U+505A work, make; act (U+505A) arial_unicode_ms
U+505B U+505B (U+505B) arial_unicode_ms
U+505C stop, suspend, delay; suitable (U+505C) arial_unicode_ms
U+505D not facing; desert (U+505D) arial_unicode_ms
U+505E U+505E (U+505E) arial_unicode_ms
U+505F agitated; alarmed (U+505F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5060 U+5060 (U+5060) arial_unicode_ms
U+5061 U+5061 (U+5061) arial_unicode_ms
U+5062 to stare at (U+5062) arial_unicode_ms
U+5063 U+5063 (U+5063) arial_unicode_ms
U+5064 U+5064 (U+5064) arial_unicode_ms
U+5065 strong, robust, healthy; strength (U+5065) arial_unicode_ms
U+5066 U+5066 (U+5066) arial_unicode_ms
U+5067 U+5067 (U+5067) arial_unicode_ms
U+5068 uneven (U+5068) arial_unicode_ms
U+5069 follow (U+5069) arial_unicode_ms
U+506A compel, pressure, force; bother (U+506A) arial_unicode_ms
U+506B wait for; lay in (U+506B) arial_unicode_ms
U+506C urgent (U+506C) arial_unicode_ms
U+506D transgress (U+506D) arial_unicode_ms
U+506E U+506E (U+506E) arial_unicode_ms
U+506F sob (U+506F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5070 U+5070 (U+5070) arial_unicode_ms
U+5071 U+5071 (U+5071) arial_unicode_ms
U+5072 talented; urgent (U+5072) arial_unicode_ms
U+5073 U+5073 (U+5073) arial_unicode_ms
U+5074 side; incline, slant, lean (U+5074) arial_unicode_ms
U+5075 spy, reconnoiter; detective (U+5075) arial_unicode_ms
U+5076 accidentally, coincidently; an idol (U+5076) arial_unicode_ms
U+5077 to steal, burglar, thief (U+5077) arial_unicode_ms
U+5078 to steal (U+5078) arial_unicode_ms
U+5079 prepare, ready, perfect (U+5079) arial_unicode_ms
U+507A (same as U+54B1 咱) we, us (U+507A) arial_unicode_ms
U+507B humpback; surname (U+507B) arial_unicode_ms
U+507C U+507C (U+507C) arial_unicode_ms
U+507D false, counterfeit, bogus (U+507D) arial_unicode_ms
U+507E ruin, cause fail; overthrown (U+507E) arial_unicode_ms
U+507F repay, recompense; restitution (U+507F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5080 great, gigantic; puppet (U+5080) arial_unicode_ms
U+5081 old man (U+5081) arial_unicode_ms
U+5082 U+5082 (U+5082) arial_unicode_ms
U+5083 U+5083 (U+5083) arial_unicode_ms
U+5084 U+5084 (U+5084) arial_unicode_ms
U+5085 tutor, teacher; assist; surname (U+5085) arial_unicode_ms
U+5086 U+5086 (U+5086) arial_unicode_ms
U+5087 U+5087 (U+5087) arial_unicode_ms
U+5088 tribe (U+5088) arial_unicode_ms
U+5089 U+5089 (U+5089) arial_unicode_ms
U+508A U+508A (U+508A) arial_unicode_ms
U+508B U+508B (U+508B) arial_unicode_ms
U+508C to curse, to revile, to abuse; to scold (U+508C) arial_unicode_ms
U+508D by side of, beside, near, close (U+508D) arial_unicode_ms
U+508E topple (U+508E) arial_unicode_ms
U+508F to ward off; to parry; to keep out, as wind, rain, or cold (U+508F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5090 U+5090 (U+5090) arial_unicode_ms
U+5091 hero; outstanding, remarkable (U+5091) arial_unicode_ms
U+5092 personal name; servant (U+5092) arial_unicode_ms
U+5093 U+5093 (U+5093) arial_unicode_ms
U+5094 servant (U+5094) arial_unicode_ms
U+5095 used in old names (U+5095) arial_unicode_ms
U+5096 vulgar person, country man (U+5096) arial_unicode_ms
U+5097 U+5097 (U+5097) arial_unicode_ms
U+5098 umbrella, parasol, parachute (U+5098) arial_unicode_ms
U+5099 prepare, ready, perfect (U+5099) arial_unicode_ms
U+509A imitate, mimic (U+509A) arial_unicode_ms
U+509B U+509B (U+509B) arial_unicode_ms
U+509C a minority tribe (U+509C) arial_unicode_ms
U+509D U+509D (U+509D) arial_unicode_ms
U+509E unsteady (U+509E) arial_unicode_ms
U+509F U+509F (U+509F) arial_unicode_ms
U+50A0 U+50A0 (U+50A0) arial_unicode_ms
U+50A1 U+50A1 (U+50A1) arial_unicode_ms
U+50A2 stubborn, obstinate, intransigent (U+50A2) arial_unicode_ms
U+50A3 the Dai minority living in South China (U+50A3) arial_unicode_ms
U+50A4 U+50A4 (U+50A4) arial_unicode_ms
U+50A5 if, supposing, in case (U+50A5) arial_unicode_ms
U+50A6 U+50A6 (U+50A6) arial_unicode_ms
U+50A7 entertain guests (U+50A7) arial_unicode_ms
U+50A8 save money, store, reserve; heir (U+50A8) arial_unicode_ms
U+50A9 rich (U+50A9) arial_unicode_ms
U+50AA U+50AA (U+50AA) arial_unicode_ms
U+50AB tired, exhausted; surname (U+50AB) arial_unicode_ms
U+50AC press, urge (U+50AC) arial_unicode_ms
U+50AD hire, employ, charter; servant (U+50AD) arial_unicode_ms
U+50AE finish, to go around (U+50AE) arial_unicode_ms
U+50AF urgent (U+50AF) arial_unicode_ms
U+50B0 U+50B0 (U+50B0) arial_unicode_ms
U+50B1 U+50B1 (U+50B1) arial_unicode_ms
U+50B2 proud, haughty, overbearing (U+50B2) arial_unicode_ms
U+50B3 summon; propagate, transmit (U+50B3) arial_unicode_ms
U+50B4 humpback; stoop (U+50B4) arial_unicode_ms
U+50B5 debt, loan, liabilities (U+50B5) arial_unicode_ms
U+50B6 U+50B6 (U+50B6) arial_unicode_ms
U+50B7 wound, injury; fall ill from (U+50B7) arial_unicode_ms
U+50B8 U+50B8 (U+50B8) arial_unicode_ms
U+50B9 U+50B9 (U+50B9) arial_unicode_ms
U+50BA to hinder; to detain (U+50BA) arial_unicode_ms
U+50BB foolish, silly, stupid; an imbecile (U+50BB) arial_unicode_ms
U+50BC surname (U+50BC) arial_unicode_ms
U+50BD terror-stricken (U+50BD) arial_unicode_ms
U+50BE upset, pour out, overflow (U+50BE) arial_unicode_ms
U+50BF U+50BF (U+50BF) arial_unicode_ms
U+50C0 U+50C0 (U+50C0) arial_unicode_ms
U+50C1 U+50C1 (U+50C1) arial_unicode_ms
U+50C2 humpback; surname (U+50C2) arial_unicode_ms
U+50C3 prepared (U+50C3) arial_unicode_ms
U+50C4 light; airy (U+50C4) arial_unicode_ms
U+50C5 only, merely, solely, just (U+50C5) arial_unicode_ms
U+50C6 U+50C6 (U+50C6) arial_unicode_ms
U+50C7 humiliate; treat with contempt (U+50C7) arial_unicode_ms
U+50C8 negligent, remiss (U+50C8) arial_unicode_ms
U+50C9 all, together, unanimous (U+50C9) arial_unicode_ms
U+50CA Taoist super-being, transcendent, immortal (U+50CA) arial_unicode_ms
U+50CB U+50CB (U+50CB) arial_unicode_ms
U+50CC U+50CC (U+50CC) arial_unicode_ms
U+50CD labor; work (U+50CD) arial_unicode_ms
U+50CE collect (U+50CE) arial_unicode_ms
U+50CF a picture, image, figure; to resemble (U+50CF) arial_unicode_ms
U+50D0 U+50D0 (U+50D0) arial_unicode_ms
U+50D1 sojourn, lodge (U+50D1) arial_unicode_ms
U+50D2 U+50D2 (U+50D2) arial_unicode_ms
U+50D3 U+50D3 (U+50D3) arial_unicode_ms
U+50D4 U+50D4 (U+50D4) arial_unicode_ms
U+50D5 slave, servant, I (U+50D5) arial_unicode_ms
U+50D6 joy, gladness, delight; surname (U+50D6) arial_unicode_ms
U+50D7 U+50D7 (U+50D7) arial_unicode_ms
U+50D8 U+50D8 (U+50D8) arial_unicode_ms
U+50D9 U+50D9 (U+50D9) arial_unicode_ms
U+50DA companion, colleague; officials; bureaucracy; a pretty face (U+50DA) arial_unicode_ms
U+50DB U+50DB (U+50DB) arial_unicode_ms
U+50DC U+50DC (U+50DC) arial_unicode_ms
U+50DD to revile; to abuse (U+50DD) arial_unicode_ms
U+50DE false, counterfeit, bogus (U+50DE) arial_unicode_ms
U+50DF U+50DF (U+50DF) arial_unicode_ms
U+50E0 U+50E0 (U+50E0) arial_unicode_ms
U+50E1 U+50E1 (U+50E1) arial_unicode_ms
U+50E2 U+50E2 (U+50E2) arial_unicode_ms
U+50E3 assume, usurp (U+50E3) arial_unicode_ms
U+50E4 sincere (U+50E4) arial_unicode_ms
U+50E5 be lucky; by chance, by luck (U+50E5) arial_unicode_ms
U+50E6 to heir; to rent (U+50E6) arial_unicode_ms
U+50E7 Buddhist priest, monk; san of Sanskrit sangha (U+50E7) arial_unicode_ms
U+50E8 ruin, cause fail; overthrown (U+50E8) arial_unicode_ms
U+50E9 courageous; martial; dignified (U+50E9) arial_unicode_ms
U+50EA U+50EA (U+50EA) arial_unicode_ms
U+50EB U+50EB (U+50EB) arial_unicode_ms
U+50EC clever; alert in mind pigmies (U+50EC) arial_unicode_ms
U+50ED assume, usurp (U+50ED) arial_unicode_ms
U+50EE page, boy servant (U+50EE) arial_unicode_ms
U+50EF ashamed (U+50EF) arial_unicode_ms
U+50F0 ancient aboriginal tribe (U+50F0) arial_unicode_ms
U+50F1 employ, hire (U+50F1) arial_unicode_ms
U+50F2 U+50F2 (U+50F2) arial_unicode_ms
U+50F3 minority name (U+50F3) arial_unicode_ms
U+50F4 U+50F4 (U+50F4) arial_unicode_ms
U+50F5 stiff and motionless, stock still (U+50F5) arial_unicode_ms
U+50F6 forcefully (U+50F6) arial_unicode_ms
U+50F7 U+50F7 (U+50F7) arial_unicode_ms
U+50F8 U+50F8 (U+50F8) arial_unicode_ms
U+50F9 price, value (U+50F9) arial_unicode_ms
U+50FA U+50FA (U+50FA) arial_unicode_ms
U+50FB out-of-the-way, remote; unorthodox (U+50FB) arial_unicode_ms
U+50FC U+50FC (U+50FC) arial_unicode_ms
U+50FD U+50FD (U+50FD) arial_unicode_ms
U+50FE like (U+50FE) arial_unicode_ms
U+50FF small, minute; lacking sincerity (U+50FF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5100 ceremony, rites gifts; admire (U+5100) arial_unicode_ms
U+5101 outstanding, fine; superior; talented, capable; handsome (U+5101) arial_unicode_ms
U+5102 I; you; family name (U+5102) arial_unicode_ms
U+5103 U+5103 (U+5103) arial_unicode_ms
U+5104 hundred million; many (U+5104) arial_unicode_ms
U+5105 stop (U+5105) arial_unicode_ms
U+5106 warn; warning (U+5106) arial_unicode_ms
U+5107 clever, nimble (U+5107) arial_unicode_ms
U+5108 go-between, broker, proxy (U+5108) arial_unicode_ms
U+5109 temperate, frugal, economical (U+5109) arial_unicode_ms
U+510A rough and rugged (U+510A) arial_unicode_ms
U+510B a small jar; to bear a burden; a load of two (U+510B) arial_unicode_ms
U+510C lucky, fortunate (U+510C) arial_unicode_ms
U+510D foolish, silly, an imbecile (U+510D) arial_unicode_ms
U+510E carry, contain, load (U+510E) arial_unicode_ms
U+510F U+510F (U+510F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5110 entertain guests (U+5110) arial_unicode_ms
U+5111 U+5111 (U+5111) arial_unicode_ms
U+5112 Confucian scholar (U+5112) arial_unicode_ms
U+5113 servant (U+5113) arial_unicode_ms
U+5114 companion, mate, colleague (U+5114) arial_unicode_ms
U+5115 a company, companion; together (U+5115) arial_unicode_ms
U+5116 U+5116 (U+5116) arial_unicode_ms
U+5117 compare with, draw analogy with (U+5117) arial_unicode_ms
U+5118 utmost (U+5118) arial_unicode_ms
U+5119 U+5119 (U+5119) arial_unicode_ms
U+511A (J) equivalent to 果敢 U+679C U+6562, fleeting, momentary, ephemeral; vain, empty; fickle (U+511A) arial_unicode_ms
U+511B to skip about, to dance for joy (U+511B) arial_unicode_ms
U+511C weak; wearied; in distress (U+511C) arial_unicode_ms
U+511D U+511D (U+511D) arial_unicode_ms
U+511E U+511E (U+511E) arial_unicode_ms
U+511F repay, recompense; restitution (U+511F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5120 U+5120 (U+5120) arial_unicode_ms
U+5121 puppet, dummy (U+5121) arial_unicode_ms
U+5122 U+5122 (U+5122) arial_unicode_ms
U+5123 U+5123 (U+5123) arial_unicode_ms
U+5124 on duty (U+5124) arial_unicode_ms
U+5125 U+5125 (U+5125) arial_unicode_ms
U+5126 milling (U+5126) arial_unicode_ms
U+5127 U+5127 (U+5127) arial_unicode_ms
U+5128 U+5128 (U+5128) arial_unicode_ms
U+5129 complete (U+5129) arial_unicode_ms
U+512A superior, excellent; actor (U+512A) arial_unicode_ms
U+512B U+512B (U+512B) arial_unicode_ms
U+512C U+512C (U+512C) arial_unicode_ms
U+512D to assist; to give alms (U+512D) arial_unicode_ms
U+512E U+512E (U+512E) arial_unicode_ms
U+512F U+512F (U+512F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5130 U+5130 (U+5130) arial_unicode_ms
U+5131 rude; barbarous (U+5131) arial_unicode_ms
U+5132 to save money, store, reserve; an heir (U+5132) arial_unicode_ms
U+5133 obstinate; stupid; uneven; mix (U+5133) arial_unicode_ms
U+5134 U+5134 (U+5134) arial_unicode_ms
U+5135 U+5135 (U+5135) arial_unicode_ms
U+5136 valiant, brave; eminent (U+5136) arial_unicode_ms
U+5137 spouse, couple, pair (U+5137) arial_unicode_ms
U+5138 bandit, daredevil (U+5138) arial_unicode_ms
U+5139 to accumulate, to hoard, to store up (U+5139) arial_unicode_ms
U+513A rich (U+513A) arial_unicode_ms
U+513B if, supposing, in case (U+513B) arial_unicode_ms
U+513C grave, respectful, majestic (U+513C) arial_unicode_ms
U+513D lazy; tired out, worn fatigued (U+513D) arial_unicode_ms
U+513E slow, dull; irresolute (U+513E) arial_unicode_ms
U+513F son, child; KangXi radical 10 (U+513F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5140 to cut off the feet (U+5140) arial_unicode_ms
U+5141 to grant, to allow, to consent (U+5141) arial_unicode_ms
U+5142 hairpin, clasp; wear in hair (U+5142) arial_unicode_ms
U+5143 first; dollar; origin; head (U+5143) arial_unicode_ms
U+5144 elder brother (U+5144) arial_unicode_ms
U+5145 fill, be full, supply (U+5145) arial_unicode_ms
U+5146 omen; million; mega; also trillion. China = million; Japan and Taiwan = trillion (U+5146) arial_unicode_ms
U+5147 atrocious, ferocious, brutal (U+5147) arial_unicode_ms
U+5148 first, former, previous (U+5148) arial_unicode_ms
U+5149 light, brilliant, shine; only (U+5149) arial_unicode_ms
U+514A U+514A (U+514A) arial_unicode_ms
U+514B gram; overcome; transliteration (U+514B) arial_unicode_ms
U+514C cash; exchange, barter; weight (U+514C) arial_unicode_ms
U+514D spare; excuse from; evade (U+514D) arial_unicode_ms
U+514E rabbit, hare (U+514E) arial_unicode_ms
U+514F U+514F (U+514F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5150 son, child, oneself; final part (U+5150) arial_unicode_ms
U+5151 cash; exchange (U+5151) arial_unicode_ms
U+5152 son, child, oneself; final part (U+5152) arial_unicode_ms
U+5153 U+5153 (U+5153) arial_unicode_ms
U+5154 rabbit, hare (U+5154) arial_unicode_ms
U+5155 a female rhinoceros (U+5155) arial_unicode_ms
U+5156 establish; one of nine empire divisions (U+5156) arial_unicode_ms
U+5157 establish; one of nine empire divisions (U+5157) arial_unicode_ms
U+5158 U+5158 (U+5158) arial_unicode_ms
U+5159 decagram (U+5159) arial_unicode_ms
U+515A political party, gang, faction (U+515A) arial_unicode_ms
U+515B kilogram (U+515B) arial_unicode_ms
U+515C pouch (U+515C) arial_unicode_ms
U+515D decigram (U+515D) arial_unicode_ms
U+515E milligram (U+515E) arial_unicode_ms
U+515F to advance (U+515F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5160 U+5160 (U+5160) arial_unicode_ms
U+5161 mercury (chemical element) (U+5161) arial_unicode_ms
U+5162 fearful, cautious, wary (U+5162) arial_unicode_ms
U+5163 decigram; centigram (U+5163) arial_unicode_ms
U+5164 U+5164 (U+5164) arial_unicode_ms
U+5165 enter, come in(to), join (U+5165) arial_unicode_ms
U+5166 destruction (U+5166) arial_unicode_ms
U+5167 inside, interior; domestic (U+5167) arial_unicode_ms
U+5168 maintain, keep whole or intact (U+5168) arial_unicode_ms
U+5169 two, both, pair, couple; ounce (U+5169) arial_unicode_ms
U+516A surname; consent (U+516A) arial_unicode_ms
U+516B eight; all around, all sides (U+516B) arial_unicode_ms
U+516C fair, equitable; public; duke (U+516C) arial_unicode_ms
U+516D number six (U+516D) arial_unicode_ms
U+516E exclamatory particle (U+516E) arial_unicode_ms
U+516F kwukyel (U+516F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5170 orchid; elegant, graceful (U+5170) arial_unicode_ms
U+5171 together with, all, total; to share (U+5171) arial_unicode_ms
U+5172 heaven; sky (U+5172) arial_unicode_ms
U+5173 frontier pass; close; relation (U+5173) arial_unicode_ms
U+5174 thrive, prosper, flourish (U+5174) arial_unicode_ms
U+5175 soldier, troops (U+5175) arial_unicode_ms
U+5176 his, her, its, their; that (U+5176) arial_unicode_ms
U+5177 tool, implement; draw up, write (U+5177) arial_unicode_ms
U+5178 law, canon; documentation; classic, scripture (U+5178) arial_unicode_ms
U+5179 now, here; this; time, year (U+5179) arial_unicode_ms
U+517A U+517A (U+517A) arial_unicode_ms
U+517B raise, rear, bring up; support (U+517B) arial_unicode_ms
U+517C unite, combine; connect; and (U+517C) arial_unicode_ms
U+517D beast, animal; bestial (U+517D) arial_unicode_ms
U+517E same as 冀 U+5180 to hope for; to wish (U+517E) arial_unicode_ms
U+517F U+517F (U+517F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5180 hope for; wish; Hebei province (U+5180) arial_unicode_ms
U+5181 smile (U+5181) arial_unicode_ms
U+5182 wide; KangXi radical 13 (U+5182) arial_unicode_ms
U+5183 U+5183 (U+5183) arial_unicode_ms
U+5184 tender; weak; gradually alternating (U+5184) arial_unicode_ms
U+5185 inside (U+5185) arial_unicode_ms
U+5186 yen (U+5186) arial_unicode_ms
U+5187 (Cant.) have not (U+5187) arial_unicode_ms
U+5188 ridge or crest of hill (U+5188) arial_unicode_ms
U+5189 tender; weak; proceed gradually (U+5189) arial_unicode_ms
U+518A book, volume (U+518A) arial_unicode_ms
U+518B a desert, a border (U+518B) arial_unicode_ms
U+518C book, volume, register, list (U+518C) arial_unicode_ms
U+518D again, twice, re- (U+518D) arial_unicode_ms
U+518E U+518E (U+518E) arial_unicode_ms
U+518F (archaic form of U+70AF 炯) light, bright (U+518F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5190 risk, brave, dare (U+5190) arial_unicode_ms
U+5191 helmet (U+5191) arial_unicode_ms
U+5192 risk, brave, dare (U+5192) arial_unicode_ms
U+5193 a secluded place; secret cabinet (U+5193) arial_unicode_ms
U+5194 cap worn during the Yin dynasty (U+5194) arial_unicode_ms
U+5195 crown; ceremonial cap (U+5195) arial_unicode_ms
U+5196 cover; KangXi radical 14 (U+5196) arial_unicode_ms
U+5197 excessive; superfluous (U+5197) arial_unicode_ms
U+5198 to move on; coubtful (U+5198) arial_unicode_ms
U+5199 write; draw, sketch; compose (U+5199) arial_unicode_ms
U+519A (Cant.) cover, lid (U+519A) arial_unicode_ms
U+519B army, military; soldiers, troops (U+519B) arial_unicode_ms
U+519C agriculture, farming; farmer (U+519C) arial_unicode_ms
U+519D suitable, right, fitting, proper (U+519D) arial_unicode_ms
U+519E far (U+519E) arial_unicode_ms
U+519F U+519F (U+519F) arial_unicode_ms
U+51A0 cap, crown, headgear (U+51A0) arial_unicode_ms
U+51A1 U+51A1 (U+51A1) arial_unicode_ms
U+51A2 burial mound, mausoleum; grand (U+51A2) arial_unicode_ms
U+51A3 U+51A3 (U+51A3) arial_unicode_ms
U+51A4 grievance, injustice, wrong (U+51A4) arial_unicode_ms
U+51A5 dark, gloomy, night; deep (U+51A5) arial_unicode_ms
U+51A6 bandits, thieves; enemy; invade (U+51A6) arial_unicode_ms
U+51A7 (Cant.) a bud; to bend; phonetic 'num' as in 'number' (U+51A7) arial_unicode_ms
U+51A8 abundant, ample; rich, wealthy (U+51A8) arial_unicode_ms
U+51A9 write; draw, sketch; compose (U+51A9) arial_unicode_ms
U+51AA cover-cloth, cover with cloth (U+51AA) arial_unicode_ms
U+51AB ice; KangXi radical 15 (U+51AB) arial_unicode_ms
U+51AC winter, 11th lunar month (U+51AC) arial_unicode_ms
U+51AD U+51AD (U+51AD) arial_unicode_ms
U+51AE U+51AE (U+51AE) arial_unicode_ms
U+51AF surname; gallop; by dint of (U+51AF) arial_unicode_ms
U+51B0 ice; ice-cold (U+51B0) arial_unicode_ms
U+51B1 freezing; stopped up, closed off (U+51B1) arial_unicode_ms
U+51B2 soar; pour boiling water over (U+51B2) arial_unicode_ms
U+51B3 decide, determine, judge (U+51B3) arial_unicode_ms
U+51B4 freezing; stopped up, closed off (U+51B4) arial_unicode_ms
U+51B5 condition, situation; furthermore (U+51B5) arial_unicode_ms
U+51B6 smelt, fuse metals; cast, found (U+51B6) arial_unicode_ms
U+51B7 cold, cool; lonely (U+51B7) arial_unicode_ms
U+51B8 U+51B8 (U+51B8) arial_unicode_ms
U+51B9 U+51B9 (U+51B9) arial_unicode_ms
U+51BA U+51BA (U+51BA) arial_unicode_ms
U+51BB freeze; cold, congeal; jelly (U+51BB) arial_unicode_ms
U+51BC a surname (U+51BC) arial_unicode_ms
U+51BD cold and raw; pure, clear (U+51BD) arial_unicode_ms
U+51BE U+51BE (U+51BE) arial_unicode_ms
U+51BF U+51BF (U+51BF) arial_unicode_ms
U+51C0 clean, pure; cleanse (U+51C0) arial_unicode_ms
U+51C1 U+51C1 (U+51C1) arial_unicode_ms
U+51C2 to request; to ask a favour of (U+51C2) arial_unicode_ms
U+51C3 mud; surname (U+51C3) arial_unicode_ms
U+51C4 bitter cold, miserable, dreary (U+51C4) arial_unicode_ms
U+51C5 dried up; exhausted, tired; dry (U+51C5) arial_unicode_ms
U+51C6 approve, allow, permit; in accord (U+51C6) arial_unicode_ms
U+51C7 dewdrop; icicle (U+51C7) arial_unicode_ms
U+51C8 clean, pure; cleanse (U+51C8) arial_unicode_ms
U+51C9 cool, cold; disheartened (U+51C9) arial_unicode_ms
U+51CA surname (U+51CA) arial_unicode_ms
U+51CB be withered, fallen; exhausted (U+51CB) arial_unicode_ms
U+51CC pure; virtuous; insult; maltreat (U+51CC) arial_unicode_ms
U+51CD freeze; cold, congeal; jelly (U+51CD) arial_unicode_ms
U+51CE U+51CE (U+51CE) arial_unicode_ms
U+51CF decrease, subtract, diminish (U+51CF) arial_unicode_ms
U+51D0 U+51D0 (U+51D0) arial_unicode_ms
U+51D1 piece together, assemble (U+51D1) arial_unicode_ms
U+51D2 U+51D2 (U+51D2) arial_unicode_ms
U+51D3 shiver; severe cold (U+51D3) arial_unicode_ms
U+51D4 cold (U+51D4) arial_unicode_ms
U+51D5 U+51D5 (U+51D5) arial_unicode_ms
U+51D6 rule, guideline, standard (U+51D6) arial_unicode_ms
U+51D7 U+51D7 (U+51D7) arial_unicode_ms
U+51D8 U+51D8 (U+51D8) arial_unicode_ms
U+51D9 an icicle (U+51D9) arial_unicode_ms
U+51DA cold; chilly (U+51DA) arial_unicode_ms
U+51DB to shiver with cold or fear (U+51DB) arial_unicode_ms
U+51DC shiver with cold or fear, fearful (U+51DC) arial_unicode_ms
U+51DD coagulate; congeal; freeze (U+51DD) arial_unicode_ms
U+51DE bright, splendid, glorious (U+51DE) arial_unicode_ms
U+51DF to be rude to, to annoy, to profane; to trouble, to harass (U+51DF) arial_unicode_ms
U+51E0 small table (U+51E0) arial_unicode_ms
U+51E1 all, any, every; ordinary, common (U+51E1) arial_unicode_ms
U+51E2 all, any, every; ordinary, common (U+51E2) arial_unicode_ms
U+51E3 all; common; general; every, whenever; generally (U+51E3) arial_unicode_ms
U+51E4 male phoenix; symbol of joy (U+51E4) arial_unicode_ms
U+51E5 to dwell (U+51E5) arial_unicode_ms
U+51E6 place, locale; department (U+51E6) arial_unicode_ms
U+51E7 kite (U+51E7) arial_unicode_ms
U+51E8 wind; air; manners, atmosphere (U+51E8) arial_unicode_ms
U+51E9 wintry wind (U+51E9) arial_unicode_ms
U+51EA calm, lull (U+51EA) arial_unicode_ms
U+51EB wild duck, teal; swim (U+51EB) arial_unicode_ms
U+51EC U+51EC (U+51EC) arial_unicode_ms
U+51ED lean on, depend on, rely on (U+51ED) arial_unicode_ms
U+51EE wind (U+51EE) arial_unicode_ms
U+51EF triumphant; triumph, victory (U+51EF) arial_unicode_ms
U+51F0 female phoenix (U+51F0) arial_unicode_ms
U+51F1 triumphant; triumph, victory (U+51F1) arial_unicode_ms
U+51F2 U+51F2 (U+51F2) arial_unicode_ms
U+51F3 bench; stool (U+51F3) arial_unicode_ms
U+51F4 to rely on, depend on; evidence, proof (U+51F4) arial_unicode_ms
U+51F5 receptacle; KangXi radical 17 (U+51F5) arial_unicode_ms
U+51F6 culprit; murder; bad, sad (U+51F6) arial_unicode_ms
U+51F7 dirt clod; piece (U+51F7) arial_unicode_ms
U+51F8 protrude, bulge out, convex (U+51F8) arial_unicode_ms
U+51F9 concave, hollow, depressed; a pass, valley (U+51F9) arial_unicode_ms
U+51FA go out, send out; stand; produce (U+51FA) arial_unicode_ms
U+51FB strike, hit, beat; attack, fight (U+51FB) arial_unicode_ms
U+51FC ditch; pool (U+51FC) arial_unicode_ms
U+51FD correspondence; a case; a box (U+51FD) arial_unicode_ms
U+51FE correspondence; a case; a box (U+51FE) arial_unicode_ms
U+51FF chisel; bore, pierce (U+51FF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5200 knife; old coin; measure (U+5200) arial_unicode_ms
U+5201 tricky, sly, crafty, cunning (U+5201) arial_unicode_ms
U+5202 knife; radical number 18 (U+5202) arial_unicode_ms
U+5203 edged tool, cutlery, knife edge (U+5203) arial_unicode_ms
U+5204 edged tool, cutlery, knife edge (U+5204) arial_unicode_ms
U+5205 to create, to make to invent; to begin (U+5205) arial_unicode_ms
U+5206 divide; small unit of time etc. (U+5206) arial_unicode_ms
U+5207 cut, mince, slice, carve (U+5207) arial_unicode_ms
U+5208 cut off, reap, mow; sickle (U+5208) arial_unicode_ms
U+5209 U+5209 (U+5209) arial_unicode_ms
U+520A publication, periodical; publish (U+520A) arial_unicode_ms
U+520B publication, periodical; publish (U+520B) arial_unicode_ms
U+520C U+520C (U+520C) arial_unicode_ms
U+520D mow, cut grass; hay, fodder (U+520D) arial_unicode_ms
U+520E behead, cut throat (U+520E) arial_unicode_ms
U+520F U+520F (U+520F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5210 U+5210 (U+5210) arial_unicode_ms
U+5211 punishment, penalty; law (U+5211) arial_unicode_ms
U+5212 to row or paddle boat; to scratch (U+5212) arial_unicode_ms
U+5213 trim (U+5213) arial_unicode_ms
U+5214 scoop out; gouge (U+5214) arial_unicode_ms
U+5215 U+5215 (U+5215) arial_unicode_ms
U+5216 cutting off feet as form of punishment (U+5216) arial_unicode_ms
U+5217 a line; to arrange in order, classify (U+5217) arial_unicode_ms
U+5218 surname; kill, destroy (U+5218) arial_unicode_ms
U+5219 rule, law, regulation; grades (U+5219) arial_unicode_ms
U+521A hard, tough, rigid, strong (U+521A) arial_unicode_ms
U+521B establish, create; knife cut (U+521B) arial_unicode_ms
U+521C chop (U+521C) arial_unicode_ms
U+521D beginning, initial, primary (U+521D) arial_unicode_ms
U+521E U+521E (U+521E) arial_unicode_ms
U+521F U+521F (U+521F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5220 to cut; delete (U+5220) arial_unicode_ms
U+5221 to scrape; to pare (U+5221) arial_unicode_ms
U+5222 U+5222 (U+5222) arial_unicode_ms
U+5223 U+5223 (U+5223) arial_unicode_ms
U+5224 judge; discriminate; conclude (U+5224) arial_unicode_ms
U+5225 separate, other; do not (U+5225) arial_unicode_ms
U+5226 take by force, coerce; disaster (U+5226) arial_unicode_ms
U+5227 disaster, misfortune; coerce (U+5227) arial_unicode_ms
U+5228 carpenter's plane; plane, level (U+5228) arial_unicode_ms
U+5229 gains, advantage, profit, merit (U+5229) arial_unicode_ms
U+522A to cut; delete, erase; to geld (U+522A) arial_unicode_ms
U+522B separate, other; do not (U+522B) arial_unicode_ms
U+522C to level off; to trim; to pare down (U+522C) arial_unicode_ms
U+522D cut throat (U+522D) arial_unicode_ms
U+522E shave, pare off, scrape (U+522E) arial_unicode_ms
U+522F U+522F (U+522F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5230 go to, arrive, been to (U+5230) arial_unicode_ms
U+5231 establish, create; knife cut (U+5231) arial_unicode_ms
U+5232 cut, slice off (U+5232) arial_unicode_ms
U+5233 cut out, dig, rip up, scoop out (U+5233) arial_unicode_ms
U+5234 chop by pounding, mince, hash (U+5234) arial_unicode_ms
U+5235 punishment by cutting off ears (U+5235) arial_unicode_ms
U+5236 system; establish; overpower (U+5236) arial_unicode_ms
U+5237 brush; clean with brush, scrub (U+5237) arial_unicode_ms
U+5238 certificate, ticket; title deeds (U+5238) arial_unicode_ms
U+5239 temple, shrine, monastary (U+5239) arial_unicode_ms
U+523A stab; prick, irritate; prod (U+523A) arial_unicode_ms
U+523B carve, engrave; quarter hour (U+523B) arial_unicode_ms
U+523C to plunder; to rob openly (U+523C) arial_unicode_ms
U+523D amputate, cut off (U+523D) arial_unicode_ms
U+523E stab; prick, irritate; prod (U+523E) arial_unicode_ms
U+523F to cut, injure, stab, stick on (U+523F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5240 sharpen; carefully, thorough (U+5240) arial_unicode_ms
U+5241 chop by pounding, mince, hash (U+5241) arial_unicode_ms
U+5242 medicinal preparation (U+5242) arial_unicode_ms
U+5243 shave (U+5243) arial_unicode_ms
U+5244 cut throat (U+5244) arial_unicode_ms
U+5245 U+5245 (U+5245) arial_unicode_ms
U+5246 U+5246 (U+5246) arial_unicode_ms
U+5247 rule, law, regulation; grades (U+5247) arial_unicode_ms
U+5248 U+5248 (U+5248) arial_unicode_ms
U+5249 cut, file, trim; file (U+5249) arial_unicode_ms
U+524A scrape off, pare, trim (U+524A) arial_unicode_ms
U+524B subdue, overcome; cut down (U+524B) arial_unicode_ms
U+524C slash, cut in two; contradict (U+524C) arial_unicode_ms
U+524D in front, forward; preceding (U+524D) arial_unicode_ms
U+524E temple (U+524E) arial_unicode_ms
U+524F establish, create; knife cut (U+524F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5250 cut, cut flesh from bones (U+5250) arial_unicode_ms
U+5251 sword, dagger, saber (U+5251) arial_unicode_ms
U+5252 (Cant.) to jerk (U+5252) arial_unicode_ms
U+5253 U+5253 (U+5253) arial_unicode_ms
U+5254 pick out; scrape off; scrape meat (U+5254) arial_unicode_ms
U+5255 U+5255 (U+5255) arial_unicode_ms
U+5256 split in two, slice; dissect (U+5256) arial_unicode_ms
U+5257 to level off; to trim; to pare down (U+5257) arial_unicode_ms
U+5258 U+5258 (U+5258) arial_unicode_ms
U+5259 establish, create; knife cut (U+5259) arial_unicode_ms
U+525A stab (U+525A) arial_unicode_ms
U+525B hard, tough, rigid, strong (U+525B) arial_unicode_ms
U+525C cut, cut out, pick out, scoop out (U+525C) arial_unicode_ms
U+525D peel, peel off, to shell, strip (U+525D) arial_unicode_ms
U+525E carving or engraving knife; grave (U+525E) arial_unicode_ms
U+525F to prick; to cut blocks, to engrave (U+525F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5260 brand (U+5260) arial_unicode_ms
U+5261 sharp, sharp-pointed; sharpen (U+5261) arial_unicode_ms
U+5262 U+5262 (U+5262) arial_unicode_ms
U+5263 sword, dagger, saber (U+5263) arial_unicode_ms
U+5264 medicinal preparation (U+5264) arial_unicode_ms
U+5265 peel (U+5265) arial_unicode_ms
U+5266 to castrate (U+5266) arial_unicode_ms
U+5267 theatrical plays, opera, drama (U+5267) arial_unicode_ms
U+5268 sound of something being smashed (U+5268) arial_unicode_ms
U+5269 leftovers, residue, remains (U+5269) arial_unicode_ms
U+526A scissors; cut, divide, separate (U+526A) arial_unicode_ms
U+526B U+526B (U+526B) arial_unicode_ms
U+526C U+526C (U+526C) arial_unicode_ms
U+526D U+526D (U+526D) arial_unicode_ms
U+526E cut, cut flesh from bones (U+526E) arial_unicode_ms
U+526F assist; supplement; assistant (U+526F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5270 leftovers, residue, remains (U+5270) arial_unicode_ms
U+5271 sword, dagger, saber (U+5271) arial_unicode_ms
U+5272 cut, divide, partition; cede (U+5272) arial_unicode_ms
U+5273 brief note; official communique (U+5273) arial_unicode_ms
U+5274 sharpen; carefully, thorough (U+5274) arial_unicode_ms
U+5275 establish, create; knife cut (U+5275) arial_unicode_ms
U+5276 U+5276 (U+5276) arial_unicode_ms
U+5277 to level off, cut off, pare down, raze (U+5277) arial_unicode_ms
U+5278 cut (U+5278) arial_unicode_ms
U+5279 U+5279 (U+5279) arial_unicode_ms
U+527A mark (U+527A) arial_unicode_ms
U+527B U+527B (U+527B) arial_unicode_ms
U+527C U+527C (U+527C) arial_unicode_ms
U+527D rob, plunder; slice off; fast (U+527D) arial_unicode_ms
U+527E to pick up with knife (U+527E) arial_unicode_ms
U+527F destroy, exterminate, annihilate (U+527F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5280 U+5280 (U+5280) arial_unicode_ms
U+5281 U+5281 (U+5281) arial_unicode_ms
U+5282 chisel for engraving; engrave (U+5282) arial_unicode_ms
U+5283 divide, mark off, lay boundary (U+5283) arial_unicode_ms
U+5284 brief note; official communique (U+5284) arial_unicode_ms
U+5285 U+5285 (U+5285) arial_unicode_ms
U+5286 sickle (U+5286) arial_unicode_ms
U+5287 theatrical plays, opera, drama (U+5287) arial_unicode_ms
U+5288 cut apart, split, chop (U+5288) arial_unicode_ms
U+5289 surname; kill, destroy (U+5289) arial_unicode_ms
U+528A amputate, cut off (U+528A) arial_unicode_ms
U+528B U+528B (U+528B) arial_unicode_ms
U+528C to cut, injure, stab, stick on (U+528C) arial_unicode_ms
U+528D sword, dagger, saber (U+528D) arial_unicode_ms
U+528E sword, dagger (U+528E) arial_unicode_ms
U+528F to butcher (U+528F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5290 destroy (U+5290) arial_unicode_ms
U+5291 medicinal preparation (U+5291) arial_unicode_ms
U+5292 sword, dagger, saber (U+5292) arial_unicode_ms
U+5293 cut off nose (U+5293) arial_unicode_ms
U+5294 sword, dagger, saber (U+5294) arial_unicode_ms
U+5295 U+5295 (U+5295) arial_unicode_ms
U+5296 make into mince; cut (U+5296) arial_unicode_ms
U+5297 U+5297 (U+5297) arial_unicode_ms
U+5298 make into mince (U+5298) arial_unicode_ms
U+5299 a divide, to partition (U+5299) arial_unicode_ms
U+529A cut (U+529A) arial_unicode_ms
U+529B power, capability, influence (U+529B) arial_unicode_ms
U+529C U+529C (U+529C) arial_unicode_ms
U+529D recommend, advise, urge (U+529D) arial_unicode_ms
U+529E manage, do, handle; deal with (U+529E) arial_unicode_ms
U+529F achievement, merit, good result (U+529F) arial_unicode_ms
U+52A0 add to, increase, augment (U+52A0) arial_unicode_ms
U+52A1 affairs, business; must, should (U+52A1) arial_unicode_ms
U+52A2 put forth effort, strive forward (U+52A2) arial_unicode_ms
U+52A3 bad, inferior; slightly (U+52A3) arial_unicode_ms
U+52A4 strong (U+52A4) arial_unicode_ms
U+52A5 U+52A5 (U+52A5) arial_unicode_ms
U+52A6 variant of U+5354 協; cooperate; combined labor (U+52A6) arial_unicode_ms
U+52A7 U+52A7 (U+52A7) arial_unicode_ms
U+52A8 move, happen; movement, action (U+52A8) arial_unicode_ms
U+52A9 help, aid, assist (U+52A9) arial_unicode_ms
U+52AA to exert, strive, make an effort; to pout (U+52AA) arial_unicode_ms
U+52AB take by force, coerce; disaster (U+52AB) arial_unicode_ms
U+52AC be diligent, toil, endeavor (U+52AC) arial_unicode_ms
U+52AD encourage; to excel; excellent (U+52AD) arial_unicode_ms
U+52AE U+52AE (U+52AE) arial_unicode_ms
U+52AF U+52AF (U+52AF) arial_unicode_ms
U+52B0 U+52B0 (U+52B0) arial_unicode_ms
U+52B1 strive; encourage (U+52B1) arial_unicode_ms
U+52B2 strong, unyielding, tough, power (U+52B2) arial_unicode_ms
U+52B3 labor, toil, do manual work (U+52B3) arial_unicode_ms
U+52B4 labor, toil, do manual work (U+52B4) arial_unicode_ms
U+52B5 certificate, ticket; title deeds (U+52B5) arial_unicode_ms
U+52B6 U+52B6 (U+52B6) arial_unicode_ms
U+52B7 U+52B7 (U+52B7) arial_unicode_ms
U+52B8 U+52B8 (U+52B8) arial_unicode_ms
U+52B9 efficacious, effectiveness; to toil, to serve in the army (U+52B9) arial_unicode_ms
U+52BA U+52BA (U+52BA) arial_unicode_ms
U+52BB flurried, be in flurry, zealous (U+52BB) arial_unicode_ms
U+52BC be discreet, prudent, cautious (U+52BC) arial_unicode_ms
U+52BD U+52BD (U+52BD) arial_unicode_ms
U+52BE examine into, impeach, charge (U+52BE) arial_unicode_ms
U+52BF power, force; tendency (U+52BF) arial_unicode_ms
U+52C0 U+52C0 (U+52C0) arial_unicode_ms
U+52C1 strong, unyielding, tough, powerful (U+52C1) arial_unicode_ms
U+52C2 U+52C2 (U+52C2) arial_unicode_ms
U+52C3 suddenly, sudden, quick (U+52C3) arial_unicode_ms
U+52C4 active; clever; prompt witty; smart; earnest; diligent; to hasten (U+52C4) arial_unicode_ms
U+52C5 imperial decree; daoist magic (U+52C5) arial_unicode_ms
U+52C6 U+52C6 (U+52C6) arial_unicode_ms
U+52C7 brave, courageous, fierce (U+52C7) arial_unicode_ms
U+52C8 U+52C8 (U+52C8) arial_unicode_ms
U+52C9 endeavor, make effort; urge (U+52C9) arial_unicode_ms
U+52CA U+52CA (U+52CA) arial_unicode_ms
U+52CB meritorious deed; merits; rank (U+52CB) arial_unicode_ms
U+52CC to labor; tired (U+52CC) arial_unicode_ms
U+52CD strong, powerful, mighty; violent (U+52CD) arial_unicode_ms
U+52CE U+52CE (U+52CE) arial_unicode_ms
U+52CF U+52CF (U+52CF) arial_unicode_ms
U+52D0 imperial degree; daoist magic (U+52D0) arial_unicode_ms
U+52D1 reward; sincere (U+52D1) arial_unicode_ms
U+52D2 strangle, tighten (U+52D2) arial_unicode_ms
U+52D3 U+52D3 (U+52D3) arial_unicode_ms
U+52D4 endeavor, make effort; urge (U+52D4) arial_unicode_ms
U+52D5 move, happen; movement, action (U+52D5) arial_unicode_ms
U+52D6 enjoin, advise, preach to (U+52D6) arial_unicode_ms
U+52D7 enjoin, advise, excite (U+52D7) arial_unicode_ms
U+52D8 investigate; compare; collate (U+52D8) arial_unicode_ms
U+52D9 affairs, business; must, should (U+52D9) arial_unicode_ms
U+52DA work hard; belabored; toil (U+52DA) arial_unicode_ms
U+52DB meritorious deed; merits; rank (U+52DB) arial_unicode_ms
U+52DC U+52DC (U+52DC) arial_unicode_ms
U+52DD victory; excel, be better than (U+52DD) arial_unicode_ms
U+52DE labor, toil, do manual work (U+52DE) arial_unicode_ms
U+52DF levy, raise; summon; recruit (U+52DF) arial_unicode_ms
U+52E0 join forces, unite (U+52E0) arial_unicode_ms
U+52E1 U+52E1 (U+52E1) arial_unicode_ms
U+52E2 power, force; tendency (U+52E2) arial_unicode_ms
U+52E3 achievements, conduct deserving (U+52E3) arial_unicode_ms
U+52E4 industrious, diligent, attentive (U+52E4) arial_unicode_ms
U+52E5 U+52E5 (U+52E5) arial_unicode_ms
U+52E6 destroy, exterminate, annihilate (U+52E6) arial_unicode_ms
U+52E7 recommend, advise, urge (U+52E7) arial_unicode_ms
U+52E8 U+52E8 (U+52E8) arial_unicode_ms
U+52E9 work hard; belabored; toil (U+52E9) arial_unicode_ms
U+52EA U+52EA (U+52EA) arial_unicode_ms
U+52EB U+52EB (U+52EB) arial_unicode_ms
U+52EC U+52EC (U+52EC) arial_unicode_ms
U+52ED U+52ED (U+52ED) arial_unicode_ms
U+52EE U+52EE (U+52EE) arial_unicode_ms
U+52EF exhausted (U+52EF) arial_unicode_ms
U+52F0 peaceful, harmonious (U+52F0) arial_unicode_ms
U+52F1 put forth effort, strive forward (U+52F1) arial_unicode_ms
U+52F2 meritorious deed; merits; rank (U+52F2) arial_unicode_ms
U+52F3 meritorious deed; merits; rank (U+52F3) arial_unicode_ms
U+52F4 U+52F4 (U+52F4) arial_unicode_ms
U+52F5 strive; encourage (U+52F5) arial_unicode_ms
U+52F6 U+52F6 (U+52F6) arial_unicode_ms
U+52F7 urgent; in haste, hurriedly; help (U+52F7) arial_unicode_ms
U+52F8 recommend, advise, urge (U+52F8) arial_unicode_ms
U+52F9 wrap; KangXi radical 20 (U+52F9) arial_unicode_ms
U+52FA spoon, ladle; unit of volume (U+52FA) arial_unicode_ms
U+52FB equal, impartially, uniform, even (U+52FB) arial_unicode_ms
U+52FC U+52FC (U+52FC) arial_unicode_ms
U+52FD to incubate; to brood; to hatch (U+52FD) arial_unicode_ms
U+52FE hook, join, connect; entice (U+52FE) arial_unicode_ms
U+52FF must not, do not; without, never (U+52FF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5300 equal (U+5300) arial_unicode_ms
U+5301 Japanese unit of weight (1/1000 of a kan) (U+5301) arial_unicode_ms
U+5302 fragrance, smell (U+5302) arial_unicode_ms
U+5303 beggar; beg; give (U+5303) arial_unicode_ms
U+5304 to beg for alms; a beggar (U+5304) arial_unicode_ms
U+5305 wrap, pack, bundle; package (U+5305) arial_unicode_ms
U+5306 hastily, in haste, hurriedly (U+5306) arial_unicode_ms
U+5307 U+5307 (U+5307) arial_unicode_ms
U+5308 breast, chest, thorax; clamor; the Hsiung Nu 'Huns' (U+5308) arial_unicode_ms
U+5309 noise of waters (U+5309) arial_unicode_ms
U+530A handful (U+530A) arial_unicode_ms
U+530B pottery (U+530B) arial_unicode_ms
U+530C U+530C (U+530C) arial_unicode_ms
U+530D crawl; lie prostrate (U+530D) arial_unicode_ms
U+530E U+530E (U+530E) arial_unicode_ms
U+530F gourd; musical instrument (U+530F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5310 fall prostrate; crawl (U+5310) arial_unicode_ms
U+5311 U+5311 (U+5311) arial_unicode_ms
U+5312 U+5312 (U+5312) arial_unicode_ms
U+5313 U+5313 (U+5313) arial_unicode_ms
U+5314 U+5314 (U+5314) arial_unicode_ms
U+5315 spoon, ladle; knife, dirk (U+5315) arial_unicode_ms
U+5316 change, convert, reform; -ize (U+5316) arial_unicode_ms
U+5317 north; northern; northward (U+5317) arial_unicode_ms
U+5318 the brain (U+5318) arial_unicode_ms
U+5319 spoon; surname (U+5319) arial_unicode_ms
U+531A box; KangXi radical 22 (U+531A) arial_unicode_ms
U+531B U+531B (U+531B) arial_unicode_ms
U+531C basin; container for wine (U+531C) arial_unicode_ms
U+531D full circle; encircle (U+531D) arial_unicode_ms
U+531E U+531E (U+531E) arial_unicode_ms
U+531F divan for two persons (U+531F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5320 craftsman, artisan; workman (U+5320) arial_unicode_ms
U+5321 correct, restore, revise (U+5321) arial_unicode_ms
U+5322 U+5322 (U+5322) arial_unicode_ms
U+5323 small box, case, coffer (U+5323) arial_unicode_ms
U+5324 U+5324 (U+5324) arial_unicode_ms
U+5325 U+5325 (U+5325) arial_unicode_ms
U+5326 small box; chest, casket (U+5326) arial_unicode_ms
U+5327 a trunk; a portfolio (U+5327) arial_unicode_ms
U+5328 U+5328 (U+5328) arial_unicode_ms
U+5329 U+5329 (U+5329) arial_unicode_ms
U+532A bandits, robbers, gangsters (U+532A) arial_unicode_ms
U+532B U+532B (U+532B) arial_unicode_ms
U+532C U+532C (U+532C) arial_unicode_ms
U+532D small box; chest, casket (U+532D) arial_unicode_ms
U+532E to lack (U+532E) arial_unicode_ms
U+532F a concourse; to flow together, gather together; (same as U+6ED9 滙) to remit money (U+532F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5330 U+5330 (U+5330) arial_unicode_ms
U+5331 to lack (U+5331) arial_unicode_ms
U+5332 U+5332 (U+5332) arial_unicode_ms
U+5333 ladies toilet case with mirror (U+5333) arial_unicode_ms
U+5334 U+5334 (U+5334) arial_unicode_ms
U+5335 case; casket (U+5335) arial_unicode_ms
U+5336 U+5336 (U+5336) arial_unicode_ms
U+5337 U+5337 (U+5337) arial_unicode_ms
U+5338 box; KangXi radical 23 (U+5338) arial_unicode_ms
U+5339 bolt of cloth; counter for horses (U+5339) arial_unicode_ms
U+533A area, district, region, ward (U+533A) arial_unicode_ms
U+533B cure, heal; doctor, medical (U+533B) arial_unicode_ms
U+533C U+533C (U+533C) arial_unicode_ms
U+533D to hide, to secrete, to repress; to bend (U+533D) arial_unicode_ms
U+533E flat, round split-bamboo contain (U+533E) arial_unicode_ms
U+533F hide; go into hiding (U+533F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5340 area, district, region, ward; surname (U+5340) arial_unicode_ms
U+5341 ten, tenth; complete; perfect (U+5341) arial_unicode_ms
U+5342 to fly rapidly (U+5342) arial_unicode_ms
U+5343 thousand; many, numerous; very; (Cant.) a cheater, swindler (U+5343) arial_unicode_ms
U+5344 twenty, twentieth (U+5344) arial_unicode_ms
U+5345 thirty, thirtieth (U+5345) arial_unicode_ms
U+5346 soldier; servant; at last, finally (U+5346) arial_unicode_ms
U+5347 arise, go up; hoist; advance (U+5347) arial_unicode_ms
U+5348 noon; 7th terrestrial branch (U+5348) arial_unicode_ms
U+5349 general term for plants; myriads (U+5349) arial_unicode_ms
U+534A half (U+534A) arial_unicode_ms
U+534B same as 世 U+4E16, generation; world; era (U+534B) arial_unicode_ms
U+534C forty, fortieth (U+534C) arial_unicode_ms
U+534D swastika, one of the auspicious signs recognized (e.g. in Chinese Tathagata Buddhism) as being on the chest of Buddha (and variously seen in statuary on the chest, soles of the feet, or palms of the hands) (U+534D) arial_unicode_ms
U+534E flowery; illustrious; Chinese (U+534E) arial_unicode_ms
U+534F be united; cooperate (U+534F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5350 swastika, one of the auspicious signs recognized (e.g. in Chinese Tathagata Buddhism) as being on the chest of Buddha (and variously seen in statuary on the chest, soles of the feet, or palms of the hands) (U+5350) arial_unicode_ms
U+5351 humble, low, inferior; despise (U+5351) arial_unicode_ms
U+5352 soldier; servant; at last, finally (U+5352) arial_unicode_ms
U+5353 profound, brilliant, lofty (U+5353) arial_unicode_ms
U+5354 be united; cooperate (U+5354) arial_unicode_ms
U+5355 single, individual, only; lone (U+5355) arial_unicode_ms
U+5356 sell; betray; show off (U+5356) arial_unicode_ms
U+5357 south; southern part; southward (U+5357) arial_unicode_ms
U+5358 same as 單 U+55AE, single, individual, only; lone (U+5358) arial_unicode_ms
U+5359 U+5359 (U+5359) arial_unicode_ms
U+535A gamble, play games; wide, broad (U+535A) arial_unicode_ms
U+535B U+535B (U+535B) arial_unicode_ms
U+535C fortune telling; prophesy (U+535C) arial_unicode_ms
U+535D hair style; ore (U+535D) arial_unicode_ms
U+535E to be impatient, in a hurry; excitable (U+535E) arial_unicode_ms
U+535F a chemical compound; divination; to consider (U+535F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5360 divine; observe; versify (U+5360) arial_unicode_ms
U+5361 card, punch card; calorie (U+5361) arial_unicode_ms
U+5362 cottage, hut; surname; black (U+5362) arial_unicode_ms
U+5363 wine pot (U+5363) arial_unicode_ms
U+5364 salt (U+5364) arial_unicode_ms
U+5365 U+5365 (U+5365) arial_unicode_ms
U+5366 fortune telling; tell fortunes (U+5366) arial_unicode_ms
U+5367 lie down; crouch (U+5367) arial_unicode_ms
U+5368 used in old names; phonetic seol used in Korean names (U+5368) arial_unicode_ms
U+5369 seal; KangXi radical 26 (U+5369) arial_unicode_ms
U+536A kwukyel (U+536A) arial_unicode_ms
U+536B guard, protect, defend (U+536B) arial_unicode_ms
U+536C lofty; high; raise; high-priced (U+536C) arial_unicode_ms
U+536D high. to raise (U+536D) arial_unicode_ms
U+536E measuring cup; wine container (U+536E) arial_unicode_ms
U+536F 4th terrestrial branch; period from 5-7 a.m. (U+536F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5370 print, seal, stamp, chop, mark (U+5370) arial_unicode_ms
U+5371 dangerous, precarious; high (U+5371) arial_unicode_ms
U+5372 eminent, lofty; beautiful; surname (U+5372) arial_unicode_ms
U+5373 promptly, quickly, immediately (U+5373) arial_unicode_ms
U+5374 still, but; decline; retreat (U+5374) arial_unicode_ms
U+5375 egg; ovum; roe; spawn (U+5375) arial_unicode_ms
U+5376 U+5376 (U+5376) arial_unicode_ms
U+5377 scroll; curl; make a comeback (U+5377) arial_unicode_ms
U+5378 lay down; retire from office (U+5378) arial_unicode_ms
U+5379 sympathy, pity; comfort (U+5379) arial_unicode_ms
U+537A (nuptial) winecups (U+537A) arial_unicode_ms
U+537B still, but; decline; retreat (U+537B) arial_unicode_ms
U+537C unsteady; dangerous (U+537C) arial_unicode_ms
U+537D promptly (U+537D) arial_unicode_ms
U+537E U+537E (U+537E) arial_unicode_ms
U+537F noble, high officer (U+537F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5380 U+5380 (U+5380) arial_unicode_ms
U+5381 U+5381 (U+5381) arial_unicode_ms
U+5382 factory, workshop; radical 27 (U+5382) arial_unicode_ms
U+5383 to look upward (U+5383) arial_unicode_ms
U+5384 adversity, difficulty, distress (U+5384) arial_unicode_ms
U+5385 hall, central room (U+5385) arial_unicode_ms
U+5386 history; calendar (U+5386) arial_unicode_ms
U+5387 U+5387 (U+5387) arial_unicode_ms
U+5388 U+5388 (U+5388) arial_unicode_ms
U+5389 whetstone; grind, sharpen; whet (U+5389) arial_unicode_ms
U+538A U+538A (U+538A) arial_unicode_ms
U+538B press; oppress; crush; pressure (U+538B) arial_unicode_ms
U+538C dislike, detest, reject; satiate (U+538C) arial_unicode_ms
U+538D surname (U+538D) arial_unicode_ms
U+538E settle (U+538E) arial_unicode_ms
U+538F U+538F (U+538F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5390 disorderly, messy; huge, big (U+5390) arial_unicode_ms
U+5391 U+5391 (U+5391) arial_unicode_ms
U+5392 U+5392 (U+5392) arial_unicode_ms
U+5393 precipice, shore, bank; surname (U+5393) arial_unicode_ms
U+5394 stop, hinder; place near water (U+5394) arial_unicode_ms
U+5395 mingle with; toilet, lavatory (U+5395) arial_unicode_ms
U+5396 bulky; thick and large; confused (U+5396) arial_unicode_ms
U+5397 U+5397 (U+5397) arial_unicode_ms
U+5398 thousandth part of tael (U+5398) arial_unicode_ms
U+5399 surname (U+5399) arial_unicode_ms
U+539A thick; substantial; greatly (U+539A) arial_unicode_ms
U+539B U+539B (U+539B) arial_unicode_ms
U+539C a mountain peak (U+539C) arial_unicode_ms
U+539D cut or engrave; a grave or tombstone (U+539D) arial_unicode_ms
U+539E U+539E (U+539E) arial_unicode_ms
U+539F source, origin, beginning (U+539F) arial_unicode_ms
U+53A0 mingle with; toilet, lavatory (U+53A0) arial_unicode_ms
U+53A1 U+53A1 (U+53A1) arial_unicode_ms
U+53A2 side-room, wing; theatre box (U+53A2) arial_unicode_ms
U+53A3 shell (U+53A3) arial_unicode_ms
U+53A4 to calculate; the calendar (U+53A4) arial_unicode_ms
U+53A5 personal pronoun he, she, it (U+53A5) arial_unicode_ms
U+53A6 big building, mansion (U+53A6) arial_unicode_ms
U+53A7 U+53A7 (U+53A7) arial_unicode_ms
U+53A8 kitchen; closet; cupboard (U+53A8) arial_unicode_ms
U+53A9 stable; barnyard (U+53A9) arial_unicode_ms
U+53AA a hut; careful (U+53AA) arial_unicode_ms
U+53AB granary (U+53AB) arial_unicode_ms
U+53AC U+53AC (U+53AC) arial_unicode_ms
U+53AD dislike, detest, reject; satiate (U+53AD) arial_unicode_ms
U+53AE servant; to make a disturbance (U+53AE) arial_unicode_ms
U+53AF U+53AF (U+53AF) arial_unicode_ms
U+53B0 factory, plant, workshop, mill (U+53B0) arial_unicode_ms
U+53B1 U+53B1 (U+53B1) arial_unicode_ms
U+53B2 whetstone; grind, sharpen; whet (U+53B2) arial_unicode_ms
U+53B3 strict, rigorous, rigid; stern (U+53B3) arial_unicode_ms
U+53B4 shell (U+53B4) arial_unicode_ms
U+53B5 a spring; source (U+53B5) arial_unicode_ms
U+53B6 private, secret; KangXi radical 28 (U+53B6) arial_unicode_ms
U+53B7 the fore-arm; most Chinese-English dictionaries give the upper-arm; round (U+53B7) arial_unicode_ms
U+53B8 U+53B8 (U+53B8) arial_unicode_ms
U+53B9 spear; tribe (U+53B9) arial_unicode_ms
U+53BA to go; depart (U+53BA) arial_unicode_ms
U+53BB go away, leave, depart (U+53BB) arial_unicode_ms
U+53BC kwukyel (U+53BC) arial_unicode_ms
U+53BD U+53BD (U+53BD) arial_unicode_ms
U+53BE lightly tap; through away; drop; sentence final particle (U+53BE) arial_unicode_ms
U+53BF county, district, subdivision (U+53BF) arial_unicode_ms
U+53C0 U+53C0 (U+53C0) arial_unicode_ms
U+53C1 bank form of numeral 'three' (U+53C1) arial_unicode_ms
U+53C2 take part in, intervene; ginseng (U+53C2) arial_unicode_ms
U+53C3 take part in, intervene; ginseng (U+53C3) arial_unicode_ms
U+53C4 take part in, intervene; ginseng (U+53C4) arial_unicode_ms
U+53C5 to counsel, to consult together; to take part in; to intervene (U+53C5) arial_unicode_ms
U+53C6 cloudy sky; dark, obscure (U+53C6) arial_unicode_ms
U+53C7 U+53C7 (U+53C7) arial_unicode_ms
U+53C8 and, also, again, in addition (U+53C8) arial_unicode_ms
U+53C9 crotch; fork, prong (U+53C9) arial_unicode_ms
U+53CA extend; reach; come up to; and (U+53CA) arial_unicode_ms
U+53CB friend, companion; fraternity (U+53CB) arial_unicode_ms
U+53CC set of two, pair, couple; both (U+53CC) arial_unicode_ms
U+53CD reverse, opposite, contrary, anti (U+53CD) arial_unicode_ms
U+53CE gather together, collect; harvest (U+53CE) arial_unicode_ms
U+53CF U+53CF (U+53CF) arial_unicode_ms
U+53D0 to prick a dog to make him go (U+53D0) arial_unicode_ms
U+53D1 issue, dispatch, send out; hair (U+53D1) arial_unicode_ms
U+53D2 obedient; united (U+53D2) arial_unicode_ms
U+53D3 affair, matter; work (U+53D3) arial_unicode_ms
U+53D4 father's younger brother (U+53D4) arial_unicode_ms
U+53D5 to connect (U+53D5) arial_unicode_ms
U+53D6 take, receive, obtain; select (U+53D6) arial_unicode_ms
U+53D7 receive, accept, get; bear, stand (U+53D7) arial_unicode_ms
U+53D8 change, transform, alter; rebel (U+53D8) arial_unicode_ms
U+53D9 express, state, relate, narrate (U+53D9) arial_unicode_ms
U+53DA false (U+53DA) arial_unicode_ms
U+53DB rebel; rebellion; rebellious (U+53DB) arial_unicode_ms
U+53DC old man (U+53DC) arial_unicode_ms
U+53DD to respectfully inform (U+53DD) arial_unicode_ms
U+53DE U+53DE (U+53DE) arial_unicode_ms
U+53DF old man; elder (U+53DF) arial_unicode_ms
U+53E0 pile; be piled up; fold up (U+53E0) arial_unicode_ms
U+53E1 astute, profound, shrewd (U+53E1) arial_unicode_ms
U+53E2 bush, shrub; thicket; collection (U+53E2) arial_unicode_ms
U+53E3 mouth; open end; entrance, gate (U+53E3) arial_unicode_ms
U+53E4 old, classic, ancient (U+53E4) arial_unicode_ms
U+53E5 sentence (U+53E5) arial_unicode_ms
U+53E6 another, separate, other (U+53E6) arial_unicode_ms
U+53E7 to cut meat off away from bones; ancient torture (U+53E7) arial_unicode_ms
U+53E8 talkative; quarrelous (U+53E8) arial_unicode_ms
U+53E9 knock, ask; kowtow, bow (U+53E9) arial_unicode_ms
U+53EA only, just, simply (U+53EA) arial_unicode_ms
U+53EB cry, shout; hail, greet, call (U+53EB) arial_unicode_ms
U+53EC imperial decree; summon (U+53EC) arial_unicode_ms
U+53ED trumpet (U+53ED) arial_unicode_ms
U+53EE exhort or enjoin repeatedly (U+53EE) arial_unicode_ms
U+53EF may, can, -able; possibly (U+53EF) arial_unicode_ms
U+53F0 platform; unit; term of address (U+53F0) arial_unicode_ms
U+53F1 scold, shout at, bawl out (U+53F1) arial_unicode_ms
U+53F2 history, chronicle, annals (U+53F2) arial_unicode_ms
U+53F3 right; west; right-wing (U+53F3) arial_unicode_ms
U+53F4 a three-edged spear (U+53F4) arial_unicode_ms
U+53F5 cannot, be unable do, improbable; thereupon (U+53F5) arial_unicode_ms
U+53F6 to harmonize, to rhyme; to unite; (borrowed for) leaf (U+53F6) arial_unicode_ms
U+53F7 mark, sign; symbol; number (U+53F7) arial_unicode_ms
U+53F8 take charge of, control, manage; officer (U+53F8) arial_unicode_ms
U+53F9 sigh, admire (U+53F9) arial_unicode_ms
U+53FA a straw bag; a tobacco pouch (U+53FA) arial_unicode_ms
U+53FB used in place names; (Cant.) smart, clever (U+53FB) arial_unicode_ms
U+53FC holding in mouth (U+53FC) arial_unicode_ms
U+53FD sigh in disapproval; take small (U+53FD) arial_unicode_ms
U+53FE 西貢叾, a place in Hong Kong (U+53FE) arial_unicode_ms
U+53FF U+53FF (U+53FF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5400 U+5400 (U+5400) arial_unicode_ms
U+5401 interjection 'Alas!'; to sigh (U+5401) arial_unicode_ms
U+5402 U+5402 (U+5402) arial_unicode_ms
U+5403 eat; drink; suffer, endure, bear (U+5403) arial_unicode_ms
U+5404 each, individually, every, all (U+5404) arial_unicode_ms
U+5405 U+5405 (U+5405) arial_unicode_ms
U+5406 bawl, yell, shout, cry out (U+5406) arial_unicode_ms
U+5407 U+5407 (U+5407) arial_unicode_ms
U+5408 combine, unite, join; gather (U+5408) arial_unicode_ms
U+5409 lucky, propitious, good (U+5409) arial_unicode_ms
U+540A condole, mourn, pity; hang (U+540A) arial_unicode_ms
U+540B English inch (unlike U+5BF8 寸, which can be either the English or the Chinese inch) (U+540B) arial_unicode_ms
U+540C same, similar; together with (U+540C) arial_unicode_ms
U+540D name, rank, title, position (U+540D) arial_unicode_ms
U+540E queen, empress, sovereign; (simp. for 後) behind, rear, after (U+540E) arial_unicode_ms
U+540F government official, magistrate (U+540F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5410 vomit, spew out, cough up (U+5410) arial_unicode_ms
U+5411 toward, direction, trend (U+5411) arial_unicode_ms
U+5412 shout, roar, bellow; scold (U+5412) arial_unicode_ms
U+5413 scare, frighten; intimidate (U+5413) arial_unicode_ms
U+5414 (Cant.) an interjection; phonetic (U+5414) arial_unicode_ms
U+5415 surname; a musical note (U+5415) arial_unicode_ms
U+5416 used in translation; (Cant.) final particle (U+5416) arial_unicode_ms
U+5417 final interrogative particle (U+5417) arial_unicode_ms
U+5418 U+5418 (U+5418) arial_unicode_ms
U+5419 U+5419 (U+5419) arial_unicode_ms
U+541A used to represent sound (U+541A) arial_unicode_ms
U+541B sovereign, monarch, ruler, chief, prince (U+541B) arial_unicode_ms
U+541C U+541C (U+541C) arial_unicode_ms
U+541D stingy, miserly, parsimonious (U+541D) arial_unicode_ms
U+541E swallow; absorb, annex, engulf (U+541E) arial_unicode_ms
U+541F sing, hum; recite; type of poetry (U+541F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5420 bark (U+5420) arial_unicode_ms
U+5421 blame (U+5421) arial_unicode_ms
U+5422 vomiting of a dog (U+5422) arial_unicode_ms
U+5423 vomit (U+5423) arial_unicode_ms
U+5424 U+5424 (U+5424) arial_unicode_ms
U+5425 U+5425 (U+5425) arial_unicode_ms
U+5426 not, no, negative; final particle (U+5426) arial_unicode_ms
U+5427 emphatic final particle (U+5427) arial_unicode_ms
U+5428 metric ton; (Cant.) to babble, gibberish (U+5428) arial_unicode_ms
U+5429 order, command, instruct (U+5429) arial_unicode_ms
U+542A move (U+542A) arial_unicode_ms
U+542B hold in mouth; cherish; contain (U+542B) arial_unicode_ms
U+542C hear; understand; obey, comply (U+542C) arial_unicode_ms
U+542D throat (U+542D) arial_unicode_ms
U+542E suck with mouth, sip, lick (U+542E) arial_unicode_ms
U+542F open; begin, commence; explain (U+542F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5430 clang (U+5430) arial_unicode_ms
U+5431 chirping, squeaking, hissing (U+5431) arial_unicode_ms
U+5432 smile at; sneer at (U+5432) arial_unicode_ms
U+5433 one of warring states; surname (U+5433) arial_unicode_ms
U+5434 name of warring state; surname (U+5434) arial_unicode_ms
U+5435 argue, dispute; disturb, annoy (U+5435) arial_unicode_ms
U+5436 raise voice, yell out loud, shout; stammer (U+5436) arial_unicode_ms
U+5437 U+5437 (U+5437) arial_unicode_ms
U+5438 inhale, suck in; absorb; attract (U+5438) arial_unicode_ms
U+5439 blow; puff; brag, boast (U+5439) arial_unicode_ms
U+543A U+543A (U+543A) arial_unicode_ms
U+543B kiss; the lips; coinciding (U+543B) arial_unicode_ms
U+543C roar, shout; bark, howl (U+543C) arial_unicode_ms
U+543D 'OM'; bellow; (Cant.) dull, stupid (U+543D) arial_unicode_ms
U+543E i, my, our; resist, impede (U+543E) arial_unicode_ms
U+543F tell, announce, inform; accuse (U+543F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5440 particle used to express surprise or mild emphasis; (Cant.) slurred form of the number ten (U+5440) arial_unicode_ms
U+5441 U+5441 (U+5441) arial_unicode_ms
U+5442 surname; a musical note (U+5442) arial_unicode_ms
U+5443 belch; hiccup (U+5443) arial_unicode_ms
U+5444 U+5444 (U+5444) arial_unicode_ms
U+5445 (Cant.) a dollar (U+5445) arial_unicode_ms
U+5446 dull; dull-minded, simple, stupid (U+5446) arial_unicode_ms
U+5447 star (U+5447) arial_unicode_ms
U+5448 submit, show; appear; petition (U+5448) arial_unicode_ms
U+5449 one of warring states; surname (U+5449) arial_unicode_ms
U+544A tell, announce, inform; accuse (U+544A) arial_unicode_ms
U+544B U+544B (U+544B) arial_unicode_ms
U+544C to call; to summon (U+544C) arial_unicode_ms
U+544D (Cant.) phonetic (U+544D) arial_unicode_ms
U+544E foot (U+544E) arial_unicode_ms
U+544F gallon; quart (U+544F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5450 raise voice, yell out loud, shout; stammer (U+5450) arial_unicode_ms
U+5451 swallow; absorb (U+5451) arial_unicode_ms
U+5452 unclear; an expletive (U+5452) arial_unicode_ms
U+5453 talk in one's sleep, somniloquy (U+5453) arial_unicode_ms
U+5454 (Cant.) a necktie, a tire (U+5454) arial_unicode_ms
U+5455 vomit; annoy, enrage (U+5455) arial_unicode_ms
U+5456 used in onomatopoetic expressions (U+5456) arial_unicode_ms
U+5457 final particle of assertion (U+5457) arial_unicode_ms
U+5458 member; personnel, staff member (U+5458) arial_unicode_ms
U+5459 chat, jaw, gossip, talk; mouth (U+5459) arial_unicode_ms
U+545A U+545A (U+545A) arial_unicode_ms
U+545B choke by smoke; irritates nose (U+545B) arial_unicode_ms
U+545C sound of crying, sobbing (U+545C) arial_unicode_ms
U+545D U+545D (U+545D) arial_unicode_ms
U+545E U+545E (U+545E) arial_unicode_ms
U+545F to mutter, grumble, murmur (U+545F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5460 to spurt; to blow out; to puff out; to snort (U+5460) arial_unicode_ms
U+5461 the corners of the mouth the lips (U+5461) arial_unicode_ms
U+5462 interrogative or emphatic final; (Cant.) this (U+5462) arial_unicode_ms
U+5463 U+5463 (U+5463) arial_unicode_ms
U+5464 purine (U+5464) arial_unicode_ms
U+5465 (Cant.) intensifying particle (U+5465) arial_unicode_ms
U+5466 the bleating of the deer (U+5466) arial_unicode_ms
U+5467 to rebuke; to scold; slander (U+5467) arial_unicode_ms
U+5468 Zhou dynasty; circumference (U+5468) arial_unicode_ms
U+5469 U+5469 (U+5469) arial_unicode_ms
U+546A curse, damn, incantation (U+546A) arial_unicode_ms
U+546B whisper; lick, taste; petty (U+546B) arial_unicode_ms
U+546C to rest (U+546C) arial_unicode_ms
U+546D final particle expressing consent; talkative (U+546D) arial_unicode_ms
U+546E to sit; (Cant.) only, merely; a final particle of intimacy (U+546E) arial_unicode_ms
U+546F (Cant.) onomatopoetic, the sound of a gong (U+546F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5470 to slander, revile (U+5470) arial_unicode_ms
U+5471 wail, crying of child; swear at (U+5471) arial_unicode_ms
U+5472 give a talking-to (U+5472) arial_unicode_ms
U+5473 taste, smell, odor; delicacy (U+5473) arial_unicode_ms
U+5474 breathe on; yawn; roar (U+5474) arial_unicode_ms
U+5475 scold; laughing sound; yawn (U+5475) arial_unicode_ms
U+5476 talkative; clamour; hubbub (U+5476) arial_unicode_ms
U+5477 suck, swallow, drink (U+5477) arial_unicode_ms
U+5478 expression of reprimand (U+5478) arial_unicode_ms
U+5479 (of animals) to eat grass (U+5479) arial_unicode_ms
U+547A voice of anger vast, spacious (U+547A) arial_unicode_ms
U+547B groan, moan; recite with intonation (U+547B) arial_unicode_ms
U+547C breathe sigh, exhale; call, shout (U+547C) arial_unicode_ms
U+547D life; destiny, fate, luck; an order, instruction (U+547D) arial_unicode_ms
U+547E U+547E (U+547E) arial_unicode_ms
U+547F to yawn (U+547F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5480 suck; chew, masticate (U+5480) arial_unicode_ms
U+5481 (Cant.) like this, in this way; so, to such an extent (U+5481) arial_unicode_ms
U+5482 to suck, to smack the lips; (Cant.) to cheat (U+5482) arial_unicode_ms
U+5483 U+5483 (U+5483) arial_unicode_ms
U+5484 noise of rage, cry out in anger (U+5484) arial_unicode_ms
U+5485 to spit out (U+5485) arial_unicode_ms
U+5486 roar (U+5486) arial_unicode_ms
U+5487 fragrant; (Cant.) to eject (U+5487) arial_unicode_ms
U+5488 oppose (U+5488) arial_unicode_ms
U+5489 an echo, a sound to vomit, as an infant (U+5489) arial_unicode_ms
U+548A harmony; peace; conciliation; to be on good terms with; kindly; mild (U+548A) arial_unicode_ms
U+548B question-forming particle, why? how? what?; to bite; loud (U+548B) arial_unicode_ms
U+548C harmony, peace; peaceful, calm (U+548C) arial_unicode_ms
U+548D laugh (U+548D) arial_unicode_ms
U+548E fault, defect; error, mistake (U+548E) arial_unicode_ms
U+548F sing song or poem, hum, chant (U+548F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5490 instruct, order (U+5490) arial_unicode_ms
U+5491 (Cant.) 啲咑, a trumpet (U+5491) arial_unicode_ms
U+5492 curse, damn, incantation (U+5492) arial_unicode_ms
U+5493 (Cant.) final particle (U+5493) arial_unicode_ms
U+5494 used in translation (U+5494) arial_unicode_ms
U+5495 mumble, mutter, murmur; rumble (U+5495) arial_unicode_ms
U+5496 coffee; a phonetic (U+5496) arial_unicode_ms
U+5497 (Cant.) verbal particle of perfective aspect (U+5497) arial_unicode_ms
U+5498 U+5498 (U+5498) arial_unicode_ms
U+5499 throat (U+5499) arial_unicode_ms
U+549A onomatopoetic, a thumping sound (U+549A) arial_unicode_ms
U+549B enjoin, instruct; charge (U+549B) arial_unicode_ms
U+549C to scold (U+549C) arial_unicode_ms
U+549D hiss; call to come; syllable (U+549D) arial_unicode_ms
U+549E U+549E (U+549E) arial_unicode_ms
U+549F U+549F (U+549F) arial_unicode_ms
U+54A0 to whisper. to blame to slander (U+54A0) arial_unicode_ms
U+54A1 side of mouth (U+54A1) arial_unicode_ms
U+54A2 sound; drumming (U+54A2) arial_unicode_ms
U+54A3 the sound of large door closing (U+54A3) arial_unicode_ms
U+54A4 scold, bellow, shout at, roar (U+54A4) arial_unicode_ms
U+54A5 sound of a cat; bite; laugh (U+54A5) arial_unicode_ms
U+54A6 exclamation of surprise (U+54A6) arial_unicode_ms
U+54A7 stretch mouth, grimace, grin (U+54A7) arial_unicode_ms
U+54A8 inquire, consult, discuss; plan (U+54A8) arial_unicode_ms
U+54A9 the bleating of sheep; (Cant.) an interrogative particle (U+54A9) arial_unicode_ms
U+54AA sound of cat, cat's meow; meter; (Cant.) don't! (U+54AA) arial_unicode_ms
U+54AB foot measure of Zhou dynasty (U+54AB) arial_unicode_ms
U+54AC bite, gnaw (U+54AC) arial_unicode_ms
U+54AD (Cant.) to guard (from Engl. 'guard'); a card (from Engl. 'card'); young and pretty (from Engl. 'kid') (U+54AD) arial_unicode_ms
U+54AE a beak; to peck (U+54AE) arial_unicode_ms
U+54AF final particle (U+54AF) arial_unicode_ms
U+54B0 U+54B0 (U+54B0) arial_unicode_ms
U+54B1 we, us (U+54B1) arial_unicode_ms
U+54B2 smile, laugh, giggle; snicker (U+54B2) arial_unicode_ms
U+54B3 cough (U+54B3) arial_unicode_ms
U+54B4 U+54B4 (U+54B4) arial_unicode_ms
U+54B5 to revile (U+54B5) arial_unicode_ms
U+54B6 U+54B6 (U+54B6) arial_unicode_ms
U+54B7 howl, cry loudly (U+54B7) arial_unicode_ms
U+54B8 together; all, completely; united (U+54B8) arial_unicode_ms
U+54B9 (Cant.) sound of an automobile horn (U+54B9) arial_unicode_ms
U+54BA majestic (U+54BA) arial_unicode_ms
U+54BB shout (U+54BB) arial_unicode_ms
U+54BC chat, jaw, gossip, talk; mouth (U+54BC) arial_unicode_ms
U+54BD throat; pharynx (U+54BD) arial_unicode_ms
U+54BE a noise; a sound (U+54BE) arial_unicode_ms
U+54BF descriptive of creaking; laugh (U+54BF) arial_unicode_ms
U+54C0 sad, mournful, pitiful; pity (U+54C0) arial_unicode_ms
U+54C1 article, product, commodity (U+54C1) arial_unicode_ms
U+54C2 smile, laugh at, sneer at; (Cant.) a final particle indicating doing something to the full extent possible (U+54C2) arial_unicode_ms
U+54C3 U+54C3 (U+54C3) arial_unicode_ms
U+54C4 coax; beguile, cheat, deceive (U+54C4) arial_unicode_ms
U+54C5 U+54C5 (U+54C5) arial_unicode_ms
U+54C6 tremble, shiver, shudder, quiver (U+54C6) arial_unicode_ms
U+54C7 vomit; cry of an infant (U+54C7) arial_unicode_ms
U+54C8 sound of laughter (U+54C8) arial_unicode_ms
U+54C9 final exclamatory particle (U+54C9) arial_unicode_ms
U+54CA U+54CA (U+54CA) arial_unicode_ms
U+54CB (Cant.) plural; adverb (U+54CB) arial_unicode_ms
U+54CC used in translation (U+54CC) arial_unicode_ms
U+54CD make sound, make noise; sound (U+54CD) arial_unicode_ms
U+54CE interjection of surprise (U+54CE) arial_unicode_ms
U+54CF U+54CF (U+54CF) arial_unicode_ms
U+54D0 syllable (U+54D0) arial_unicode_ms
U+54D1 dumb, mute; become hoarse (U+54D1) arial_unicode_ms
U+54D2 a sound made to get a horse to move forward (U+54D2) arial_unicode_ms
U+54D3 garrulous; disturbed; restless (U+54D3) arial_unicode_ms
U+54D4 used in transliterations (U+54D4) arial_unicode_ms
U+54D5 belch; vomit (U+54D5) arial_unicode_ms
U+54D6 U+54D6 (U+54D6) arial_unicode_ms
U+54D7 rushing sound; gush forward (U+54D7) arial_unicode_ms
U+54D8 U+54D8 (U+54D8) arial_unicode_ms
U+54D9 swallow, gulp down; greedy (U+54D9) arial_unicode_ms
U+54DA chemical element; (Cant.) backing, support of someone powerful; a little (U+54DA) arial_unicode_ms
U+54DB U+54DB (U+54DB) arial_unicode_ms
U+54DC sip (U+54DC) arial_unicode_ms
U+54DD whisper (U+54DD) arial_unicode_ms
U+54DE moo (U+54DE) arial_unicode_ms
U+54DF ah, final particle (U+54DF) arial_unicode_ms
U+54E0 U+54E0 (U+54E0) arial_unicode_ms
U+54E1 member; personnel, staff member (U+54E1) arial_unicode_ms
U+54E2 syllable (U+54E2) arial_unicode_ms
U+54E3 (Cant.) sick, unwell (U+54E3) arial_unicode_ms
U+54E4 jargon (U+54E4) arial_unicode_ms
U+54E5 elder brother (U+54E5) arial_unicode_ms
U+54E6 oh? really? is that so? (U+54E6) arial_unicode_ms
U+54E7 sound of ripping or giggling (U+54E7) arial_unicode_ms
U+54E8 whistle, blow whistle; chirp (U+54E8) arial_unicode_ms
U+54E9 mile (U+54E9) arial_unicode_ms
U+54EA which? where? how? (U+54EA) arial_unicode_ms
U+54EB to cajole (U+54EB) arial_unicode_ms
U+54EC U+54EC (U+54EC) arial_unicode_ms
U+54ED weep, cry, wail (U+54ED) arial_unicode_ms
U+54EE cough; pant; roar (U+54EE) arial_unicode_ms
U+54EF U+54EF (U+54EF) arial_unicode_ms
U+54F0 incoherent chatter (U+54F0) arial_unicode_ms
U+54F1 U+54F1 (U+54F1) arial_unicode_ms
U+54F2 wise, sagacious; wise man, sage (U+54F2) arial_unicode_ms
U+54F3 U+54F3 (U+54F3) arial_unicode_ms
U+54F4 crying of infants (U+54F4) arial_unicode_ms
U+54F5 the cry of a bird (U+54F5) arial_unicode_ms
U+54F6 bleat (U+54F6) arial_unicode_ms
U+54F7 U+54F7 (U+54F7) arial_unicode_ms
U+54F8 U+54F8 (U+54F8) arial_unicode_ms
U+54F9 U+54F9 (U+54F9) arial_unicode_ms
U+54FA chew food; feed (U+54FA) arial_unicode_ms
U+54FB U+54FB (U+54FB) arial_unicode_ms
U+54FC hum; sing softly; groan, moan; (Cant.) an interjecting indicating disapproval (U+54FC) arial_unicode_ms
U+54FD choke (with grief) (U+54FD) arial_unicode_ms
U+54FE U+54FE (U+54FE) arial_unicode_ms
U+54FF excellent; to commend to be able to (U+54FF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5500 U+5500 (U+5500) arial_unicode_ms
U+5501 express condolence (U+5501) arial_unicode_ms
U+5502 (Cant.) phonetic; in a bad mood (U+5502) arial_unicode_ms
U+5503 U+5503 (U+5503) arial_unicode_ms
U+5504 final particle of assertion pathaka (U+5504) arial_unicode_ms
U+5505 a sound; to put in the mouth; (Cant.) to grunt, grumble (U+5505) arial_unicode_ms
U+5506 make mischief, incite, instigate (U+5506) arial_unicode_ms
U+5507 lips (U+5507) arial_unicode_ms
U+5508 to sob (U+5508) arial_unicode_ms
U+5509 alas, exclamation of surprise or pain (U+5509) arial_unicode_ms
U+550A (Cant.) to hold fast, press (U+550A) arial_unicode_ms
U+550B U+550B (U+550B) arial_unicode_ms
U+550C U+550C (U+550C) arial_unicode_ms
U+550D U+550D (U+550D) arial_unicode_ms
U+550E sound, noise; final particle (U+550E) arial_unicode_ms
U+550F weep or sob; grieve (U+550F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5510 Tang dynasty; Chinese (U+5510) arial_unicode_ms
U+5511 (chem.) azole (U+5511) arial_unicode_ms
U+5512 U+5512 (U+5512) arial_unicode_ms
U+5513 (Cant.) interjection (U+5513) arial_unicode_ms
U+5514 hold in mouth; bite; (Cant.) not, negation (U+5514) arial_unicode_ms
U+5515 U+5515 (U+5515) arial_unicode_ms
U+5516 dumb, mute; become hoarse (U+5516) arial_unicode_ms
U+5517 U+5517 (U+5517) arial_unicode_ms
U+5518 U+5518 (U+5518) arial_unicode_ms
U+5519 U+5519 (U+5519) arial_unicode_ms
U+551A vomiting of animals; to use bad language (U+551A) arial_unicode_ms
U+551B mark (U+551B) arial_unicode_ms
U+551C U+551C (U+551C) arial_unicode_ms
U+551D U+551D (U+551D) arial_unicode_ms
U+551E (Cant.) to gasp; to breathe; to rest (U+551E) arial_unicode_ms
U+551F place name (U+551F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5520 chat, jaw, gossip, talk (U+5520) arial_unicode_ms
U+5521 ounce (U+5521) arial_unicode_ms
U+5522 flute-like musical instrument (U+5522) arial_unicode_ms
U+5523 chatter (U+5523) arial_unicode_ms
U+5524 call (U+5524) arial_unicode_ms
U+5525 (Cant.) a bundle; onomatopoetic; round, circular; guys (slang) (U+5525) arial_unicode_ms
U+5526 U+5526 (U+5526) arial_unicode_ms
U+5527 chirping of insects; pump; (Cant.) a final particle (U+5527) arial_unicode_ms
U+5528 (Cant.) particle indicating past tense (U+5528) arial_unicode_ms
U+5529 U+5529 (U+5529) arial_unicode_ms
U+552A to recite, to intone or chant (U+552A) arial_unicode_ms
U+552B to hum, to intone, etc. to close, to shut (U+552B) arial_unicode_ms
U+552C to intimidate; to scare (U+552C) arial_unicode_ms
U+552D U+552D (U+552D) arial_unicode_ms
U+552E sell (U+552E) arial_unicode_ms
U+552F only; yes (U+552F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5530 swish, rustle (U+5530) arial_unicode_ms
U+5531 sing, chant, call; ditty, song (U+5531) arial_unicode_ms
U+5532 forced laughter (U+5532) arial_unicode_ms
U+5533 cry of bird; cry (U+5533) arial_unicode_ms
U+5534 U+5534 (U+5534) arial_unicode_ms
U+5535 used in Buddhist texts to transliterate non-Chinese sounds; to eat with the hand (U+5535) arial_unicode_ms
U+5536 sigh, groan; loud laughter (U+5536) arial_unicode_ms
U+5537 final particle (U+5537) arial_unicode_ms
U+5538 recite, read, chant (U+5538) arial_unicode_ms
U+5539 to smile at (U+5539) arial_unicode_ms
U+553A U+553A (U+553A) arial_unicode_ms
U+553B U+553B (U+553B) arial_unicode_ms
U+553C speaking evil. gobbling sound made by ducks (U+553C) arial_unicode_ms
U+553D to twitter (U+553D) arial_unicode_ms
U+553E spit, spit on; saliva (U+553E) arial_unicode_ms
U+553F sad; (Cant.) a bit, part (U+553F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5540 gnaw; (Cant.) to shout, yell, scold (U+5540) arial_unicode_ms
U+5541 chirp, twitter, twittering (U+5541) arial_unicode_ms
U+5542 U+5542 (U+5542) arial_unicode_ms
U+5543 gnaw, chew, bite (U+5543) arial_unicode_ms
U+5544 to peck; (Cant.) to slander (U+5544) arial_unicode_ms
U+5545 U+5545 (U+5545) arial_unicode_ms
U+5546 commerce, business, trade (U+5546) arial_unicode_ms
U+5547 to stalk; the stem; the foot; the base (U+5547) arial_unicode_ms
U+5548 U+5548 (U+5548) arial_unicode_ms
U+5549 stupid; slow (U+5549) arial_unicode_ms
U+554A exclamatory particle (U+554A) arial_unicode_ms
U+554B (Cant.) an interjection used to berate someone (U+554B) arial_unicode_ms
U+554C animal disease (U+554C) arial_unicode_ms
U+554D creak; (Cant.) to babble, gibberish (U+554D) arial_unicode_ms
U+554E obstinate, disobedient, intractable (U+554E) arial_unicode_ms
U+554F ask (about), inquire after (U+554F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5550 to taste, to sip; to spit; the sound of sipping; to surprise (U+5550) arial_unicode_ms
U+5551 U+5551 (U+5551) arial_unicode_ms
U+5552 U+5552 (U+5552) arial_unicode_ms
U+5553 open; begin, commence; explain (U+5553) arial_unicode_ms
U+5554 U+5554 (U+5554) arial_unicode_ms
U+5555 wail (U+5555) arial_unicode_ms
U+5556 eat, feed; chew, bite; entice (U+5556) arial_unicode_ms
U+5557 eat, chew, bite; entice, lure (U+5557) arial_unicode_ms
U+5558 U+5558 (U+5558) arial_unicode_ms
U+5559 poor (U+5559) arial_unicode_ms
U+555A low, mean (U+555A) arial_unicode_ms
U+555B (Cant.) interjection (used by men) (U+555B) arial_unicode_ms
U+555C sip, suck up; sob, weep (U+555C) arial_unicode_ms
U+555D (Cant.) final partical expressing surprise (U+555D) arial_unicode_ms
U+555E dumb, mute; become hoarse (U+555E) arial_unicode_ms
U+555F open; begin (U+555F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5560 U+5560 (U+5560) arial_unicode_ms
U+5561 morphine; coffee (U+5561) arial_unicode_ms
U+5562 ounce (U+5562) arial_unicode_ms
U+5563 hold in mouth; harbor, cherish (U+5563) arial_unicode_ms
U+5564 beer (U+5564) arial_unicode_ms
U+5565 what? (U+5565) arial_unicode_ms
U+5566 final particle of assertion (U+5566) arial_unicode_ms
U+5567 interjection of approval or admiration (U+5567) arial_unicode_ms
U+5568 U+5568 (U+5568) arial_unicode_ms
U+5569 (Cant.) particle implying probability (U+5569) arial_unicode_ms
U+556A syllable (U+556A) arial_unicode_ms
U+556B (Cant.) interjection of warning; phonetic; penis (U+556B) arial_unicode_ms
U+556C miserly, thrifty; stingy (U+556C) arial_unicode_ms
U+556D sing, chirp, warble, twitter (U+556D) arial_unicode_ms
U+556E bite, gnaw (U+556E) arial_unicode_ms
U+556F U+556F (U+556F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5570 phonetic (U+5570) arial_unicode_ms
U+5571 (Cant.) correct, right (U+5571) arial_unicode_ms
U+5572 (Cant.) a few (U+5572) arial_unicode_ms
U+5573 U+5573 (U+5573) arial_unicode_ms
U+5574 pant; many (U+5574) arial_unicode_ms
U+5575 phonetic (U+5575) arial_unicode_ms
U+5576 phonetic used in pyridine and pyrimidine (U+5576) arial_unicode_ms
U+5577 a clanging or rattling sound (U+5577) arial_unicode_ms
U+5578 roar, howl, scream; whistle (U+5578) arial_unicode_ms
U+5579 (Cant.) stupid, idiotic; to kill, slaughter; to roll or crumple into a ball; phonetic (U+5579) arial_unicode_ms
U+557A U+557A (U+557A) arial_unicode_ms
U+557B only, merely; just like; stop at (U+557B) arial_unicode_ms
U+557C weep, whimper; howl, twitter (U+557C) arial_unicode_ms
U+557D (Cant.) to speak (U+557D) arial_unicode_ms
U+557E wailing of child; chirp (U+557E) arial_unicode_ms
U+557F U+557F (U+557F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5580 vomit; used in transliterations (U+5580) arial_unicode_ms
U+5581 the mouth of a fish at the surface of the water, gasping for breath (U+5581) arial_unicode_ms
U+5582 interjection to call attention (U+5582) arial_unicode_ms
U+5583 keep talking, chattering; mumble (U+5583) arial_unicode_ms
U+5584 good, virtuous, charitable, kind (U+5584) arial_unicode_ms
U+5585 U+5585 (U+5585) arial_unicode_ms
U+5586 a sage; wise; sagacious (U+5586) arial_unicode_ms
U+5587 horn, bugle; lama; final particle (U+5587) arial_unicode_ms
U+5588 music; melody (U+5588) arial_unicode_ms
U+5589 throat, gullet, larynx; guttural (U+5589) arial_unicode_ms
U+558A shout, call out, yell; howl; cry (U+558A) arial_unicode_ms
U+558B nag; chatter, babble, twitter (U+558B) arial_unicode_ms
U+558C syllable (U+558C) arial_unicode_ms
U+558D U+558D (U+558D) arial_unicode_ms
U+558E a wry mouth; (Cant.) a final particle expressing contradiction, quotation, etc. (U+558E) arial_unicode_ms
U+558F respectful reply of assent to superiors (U+558F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5590 (Cant.) to move, touch, hit (U+5590) arial_unicode_ms
U+5591 to be dumb; the sobbing of infants (U+5591) arial_unicode_ms
U+5592 a dual pronoun, I, you and me, we two (U+5592) arial_unicode_ms
U+5593 chirping, buzzing; (Cant.) to call out (U+5593) arial_unicode_ms
U+5594 descriptive of crying or of crowing (U+5594) arial_unicode_ms
U+5595 U+5595 (U+5595) arial_unicode_ms
U+5596 U+5596 (U+5596) arial_unicode_ms
U+5597 U+5597 (U+5597) arial_unicode_ms
U+5598 pant, gasp, breathe heavily (U+5598) arial_unicode_ms
U+5599 beak, bill, snout; pant (U+5599) arial_unicode_ms
U+559A call, summon; invite; be called (U+559A) arial_unicode_ms
U+559B U+559B (U+559B) arial_unicode_ms
U+559C like, love, enjoy; joyful thing (U+559C) arial_unicode_ms
U+559D drink; shout, call out (U+559D) arial_unicode_ms
U+559E chirping of insects; pump (U+559E) arial_unicode_ms
U+559F heave sigh, sigh (U+559F) arial_unicode_ms
U+55A0 U+55A0 (U+55A0) arial_unicode_ms
U+55A1 U+55A1 (U+55A1) arial_unicode_ms
U+55A2 U+55A2 (U+55A2) arial_unicode_ms
U+55A3 to breathe upon (U+55A3) arial_unicode_ms
U+55A4 ah; harmony (U+55A4) arial_unicode_ms
U+55A5 (Cant.) a place (U+55A5) arial_unicode_ms
U+55A6 talkative (U+55A6) arial_unicode_ms
U+55A7 lively, noisy; clamor, talk loudly (U+55A7) arial_unicode_ms
U+55A8 wail, cry, yell; neigh (U+55A8) arial_unicode_ms
U+55A9 metaphor (U+55A9) arial_unicode_ms
U+55AA mourning; mourn; funeral (U+55AA) arial_unicode_ms
U+55AB eat; drink; suffer, endure, bear (U+55AB) arial_unicode_ms
U+55AC tall, lofty; proud, stately (U+55AC) arial_unicode_ms
U+55AD condole with; coarse (U+55AD) arial_unicode_ms
U+55AE single, individual, only; lone (U+55AE) arial_unicode_ms
U+55AF U+55AF (U+55AF) arial_unicode_ms
U+55B0 to eat, drink (U+55B0) arial_unicode_ms
U+55B1 gramme; syllable (U+55B1) arial_unicode_ms
U+55B2 ah, final particle (U+55B2) arial_unicode_ms
U+55B3 whispering (U+55B3) arial_unicode_ms
U+55B4 hello; (Cant.) phonetic (U+55B4) arial_unicode_ms
U+55B5 the mew of the cat (U+55B5) arial_unicode_ms
U+55B6 encampment, barracks; manage (U+55B6) arial_unicode_ms
U+55B7 spurt, blow out, puff out (U+55B7) arial_unicode_ms
U+55B8 place name (U+55B8) arial_unicode_ms
U+55B9 chemical compound (U+55B9) arial_unicode_ms
U+55BA (Cant.) to be located at (U+55BA) arial_unicode_ms
U+55BB metaphor, analogy; example; like (U+55BB) arial_unicode_ms
U+55BC (Cant.) used phonetically in English loan-words (e.g., cap, keep) (U+55BC) arial_unicode_ms
U+55BD used in onomatopoetic expressions (U+55BD) arial_unicode_ms
U+55BE emperor (U+55BE) arial_unicode_ms
U+55BF chirping of birds (U+55BF) arial_unicode_ms
U+55C0 U+55C0 (U+55C0) arial_unicode_ms
U+55C1 give forth sound, make noise (U+55C1) arial_unicode_ms
U+55C2 U+55C2 (U+55C2) arial_unicode_ms
U+55C3 to flute (U+55C3) arial_unicode_ms
U+55C4 hoarse of voice (U+55C4) arial_unicode_ms
U+55C5 smell, scent, sniff; olfactive (U+55C5) arial_unicode_ms
U+55C6 choke by smoke; irritates nose (U+55C6) arial_unicode_ms
U+55C7 miserly, thrifty, stingy; stopped up, constipated (U+55C7) arial_unicode_ms
U+55C8 the call of a bird (U+55C8) arial_unicode_ms
U+55C9 bird's crop; wine pot (U+55C9) arial_unicode_ms
U+55CA U+55CA (U+55CA) arial_unicode_ms
U+55CB U+55CB (U+55CB) arial_unicode_ms
U+55CC the throat; to quarrel, choke (U+55CC) arial_unicode_ms
U+55CD U+55CD (U+55CD) arial_unicode_ms
U+55CE final interrogative particle (U+55CE) arial_unicode_ms
U+55CF (Cant.) imperative final particle (U+55CF) arial_unicode_ms
U+55D0 alas! (U+55D0) arial_unicode_ms
U+55D1 eat seeds; reproach; loquacious (U+55D1) arial_unicode_ms
U+55D2 absent-minded (U+55D2) arial_unicode_ms
U+55D3 voice; throat (U+55D3) arial_unicode_ms
U+55D4 be angry at, scold, rebuke (U+55D4) arial_unicode_ms
U+55D5 U+55D5 (U+55D5) arial_unicode_ms
U+55D6 whizzing sound (U+55D6) arial_unicode_ms
U+55D7 (Cant.) quarter of an hour (U+55D7) arial_unicode_ms
U+55D8 U+55D8 (U+55D8) arial_unicode_ms
U+55D9 boast (U+55D9) arial_unicode_ms
U+55DA sound of crying, sobbing (U+55DA) arial_unicode_ms
U+55DB pouch; hold; content (U+55DB) arial_unicode_ms
U+55DC be fond of, have weakness for (U+55DC) arial_unicode_ms
U+55DD cackling of fowls to gag, to vomit (U+55DD) arial_unicode_ms
U+55DE to consult about, to plan; to report in writing to an equal; a despatch (U+55DE) arial_unicode_ms
U+55DF sigh, alas (U+55DF) arial_unicode_ms
U+55E0 U+55E0 (U+55E0) arial_unicode_ms
U+55E1 sound of flying bees, airplanes (U+55E1) arial_unicode_ms
U+55E2 U+55E2 (U+55E2) arial_unicode_ms
U+55E3 to connect, inherit; descendants, heirs (U+55E3) arial_unicode_ms
U+55E4 laugh at, ridicule, sneer; snort (U+55E4) arial_unicode_ms
U+55E5 roar, call out, wail; bark, yelp (U+55E5) arial_unicode_ms
U+55E6 suck (U+55E6) arial_unicode_ms
U+55E7 U+55E7 (U+55E7) arial_unicode_ms
U+55E8 an exclamation (U+55E8) arial_unicode_ms
U+55E9 flute-like musical instrument (U+55E9) arial_unicode_ms
U+55EA character used in translation (U+55EA) arial_unicode_ms
U+55EB move lips as when speaking; hesitation (U+55EB) arial_unicode_ms
U+55EC (Cant.) interrogative particle (U+55EC) arial_unicode_ms
U+55ED place name (U+55ED) arial_unicode_ms
U+55EE (Cant.) verbal aspect marker for full extent (U+55EE) arial_unicode_ms
U+55EF final particle (U+55EF) arial_unicode_ms
U+55F0 (Cant.) that (U+55F0) arial_unicode_ms
U+55F1 (Cant.) exclamation, there! now! (U+55F1) arial_unicode_ms
U+55F2 (Cant.) saliva; intensifying particle; inviting, coquettish; 嗲哋. 'daddy' (U+55F2) arial_unicode_ms
U+55F3 interjection; exclamation (U+55F3) arial_unicode_ms
U+55F4 U+55F4 (U+55F4) arial_unicode_ms
U+55F5 used for sound (U+55F5) arial_unicode_ms
U+55F6 used in transliterations (U+55F6) arial_unicode_ms
U+55F7 loud clamor; sound of wailing (U+55F7) arial_unicode_ms
U+55F8 same as 嗷 U+55F7, noisy (U+55F8) arial_unicode_ms
U+55F9 chatter (U+55F9) arial_unicode_ms
U+55FA U+55FA (U+55FA) arial_unicode_ms
U+55FB to screen. loquacious; (Cant.) final particle used to defend oneself or protest against others (U+55FB) arial_unicode_ms
U+55FC U+55FC (U+55FC) arial_unicode_ms
U+55FD cough, gargle, clear throat (U+55FD) arial_unicode_ms
U+55FE to set a dog on; incite, instigate (U+55FE) arial_unicode_ms
U+55FF gobble (U+55FF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5600 backbite (U+5600) arial_unicode_ms
U+5601 to be grieved; ashamed; used to imitate sounds (U+5601) arial_unicode_ms
U+5602 cry loudly, yell, scream (U+5602) arial_unicode_ms
U+5603 U+5603 (U+5603) arial_unicode_ms
U+5604 U+5604 (U+5604) arial_unicode_ms
U+5605 sound of sighing; (Cant.) possessive (U+5605) arial_unicode_ms
U+5606 sigh, admire (U+5606) arial_unicode_ms
U+5607 U+5607 (U+5607) arial_unicode_ms
U+5608 noisy (U+5608) arial_unicode_ms
U+5609 excellent; joyful; auspicious (U+5609) arial_unicode_ms
U+560A U+560A (U+560A) arial_unicode_ms
U+560B howl, roar (U+560B) arial_unicode_ms
U+560C fast, speedy (U+560C) arial_unicode_ms
U+560D used in onomatopoetic expressions (U+560D) arial_unicode_ms
U+560E sound of laughter; bad, malevolent (U+560E) arial_unicode_ms
U+560F felicity, prosperity; large and strong (U+560F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5610 final exclamatory particle (U+5610) arial_unicode_ms
U+5611 to menace; to howl at; to bawl; (Cant.) final particle (U+5611) arial_unicode_ms
U+5612 sharp (U+5612) arial_unicode_ms
U+5613 gurgling sound, chattering (U+5613) arial_unicode_ms
U+5614 to vomit; annoy, enrage (U+5614) arial_unicode_ms
U+5615 U+5615 (U+5615) arial_unicode_ms
U+5616 interjection of approval or admiration (U+5616) arial_unicode_ms
U+5617 taste; experience, experiment (U+5617) arial_unicode_ms
U+5618 exhale; blow out; deep sigh; hiss; praise (U+5618) arial_unicode_ms
U+5619 U+5619 (U+5619) arial_unicode_ms
U+561A U+561A (U+561A) arial_unicode_ms
U+561B final exclamatory particle (U+561B) arial_unicode_ms
U+561C mark (U+561C) arial_unicode_ms
U+561D U+561D (U+561D) arial_unicode_ms
U+561E (Cant.) final particle used for polite refusal (U+561E) arial_unicode_ms
U+561F sound of horn tooting (U+561F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5620 the chirping of birds loud laughter (U+5620) arial_unicode_ms
U+5621 U+5621 (U+5621) arial_unicode_ms
U+5622 (Cant.) thing (U+5622) arial_unicode_ms
U+5623 syllable (U+5623) arial_unicode_ms
U+5624 seek friends; also used in onomatopoetic expressions (U+5624) arial_unicode_ms
U+5625 (Cant.) to waste; all, entirely (U+5625) arial_unicode_ms
U+5626 U+5626 (U+5626) arial_unicode_ms
U+5627 pyrimidine (U+5627) arial_unicode_ms
U+5628 roar, howl, scream; whistle (U+5628) arial_unicode_ms
U+5629 rushing sound; gush forward (U+5629) arial_unicode_ms
U+562A U+562A (U+562A) arial_unicode_ms
U+562B U+562B (U+562B) arial_unicode_ms
U+562C to lap; to suck (U+562C) arial_unicode_ms
U+562D syllable; (Cant.) to chase, drive away (U+562D) arial_unicode_ms
U+562E chat, jaw, gossip, talk (U+562E) arial_unicode_ms
U+562F roar, howl, scream; whistle (U+562F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5630 sigh in disapproval; take small (U+5630) arial_unicode_ms
U+5631 order, tell, instruct, leave word (U+5631) arial_unicode_ms
U+5632 ridicule, deride, scorn, jeer at (U+5632) arial_unicode_ms
U+5633 U+5633 (U+5633) arial_unicode_ms
U+5634 mouth, lips (U+5634) arial_unicode_ms
U+5635 garrulous; disturbed; restless (U+5635) arial_unicode_ms
U+5636 neighing of a horse; gravel voiced, husky throated; (Cant.) to hiccough (U+5636) arial_unicode_ms
U+5637 the roaring of wild beasts; to howl, to wail, to bawl (U+5637) arial_unicode_ms
U+5638 unclear; an expletive; not (U+5638) arial_unicode_ms
U+5639 used describe clarity of voice; resonant (U+5639) arial_unicode_ms
U+563A (Cant.) coincidental (U+563A) arial_unicode_ms
U+563B mirthful, happy; interjection (U+563B) arial_unicode_ms
U+563C U+563C (U+563C) arial_unicode_ms
U+563D pant; many (U+563D) arial_unicode_ms
U+563E U+563E (U+563E) arial_unicode_ms
U+563F be silent, be quiet (U+563F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5640 spirt out of the mouth (U+5640) arial_unicode_ms
U+5641 nastiness; nauseate: sickening (U+5641) arial_unicode_ms
U+5642 meet (U+5642) arial_unicode_ms
U+5643 (Cant.) emphatic final particle (U+5643) arial_unicode_ms
U+5644 U+5644 (U+5644) arial_unicode_ms
U+5645 to speak falsely or wrongly; ugly (U+5645) arial_unicode_ms
U+5646 U+5646 (U+5646) arial_unicode_ms
U+5647 U+5647 (U+5647) arial_unicode_ms
U+5648 U+5648 (U+5648) arial_unicode_ms
U+5649 bite, chew; (Cant.) like this, in this way (U+5649) arial_unicode_ms
U+564A U+564A (U+564A) arial_unicode_ms
U+564B to swallow hastily; to gobble up (U+564B) arial_unicode_ms
U+564C scold, shout at (U+564C) arial_unicode_ms
U+564D chew; eat; munch (U+564D) arial_unicode_ms
U+564E choke; hiccup (U+564E) arial_unicode_ms
U+564F inhale, absorb, imbibe; compress; (Cant.) to talk, say, tell (U+564F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5650 receptacle, vessel; instrument (U+5650) arial_unicode_ms
U+5651 the roar of beasts; to howl, wail (U+5651) arial_unicode_ms
U+5652 (Cant.) to suck and gnaw on bones (U+5652) arial_unicode_ms
U+5653 exhale; blow out; deep sigh; hiss; praise, flatter; lie (U+5653) arial_unicode_ms
U+5654 syllable; (Cant.) for (a recipient of pity or sympathy) (U+5654) arial_unicode_ms
U+5655 to speak falsely or wrongly; ugly (U+5655) arial_unicode_ms
U+5656 U+5656 (U+5656) arial_unicode_ms
U+5657 burst (U+5657) arial_unicode_ms
U+5658 pouting (U+5658) arial_unicode_ms
U+5659 hold in mouth; bite (U+5659) arial_unicode_ms
U+565A fathom (U+565A) arial_unicode_ms
U+565B bite, gnaw (U+565B) arial_unicode_ms
U+565C verbose, talkative; mumbling (U+565C) arial_unicode_ms
U+565D hiss; a call to come (U+565D) arial_unicode_ms
U+565E the movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of the water (U+565E) arial_unicode_ms
U+565F U+565F (U+565F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5660 sound made to get a horse to move forward (U+5660) arial_unicode_ms
U+5661 U+5661 (U+5661) arial_unicode_ms
U+5662 moan; interjection for pain, sad (U+5662) arial_unicode_ms
U+5663 a beak; to peck; to order, enjoin upon (U+5663) arial_unicode_ms
U+5664 close; be silent, be unable speak (U+5664) arial_unicode_ms
U+5665 whisper (U+5665) arial_unicode_ms
U+5666 belch; vomit (U+5666) arial_unicode_ms
U+5667 U+5667 (U+5667) arial_unicode_ms
U+5668 receptacle, vessel; instrument (U+5668) arial_unicode_ms
U+5669 bad, ill-omened, unlucky (U+5669) arial_unicode_ms
U+566A be noisy; chirp loudly (U+566A) arial_unicode_ms
U+566B belch; alas (U+566B) arial_unicode_ms
U+566C bite; gnaw; snap at (U+566C) arial_unicode_ms
U+566D shout (U+566D) arial_unicode_ms
U+566E U+566E (U+566E) arial_unicode_ms
U+566F interjection; exclamation (U+566F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5670 U+5670 (U+5670) arial_unicode_ms
U+5671 laugh heartily, laugh aloud (U+5671) arial_unicode_ms
U+5672 swallow, gulp down; greedy (U+5672) arial_unicode_ms
U+5673 many (U+5673) arial_unicode_ms
U+5674 spurt, blow out, puff out (U+5674) arial_unicode_ms
U+5675 U+5675 (U+5675) arial_unicode_ms
U+5676 used in transliterations (U+5676) arial_unicode_ms
U+5677 U+5677 (U+5677) arial_unicode_ms
U+5678 ton (metric or English) (U+5678) arial_unicode_ms
U+5679 sound of bells (U+5679) arial_unicode_ms
U+567A story, talk (U+567A) arial_unicode_ms
U+567B character used in translation (U+567B) arial_unicode_ms
U+567C sound; (Cant.) a child's buttocks (U+567C) arial_unicode_ms
U+567D U+567D (U+567D) arial_unicode_ms
U+567E U+567E (U+567E) arial_unicode_ms
U+567F U+567F (U+567F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5680 enjoin, instruct; charge (U+5680) arial_unicode_ms
U+5681 U+5681 (U+5681) arial_unicode_ms
U+5682 U+5682 (U+5682) arial_unicode_ms
U+5683 gobble (U+5683) arial_unicode_ms
U+5684 roar (U+5684) arial_unicode_ms
U+5685 talk indistinctly and falteringly (U+5685) arial_unicode_ms
U+5686 give forth sound, make noise (U+5686) arial_unicode_ms
U+5687 scare, frighten; intimidate (U+5687) arial_unicode_ms
U+5688 U+5688 (U+5688) arial_unicode_ms
U+5689 (Cant.) to swell (U+5689) arial_unicode_ms
U+568A to pant; wife; (Cant.) particle indicating doubt (U+568A) arial_unicode_ms
U+568B U+568B (U+568B) arial_unicode_ms
U+568C to sip; (Cant.) aspect marker of excessive extent (U+568C) arial_unicode_ms
U+568D U+568D (U+568D) arial_unicode_ms
U+568E cry loudly, yell, scream (U+568E) arial_unicode_ms
U+568F sneeze (U+568F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5690 taste (U+5690) arial_unicode_ms
U+5691 U+5691 (U+5691) arial_unicode_ms
U+5692 U+5692 (U+5692) arial_unicode_ms
U+5693 a cracking or snapping sound (U+5693) arial_unicode_ms
U+5694 sneeze (U+5694) arial_unicode_ms
U+5695 verbose, talkative; mumbling (U+5695) arial_unicode_ms
U+5696 U+5696 (U+5696) arial_unicode_ms
U+5697 U+5697 (U+5697) arial_unicode_ms
U+5698 U+5698 (U+5698) arial_unicode_ms
U+5699 bite, gnaw (U+5699) arial_unicode_ms
U+569A argumentative, talkative (U+569A) arial_unicode_ms
U+569B U+569B (U+569B) arial_unicode_ms
U+569C be silent; final particle (U+569C) arial_unicode_ms
U+569D U+569D (U+569D) arial_unicode_ms
U+569E U+569E (U+569E) arial_unicode_ms
U+569F (Cant.) to come, arrive (U+569F) arial_unicode_ms
U+56A0 a clear sound (U+56A0) arial_unicode_ms
U+56A1 (Cant.) rough; interjection (U+56A1) arial_unicode_ms
U+56A2 bag, purse, sack; put in bag (U+56A2) arial_unicode_ms
U+56A3 be noisy; treat with contempt (U+56A3) arial_unicode_ms
U+56A4 (Cant.) slow; late (U+56A4) arial_unicode_ms
U+56A5 swallow, gulp (U+56A5) arial_unicode_ms
U+56A6 used in onomatopoetic expressions (U+56A6) arial_unicode_ms
U+56A7 U+56A7 (U+56A7) arial_unicode_ms
U+56A8 throat (U+56A8) arial_unicode_ms
U+56A9 U+56A9 (U+56A9) arial_unicode_ms
U+56AA U+56AA (U+56AA) arial_unicode_ms
U+56AB (Cant.) aspect marker of injury (U+56AB) arial_unicode_ms
U+56AC frown (U+56AC) arial_unicode_ms
U+56AD mound, lump; stealthily (U+56AD) arial_unicode_ms
U+56AE guide, direct; incline to, favor (U+56AE) arial_unicode_ms
U+56AF U+56AF (U+56AF) arial_unicode_ms
U+56B0 U+56B0 (U+56B0) arial_unicode_ms
U+56B1 a shrill noise; alas! (U+56B1) arial_unicode_ms
U+56B2 read aloud, recite, chant; droop (U+56B2) arial_unicode_ms
U+56B3 mythical emperor; to inform quickly; an urgent communication (U+56B3) arial_unicode_ms
U+56B4 strict, rigorous, rigid; stern (U+56B4) arial_unicode_ms
U+56B5 gluttonous; greedy (U+56B5) arial_unicode_ms
U+56B6 seek friends; also used in names; the call of a bird (U+56B6) arial_unicode_ms
U+56B7 shout, brawl, make uproar, cry (U+56B7) arial_unicode_ms
U+56B8 U+56B8 (U+56B8) arial_unicode_ms
U+56B9 (Cant.) a particle implying completion, certainty, or urgency (U+56B9) arial_unicode_ms
U+56BA U+56BA (U+56BA) arial_unicode_ms
U+56BB be noisy; treat with contempt (U+56BB) arial_unicode_ms
U+56BC prattle, be glib (U+56BC) arial_unicode_ms
U+56BD U+56BD (U+56BD) arial_unicode_ms
U+56BE U+56BE (U+56BE) arial_unicode_ms
U+56BF (Cant.) a lump; measure word (U+56BF) arial_unicode_ms
U+56C0 sing, chirp, warble, twitter (U+56C0) arial_unicode_ms
U+56C1 move lips as when speaking; hesitation (U+56C1) arial_unicode_ms
U+56C2 be noisy; treat with contempt (U+56C2) arial_unicode_ms
U+56C3 to play (on an instrument); to accompany; to banter, jeer (U+56C3) arial_unicode_ms
U+56C4 (Cant.) to come (U+56C4) arial_unicode_ms
U+56C5 smile (U+56C5) arial_unicode_ms
U+56C6 U+56C6 (U+56C6) arial_unicode_ms
U+56C7 U+56C7 (U+56C7) arial_unicode_ms
U+56C8 talk in one's sleep, somniloquy (U+56C8) arial_unicode_ms
U+56C9 exclamatory final particle, nag (U+56C9) arial_unicode_ms
U+56CA bag, purse, sack; put in bag (U+56CA) arial_unicode_ms
U+56CB U+56CB (U+56CB) arial_unicode_ms
U+56CC loquacious; nag (U+56CC) arial_unicode_ms
U+56CD double happiness (U+56CD) arial_unicode_ms
U+56CE U+56CE (U+56CE) arial_unicode_ms
U+56CF U+56CF (U+56CF) arial_unicode_ms
U+56D0 U+56D0 (U+56D0) arial_unicode_ms
U+56D1 order, tell, instruct, leave word (U+56D1) arial_unicode_ms
U+56D2 confused talk (U+56D2) arial_unicode_ms
U+56D3 gnaw (U+56D3) arial_unicode_ms
U+56D4 muttering, indistinct speech (U+56D4) arial_unicode_ms
U+56D5 U+56D5 (U+56D5) arial_unicode_ms
U+56D6 (Cant.) final particle for pointing out the obvious (U+56D6) arial_unicode_ms
U+56D7 erect, proud; upright; bald (U+56D7) arial_unicode_ms
U+56D8 return, turn around; a time (U+56D8) arial_unicode_ms
U+56D9 U+56D9 (U+56D9) arial_unicode_ms
U+56DA prisoner, convict; confine (U+56DA) arial_unicode_ms
U+56DB four (U+56DB) arial_unicode_ms
U+56DC U+56DC (U+56DC) arial_unicode_ms
U+56DD baby, infant (U+56DD) arial_unicode_ms
U+56DE return, turn around; a time (U+56DE) arial_unicode_ms
U+56DF top of the head; skull (U+56DF) arial_unicode_ms
U+56E0 cause, reason; by; because (of) (U+56E0) arial_unicode_ms
U+56E1 one's daughter; to filch; to secrete (U+56E1) arial_unicode_ms
U+56E2 sphere, ball, circle; mass, lump (U+56E2) arial_unicode_ms
U+56E3 sphere, ball, circle; mass, lump (U+56E3) arial_unicode_ms
U+56E4 grain basket, bin for grain (U+56E4) arial_unicode_ms
U+56E5 hide (U+56E5) arial_unicode_ms
U+56E6 U+56E6 (U+56E6) arial_unicode_ms
U+56E7 U+56E7 (U+56E7) arial_unicode_ms
U+56E8 U+56E8 (U+56E8) arial_unicode_ms
U+56E9 U+56E9 (U+56E9) arial_unicode_ms
U+56EA chimney, funnel (U+56EA) arial_unicode_ms
U+56EB entire, whole (U+56EB) arial_unicode_ms
U+56EC to return to or from (U+56EC) arial_unicode_ms
U+56ED garden; park, orchard (U+56ED) arial_unicode_ms
U+56EE inveigle, decoy; cheat (U+56EE) arial_unicode_ms
U+56EF variant of U+56FD 国, nation, country, nation-state (U+56EF) arial_unicode_ms
U+56F0 to surround, beseige; to be surrounded; difficult (U+56F0) arial_unicode_ms
U+56F1 chimney (U+56F1) arial_unicode_ms
U+56F2 surround, encircle, corral; whip (U+56F2) arial_unicode_ms
U+56F3 diagram; chart, map, picture (U+56F3) arial_unicode_ms
U+56F4 surround, encircle, corral (U+56F4) arial_unicode_ms
U+56F5 all, complete, entire (U+56F5) arial_unicode_ms
U+56F6 U+56F6 (U+56F6) arial_unicode_ms
U+56F7 round-shaped storage bin for grain (U+56F7) arial_unicode_ms
U+56F8 U+56F8 (U+56F8) arial_unicode_ms
U+56F9 prison, enclosure (U+56F9) arial_unicode_ms
U+56FA to become solid, solidify; strength (U+56FA) arial_unicode_ms
U+56FB U+56FB (U+56FB) arial_unicode_ms
U+56FC U+56FC (U+56FC) arial_unicode_ms
U+56FD nation, country, nation-state (U+56FD) arial_unicode_ms
U+56FE diagram; chart, map, picture (U+56FE) arial_unicode_ms
U+56FF pen up; limit, constrain (U+56FF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5700 nation, country, nation-state (U+5700) arial_unicode_ms
U+5701 U+5701 (U+5701) arial_unicode_ms
U+5702 pig-sty; privy (U+5702) arial_unicode_ms
U+5703 garden, cultivated field (U+5703) arial_unicode_ms
U+5704 prison, jail (U+5704) arial_unicode_ms
U+5705 correspondence; a case; a box (U+5705) arial_unicode_ms
U+5706 circle; round, circular; complete (U+5706) arial_unicode_ms
U+5707 all, complete, entire (U+5707) arial_unicode_ms
U+5708 to circle; a circle; corral (U+5708) arial_unicode_ms
U+5709 stable, corral, enclosure; frontier, border (U+5709) arial_unicode_ms
U+570A rest room (U+570A) arial_unicode_ms
U+570B nation, country, nation-state (U+570B) arial_unicode_ms
U+570C fence (U+570C) arial_unicode_ms
U+570D surround, encircle, corral (U+570D) arial_unicode_ms
U+570E circle; round, circular; complete (U+570E) arial_unicode_ms
U+570F to circle; a circle; corral (U+570F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5710 U+5710 (U+5710) arial_unicode_ms
U+5711 U+5711 (U+5711) arial_unicode_ms
U+5712 garden; park, orchard (U+5712) arial_unicode_ms
U+5713 circle; round, circular; complete (U+5713) arial_unicode_ms
U+5714 U+5714 (U+5714) arial_unicode_ms
U+5715 library (U+5715) arial_unicode_ms
U+5716 diagram; chart, map, picture (U+5716) arial_unicode_ms
U+5717 diagram; chart, map, picture (U+5717) arial_unicode_ms
U+5718 sphere, ball, circle; mass, lump (U+5718) arial_unicode_ms
U+5719 U+5719 (U+5719) arial_unicode_ms
U+571A U+571A (U+571A) arial_unicode_ms
U+571B used in place names; stratus (U+571B) arial_unicode_ms
U+571C circle, surround; encircle (U+571C) arial_unicode_ms
U+571D entire (U+571D) arial_unicode_ms
U+571E entire, complete; round (U+571E) arial_unicode_ms
U+571F soil, earth; items made of earth (U+571F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5720 U+5720 (U+5720) arial_unicode_ms
U+5721 U+5721 (U+5721) arial_unicode_ms
U+5722 paths between fields (U+5722) arial_unicode_ms
U+5723 holy, sacred (U+5723) arial_unicode_ms
U+5724 U+5724 (U+5724) arial_unicode_ms
U+5725 mushroom (U+5725) arial_unicode_ms
U+5726 (kokuji) water gate, spout (U+5726) arial_unicode_ms
U+5727 same as 壓 U+58D3, to press; to oppress; to crush; pressure (U+5727) arial_unicode_ms
U+5728 be at, in, on; consist in, rest (U+5728) arial_unicode_ms
U+5729 dike, embankment (U+5729) arial_unicode_ms
U+572A U+572A (U+572A) arial_unicode_ms
U+572B U+572B (U+572B) arial_unicode_ms
U+572C plaster over with layer of mud (U+572C) arial_unicode_ms
U+572D jade pointed at top (U+572D) arial_unicode_ms
U+572E destroyed, ruined; to subvert to injure (U+572E) arial_unicode_ms
U+572F bridge, bank (U+572F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5730 earth; soil, ground; region (U+5730) arial_unicode_ms
U+5731 U+5731 (U+5731) arial_unicode_ms
U+5732 U+5732 (U+5732) arial_unicode_ms
U+5733 furrow in field, small drainage ditch (U+5733) arial_unicode_ms
U+5734 U+5734 (U+5734) arial_unicode_ms
U+5735 U+5735 (U+5735) arial_unicode_ms
U+5736 U+5736 (U+5736) arial_unicode_ms
U+5737 U+5737 (U+5737) arial_unicode_ms
U+5738 U+5738 (U+5738) arial_unicode_ms
U+5739 tomb, grave: prairie; open wilderness (U+5739) arial_unicode_ms
U+573A open space, field, market (U+573A) arial_unicode_ms
U+573B border, boundary (U+573B) arial_unicode_ms
U+573C U+573C (U+573C) arial_unicode_ms
U+573D U+573D (U+573D) arial_unicode_ms
U+573E garbage, rubbish; shaking; danger (U+573E) arial_unicode_ms
U+573F U+573F (U+573F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5740 site, location, land for house (U+5740) arial_unicode_ms
U+5741 U+5741 (U+5741) arial_unicode_ms
U+5742 hillside, inconvenient places (U+5742) arial_unicode_ms
U+5743 U+5743 (U+5743) arial_unicode_ms
U+5744 U+5744 (U+5744) arial_unicode_ms
U+5745 U+5745 (U+5745) arial_unicode_ms
U+5746 a grave, tomb (U+5746) arial_unicode_ms
U+5747 equal, even, fair; all, also (U+5747) arial_unicode_ms
U+5748 U+5748 (U+5748) arial_unicode_ms
U+5749 U+5749 (U+5749) arial_unicode_ms
U+574A neighborhood, urban subdivision; (J) priest's residence; (Buddhist) priest; boy (U+574A) arial_unicode_ms
U+574B dust, earth; a bank of earth; to dig; to bring together (U+574B) arial_unicode_ms
U+574C dust, earth; a bank of earth; to dig; to bring together (U+574C) arial_unicode_ms
U+574D collapse; landslide (U+574D) arial_unicode_ms
U+574E pit, hole; snare, trap; crisis (U+574E) arial_unicode_ms
U+574F rotten, spoilt, bad, broken down (U+574F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5750 sit; seat; ride, travel by (U+5750) arial_unicode_ms
U+5751 pit, hole; bury, trap; harry (U+5751) arial_unicode_ms
U+5752 to compare; to match; to equal (U+5752) arial_unicode_ms
U+5753 U+5753 (U+5753) arial_unicode_ms
U+5754 U+5754 (U+5754) arial_unicode_ms
U+5755 U+5755 (U+5755) arial_unicode_ms
U+5756 U+5756 (U+5756) arial_unicode_ms
U+5757 piece, lump; dollar (U+5757) arial_unicode_ms
U+5758 U+5758 (U+5758) arial_unicode_ms
U+5759 U+5759 (U+5759) arial_unicode_ms
U+575A hard, strong, firm; resolute (U+575A) arial_unicode_ms
U+575B altar; arena, examination hall (U+575B) arial_unicode_ms
U+575C a hole, pit (U+575C) arial_unicode_ms
U+575D embankment; dam (U+575D) arial_unicode_ms
U+575E entrenchment, bank, low wall (U+575E) arial_unicode_ms
U+575F grave, mound; bulge; bulging (U+575F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5760 fall down, drop, sink, go to ruin (U+5760) arial_unicode_ms
U+5761 slope, bank, hillside (U+5761) arial_unicode_ms
U+5762 U+5762 (U+5762) arial_unicode_ms
U+5763 U+5763 (U+5763) arial_unicode_ms
U+5764 earth; feminine, female (U+5764) arial_unicode_ms
U+5765 U+5765 (U+5765) arial_unicode_ms
U+5766 flat, smooth; self-possessed (U+5766) arial_unicode_ms
U+5767 U+5767 (U+5767) arial_unicode_ms
U+5768 a lump, heap (U+5768) arial_unicode_ms
U+5769 earthenware, earthenware vessel (U+5769) arial_unicode_ms
U+576A level ground; Japanese measure (U+576A) arial_unicode_ms
U+576B a stand on which to replace goblets after drinking (U+576B) arial_unicode_ms
U+576C U+576C (U+576C) arial_unicode_ms
U+576D mud, mire; to paste, to plaster (U+576D) arial_unicode_ms
U+576E platform; unit; term of address (U+576E) arial_unicode_ms
U+576F dam, embankment; weir (U+576F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5770 wilds (U+5770) arial_unicode_ms
U+5771 dust (U+5771) arial_unicode_ms
U+5772 U+5772 (U+5772) arial_unicode_ms
U+5773 a hollow in the ground, a cavity, depression; undulating, depressed (U+5773) arial_unicode_ms
U+5774 a clod of earth; land (U+5774) arial_unicode_ms
U+5775 earthenware, earthenware vessel (U+5775) arial_unicode_ms
U+5776 U+5776 (U+5776) arial_unicode_ms
U+5777 clod of earth, lump of soil (U+5777) arial_unicode_ms
U+5778 U+5778 (U+5778) arial_unicode_ms
U+5779 U+5779 (U+5779) arial_unicode_ms
U+577A (Cant.) classifier for soft masses (U+577A) arial_unicode_ms
U+577B an islet, a rock in a river; an embankment; to stop (U+577B) arial_unicode_ms
U+577C split, tear, open (U+577C) arial_unicode_ms
U+577D U+577D (U+577D) arial_unicode_ms
U+577E U+577E (U+577E) arial_unicode_ms
U+577F mound; used in place names (U+577F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5780 U+5780 (U+5780) arial_unicode_ms
U+5781 U+5781 (U+5781) arial_unicode_ms
U+5782 let down; suspend, hand; down (U+5782) arial_unicode_ms
U+5783 garbage, refuse, waste (U+5783) arial_unicode_ms
U+5784 grave, mound; ridge in field (U+5784) arial_unicode_ms
U+5785 mound, grave; ridge in field (U+5785) arial_unicode_ms
U+5786 black clods of earth; shop, hut (U+5786) arial_unicode_ms
U+5787 U+5787 (U+5787) arial_unicode_ms
U+5788 used in place names; Japanese -nuta; Korean -dae (U+5788) arial_unicode_ms
U+5789 U+5789 (U+5789) arial_unicode_ms
U+578A U+578A (U+578A) arial_unicode_ms
U+578B pattern, model, type; law; mold (U+578B) arial_unicode_ms
U+578C a field; used in place names (U+578C) arial_unicode_ms
U+578D U+578D (U+578D) arial_unicode_ms
U+578E U+578E (U+578E) arial_unicode_ms
U+578F U+578F (U+578F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5790 U+5790 (U+5790) arial_unicode_ms
U+5791 U+5791 (U+5791) arial_unicode_ms
U+5792 rampart, military wall (U+5792) arial_unicode_ms
U+5793 border, boundary, frontier (U+5793) arial_unicode_ms
U+5794 to restrain; to dam a stream and change its direction; a mound (U+5794) arial_unicode_ms
U+5795 used in place names (U+5795) arial_unicode_ms
U+5796 U+5796 (U+5796) arial_unicode_ms
U+5797 sacrifice (U+5797) arial_unicode_ms
U+5798 U+5798 (U+5798) arial_unicode_ms
U+5799 U+5799 (U+5799) arial_unicode_ms
U+579A mound, roundish mass (U+579A) arial_unicode_ms
U+579B heap, pile; pile up, heap up (U+579B) arial_unicode_ms
U+579C heap; buttress; battlements (U+579C) arial_unicode_ms
U+579D dilapidated, ruined (U+579D) arial_unicode_ms
U+579E small mound; place name; hillock (U+579E) arial_unicode_ms
U+579F U+579F (U+579F) arial_unicode_ms
U+57A0 boundary, bank of stream or river (U+57A0) arial_unicode_ms
U+57A1 plow soil; place name (U+57A1) arial_unicode_ms
U+57A2 dirt, filth, stains; dirty (U+57A2) arial_unicode_ms
U+57A3 low wall (U+57A3) arial_unicode_ms
U+57A4 ant-hill, small mound; hill (U+57A4) arial_unicode_ms
U+57A5 U+57A5 (U+57A5) arial_unicode_ms
U+57A6 cultivate, reclaim, to farm land (U+57A6) arial_unicode_ms
U+57A7 variable unit of land measure (U+57A7) arial_unicode_ms
U+57A8 U+57A8 (U+57A8) arial_unicode_ms
U+57A9 holy, sacred, sage; simplification of 堊 chalk; daub with chalk (U+57A9) arial_unicode_ms
U+57AA U+57AA (U+57AA) arial_unicode_ms
U+57AB advance money, pay for another (U+57AB) arial_unicode_ms
U+57AC U+57AC (U+57AC) arial_unicode_ms
U+57AD character used in place names (U+57AD) arial_unicode_ms
U+57AE be defeated, fail, collapse (U+57AE) arial_unicode_ms
U+57AF U+57AF (U+57AF) arial_unicode_ms
U+57B0 U+57B0 (U+57B0) arial_unicode_ms
U+57B1 U+57B1 (U+57B1) arial_unicode_ms
U+57B2 high and dry place (U+57B2) arial_unicode_ms
U+57B3 U+57B3 (U+57B3) arial_unicode_ms
U+57B4 small, head shaped hill, used in place names (U+57B4) arial_unicode_ms
U+57B5 cover with earth; a pit; a hole (U+57B5) arial_unicode_ms
U+57B6 U+57B6 (U+57B6) arial_unicode_ms
U+57B7 U+57B7 (U+57B7) arial_unicode_ms
U+57B8 a dyke, embankment (U+57B8) arial_unicode_ms
U+57B9 U+57B9 (U+57B9) arial_unicode_ms
U+57BA U+57BA (U+57BA) arial_unicode_ms
U+57BB an embankment; a slope over which boat pass (U+57BB) arial_unicode_ms
U+57BC U+57BC (U+57BC) arial_unicode_ms
U+57BD (Cant.) sediment, precipitate (U+57BD) arial_unicode_ms
U+57BE U+57BE (U+57BE) arial_unicode_ms
U+57BF U+57BF (U+57BF) arial_unicode_ms
U+57C0 let down; suspend, hand; down (U+57C0) arial_unicode_ms
U+57C1 U+57C1 (U+57C1) arial_unicode_ms
U+57C2 ditches for irrigation; hole (U+57C2) arial_unicode_ms
U+57C3 fine dust, dirt (U+57C3) arial_unicode_ms
U+57C4 whirling of dust in the wind (U+57C4) arial_unicode_ms
U+57C5 U+57C5 (U+57C5) arial_unicode_ms
U+57C6 stony (U+57C6) arial_unicode_ms
U+57C7 name of bridge (U+57C7) arial_unicode_ms
U+57C8 high, steep, towering; stern (U+57C8) arial_unicode_ms
U+57C9 U+57C9 (U+57C9) arial_unicode_ms
U+57CA U+57CA (U+57CA) arial_unicode_ms
U+57CB bury, secrete, conceal (U+57CB) arial_unicode_ms
U+57CC waste (U+57CC) arial_unicode_ms
U+57CD U+57CD (U+57CD) arial_unicode_ms
U+57CE castle; city, town; municipality (U+57CE) arial_unicode_ms
U+57CF a boundary, a limit (U+57CF) arial_unicode_ms
U+57D0 U+57D0 (U+57D0) arial_unicode_ms
U+57D1 U+57D1 (U+57D1) arial_unicode_ms
U+57D2 enclosure, dike, embankment (U+57D2) arial_unicode_ms
U+57D3 enclosure, dike, embankment (U+57D3) arial_unicode_ms
U+57D4 plain, arena; port, market (U+57D4) arial_unicode_ms
U+57D5 a large, pear-shaped earthenware jar (U+57D5) arial_unicode_ms
U+57D6 U+57D6 (U+57D6) arial_unicode_ms
U+57D7 (same as U+5E70 埠) a wharf, dock, jetty; a trading center, port; place name (e.g., 深水埗 in Hong Kong) (U+57D7) arial_unicode_ms
U+57D8 roost (U+57D8) arial_unicode_ms
U+57D9 instrument (U+57D9) arial_unicode_ms
U+57DA crucible (U+57DA) arial_unicode_ms
U+57DB U+57DB (U+57DB) arial_unicode_ms
U+57DC open country, field; wilderness (U+57DC) arial_unicode_ms
U+57DD bank, dike; purtuberance from (U+57DD) arial_unicode_ms
U+57DE (Cant.) place (U+57DE) arial_unicode_ms
U+57DF district, region, boundary; land (U+57DF) arial_unicode_ms
U+57E0 port city (U+57E0) arial_unicode_ms
U+57E1 character used in place names (U+57E1) arial_unicode_ms
U+57E2 U+57E2 (U+57E2) arial_unicode_ms
U+57E3 U+57E3 (U+57E3) arial_unicode_ms
U+57E4 add, increase, attach; low fence (U+57E4) arial_unicode_ms
U+57E5 U+57E5 (U+57E5) arial_unicode_ms
U+57E6 a bowl (U+57E6) arial_unicode_ms
U+57E7 dam (U+57E7) arial_unicode_ms
U+57E8 U+57E8 (U+57E8) arial_unicode_ms
U+57E9 U+57E9 (U+57E9) arial_unicode_ms
U+57EA U+57EA (U+57EA) arial_unicode_ms
U+57EB U+57EB (U+57EB) arial_unicode_ms
U+57EC U+57EC (U+57EC) arial_unicode_ms
U+57ED a dam, a jock; inclined plane on a canal, where boats can be hauled up or down (U+57ED) arial_unicode_ms
U+57EE U+57EE (U+57EE) arial_unicode_ms
U+57EF cover with earth; a pit; a hole (U+57EF) arial_unicode_ms
U+57F0 fief (U+57F0) arial_unicode_ms
U+57F1 U+57F1 (U+57F1) arial_unicode_ms
U+57F2 (Cant.) classifier for walls (U+57F2) arial_unicode_ms
U+57F3 a pit, a hole, a snare, a danger; a crisis; a mortar (U+57F3) arial_unicode_ms
U+57F4 soil with large clay content (U+57F4) arial_unicode_ms
U+57F5 hardened dirt or clay; cluster (U+57F5) arial_unicode_ms
U+57F6 art (U+57F6) arial_unicode_ms
U+57F7 hold in hand; keep; carry out (U+57F7) arial_unicode_ms
U+57F8 a border; a limit; a dike; a frontier; a boundary (U+57F8) arial_unicode_ms
U+57F9 bank up with dirt; cultivate (U+57F9) arial_unicode_ms
U+57FA foundation, base (U+57FA) arial_unicode_ms
U+57FB U+57FB (U+57FB) arial_unicode_ms
U+57FC headland (U+57FC) arial_unicode_ms
U+57FD broom; to sweep, clear away (U+57FD) arial_unicode_ms
U+57FE U+57FE (U+57FE) arial_unicode_ms
U+57FF U+57FF (U+57FF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5800 cave, hole (U+5800) arial_unicode_ms
U+5801 U+5801 (U+5801) arial_unicode_ms
U+5802 hall; government office (U+5802) arial_unicode_ms
U+5803 compliance; obedience; female (U+5803) arial_unicode_ms
U+5804 parapet (U+5804) arial_unicode_ms
U+5805 hard, strong, firm; resolute (U+5805) arial_unicode_ms
U+5806 heap, pile, crowd; pile up (U+5806) arial_unicode_ms
U+5807 yellow loam; clay; season; few (U+5807) arial_unicode_ms
U+5808 earthen jug, crock, cistern (U+5808) arial_unicode_ms
U+5809 ground, fertile land (U+5809) arial_unicode_ms
U+580A white earth; to daub with white mud (U+580A) arial_unicode_ms
U+580B bury (U+580B) arial_unicode_ms
U+580C dam, dike; used in place names (U+580C) arial_unicode_ms
U+580D U+580D (U+580D) arial_unicode_ms
U+580E character used for place names (U+580E) arial_unicode_ms
U+580F U+580F (U+580F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5810 U+5810 (U+5810) arial_unicode_ms
U+5811 moat, trench, pit, cavity (U+5811) arial_unicode_ms
U+5812 U+5812 (U+5812) arial_unicode_ms
U+5813 U+5813 (U+5813) arial_unicode_ms
U+5814 U+5814 (U+5814) arial_unicode_ms
U+5815 fall, sink, let fall; degenerate (U+5815) arial_unicode_ms
U+5816 small, head shaped hill, used in place names (U+5816) arial_unicode_ms
U+5817 U+5817 (U+5817) arial_unicode_ms
U+5818 a raised path between field which acts as a dyke (U+5818) arial_unicode_ms
U+5819 bury; dam, block up (U+5819) arial_unicode_ms
U+581A U+581A (U+581A) arial_unicode_ms
U+581B U+581B (U+581B) arial_unicode_ms
U+581C U+581C (U+581C) arial_unicode_ms
U+581D crucible (U+581D) arial_unicode_ms
U+581E plate (U+581E) arial_unicode_ms
U+581F U+581F (U+581F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5820 battlements, battlemented walls (U+5820) arial_unicode_ms
U+5821 fort, fortress; town, village (U+5821) arial_unicode_ms
U+5822 U+5822 (U+5822) arial_unicode_ms
U+5823 U+5823 (U+5823) arial_unicode_ms
U+5824 dike (U+5824) arial_unicode_ms
U+5825 U+5825 (U+5825) arial_unicode_ms
U+5826 stairs; a flight of steps; a degree, a class, a rank or step (U+5826) arial_unicode_ms
U+5827 adjoin (U+5827) arial_unicode_ms
U+5828 daub (U+5828) arial_unicode_ms
U+5829 U+5829 (U+5829) arial_unicode_ms
U+582A adequately capable of, worthy of (U+582A) arial_unicode_ms
U+582B U+582B (U+582B) arial_unicode_ms
U+582C U+582C (U+582C) arial_unicode_ms
U+582D a dry moat outside a city wall; a dry ditch (U+582D) arial_unicode_ms
U+582E a boundary; a border (U+582E) arial_unicode_ms
U+582F a legendary ancient emperor-sage (U+582F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5830 dam; embankment, dike, bank (U+5830) arial_unicode_ms
U+5831 report, tell, announce (U+5831) arial_unicode_ms
U+5832 hate (U+5832) arial_unicode_ms
U+5833 land allotment feudal noble; alta (U+5833) arial_unicode_ms
U+5834 open space, field, market (U+5834) arial_unicode_ms
U+5835 wall; stop, prevent; stop up (U+5835) arial_unicode_ms
U+5836 U+5836 (U+5836) arial_unicode_ms
U+5837 U+5837 (U+5837) arial_unicode_ms
U+5838 U+5838 (U+5838) arial_unicode_ms
U+5839 U+5839 (U+5839) arial_unicode_ms
U+583A person's name (U+583A) arial_unicode_ms
U+583B U+583B (U+583B) arial_unicode_ms
U+583C U+583C (U+583C) arial_unicode_ms
U+583D mound; used in place names (U+583D) arial_unicode_ms
U+583E U+583E (U+583E) arial_unicode_ms
U+583F salty (U+583F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5840 wall, fence (U+5840) arial_unicode_ms
U+5841 rampart, military wall (U+5841) arial_unicode_ms
U+5842 U+5842 (U+5842) arial_unicode_ms
U+5843 U+5843 (U+5843) arial_unicode_ms
U+5844 elevated bank in field (U+5844) arial_unicode_ms
U+5845 U+5845 (U+5845) arial_unicode_ms
U+5846 U+5846 (U+5846) arial_unicode_ms
U+5847 U+5847 (U+5847) arial_unicode_ms
U+5848 paint, decorate (U+5848) arial_unicode_ms
U+5849 U+5849 (U+5849) arial_unicode_ms
U+584A piece, lump; dollar (U+584A) arial_unicode_ms
U+584B grave, tomb, cemetery (U+584B) arial_unicode_ms
U+584C fall in ruins, collapse (U+584C) arial_unicode_ms
U+584D a raised path between fields, a dike (U+584D) arial_unicode_ms
U+584E U+584E (U+584E) arial_unicode_ms
U+584F high and dry place (U+584F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5850 model in clay, sculpt; plastics (U+5850) arial_unicode_ms
U+5851 model in clay, sculpt; plastics (U+5851) arial_unicode_ms
U+5852 roost (U+5852) arial_unicode_ms
U+5853 plaster (U+5853) arial_unicode_ms
U+5854 tower, spire, tall building (U+5854) arial_unicode_ms
U+5855 a gust of wind (U+5855) arial_unicode_ms
U+5856 U+5856 (U+5856) arial_unicode_ms
U+5857 smear, daub, apply, spread; paint (U+5857) arial_unicode_ms
U+5858 pond; tank; dike, embankment (U+5858) arial_unicode_ms
U+5859 truly (U+5859) arial_unicode_ms
U+585A cemetery; tomb, burial mound (U+585A) arial_unicode_ms
U+585B U+585B (U+585B) arial_unicode_ms
U+585C dusty, dirt (U+585C) arial_unicode_ms
U+585D flat bank, plateau (U+585D) arial_unicode_ms
U+585E stop up, block, seal, cork; pass, frontier; fortress (U+585E) arial_unicode_ms
U+585F to bury (U+585F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5860 U+5860 (U+5860) arial_unicode_ms
U+5861 fill in, fill up; make good (U+5861) arial_unicode_ms
U+5862 entrenchment, bank, low wall (U+5862) arial_unicode_ms
U+5863 U+5863 (U+5863) arial_unicode_ms
U+5864 instrument (U+5864) arial_unicode_ms
U+5865 U+5865 (U+5865) arial_unicode_ms
U+5866 U+5866 (U+5866) arial_unicode_ms
U+5867 U+5867 (U+5867) arial_unicode_ms
U+5868 U+5868 (U+5868) arial_unicode_ms
U+5869 salt (U+5869) arial_unicode_ms
U+586A U+586A (U+586A) arial_unicode_ms
U+586B fill in, fill up; make good (U+586B) arial_unicode_ms
U+586C plateau (U+586C) arial_unicode_ms
U+586D fish farm (U+586D) arial_unicode_ms
U+586E U+586E (U+586E) arial_unicode_ms
U+586F U+586F (U+586F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5870 U+5870 (U+5870) arial_unicode_ms
U+5871 place name in Guangdong province (U+5871) arial_unicode_ms
U+5872 open space, field, market (U+5872) arial_unicode_ms
U+5873 (Cant.) classifier for walls; covered (with dust); to scatter (like dust) (U+5873) arial_unicode_ms
U+5874 U+5874 (U+5874) arial_unicode_ms
U+5875 dust, dirt, ashes, cinders (U+5875) arial_unicode_ms
U+5876 U+5876 (U+5876) arial_unicode_ms
U+5877 U+5877 (U+5877) arial_unicode_ms
U+5878 U+5878 (U+5878) arial_unicode_ms
U+5879 moat, trench, pit, cavity (U+5879) arial_unicode_ms
U+587A U+587A (U+587A) arial_unicode_ms
U+587B U+587B (U+587B) arial_unicode_ms
U+587C brick (U+587C) arial_unicode_ms
U+587D plateau (U+587D) arial_unicode_ms
U+587E village school; private tutorage (U+587E) arial_unicode_ms
U+587F small mound (U+587F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5880 porch; courtyard; steps leading (U+5880) arial_unicode_ms
U+5881 to plaster; to pave (U+5881) arial_unicode_ms
U+5882 U+5882 (U+5882) arial_unicode_ms
U+5883 boundary, frontier; area, region (U+5883) arial_unicode_ms
U+5884 the steps of a stairway (U+5884) arial_unicode_ms
U+5885 villa, country house (U+5885) arial_unicode_ms
U+5886 U+5886 (U+5886) arial_unicode_ms
U+5887 U+5887 (U+5887) arial_unicode_ms
U+5888 cliff (U+5888) arial_unicode_ms
U+5889 wall; fortified wall; small wall (U+5889) arial_unicode_ms
U+588A advance money, pay for another (U+588A) arial_unicode_ms
U+588B U+588B (U+588B) arial_unicode_ms
U+588C U+588C (U+588C) arial_unicode_ms
U+588D paint, decorate (U+588D) arial_unicode_ms
U+588E U+588E (U+588E) arial_unicode_ms
U+588F U+588F (U+588F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5890 to build with soil, plaster over with mud (U+5890) arial_unicode_ms
U+5891 U+5891 (U+5891) arial_unicode_ms
U+5892 wet tilth (U+5892) arial_unicode_ms
U+5893 grave, tomb (U+5893) arial_unicode_ms
U+5894 U+5894 (U+5894) arial_unicode_ms
U+5895 U+5895 (U+5895) arial_unicode_ms
U+5896 pagoda, dagoba, tower (U+5896) arial_unicode_ms
U+5897 increase (U+5897) arial_unicode_ms
U+5898 (Cant.) halfway (U+5898) arial_unicode_ms
U+5899 wall (U+5899) arial_unicode_ms
U+589A mountain range (U+589A) arial_unicode_ms
U+589B U+589B (U+589B) arial_unicode_ms
U+589C fall down, drop, sink, go to ruin (U+589C) arial_unicode_ms
U+589D stony (U+589D) arial_unicode_ms
U+589E increase, add to, augment (U+589E) arial_unicode_ms
U+589F high mound; hilly countryside; wasteland (U+589F) arial_unicode_ms
U+58A0 smooth, hard spot made level for sacrificial altar (U+58A0) arial_unicode_ms
U+58A1 chalk (U+58A1) arial_unicode_ms
U+58A2 U+58A2 (U+58A2) arial_unicode_ms
U+58A3 U+58A3 (U+58A3) arial_unicode_ms
U+58A4 to fall in ruins, to collapse, to overthrow; decayed, ruined, lost (U+58A4) arial_unicode_ms
U+58A5 U+58A5 (U+58A5) arial_unicode_ms
U+58A6 tomb (U+58A6) arial_unicode_ms
U+58A7 U+58A7 (U+58A7) arial_unicode_ms
U+58A8 ink; writing (U+58A8) arial_unicode_ms
U+58A9 heap, mound, block of stone (U+58A9) arial_unicode_ms
U+58AA U+58AA (U+58AA) arial_unicode_ms
U+58AB cup (U+58AB) arial_unicode_ms
U+58AC to fall, sink (U+58AC) arial_unicode_ms
U+58AD U+58AD (U+58AD) arial_unicode_ms
U+58AE fall, sink, let fall; degenerate (U+58AE) arial_unicode_ms
U+58AF U+58AF (U+58AF) arial_unicode_ms
U+58B0 an earthenware jar; a jug (U+58B0) arial_unicode_ms
U+58B1 U+58B1 (U+58B1) arial_unicode_ms
U+58B2 U+58B2 (U+58B2) arial_unicode_ms
U+58B3 grave, mound; bulge; bulging (U+58B3) arial_unicode_ms
U+58B4 U+58B4 (U+58B4) arial_unicode_ms
U+58B5 U+58B5 (U+58B5) arial_unicode_ms
U+58B6 U+58B6 (U+58B6) arial_unicode_ms
U+58B7 U+58B7 (U+58B7) arial_unicode_ms
U+58B8 U+58B8 (U+58B8) arial_unicode_ms
U+58B9 U+58B9 (U+58B9) arial_unicode_ms
U+58BA four walls (U+58BA) arial_unicode_ms
U+58BB wall (U+58BB) arial_unicode_ms
U+58BC U+58BC (U+58BC) arial_unicode_ms
U+58BD U+58BD (U+58BD) arial_unicode_ms
U+58BE cultivate, reclaim, to farm land (U+58BE) arial_unicode_ms
U+58BF U+58BF (U+58BF) arial_unicode_ms
U+58C0 U+58C0 (U+58C0) arial_unicode_ms
U+58C1 partition wall; walls of a house (U+58C1) arial_unicode_ms
U+58C2 U+58C2 (U+58C2) arial_unicode_ms
U+58C3 U+58C3 (U+58C3) arial_unicode_ms
U+58C4 U+58C4 (U+58C4) arial_unicode_ms
U+58C5 to obstruct (U+58C5) arial_unicode_ms
U+58C6 stiff, hard clay or rocky strata; crack in a jar (U+58C6) arial_unicode_ms
U+58C7 altar; arena, examination hall (U+58C7) arial_unicode_ms
U+58C8 disappointed (U+58C8) arial_unicode_ms
U+58C9 U+58C9 (U+58C9) arial_unicode_ms
U+58CA bad, spoil(ed), ruin, destroy (U+58CA) arial_unicode_ms
U+58CB U+58CB (U+58CB) arial_unicode_ms
U+58CC soil, loam, earth; rich (U+58CC) arial_unicode_ms
U+58CD moat around a city. a channel (U+58CD) arial_unicode_ms
U+58CE instrument (U+58CE) arial_unicode_ms
U+58CF U+58CF (U+58CF) arial_unicode_ms
U+58D0 the Imperial signet; the great seal (U+58D0) arial_unicode_ms
U+58D1 bed of torrent, narrow ravine (U+58D1) arial_unicode_ms
U+58D2 dust (U+58D2) arial_unicode_ms
U+58D3 press; oppress; crush; pressure (U+58D3) arial_unicode_ms
U+58D4 a mound, a tumulus (U+58D4) arial_unicode_ms
U+58D5 trench, ditch, channel, moat (U+58D5) arial_unicode_ms
U+58D6 open space along water (U+58D6) arial_unicode_ms
U+58D7 U+58D7 (U+58D7) arial_unicode_ms
U+58D8 rampart, military wall (U+58D8) arial_unicode_ms
U+58D9 tomb, grave: prairie; open wilderness (U+58D9) arial_unicode_ms
U+58DA black clods of earth; shop, hut (U+58DA) arial_unicode_ms
U+58DB U+58DB (U+58DB) arial_unicode_ms
U+58DC earthen jar or jug (U+58DC) arial_unicode_ms
U+58DD a mound, an embankment the earthen altar to the god of the soil (U+58DD) arial_unicode_ms
U+58DE bad, spoil(ed), ruin, destroy (U+58DE) arial_unicode_ms
U+58DF grave, mound; ridge in field (U+58DF) arial_unicode_ms
U+58E0 mound, grave; ridge in field (U+58E0) arial_unicode_ms
U+58E1 U+58E1 (U+58E1) arial_unicode_ms
U+58E2 a hole, pit (U+58E2) arial_unicode_ms
U+58E3 U+58E3 (U+58E3) arial_unicode_ms
U+58E4 soil, loam, earth; rich (U+58E4) arial_unicode_ms
U+58E5 U+58E5 (U+58E5) arial_unicode_ms
U+58E6 U+58E6 (U+58E6) arial_unicode_ms
U+58E7 U+58E7 (U+58E7) arial_unicode_ms
U+58E8 U+58E8 (U+58E8) arial_unicode_ms
U+58E9 embankment; dam (U+58E9) arial_unicode_ms
U+58EA U+58EA (U+58EA) arial_unicode_ms
U+58EB scholar, gentleman; soldier (U+58EB) arial_unicode_ms
U+58EC 9th heavenly stem (U+58EC) arial_unicode_ms
U+58ED kwukyel (U+58ED) arial_unicode_ms
U+58EE big, large; robust; name of tribe (U+58EE) arial_unicode_ms
U+58EF big, large; robust; name of tribe (U+58EF) arial_unicode_ms
U+58F0 sound, voice, noise; tone; music (U+58F0) arial_unicode_ms
U+58F1 number one (U+58F1) arial_unicode_ms
U+58F2 sell; [NOT casing, shell, husk] (U+58F2) arial_unicode_ms
U+58F3 casing, shell, husk (U+58F3) arial_unicode_ms
U+58F4 U+58F4 (U+58F4) arial_unicode_ms
U+58F5 U+58F5 (U+58F5) arial_unicode_ms
U+58F6 jar, pot, jug, vase; surname (U+58F6) arial_unicode_ms
U+58F7 jar, pot, jug, vase; surname (U+58F7) arial_unicode_ms
U+58F8 palace corridor or passageway (U+58F8) arial_unicode_ms
U+58F9 number one (U+58F9) arial_unicode_ms
U+58FA jar, pot, jug, vase; surname (U+58FA) arial_unicode_ms
U+58FB son-in-law; husband (U+58FB) arial_unicode_ms
U+58FC palace corridor or passageway (U+58FC) arial_unicode_ms
U+58FD old age, long life; lifespan (U+58FD) arial_unicode_ms
U+58FE U+58FE (U+58FE) arial_unicode_ms
U+58FF U+58FF (U+58FF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5900 life; length of life; longevity (U+5900) arial_unicode_ms
U+5901 U+5901 (U+5901) arial_unicode_ms
U+5902 go; KangXi radical 34 (U+5902) arial_unicode_ms
U+5903 U+5903 (U+5903) arial_unicode_ms
U+5904 place, locale; department (U+5904) arial_unicode_ms
U+5905 to descend; to come down from heaven. to send down (U+5905) arial_unicode_ms
U+5906 resist (U+5906) arial_unicode_ms
U+5907 prepare, ready, perfect (U+5907) arial_unicode_ms
U+5908 U+5908 (U+5908) arial_unicode_ms
U+5909 change, transform, alter; rebel (U+5909) arial_unicode_ms
U+590A KangXi radical 35; go slowly (U+590A) arial_unicode_ms
U+590B to dawdle; the emperor Yao's father (U+590B) arial_unicode_ms
U+590C to dawdle; the name of the father of the Emperor Yao (U+590C) arial_unicode_ms
U+590D return; repeat; repeatedly (U+590D) arial_unicode_ms
U+590E U+590E (U+590E) arial_unicode_ms
U+590F summer; great, grand, big (U+590F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5910 long, faraway; pre-eminent (U+5910) arial_unicode_ms
U+5911 U+5911 (U+5911) arial_unicode_ms
U+5912 U+5912 (U+5912) arial_unicode_ms
U+5913 U+5913 (U+5913) arial_unicode_ms
U+5914 one-legged monster; walrus (U+5914) arial_unicode_ms
U+5915 evening, night, dusk; slanted (U+5915) arial_unicode_ms
U+5916 out, outside, external; foreign (U+5916) arial_unicode_ms
U+5917 to turn over when asleep (U+5917) arial_unicode_ms
U+5918 4th of Earth Branches; period from 5-7 a.m. (U+5918) arial_unicode_ms
U+5919 early in morning, dawn; previous (U+5919) arial_unicode_ms
U+591A much, many; more than, over (U+591A) arial_unicode_ms
U+591B much, many; more than, over (U+591B) arial_unicode_ms
U+591C night, dark; in night; by night (U+591C) arial_unicode_ms
U+591D U+591D (U+591D) arial_unicode_ms
U+591E U+591E (U+591E) arial_unicode_ms
U+591F enough, adequate (U+591F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5920 enough, adequate (U+5920) arial_unicode_ms
U+5921 U+5921 (U+5921) arial_unicode_ms
U+5922 dream; visionary; wishful (U+5922) arial_unicode_ms
U+5923 a dream; to dream visionary; stupid (U+5923) arial_unicode_ms
U+5924 distant place; remote; deep (U+5924) arial_unicode_ms
U+5925 companion; partner; assistant (U+5925) arial_unicode_ms
U+5926 U+5926 (U+5926) arial_unicode_ms
U+5927 big, great, vast, large, high (U+5927) arial_unicode_ms
U+5928 U+5928 (U+5928) arial_unicode_ms
U+5929 sky, heaven; god, celestial (U+5929) arial_unicode_ms
U+592A very, too, much; big; extreme (U+592A) arial_unicode_ms
U+592B man, male adult, husband; those (U+592B) arial_unicode_ms
U+592C parted; fork; certain (U+592C) arial_unicode_ms
U+592D young, fresh-looking; die young (U+592D) arial_unicode_ms
U+592E center, conclude, run out; beg (U+592E) arial_unicode_ms
U+592F heavy load, burden; lift up (U+592F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5930 U+5930 (U+5930) arial_unicode_ms
U+5931 lose; make mistake, neglect (U+5931) arial_unicode_ms
U+5932 advance quickly; to go back and forth; origin, source (U+5932) arial_unicode_ms
U+5933 U+5933 (U+5933) arial_unicode_ms
U+5934 head; top; chief, first; boss (U+5934) arial_unicode_ms
U+5935 U+5935 (U+5935) arial_unicode_ms
U+5936 U+5936 (U+5936) arial_unicode_ms
U+5937 ancient barbarian tribes (U+5937) arial_unicode_ms
U+5938 extravagant, luxurious; handsome (U+5938) arial_unicode_ms
U+5939 be wedged or inserted between (U+5939) arial_unicode_ms
U+593A take by force, rob, snatch (U+593A) arial_unicode_ms
U+593B fish name (U+593B) arial_unicode_ms
U+593C U+593C (U+593C) arial_unicode_ms
U+593D U+593D (U+593D) arial_unicode_ms
U+593E be wedged or inserted between (U+593E) arial_unicode_ms
U+593F U+593F (U+593F) 夿 arial_unicode_ms
U+5940 (Cant.) skinny, tiny; to jerk, dangle (U+5940) arial_unicode_ms
U+5941 lady's vanity case; trousseau (U+5941) arial_unicode_ms
U+5942 be numerous, brilliant (U+5942) arial_unicode_ms
U+5943 U+5943 (U+5943) arial_unicode_ms
U+5944 ere long; remain, tarry; feeble (U+5944) arial_unicode_ms
U+5945 U+5945 (U+5945) arial_unicode_ms
U+5946 U+5946 (U+5946) arial_unicode_ms
U+5947 strange, unusual, uncanny, occult (U+5947) arial_unicode_ms
U+5948 but, how; bear, stand, endure (U+5948) arial_unicode_ms
U+5949 offer; receive; serve; respect (U+5949) arial_unicode_ms
U+594A U+594A (U+594A) arial_unicode_ms
U+594B strive, exert effort; arouse (U+594B) arial_unicode_ms
U+594C dot, speck, spot; point, degree (U+594C) arial_unicode_ms
U+594D U+594D (U+594D) arial_unicode_ms
U+594E stride of man; one of the twenty-eight lunar mansions (U+594E) arial_unicode_ms
U+594F memorialize emperor; report (U+594F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5950 be numerous, brilliant (U+5950) arial_unicode_ms
U+5951 deed, contract, bond; engrave (U+5951) arial_unicode_ms
U+5952 U+5952 (U+5952) arial_unicode_ms
U+5953 extravagant (U+5953) arial_unicode_ms
U+5954 run fast, flee; rush about; run (U+5954) arial_unicode_ms
U+5955 in sequence, orderly; abundant (U+5955) arial_unicode_ms
U+5956 prize, reward; give award to (U+5956) arial_unicode_ms
U+5957 case, cover, wrapper, envelope (U+5957) arial_unicode_ms
U+5958 large, powerful, stout, thick (U+5958) arial_unicode_ms
U+5959 U+5959 (U+5959) arial_unicode_ms
U+595A where? what? how? why?; servant (U+595A) arial_unicode_ms
U+595B opening, radiant (U+595B) arial_unicode_ms
U+595C big (U+595C) arial_unicode_ms
U+595D large (U+595D) arial_unicode_ms
U+595E the stride made by a man (U+595E) arial_unicode_ms
U+595F U+595F (U+595F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5960 pay respect; settle (U+5960) arial_unicode_ms
U+5961 arrogant (U+5961) arial_unicode_ms
U+5962 extravagant, wasteful; exaggerate (U+5962) arial_unicode_ms
U+5963 U+5963 (U+5963) arial_unicode_ms
U+5964 U+5964 (U+5964) arial_unicode_ms
U+5965 mysterious, obscure, profound (U+5965) arial_unicode_ms
U+5966 U+5966 (U+5966) arial_unicode_ms
U+5967 mysterious, obscure, profound (U+5967) arial_unicode_ms
U+5968 prize, reward; give award to (U+5968) arial_unicode_ms
U+5969 lady's vanity case; trousseau (U+5969) arial_unicode_ms
U+596A take by force, rob, snatch (U+596A) arial_unicode_ms
U+596B deep and broad (expanse of water); abyss (U+596B) arial_unicode_ms
U+596C prize, reward; give award to (U+596C) arial_unicode_ms
U+596D red; anger; ire; surname (U+596D) arial_unicode_ms
U+596E strive, exert effort; arouse (U+596E) arial_unicode_ms
U+596F U+596F (U+596F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5970 anger (U+5970) arial_unicode_ms
U+5971 U+5971 (U+5971) arial_unicode_ms
U+5972 U+5972 (U+5972) arial_unicode_ms
U+5973 woman, girl; feminine; rad. 38 (U+5973) arial_unicode_ms
U+5974 slave, servant (U+5974) arial_unicode_ms
U+5975 U+5975 (U+5975) arial_unicode_ms
U+5976 milk; woman's breasts; nurse (U+5976) arial_unicode_ms
U+5977 U+5977 (U+5977) arial_unicode_ms
U+5978 crafty, villainous, false (U+5978) arial_unicode_ms
U+5979 she, her (U+5979) arial_unicode_ms
U+597A U+597A (U+597A) arial_unicode_ms
U+597B U+597B (U+597B) arial_unicode_ms
U+597C beautiful, colorful; girl (U+597C) arial_unicode_ms
U+597D good, excellent, fine; well (U+597D) arial_unicode_ms
U+597E U+597E (U+597E) arial_unicode_ms
U+597F U+597F (U+597F) 奿 arial_unicode_ms
U+5980 U+5980 (U+5980) arial_unicode_ms
U+5981 act as go-between (U+5981) arial_unicode_ms
U+5982 if, supposing; as if; like, as (U+5982) arial_unicode_ms
U+5983 wife, spouse; imperial concubine (U+5983) arial_unicode_ms
U+5984 absurd, foolish, reckless; false (U+5984) arial_unicode_ms
U+5985 U+5985 (U+5985) arial_unicode_ms
U+5986 to adorn oneself, dress up, use make-up (U+5986) arial_unicode_ms
U+5987 married women; woman; wife (U+5987) arial_unicode_ms
U+5988 mother, mama (U+5988) arial_unicode_ms
U+5989 U+5989 (U+5989) arial_unicode_ms
U+598A conceive, be pregnant (U+598A) arial_unicode_ms
U+598B U+598B (U+598B) arial_unicode_ms
U+598C U+598C (U+598C) arial_unicode_ms
U+598D beautiful, handsome; seductive (U+598D) arial_unicode_ms
U+598E U+598E (U+598E) arial_unicode_ms
U+598F U+598F (U+598F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5990 U+5990 (U+5990) arial_unicode_ms
U+5991 U+5991 (U+5991) arial_unicode_ms
U+5992 jealous, envious (U+5992) arial_unicode_ms
U+5993 prostitute (U+5993) arial_unicode_ms
U+5994 U+5994 (U+5994) arial_unicode_ms
U+5995 U+5995 (U+5995) arial_unicode_ms
U+5996 strange, weird, supernatural (U+5996) arial_unicode_ms
U+5997 wife of mother's brother (U+5997) arial_unicode_ms
U+5998 U+5998 (U+5998) arial_unicode_ms
U+5999 mysterious, subtle; exquisite (U+5999) arial_unicode_ms
U+599A U+599A (U+599A) arial_unicode_ms
U+599B U+599B (U+599B) arial_unicode_ms
U+599C U+599C (U+599C) arial_unicode_ms
U+599D to adorn oneself, dress up, use make-up (U+599D) arial_unicode_ms
U+599E girl (U+599E) arial_unicode_ms
U+599F U+599F (U+599F) arial_unicode_ms
U+59A0 (Cant.) to collect, seize, grab (U+59A0) arial_unicode_ms
U+59A1 U+59A1 (U+59A1) arial_unicode_ms
U+59A2 U+59A2 (U+59A2) arial_unicode_ms
U+59A3 one's deceased mother (U+59A3) arial_unicode_ms
U+59A4 beautiful, fair, handsome (U+59A4) arial_unicode_ms
U+59A5 satisfactory, appropriate (U+59A5) arial_unicode_ms
U+59A6 U+59A6 (U+59A6) arial_unicode_ms
U+59A7 U+59A7 (U+59A7) arial_unicode_ms
U+59A8 interfere with, impede, obstruct (U+59A8) arial_unicode_ms
U+59A9 charming, enchanting (U+59A9) arial_unicode_ms
U+59AA old woman, hag (U+59AA) arial_unicode_ms
U+59AB family name (U+59AB) arial_unicode_ms
U+59AC jealous, envious (U+59AC) arial_unicode_ms
U+59AD U+59AD (U+59AD) arial_unicode_ms
U+59AE maid, servant girl; cute girl (U+59AE) arial_unicode_ms
U+59AF wives of one's brothers; sister-i (U+59AF) arial_unicode_ms
U+59B0 U+59B0 (U+59B0) arial_unicode_ms
U+59B1 U+59B1 (U+59B1) arial_unicode_ms
U+59B2 concubine of last ruler of the Shang dynasty (U+59B2) arial_unicode_ms
U+59B3 you (female) (U+59B3) arial_unicode_ms
U+59B4 U+59B4 (U+59B4) arial_unicode_ms
U+59B5 person's name (U+59B5) arial_unicode_ms
U+59B6 U+59B6 (U+59B6) arial_unicode_ms
U+59B7 U+59B7 (U+59B7) arial_unicode_ms
U+59B8 person (U+59B8) arial_unicode_ms
U+59B9 younger sister (U+59B9) arial_unicode_ms
U+59BA wife of the last ruler of the Xia dynasty (U+59BA) arial_unicode_ms
U+59BB wife (U+59BB) arial_unicode_ms
U+59BC U+59BC (U+59BC) arial_unicode_ms
U+59BD U+59BD (U+59BD) arial_unicode_ms
U+59BE concubine (U+59BE) arial_unicode_ms
U+59BF U+59BF (U+59BF) 妿 arial_unicode_ms
U+59C0 U+59C0 (U+59C0) arial_unicode_ms
U+59C1 beauty (U+59C1) arial_unicode_ms
U+59C2 U+59C2 (U+59C2) arial_unicode_ms
U+59C3 U+59C3 (U+59C3) arial_unicode_ms
U+59C4 U+59C4 (U+59C4) arial_unicode_ms
U+59C5 woman at time of menstruation (U+59C5) arial_unicode_ms
U+59C6 child's governess; matron (U+59C6) arial_unicode_ms
U+59C7 U+59C7 (U+59C7) arial_unicode_ms
U+59C8 U+59C8 (U+59C8) arial_unicode_ms
U+59C9 elder sister (U+59C9) arial_unicode_ms
U+59CA elder sister (U+59CA) arial_unicode_ms
U+59CB begin, start; then, only then (U+59CB) arial_unicode_ms
U+59CC U+59CC (U+59CC) arial_unicode_ms
U+59CD slander; ridicule; proceed slowly (U+59CD) arial_unicode_ms
U+59CE U+59CE (U+59CE) arial_unicode_ms
U+59CF U+59CF (U+59CF) arial_unicode_ms
U+59D0 elder sister, young lady (U+59D0) arial_unicode_ms
U+59D1 father's sister; husband's mother (U+59D1) arial_unicode_ms
U+59D2 wife of elder brother (U+59D2) arial_unicode_ms
U+59D3 one's family name; clan, people (U+59D3) arial_unicode_ms
U+59D4 appoint, send, commission (U+59D4) arial_unicode_ms
U+59D5 U+59D5 (U+59D5) arial_unicode_ms
U+59D6 U+59D6 (U+59D6) arial_unicode_ms
U+59D7 slander; ridicule; proceed slowly (U+59D7) arial_unicode_ms
U+59D8 illicit sexual relations (U+59D8) arial_unicode_ms
U+59D9 conceive, be pregnant (U+59D9) arial_unicode_ms
U+59DA handsome, elegant; surname (U+59DA) arial_unicode_ms
U+59DB U+59DB (U+59DB) arial_unicode_ms
U+59DC surname; ginger (U+59DC) arial_unicode_ms
U+59DD a beautiful girl (U+59DD) arial_unicode_ms
U+59DE concubine (U+59DE) arial_unicode_ms
U+59DF U+59DF (U+59DF) arial_unicode_ms
U+59E0 U+59E0 (U+59E0) arial_unicode_ms
U+59E1 U+59E1 (U+59E1) arial_unicode_ms
U+59E2 beautiful, graceful (U+59E2) arial_unicode_ms
U+59E3 beautiful, handsome, pretty (U+59E3) arial_unicode_ms
U+59E4 mate; copulate; good (U+59E4) arial_unicode_ms
U+59E5 maternal grandmother; midwife (U+59E5) arial_unicode_ms
U+59E6 adultery, debauchery; debauch (U+59E6) arial_unicode_ms
U+59E7 U+59E7 (U+59E7) arial_unicode_ms
U+59E8 mother/wife's sister; concubine (U+59E8) arial_unicode_ms
U+59E9 (Cant.) breast (U+59E9) arial_unicode_ms
U+59EA niece (U+59EA) arial_unicode_ms
U+59EB beauty; imperial concubine (U+59EB) arial_unicode_ms
U+59EC beauty; imperial concubine (U+59EC) arial_unicode_ms
U+59ED U+59ED (U+59ED) arial_unicode_ms
U+59EE lady (U+59EE) arial_unicode_ms
U+59EF U+59EF (U+59EF) arial_unicode_ms
U+59F0 U+59F0 (U+59F0) arial_unicode_ms
U+59F1 beautiful, handsome, elegant (U+59F1) arial_unicode_ms
U+59F2 U+59F2 (U+59F2) arial_unicode_ms
U+59F3 U+59F3 (U+59F3) arial_unicode_ms
U+59F4 U+59F4 (U+59F4) arial_unicode_ms
U+59F5 U+59F5 (U+59F5) arial_unicode_ms
U+59F6 U+59F6 (U+59F6) arial_unicode_ms
U+59F7 U+59F7 (U+59F7) arial_unicode_ms
U+59F8 beautiful (U+59F8) arial_unicode_ms
U+59F9 beautiful, colorful; girl (U+59F9) arial_unicode_ms
U+59FA name of an ancient state (U+59FA) arial_unicode_ms
U+59FB relatives by marriage (U+59FB) arial_unicode_ms
U+59FC U+59FC (U+59FC) arial_unicode_ms
U+59FD good (U+59FD) arial_unicode_ms
U+59FE U+59FE (U+59FE) arial_unicode_ms
U+59FF one's manner, carriage, bearing (U+59FF) 姿 arial_unicode_ms
U+5A00 name of a concubine of Di Ku, father of the mythical Yao (U+5A00) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A01 pomp, power; powerful; dominate (U+5A01) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A02 U+5A02 (U+5A02) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A03 baby; doll; pretty girl (U+5A03) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A04 surname; a constellation; to wear (U+5A04) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A05 mutual term of address used by sons-in-law; a brother-in-law (U+5A05) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A06 graceful, charming, fascinating (U+5A06) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A07 seductive and loveable; tender (U+5A07) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A08 lovely, beautiful; docile, obedie (U+5A08) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A09 beautiful, attractive, charming, graceful (U+5A09) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A0A U+5A0A (U+5A0A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A0B U+5A0B (U+5A0B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A0C brother's wife (U+5A0C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A0D U+5A0D (U+5A0D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A0E U+5A0E (U+5A0E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A0F U+5A0F (U+5A0F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A10 U+5A10 (U+5A10) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A11 dance, frolic; lounge; saunter (U+5A11) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A12 matron (U+5A12) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A13 comply; complying, agreeable (U+5A13) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A14 U+5A14 (U+5A14) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A15 U+5A15 (U+5A15) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A16 U+5A16 (U+5A16) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A17 U+5A17 (U+5A17) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A18 mother; young girl; woman; wife (U+5A18) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A19 U+5A19 (U+5A19) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A1A U+5A1A (U+5A1A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A1B pleasure, enjoyment, amusement (U+5A1B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A1C elegant, graceful, delicate (U+5A1C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A1D U+5A1D (U+5A1D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A1E U+5A1E (U+5A1E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A1F beautiful, graceful (U+5A1F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A20 pregnant (U+5A20) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A21 U+5A21 (U+5A21) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A22 U+5A22 (U+5A22) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A23 younger sister, sister-in-law (U+5A23) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A24 U+5A24 (U+5A24) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A25 be beautiful; good; surname (U+5A25) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A26 U+5A26 (U+5A26) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A27 U+5A27 (U+5A27) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A28 U+5A28 (U+5A28) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A29 give birth child; complaisant (U+5A29) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A2A U+5A2A (U+5A2A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A2B U+5A2B (U+5A2B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A2C lovely; attractive (U+5A2C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A2D U+5A2D (U+5A2D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A2E U+5A2E (U+5A2E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A2F pleasure, enjoyment, amusement (U+5A2F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A30 U+5A30 (U+5A30) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A31 pleasure, enjoyment, amusement (U+5A31) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A32 a goddess, the mythological sister and successor to Fuxi (U+5A32) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A33 U+5A33 (U+5A33) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A34 elegant, refined; skillful (U+5A34) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A35 star (U+5A35) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A36 marry, take wife (U+5A36) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A37 U+5A37 (U+5A37) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A38 ugly (U+5A38) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A39 U+5A39 (U+5A39) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A3A U+5A3A (U+5A3A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A3B U+5A3B (U+5A3B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A3C prostitute, harlot (U+5A3C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A3D U+5A3D (U+5A3D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A3E U+5A3E (U+5A3E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A3F U+5A3F (U+5A3F) 娿 arial_unicode_ms
U+5A40 be beautiful, be graceful (U+5A40) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A41 surname; a constellation; to wear (U+5A41) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A42 U+5A42 (U+5A42) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A43 U+5A43 (U+5A43) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A44 (Cant.) soft, weak; to soak; unreliable (U+5A44) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A45 U+5A45 (U+5A45) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A46 old woman; grandmother (U+5A46) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A47 U+5A47 (U+5A47) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A48 U+5A48 (U+5A48) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A49 amiable, congenial; restrained (U+5A49) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A4A whore, prostitute (U+5A4A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A4B U+5A4B (U+5A4B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A4C U+5A4C (U+5A4C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A4D U+5A4D (U+5A4D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A4E U+5A4E (U+5A4E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A4F U+5A4F (U+5A4F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A50 maid (U+5A50) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A51 U+5A51 (U+5A51) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A52 U+5A52 (U+5A52) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A53 U+5A53 (U+5A53) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A54 U+5A54 (U+5A54) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A55 handsome (U+5A55) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A56 U+5A56 (U+5A56) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A57 a new-born child the whimper of an infant (U+5A57) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A58 U+5A58 (U+5A58) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A59 U+5A59 (U+5A59) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A5A get married; marriage, wedding (U+5A5A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A5B U+5A5B (U+5A5B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A5C U+5A5C (U+5A5C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A5D U+5A5D (U+5A5D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A5E hate (U+5A5E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A5F U+5A5F (U+5A5F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A60 U+5A60 (U+5A60) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A61 U+5A61 (U+5A61) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A62 servant girl; your servant (U+5A62) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A63 marriage connections, a bride (U+5A63) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A64 lovely (U+5A64) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A65 beautiful (U+5A65) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A66 married women; woman; wife (U+5A66) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A67 modest; supple (U+5A67) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A68 U+5A68 (U+5A68) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A69 U+5A69 (U+5A69) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A6A covet; covetous, avaricious (U+5A6A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A6B U+5A6B (U+5A6B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A6C obscene, licentious, lewd (U+5A6C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A6D mutual term of address used by sons-in-law; a brother-in-law (U+5A6D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A6E U+5A6E (U+5A6E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A6F U+5A6F (U+5A6F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A70 U+5A70 (U+5A70) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A71 U+5A71 (U+5A71) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A72 U+5A72 (U+5A72) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A73 tranquil (U+5A73) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A74 baby, infant; bother (U+5A74) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A75 beautiful, lovely, pretty, graceful (U+5A75) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A76 wife of father's younger brother (U+5A76) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A77 pretty; attractive; graceful (U+5A77) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A78 U+5A78 (U+5A78) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A79 U+5A79 (U+5A79) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A7A name of a star (U+5A7A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A7B U+5A7B (U+5A7B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A7C person (U+5A7C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A7D U+5A7D (U+5A7D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A7E handsome (U+5A7E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A7F son-in-law; husband (U+5A7F) 婿 arial_unicode_ms
U+5A80 U+5A80 (U+5A80) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A81 U+5A81 (U+5A81) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A82 U+5A82 (U+5A82) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A83 U+5A83 (U+5A83) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A84 beautiful (U+5A84) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A85 U+5A85 (U+5A85) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A86 young, tender, soft, delicate (U+5A86) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A87 U+5A87 (U+5A87) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A88 U+5A88 (U+5A88) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A89 U+5A89 (U+5A89) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A8A star (U+5A8A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A8B U+5A8B (U+5A8B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A8C U+5A8C (U+5A8C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A8D woman, wife (U+5A8D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A8E U+5A8E (U+5A8E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A8F U+5A8F (U+5A8F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A90 U+5A90 (U+5A90) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A91 U+5A91 (U+5A91) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A92 go-between, matchmaker; medium (U+5A92) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A93 U+5A93 (U+5A93) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A94 U+5A94 (U+5A94) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A95 undecided (U+5A95) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A96 beauty; beautiful (U+5A96) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A97 U+5A97 (U+5A97) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A98 U+5A98 (U+5A98) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A99 U+5A99 (U+5A99) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A9A charming, attractive; flatter (U+5A9A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A9B beauty, beautiful woman (U+5A9B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A9C U+5A9C (U+5A9C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A9D U+5A9D (U+5A9D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A9E at ease (U+5A9E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5A9F lust after, act indecently; lewd (U+5A9F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AA0 U+5AA0 (U+5AA0) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AA1 U+5AA1 (U+5AA1) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AA2 be jealous of, be envious (U+5AA2) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AA3 U+5AA3 (U+5AA3) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AA4 husband's family (U+5AA4) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AA5 U+5AA5 (U+5AA5) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AA6 U+5AA6 (U+5AA6) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AA7 mythological snail goddess (U+5AA7) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AA8 U+5AA8 (U+5AA8) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AA9 U+5AA9 (U+5AA9) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AAA old woman; lower-class woman (U+5AAA) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AAB U+5AAB (U+5AAB) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AAC governess; nurse (U+5AAC) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AAD U+5AAD (U+5AAD) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AAE handsome, cheerful; steal (U+5AAE) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AAF family name (U+5AAF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AB0 U+5AB0 (U+5AB0) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AB1 U+5AB1 (U+5AB1) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AB2 marry off, pair, match; compare (U+5AB2) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AB3 daughter-in-law (U+5AB3) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AB4 U+5AB4 (U+5AB4) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AB5 a maid who accompanies bride to her new home; to escort; a concubine (U+5AB5) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AB6 U+5AB6 (U+5AB6) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AB7 U+5AB7 (U+5AB7) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AB8 an ugly woman (U+5AB8) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AB9 U+5AB9 (U+5AB9) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ABA beautiful (U+5ABA) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ABB to move (U+5ABB) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ABC old woman; lower-class woman (U+5ABC) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ABD mother, mama (U+5ABD) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ABE marry; be on friendly terms with (U+5ABE) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ABF ashamed, conscience-stricken (U+5ABF) 媿 arial_unicode_ms
U+5AC0 U+5AC0 (U+5AC0) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AC1 to marry, give a daughter in marriage (U+5AC1) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AC2 sister-in-law, elder brother's wife (U+5AC2) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AC3 U+5AC3 (U+5AC3) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AC4 an ancient emperor's mother's name, Qiang Yuan, consort to Gu (U+5AC4) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AC5 U+5AC5 (U+5AC5) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AC6 U+5AC6 (U+5AC6) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AC7 U+5AC7 (U+5AC7) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AC8 lady (U+5AC8) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AC9 jealousy; be jealous of (U+5AC9) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ACA U+5ACA (U+5ACA) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ACB slender and delicate (U+5ACB) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ACC hate, detest; suspect; criticize (U+5ACC) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ACD U+5ACD (U+5ACD) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ACE U+5ACE (U+5ACE) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ACF the place where the supreme stores his books; library (U+5ACF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AD0 frolic, play with; flirt with (U+5AD0) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AD1 U+5AD1 (U+5AD1) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AD2 (your) daughter (U+5AD2) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AD3 U+5AD3 (U+5AD3) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AD4 court lady; palace maid (U+5AD4) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AD5 compliant, yielding; easy-going (U+5AD5) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AD6 patronize prostitutes, frequent (U+5AD6) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AD7 old woman, hag (U+5AD7) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AD8 surname (U+5AD8) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AD9 U+5AD9 (U+5AD9) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ADA scorn, despise; be rude, affront (U+5ADA) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ADB compliant, yielding; easy-going a newborn child (U+5ADB) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ADC U+5ADC (U+5ADC) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ADD U+5ADD (U+5ADD) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ADE U+5ADE (U+5ADE) arial_unicode_ms
U+5ADF U+5ADF (U+5ADF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AE0 a widow (U+5AE0) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AE1 legal wife, child of legal wife (U+5AE1) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AE2 U+5AE2 (U+5AE2) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AE3 charming, fascinating; gay (U+5AE3) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AE4 U+5AE4 (U+5AE4) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AE5 U+5AE5 (U+5AE5) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AE6 name of a moon goddess (U+5AE6) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AE7 U+5AE7 (U+5AE7) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AE8 U+5AE8 (U+5AE8) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AE9 soft, tender, delicate; young (U+5AE9) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AEA hanker (U+5AEA) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AEB Huangdi's ugly concubine; nurse (U+5AEB) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AEC U+5AEC (U+5AEC) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AED U+5AED (U+5AED) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AEE U+5AEE (U+5AEE) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AEF U+5AEF (U+5AEF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AF0 tender, delicate, soft (U+5AF0) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AF1 lady (U+5AF1) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AF2 (Cant.) paternal grandmother (U+5AF2) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AF3 U+5AF3 (U+5AF3) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AF4 U+5AF4 (U+5AF4) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AF5 charming, enchanting (U+5AF5) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AF6 U+5AF6 (U+5AF6) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AF7 U+5AF7 (U+5AF7) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AF8 U+5AF8 (U+5AF8) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AF9 U+5AF9 (U+5AF9) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AFA refined, elegant, gracious (U+5AFA) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AFB elegant, refined; skillful (U+5AFB) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AFC U+5AFC (U+5AFC) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AFD play with; (Cant.) to provoke (U+5AFD) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AFE U+5AFE (U+5AFE) arial_unicode_ms
U+5AFF tranquil (U+5AFF) 嫿 arial_unicode_ms
U+5B00 name of a river in Shanxi; crafty (U+5B00) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B01 U+5B01 (U+5B01) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B02 U+5B02 (U+5B02) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B03 sister (U+5B03) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B04 U+5B04 (U+5B04) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B05 beautiful; used in girls' names (U+5B05) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B06 U+5B06 (U+5B06) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B07 U+5B07 (U+5B07) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B08 graceful, charming, fascinating (U+5B08) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B09 enjoy; play, amuse oneself (U+5B09) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B0A U+5B0A (U+5B0A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B0B beautiful, lovely, pretty, graceful (U+5B0B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B0C seductive and loveable; tender (U+5B0C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B0D U+5B0D (U+5B0D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B0E to bear multiple, identical, offspring (U+5B0E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B0F U+5B0F (U+5B0F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B10 U+5B10 (U+5B10) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B11 U+5B11 (U+5B11) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B12 U+5B12 (U+5B12) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B13 used in names (U+5B13) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B14 baby rabbit (U+5B14) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B15 U+5B15 (U+5B15) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B16 favorite; a minion (U+5B16) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B17 succession to the throne (U+5B17) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B18 U+5B18 (U+5B18) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B19 lady (U+5B19) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B1A U+5B1A (U+5B1A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B1B apt, clever; sycophant, flatterer (U+5B1B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B1C U+5B1C (U+5B1C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B1D delicate; graceful (U+5B1D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B1E U+5B1E (U+5B1E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B1F U+5B1F (U+5B1F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B20 U+5B20 (U+5B20) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B21 (your) daughter (U+5B21) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B22 troubled, oppressed; fat; mother (U+5B22) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B23 U+5B23 (U+5B23) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B24 mother (U+5B24) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B25 U+5B25 (U+5B25) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B26 U+5B26 (U+5B26) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B27 U+5B27 (U+5B27) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B28 U+5B28 (U+5B28) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B29 U+5B29 (U+5B29) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B2A court lady; palace maid (U+5B2A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B2B U+5B2B (U+5B2B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B2C mistress, concubine; weak (U+5B2C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B2D milk; suckle; breasts (U+5B2D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B2E U+5B2E (U+5B2E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B2F U+5B2F (U+5B2F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B30 baby, infant; bother (U+5B30) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B31 U+5B31 (U+5B31) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B32 frolic, play with; flirt with; (Cant.) angry (U+5B32) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B33 U+5B33 (U+5B33) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B34 to win; to have a surplus; surname (U+5B34) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B35 U+5B35 (U+5B35) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B36 a wife (vulgar) (U+5B36) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B37 mother (U+5B37) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B38 wife of father's younger brother (U+5B38) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B39 U+5B39 (U+5B39) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B3A U+5B3A (U+5B3A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B3B U+5B3B (U+5B3B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B3C U+5B3C (U+5B3C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B3D U+5B3D (U+5B3D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B3E lazy, languid, listless (U+5B3E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B3F lovely (U+5B3F) 嬿 arial_unicode_ms
U+5B40 widow (U+5B40) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B41 U+5B41 (U+5B41) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B42 U+5B42 (U+5B42) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B43 troubled, oppressed; fat; mother (U+5B43) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B44 U+5B44 (U+5B44) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B45 slender, thin; sharp-pointed (U+5B45) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B46 U+5B46 (U+5B46) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B47 U+5B47 (U+5B47) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B48 U+5B48 (U+5B48) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B49 U+5B49 (U+5B49) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B4A U+5B4A (U+5B4A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B4B U+5B4B (U+5B4B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B4C lovely, beautiful; docile, obedient (U+5B4C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B4D U+5B4D (U+5B4D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B4E U+5B4E (U+5B4E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B4F U+5B4F (U+5B4F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B50 offspring, child; fruit, seed of; 1st terrestrial branch (U+5B50) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B51 remaining, left-over; lonely (U+5B51) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B52 larvae of the mosquito (U+5B52) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B53 beautiful (U+5B53) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B54 opening, hole, orifice; great (U+5B54) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B55 be pregnant, pregnancy (U+5B55) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B56 twins (U+5B56) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B57 letter, character, word (U+5B57) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B58 exist, live, be; survive; remain (U+5B58) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B59 grandchild, descendent; surname (U+5B59) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B5A brood over eggs; have confidence (U+5B5A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B5B comet (U+5B5B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B5C be as diligent as possible (U+5B5C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B5D filial piety, obedience; mourning (U+5B5D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B5E U+5B5E (U+5B5E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B5F first in series; great, eminent (U+5B5F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B60 U+5B60 (U+5B60) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B61 U+5B61 (U+5B61) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B62 spore (U+5B62) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B63 quarter of year; season; surname (U+5B63) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B64 orphan, fatherless; solitary (U+5B64) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B65 one's children (U+5B65) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B66 learning, knowledge; school (U+5B66) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B67 U+5B67 (U+5B67) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B68 U+5B68 (U+5B68) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B69 baby, child; children (U+5B69) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B6A twins (U+5B6A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B6B grandchild, descendent; surname (U+5B6B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B6C bad; cowardly (U+5B6C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B6D (Cant.) to carry on the back (U+5B6D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B6E U+5B6E (U+5B6E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B6F U+5B6F (U+5B6F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B70 who? which? what? which one? (U+5B70) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B71 weak, unfit, frail, feeble (U+5B71) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B72 U+5B72 (U+5B72) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B73 breed in large numbers (U+5B73) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B74 U+5B74 (U+5B74) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B75 sit on eggs, hatch (U+5B75) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B76 variant of 孳 U+5B73, to breed in large numbers (U+5B76) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B77 U+5B77 (U+5B77) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B78 learning, knowledge; school (U+5B78) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B79 U+5B79 (U+5B79) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B7A child; blood relation; affection (U+5B7A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B7B last (U+5B7B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B7C misfortune; sin, evil (U+5B7C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B7D evil; son of concubine; ghost (U+5B7D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B7E a baby, especially a girl, an infant (U+5B7E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B7F twins (U+5B7F) 孿 arial_unicode_ms
U+5B80 roof; KangXi radical 40 (U+5B80) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B81 calm, peaceful, serene; healthy (U+5B81) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B82 scattered, mixed affairs; duties; occupation business (U+5B82) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B83 it; other (U+5B83) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B84 a traitor; a villain (U+5B84) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B85 residence, dwelling, home; grave (U+5B85) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B86 U+5B86 (U+5B86) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B87 house; building, structure; eaves (U+5B87) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B88 defend, protect, guard, conserve (U+5B88) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B89 peaceful, tranquil, quiet (U+5B89) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B8A U+5B8A (U+5B8A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B8B Song dynasty; surname (U+5B8B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B8C complete, finish, settle; whole (U+5B8C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B8D flesh; meat; KangXi radical 130 (U+5B8D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B8E U+5B8E (U+5B8E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B8F wide, spacious, great, vast (U+5B8F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B90 right, fitting, seemly (U+5B90) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B91 U+5B91 (U+5B91) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B92 U+5B92 (U+5B92) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B93 quiet, silent; in good health (U+5B93) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B94 U+5B94 (U+5B94) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B95 stone quarry; cave dwelling (U+5B95) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B96 U+5B96 (U+5B96) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B97 lineage, ancestry; ancestor, clan (U+5B97) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B98 official, public servant (U+5B98) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B99 time as concept; infinite time (U+5B99) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B9A decide, settle, fix (U+5B9A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B9B seem, as if, crooked (U+5B9B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B9C suitable, right, fitting, proper (U+5B9C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B9D treasure, jewel; precious, rare (U+5B9D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B9E real, true; honest, sincere (U+5B9E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5B9F real, true; honest, sincere (U+5B9F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BA0 favorite, concubine; favor (U+5BA0) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BA1 examine, investigate; judge (U+5BA1) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BA2 guest, traveller; customer (U+5BA2) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BA3 declare, announce, proclaim (U+5BA3) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BA4 room, home, house, chamber (U+5BA4) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BA5 forgive, pardon, indulge (U+5BA5) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BA6 officialdom, government official (U+5BA6) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BA7 corner (U+5BA7) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BA8 U+5BA8 (U+5BA8) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BA9 U+5BA9 (U+5BA9) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BAA constitution, statute, law (U+5BAA) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BAB palace (U+5BAB) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BAC archives; surname (U+5BAC) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BAD U+5BAD (U+5BAD) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BAE palace, temple, dwelling, enclose (U+5BAE) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BAF U+5BAF (U+5BAF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BB0 to slaughter; to rule (U+5BB0) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BB1 U+5BB1 (U+5BB1) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BB2 U+5BB2 (U+5BB2) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BB3 injure, harm; destroy, kill (U+5BB3) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BB4 to entertain, feast; a feast, banquet (U+5BB4) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BB5 night, evening, dark (U+5BB5) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BB6 house, home, residence; family (U+5BB6) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BB7 U+5BB7 (U+5BB7) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BB8 imperial; imperial palace (U+5BB8) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BB9 looks, appearance; figure, form (U+5BB9) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BBA U+5BBA (U+5BBA) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BBB dense, thick, close; intimate (U+5BBB) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BBC tyrannical, cruel; to rob to plunder; bandits, thieves, highwaymen (U+5BBC) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BBD broad, wide; spacious, vast (U+5BBD) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BBE guest, visitor; surname; submit (U+5BBE) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BBF stop, rest, lodge, stay overnight; constellation (U+5BBF) 宿 arial_unicode_ms
U+5BC0 feudal estate (U+5BC0) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BC1 quick, fast (U+5BC1) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BC2 still, silent, quiet, desolate (U+5BC2) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BC3 grievance, injustice, wrong (U+5BC3) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BC4 send, transmit, mail; rely on (U+5BC4) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BC5 to respect, reverence; respectfully; 3rd terrestrial branch (U+5BC5) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BC6 dense, thick, close; intimate (U+5BC6) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BC7 bandits, thieves; enemy; invade (U+5BC7) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BC8 U+5BC8 (U+5BC8) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BC9 U+5BC9 (U+5BC9) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BCA U+5BCA (U+5BCA) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BCB U+5BCB (U+5BCB) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BCC abundant, ample; rich, wealthy (U+5BCC) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BCD used as a term of comparison:-rather; it is better; would that (U+5BCD) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BCE drowsy (U+5BCE) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BCF U+5BCF (U+5BCF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BD0 sleep; be asleep (U+5BD0) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BD1 U+5BD1 (U+5BD1) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BD2 cold, wintry, chilly (U+5BD2) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BD3 residence; lodge; dwell (U+5BD3) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BD4 real, true, solid, honest (U+5BD4) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BD5 repose, serenity, peace; peaceful (U+5BD5) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BD6 gradually, step by step, little (U+5BD6) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BD7 a surname; peaceful; rather (U+5BD7) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BD8 put aside, put down; discard (U+5BD8) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BD9 U+5BD9 (U+5BD9) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BDA precious; rear; valuable treasure; bullion a jewel (U+5BDA) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BDB broad (U+5BDB) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BDC repose, serenity, peace; peaceful (U+5BDC) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BDD sleep, rest; bed chamber (U+5BDD) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BDE silent, still, lonely, solitary (U+5BDE) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BDF examine, investigate; notice (U+5BDF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BE0 poor, impoverished (U+5BE0) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BE1 widowed; alone, friendless (U+5BE1) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BE2 sleep, rest; bed chamber (U+5BE2) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BE3 U+5BE3 (U+5BE3) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BE4 few, scarce; empty, deserted (U+5BE4) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BE5 few, scarce; empty, deserted (U+5BE5) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BE6 real, true, solid, honest (U+5BE6) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BE7 repose, serenity, peace; peaceful (U+5BE7) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BE8 stockade, stronghold, outpost; brothel (U+5BE8) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BE9 examine, investigate; judge (U+5BE9) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BEA surname (U+5BEA) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BEB write; draw, sketch; compose (U+5BEB) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BEC broad, wide; spacious, vast (U+5BEC) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BED U+5BED (U+5BED) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BEE shanty, hut, shack (U+5BEE) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BEF U+5BEF (U+5BEF) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BF0 great domain, country, world (U+5BF0) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BF1 U+5BF1 (U+5BF1) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BF2 U+5BF2 (U+5BF2) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BF3 treasure, jewel; precious, rare (U+5BF3) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BF4 U+5BF4 (U+5BF4) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BF5 favorite, concubine; favor (U+5BF5) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BF6 treasure, jewel; precious, rare (U+5BF6) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BF7 U+5BF7 (U+5BF7) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BF8 inch; small, tiny; KangXi radical 41 (U+5BF8) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BF9 correct, right; facing, opposed (U+5BF9) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BFA court, office; temple, monastery (U+5BFA) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BFB seek, search, look for; ancient (U+5BFB) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BFC direct, guide, lead, conduct (U+5BFC) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BFD a handful; a pinch (U+5BFD) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BFE correct, right; facing, opposed (U+5BFE) arial_unicode_ms
U+5BFF old age, long life; lifespan (U+5BFF) 寿 arial_unicode_ms
U+5C00 cannot; thereupon (U+5C00) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C01 letter, envelope; feudal (U+5C01) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C02 monopolize, take sole possession (U+5C02) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C03 to state to, to announce (U+5C03) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C04 shoot, eject, issue forth, emit (U+5C04) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C05 subdue, destroy, overcome (U+5C05) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C06 will, going to, future; general (U+5C06) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C07 will, going to, future; general (U+5C07) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C08 monopolize, take sole possession (U+5C08) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C09 officer, military rank (U+5C09) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C0A respect, revere, venerate; honor (U+5C0A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C0B seek, search, look for; ancient (U+5C0B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C0C standing (something) up (U+5C0C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C0D correct, right; facing, opposed (U+5C0D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C0E direct, guide, lead, conduct (U+5C0E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C0F small, tiny, insignificant (U+5C0F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C10 U+5C10 (U+5C10) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C11 few, less, inadequate (U+5C11) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C12 you, your (U+5C12) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C13 you; that (U+5C13) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C14 you; that, those; final particle (U+5C14) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C15 small (used in place names) (U+5C15) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C16 sharp, pointed, acute, keen (U+5C16) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C17 younger of brothers; father's younger brother younger brother of a husband (U+5C17) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C18 dust, dirt, ashes, cinders (U+5C18) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C19 still, yet; even; fairly, rather (U+5C19) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C1A still, yet; even; fairly, rather (U+5C1A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C1B U+5C1B (U+5C1B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C1C a child toy (U+5C1C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C1D taste; experience, experiment (U+5C1D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C1E fuel used for sacrifices (U+5C1E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C1F surname; fresh (U+5C1F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C20 very few; seldom, rarely (U+5C20) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C21 U+5C21 (U+5C21) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C22 weak; KangXi radical 43 (U+5C22) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C23 lame; the first form is Radical 43 (U+5C23) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C24 especially, particularly (U+5C24) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C25 U+5C25 (U+5C25) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C26 U+5C26 (U+5C26) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C27 a legendary ancient emperor-sage (U+5C27) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C28 shaggy haired dog; variegated (U+5C28) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C29 weak; a rickety person; emaciated (U+5C29) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C2A lame (U+5C2A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C2B lame (U+5C2B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C2C limp, staggering gait; embarrass (U+5C2C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C2D a legendary ancient emperor-sage (U+5C2D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C2E U+5C2E (U+5C2E) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C2F U+5C2F (U+5C2F) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C30 swell, swelling of the legs (U+5C30) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C31 just, simply; to come, go to; to approach, near (U+5C31) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C32 limp; be embarrassed (U+5C32) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C33 U+5C33 (U+5C33) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C34 embarrassed; ill at ease (U+5C34) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C35 U+5C35 (U+5C35) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C36 embarrassed; ill at ease (U+5C36) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C37 embarrassed; ill at ease (U+5C37) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C38 corpse; to impersonate the dead; to preside; KangXi radical 44 (U+5C38) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C39 govern; oversee; director (U+5C39) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C3A Chinese measure approx. 'foot' (U+5C3A) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C3B end of spine; buttocks, sacrum (U+5C3B) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C3C Buddhist nun; transliteration (U+5C3C) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C3D exhaust, use up; deplete (U+5C3D) arial_unicode_ms
U+5C3E tail, extremity; end, stern (U+5C3E) arial_unicode_ms