Unicode Characters in the CJK Unified Ideographs Extension B Block

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Character Description Browser Font used
U+20000 <CJK Ideograph Extension B, First> (U+20000) 𠀀 code2002
U+20001 the original form for 七 U+4E03 (U+20001) 𠀁 code2002
U+20002 U+20002 (U+20002) 𠀂 code2002
U+20003 U+20003 (U+20003) 𠀃 code2002
U+20004 U+20004 (U+20004) 𠀄 code2002
U+20005 an alternate form of U+4EA5 亥 (U+20005) 𠀅 code2002
U+20006 U+20006 (U+20006) 𠀆 code2002
U+20007 U+20007 (U+20007) 𠀇 code2002
U+20008 U+20008 (U+20008) 𠀈 code2002
U+20009 (the same as U+4E18 丘) a hill; elder; empty; a name (U+20009) 𠀉 code2002
U+2000A U+2000A (U+2000A) 𠀊 code2002
U+2000B U+2000B (U+2000B) 𠀋 code2002
U+2000C U+2000C (U+2000C) 𠀌 code2002
U+2000D (same as U+4E16 世) generation; world; era (U+2000D) 𠀍 code2002
U+2000E U+2000E (U+2000E) 𠀎 code2002
U+2000F U+2000F (U+2000F) 𠀏 code2002
U+20010 U+20010 (U+20010) 𠀐 code2002
U+20011 U+20011 (U+20011) 𠀑 code2002
U+20012 U+20012 (U+20012) 𠀒 code2002
U+20013 U+20013 (U+20013) 𠀓 code2002
U+20014 U+20014 (U+20014) 𠀔 code2002
U+20015 Variant of U+4E99 亙 (U+20015) 𠀕 code2002
U+20016 U+20016 (U+20016) 𠀖 code2002
U+20017 U+20017 (U+20017) 𠀗 code2002
U+20018 U+20018 (U+20018) 𠀘 code2002
U+20019 U+20019 (U+20019) 𠀙 code2002
U+2001A U+2001A (U+2001A) 𠀚 code2002
U+2001B U+2001B (U+2001B) 𠀛 code2002
U+2001C U+2001C (U+2001C) 𠀜 code2002
U+2001D U+2001D (U+2001D) 𠀝 code2002
U+2001E U+2001E (U+2001E) 𠀞 code2002
U+2001F U+2001F (U+2001F) 𠀟 code2002
U+20020 U+20020 (U+20020) 𠀠 code2002
U+20021 U+20021 (U+20021) 𠀡 babelstone_han
U+20022 U+20022 (U+20022) 𠀢 lastresort
U+20023 U+20023 (U+20023) 𠀣 lastresort
U+20024 U+20024 (U+20024) 𠀤 code2002
U+20025 U+20025 (U+20025) 𠀥 lastresort
U+20026 U+20026 (U+20026) 𠀦 lastresort
U+20027 U+20027 (U+20027) 𠀧 code2001
U+20028 U+20028 (U+20028) 𠀨 code2002
U+20029 U+20029 (U+20029) 𠀩 lastresort
U+2002A U+2002A (U+2002A) 𠀪 lastresort
U+2002B U+2002B (U+2002B) 𠀫 lastresort
U+2002C U+2002C (U+2002C) 𠀬 code2002
U+2002D U+2002D (U+2002D) 𠀭 code2002
U+2002E U+2002E (U+2002E) 𠀮 code2002
U+2002F U+2002F (U+2002F) 𠀯 lastresort
U+20030 U+20030 (U+20030) 𠀰 lastresort
U+20031 U+20031 (U+20031) 𠀱 lastresort
U+20032 U+20032 (U+20032) 𠀲 code2002
U+20033 U+20033 (U+20033) 𠀳 lastresort
U+20034 U+20034 (U+20034) 𠀴 code2002
U+20035 U+20035 (U+20035) 𠀵 code2002
U+20036 U+20036 (U+20036) 𠀶 lastresort
U+20037 U+20037 (U+20037) 𠀷 lastresort
U+20038 U+20038 (U+20038) 𠀸 lastresort
U+20039 U+20039 (U+20039) 𠀹 lastresort
U+2003A U+2003A (U+2003A) 𠀺 lastresort
U+2003B U+2003B (U+2003B) 𠀻 lastresort
U+2003C U+2003C (U+2003C) 𠀼 code2002
U+2003D U+2003D (U+2003D) 𠀽 lastresort
U+2003E U+2003E (U+2003E) 𠀾 babelstone_han
U+2003F U+2003F (U+2003F) 𠀿 code2002
U+20040 U+20040 (U+20040) 𠁀 code2002
U+20041 a flagon (U+20041) 𠁁 babelstone_han
U+20042 U+20042 (U+20042) 𠁂 code2002
U+20043 U+20043 (U+20043) 𠁃 lastresort
U+20044 U+20044 (U+20044) 𠁄 code2002
U+20045 U+20045 (U+20045) 𠁅 lastresort
U+20046 U+20046 (U+20046) 𠁆 code2002
U+20047 U+20047 (U+20047) 𠁇 lastresort
U+20048 U+20048 (U+20048) 𠁈 lastresort
U+20049 U+20049 (U+20049) 𠁉 lastresort
U+2004A U+2004A (U+2004A) 𠁊 lastresort
U+2004B U+2004B (U+2004B) 𠁋 code2002
U+2004C U+2004C (U+2004C) 𠁌 code2002
U+2004D U+2004D (U+2004D) 𠁍 code2002
U+2004E U+2004E (U+2004E) 𠁎 code2002
U+2004F U+2004F (U+2004F) 𠁏 lastresort
U+20050 U+20050 (U+20050) 𠁐 code2002
U+20051 U+20051 (U+20051) 𠁑 code2002
U+20052 U+20052 (U+20052) 𠁒 code2002
U+20053 U+20053 (U+20053) 𠁓 code2002
U+20054 U+20054 (U+20054) 𠁔 lastresort
U+20055 U+20055 (U+20055) 𠁕 lastresort
U+20056 U+20056 (U+20056) 𠁖 lastresort
U+20057 U+20057 (U+20057) 𠁗 babelstone_han
U+20058 U+20058 (U+20058) 𠁘 lastresort
U+20059 U+20059 (U+20059) 𠁙 code2002
U+2005A U+2005A (U+2005A) 𠁚 code2002
U+2005B U+2005B (U+2005B) 𠁛 lastresort
U+2005C U+2005C (U+2005C) 𠁜 code2002
U+2005D U+2005D (U+2005D) 𠁝 lastresort
U+2005E U+2005E (U+2005E) 𠁞 code2002
U+2005F U+2005F (U+2005F) 𠁟 code2002
U+20060 U+20060 (U+20060) 𠁠 lastresort
U+20061 U+20061 (U+20061) 𠁡 code2002
U+20062 U+20062 (U+20062) 𠁢 code2002
U+20063 U+20063 (U+20063) 𠁣 code2002
U+20064 U+20064 (U+20064) 𠁤 code2002
U+20065 the horns of a sheep (U+20065) 𠁥 code2002
U+20066 U+20066 (U+20066) 𠁦 code2002
U+20067 U+20067 (U+20067) 𠁧 code2002
U+20068 U+20068 (U+20068) 𠁨 babelstone_han
U+20069 U+20069 (U+20069) 𠁩 code2002
U+2006A U+2006A (U+2006A) 𠁪 code2002
U+2006B U+2006B (U+2006B) 𠁫 code2002
U+2006C U+2006C (U+2006C) 𠁬 code2002
U+2006D U+2006D (U+2006D) 𠁭 code2002
U+2006E U+2006E (U+2006E) 𠁮 code2002
U+2006F U+2006F (U+2006F) 𠁯 code2002
U+20070 U+20070 (U+20070) 𠁰 code2002
U+20071 U+20071 (U+20071) 𠁱 lastresort
U+20072 U+20072 (U+20072) 𠁲 lastresort
U+20073 U+20073 (U+20073) 𠁳 code2002
U+20074 U+20074 (U+20074) 𠁴 code2002
U+20075 U+20075 (U+20075) 𠁵 code2002
U+20076 U+20076 (U+20076) 𠁶 code2002
U+20077 U+20077 (U+20077) 𠁷 lastresort
U+20078 U+20078 (U+20078) 𠁸 lastresort
U+20079 U+20079 (U+20079) 𠁹 code2002
U+2007A U+2007A (U+2007A) 𠁺 code2002
U+2007B U+2007B (U+2007B) 𠁻 code2002
U+2007C U+2007C (U+2007C) 𠁼 code2002
U+2007D U+2007D (U+2007D) 𠁽 code2002
U+2007E U+2007E (U+2007E) 𠁾 code2002
U+2007F U+2007F (U+2007F) 𠁿 code2002
U+20080 U+20080 (U+20080) 𠂀 code2002
U+20081 U+20081 (U+20081) 𠂁 code2002
U+20082 U+20082 (U+20082) 𠂂 code2002
U+20083 U+20083 (U+20083) 𠂃 code2002
U+20084 U+20084 (U+20084) 𠂄 code2002
U+20085 U+20085 (U+20085) 𠂅 code2002
U+20086 U+20086 (U+20086) 𠂆 code2002
U+20087 U+20087 (U+20087) 𠂇 code2002
U+20088 U+20088 (U+20088) 𠂈 code2002
U+20089 U+20089 (U+20089) 𠂉 code2002
U+2008A U+2008A (U+2008A) 𠂊 code2002
U+2008B U+2008B (U+2008B) 𠂋 code2002
U+2008C U+2008C (U+2008C) 𠂌 code2002
U+2008D U+2008D (U+2008D) 𠂍 code2002
U+2008E U+2008E (U+2008E) 𠂎 code2002
U+2008F U+2008F (U+2008F) 𠂏 code2002
U+20090 U+20090 (U+20090) 𠂐 code2002
U+20091 U+20091 (U+20091) 𠂑 code2002
U+20092 U+20092 (U+20092) 𠂒 code2002
U+20093 U+20093 (U+20093) 𠂓 code2002
U+20094 to stop (U+20094) 𠂔 code2002
U+20095 U+20095 (U+20095) 𠂕 code2002
U+20096 U+20096 (U+20096) 𠂖 code2002
U+20097 U+20097 (U+20097) 𠂗 code2002
U+20098 U+20098 (U+20098) 𠂘 code2002
U+20099 U+20099 (U+20099) 𠂙 code2002
U+2009A U+2009A (U+2009A) 𠂚 code2002
U+2009B U+2009B (U+2009B) 𠂛 code2002
U+2009C U+2009C (U+2009C) 𠂜 code2002
U+2009D every, all; a multitude (U+2009D) 𠂝 code2002
U+2009E U+2009E (U+2009E) 𠂞 code2002
U+2009F U+2009F (U+2009F) 𠂟 code2002
U+200A0 U+200A0 (U+200A0) 𠂠 code2002
U+200A1 U+200A1 (U+200A1) 𠂡 code2002
U+200A2 to branch (U+200A2) 𠂢 code2002
U+200A3 U+200A3 (U+200A3) 𠂣 code2002
U+200A4 to store up, to pile up (U+200A4) 𠂤 code2002
U+200A5 U+200A5 (U+200A5) 𠂥 code2002
U+200A6 U+200A6 (U+200A6) 𠂦 code2002
U+200A7 U+200A7 (U+200A7) 𠂧 code2002
U+200A8 U+200A8 (U+200A8) 𠂨 code2002
U+200A9 U+200A9 (U+200A9) 𠂩 code2002
U+200AA U+200AA (U+200AA) 𠂪 code2002
U+200AB U+200AB (U+200AB) 𠂫 code2002
U+200AC U+200AC (U+200AC) 𠂬 code2002
U+200AD U+200AD (U+200AD) 𠂭 code2002
U+200AE U+200AE (U+200AE) 𠂮 code2002
U+200AF U+200AF (U+200AF) 𠂯 code2002
U+200B0 U+200B0 (U+200B0) 𠂰 code2002
U+200B1 U+200B1 (U+200B1) 𠂱 code2002
U+200B2 U+200B2 (U+200B2) 𠂲 code2002
U+200B3 U+200B3 (U+200B3) 𠂳 code2002
U+200B4 U+200B4 (U+200B4) 𠂴 code2002
U+200B5 U+200B5 (U+200B5) 𠂵 code2002
U+200B6 U+200B6 (U+200B6) 𠂶 code2002
U+200B7 U+200B7 (U+200B7) 𠂷 lastresort
U+200B8 U+200B8 (U+200B8) 𠂸 code2002
U+200B9 U+200B9 (U+200B9) 𠂹 code2002
U+200BA U+200BA (U+200BA) 𠂺 code2002
U+200BB U+200BB (U+200BB) 𠂻 code2002
U+200BC U+200BC (U+200BC) 𠂼 code2002
U+200BD U+200BD (U+200BD) 𠂽 code2002
U+200BE U+200BE (U+200BE) 𠂾 code2002
U+200BF U+200BF (U+200BF) 𠂿 code2002
U+200C0 U+200C0 (U+200C0) 𠃀 code2002
U+200C1 U+200C1 (U+200C1) 𠃁 code2002
U+200C2 U+200C2 (U+200C2) 𠃂 code2002
U+200C3 U+200C3 (U+200C3) 𠃃 code2002
U+200C4 U+200C4 (U+200C4) 𠃄 code2002
U+200C5 U+200C5 (U+200C5) 𠃅 code2002
U+200C6 U+200C6 (U+200C6) 𠃆 code2002
U+200C7 U+200C7 (U+200C7) 𠃇 code2002
U+200C8 U+200C8 (U+200C8) 𠃈 code2002
U+200C9 U+200C9 (U+200C9) 𠃉 code2002
U+200CA U+200CA (U+200CA) 𠃊 code2002
U+200CB U+200CB (U+200CB) 𠃋 code2002
U+200CC U+200CC (U+200CC) 𠃌 code2002
U+200CD U+200CD (U+200CD) 𠃍 code2002
U+200CE U+200CE (U+200CE) 𠃎 code2002
U+200CF U+200CF (U+200CF) 𠃏 code2002
U+200D0 U+200D0 (U+200D0) 𠃐 code2002
U+200D1 U+200D1 (U+200D1) 𠃑 code2002
U+200D2 U+200D2 (U+200D2) 𠃒 code2002
U+200D3 U+200D3 (U+200D3) 𠃓 code2002
U+200D4 U+200D4 (U+200D4) 𠃔 code2002
U+200D5 U+200D5 (U+200D5) 𠃕 babelstone_han
U+200D6 U+200D6 (U+200D6) 𠃖 code2002
U+200D7 U+200D7 (U+200D7) 𠃗 code2002
U+200D8 U+200D8 (U+200D8) 𠃘 code2002
U+200D9 U+200D9 (U+200D9) 𠃙 code2002
U+200DA U+200DA (U+200DA) 𠃚 lastresort
U+200DB U+200DB (U+200DB) 𠃛 babelstone_han
U+200DC U+200DC (U+200DC) 𠃜 babelstone_han
U+200DD U+200DD (U+200DD) 𠃝 lastresort
U+200DE U+200DE (U+200DE) 𠃞 lastresort
U+200DF U+200DF (U+200DF) 𠃟 code2002
U+200E0 U+200E0 (U+200E0) 𠃠 lastresort
U+200E1 U+200E1 (U+200E1) 𠃡 code2002
U+200E2 U+200E2 (U+200E2) 𠃢 babelstone_han
U+200E3 U+200E3 (U+200E3) 𠃣 code2002
U+200E4 U+200E4 (U+200E4) 𠃤 code2002
U+200E5 U+200E5 (U+200E5) 𠃥 code2002
U+200E6 U+200E6 (U+200E6) 𠃦 code2002
U+200E7 U+200E7 (U+200E7) 𠃧 lastresort
U+200E8 U+200E8 (U+200E8) 𠃨 code2002
U+200E9 U+200E9 (U+200E9) 𠃩 lastresort
U+200EA U+200EA (U+200EA) 𠃪 code2002
U+200EB U+200EB (U+200EB) 𠃫 lastresort
U+200EC U+200EC (U+200EC) 𠃬 babelstone_han
U+200ED U+200ED (U+200ED) 𠃭 code2002
U+200EE U+200EE (U+200EE) 𠃮 babelstone_han
U+200EF U+200EF (U+200EF) 𠃯 code2002
U+200F0 U+200F0 (U+200F0) 𠃰 lastresort
U+200F1 U+200F1 (U+200F1) 𠃱 code2002
U+200F2 U+200F2 (U+200F2) 𠃲 code2002
U+200F3 U+200F3 (U+200F3) 𠃳 code2002
U+200F4 U+200F4 (U+200F4) 𠃴 code2002
U+200F5 U+200F5 (U+200F5) 𠃵 code2002
U+200F6 U+200F6 (U+200F6) 𠃶 lastresort
U+200F7 U+200F7 (U+200F7) 𠃷 lastresort
U+200F8 U+200F8 (U+200F8) 𠃸 lastresort
U+200F9 U+200F9 (U+200F9) 𠃹 code2002
U+200FA U+200FA (U+200FA) 𠃺 lastresort
U+200FB U+200FB (U+200FB) 𠃻 lastresort
U+200FC U+200FC (U+200FC) 𠃼 lastresort
U+200FD U+200FD (U+200FD) 𠃽 code2002
U+200FE U+200FE (U+200FE) 𠃾 code2002
U+200FF U+200FF (U+200FF) 𠃿 lastresort
U+20100 U+20100 (U+20100) 𠄀 lastresort
U+20101 U+20101 (U+20101) 𠄁 lastresort
U+20102 U+20102 (U+20102) 𠄂 lastresort
U+20103 U+20103 (U+20103) 𠄃 lastresort
U+20104 U+20104 (U+20104) 𠄄 code2002
U+20105 U+20105 (U+20105) 𠄅 code2002
U+20106 U+20106 (U+20106) 𠄆 code2002
U+20107 U+20107 (U+20107) 𠄇 lastresort
U+20108 U+20108 (U+20108) 𠄈 lastresort
U+20109 U+20109 (U+20109) 𠄉 lastresort
U+2010A U+2010A (U+2010A) 𠄊 lastresort
U+2010B U+2010B (U+2010B) 𠄋 lastresort
U+2010C U+2010C (U+2010C) 𠄌 code2002
U+2010D U+2010D (U+2010D) 𠄍 code2002
U+2010E U+2010E (U+2010E) 𠄎 code2002
U+2010F U+2010F (U+2010F) 𠄏 code2002
U+20110 U+20110 (U+20110) 𠄐 code2002
U+20111 U+20111 (U+20111) 𠄑 code2002
U+20112 U+20112 (U+20112) 𠄒 lastresort
U+20113 U+20113 (U+20113) 𠄓 lastresort
U+20114 U+20114 (U+20114) 𠄔 babelstone_han
U+20115 U+20115 (U+20115) 𠄕 code2002
U+20116 U+20116 (U+20116) 𠄖 code2002
U+20117 U+20117 (U+20117) 𠄗 lastresort
U+20118 U+20118 (U+20118) 𠄘 babelstone_han
U+20119 U+20119 (U+20119) 𠄙 lastresort
U+2011A U+2011A (U+2011A) 𠄚 code2002
U+2011B U+2011B (U+2011B) 𠄛 lastresort
U+2011C U+2011C (U+2011C) 𠄜 lastresort
U+2011D U+2011D (U+2011D) 𠄝 lastresort
U+2011E U+2011E (U+2011E) 𠄞 code2002
U+2011F U+2011F (U+2011F) 𠄟 code2002
U+20120 U+20120 (U+20120) 𠄠 code2002
U+20121 U+20121 (U+20121) 𠄡 code2002
U+20122 U+20122 (U+20122) 𠄢 babelstone_han
U+20123 U+20123 (U+20123) 𠄣 lastresort
U+20124 U+20124 (U+20124) 𠄤 code2002
U+20125 U+20125 (U+20125) 𠄥 code2002
U+20126 U+20126 (U+20126) 𠄦 code2002
U+20127 U+20127 (U+20127) 𠄧 lastresort
U+20128 U+20128 (U+20128) 𠄨 lastresort
U+20129 U+20129 (U+20129) 𠄩 code2002
U+2012A U+2012A (U+2012A) 𠄪 code2002
U+2012B U+2012B (U+2012B) 𠄫 lastresort
U+2012C U+2012C (U+2012C) 𠄬 code2002
U+2012D U+2012D (U+2012D) 𠄭 code2002
U+2012E U+2012E (U+2012E) 𠄮 lastresort
U+2012F U+2012F (U+2012F) 𠄯 lastresort
U+20130 U+20130 (U+20130) 𠄰 lastresort
U+20131 U+20131 (U+20131) 𠄱 lastresort
U+20132 U+20132 (U+20132) 𠄲 lastresort
U+20133 U+20133 (U+20133) 𠄳 code2002
U+20134 U+20134 (U+20134) 𠄴 code2002
U+20135 U+20135 (U+20135) 𠄵 lastresort
U+20136 U+20136 (U+20136) 𠄶 code2002
U+20137 U+20137 (U+20137) 𠄷 lastresort
U+20138 U+20138 (U+20138) 𠄸 lastresort
U+20139 U+20139 (U+20139) 𠄹 lastresort
U+2013A U+2013A (U+2013A) 𠄺 code2002
U+2013B U+2013B (U+2013B) 𠄻 code2002
U+2013C U+2013C (U+2013C) 𠄼 lastresort
U+2013D U+2013D (U+2013D) 𠄽 lastresort
U+2013E U+2013E (U+2013E) 𠄾 lastresort
U+2013F U+2013F (U+2013F) 𠄿 lastresort
U+20140 U+20140 (U+20140) 𠅀 code2002
U+20141 U+20141 (U+20141) 𠅁 code2002
U+20142 U+20142 (U+20142) 𠅂 code2002
U+20143 U+20143 (U+20143) 𠅃 code2002
U+20144 U+20144 (U+20144) 𠅄 code2002
U+20145 U+20145 (U+20145) 𠅅 code2002
U+20146 U+20146 (U+20146) 𠅆 lastresort
U+20147 U+20147 (U+20147) 𠅇 code2002
U+20148 U+20148 (U+20148) 𠅈 code2002
U+20149 U+20149 (U+20149) 𠅉 lastresort
U+2014A U+2014A (U+2014A) 𠅊 code2002
U+2014B U+2014B (U+2014B) 𠅋 lastresort
U+2014C U+2014C (U+2014C) 𠅌 code2002
U+2014D U+2014D (U+2014D) 𠅍 lastresort
U+2014E U+2014E (U+2014E) 𠅎 lastresort
U+2014F U+2014F (U+2014F) 𠅏 lastresort
U+20150 U+20150 (U+20150) 𠅐 code2002
U+20151 U+20151 (U+20151) 𠅑 lastresort
U+20152 U+20152 (U+20152) 𠅒 code2002
U+20153 U+20153 (U+20153) 𠅓 lastresort
U+20154 U+20154 (U+20154) 𠅔 code2002
U+20155 U+20155 (U+20155) 𠅕 lastresort
U+20156 U+20156 (U+20156) 𠅖 lastresort
U+20157 U+20157 (U+20157) 𠅗 code2002
U+20158 U+20158 (U+20158) 𠅘 lastresort
U+20159 U+20159 (U+20159) 𠅙 lastresort
U+2015A U+2015A (U+2015A) 𠅚 lastresort
U+2015B U+2015B (U+2015B) 𠅛 lastresort
U+2015C U+2015C (U+2015C) 𠅜 code2002
U+2015D U+2015D (U+2015D) 𠅝 lastresort
U+2015E U+2015E (U+2015E) 𠅞 lastresort
U+2015F U+2015F (U+2015F) 𠅟 lastresort
U+20160 U+20160 (U+20160) 𠅠 lastresort
U+20161 U+20161 (U+20161) 𠅡 lastresort
U+20162 U+20162 (U+20162) 𠅢 lastresort
U+20163 U+20163 (U+20163) 𠅣 lastresort
U+20164 U+20164 (U+20164) 𠅤 lastresort
U+20165 U+20165 (U+20165) 𠅥 lastresort
U+20166 U+20166 (U+20166) 𠅦 code2002
U+20167 U+20167 (U+20167) 𠅧 lastresort
U+20168 U+20168 (U+20168) 𠅨 lastresort
U+20169 U+20169 (U+20169) 𠅩 code2002
U+2016A U+2016A (U+2016A) 𠅪 lastresort
U+2016B U+2016B (U+2016B) 𠅫 lastresort
U+2016C U+2016C (U+2016C) 𠅬 lastresort
U+2016D U+2016D (U+2016D) 𠅭 lastresort
U+2016E U+2016E (U+2016E) 𠅮 code2002
U+2016F U+2016F (U+2016F) 𠅯 lastresort
U+20170 U+20170 (U+20170) 𠅰 lastresort
U+20171 U+20171 (U+20171) 𠅱 lastresort
U+20172 U+20172 (U+20172) 𠅲 lastresort
U+20173 U+20173 (U+20173) 𠅳 code2002
U+20174 U+20174 (U+20174) 𠅴 lastresort
U+20175 U+20175 (U+20175) 𠅵 code2002
U+20176 U+20176 (U+20176) 𠅶 lastresort
U+20177 U+20177 (U+20177) 𠅷 lastresort
U+20178 U+20178 (U+20178) 𠅸 lastresort
U+20179 U+20179 (U+20179) 𠅹 lastresort
U+2017A U+2017A (U+2017A) 𠅺 lastresort
U+2017B U+2017B (U+2017B) 𠅻 code2002
U+2017C U+2017C (U+2017C) 𠅼 lastresort
U+2017D U+2017D (U+2017D) 𠅽 lastresort
U+2017E U+2017E (U+2017E) 𠅾 lastresort
U+2017F U+2017F (U+2017F) 𠅿 lastresort
U+20180 U+20180 (U+20180) 𠆀 lastresort
U+20181 U+20181 (U+20181) 𠆁 lastresort
U+20182 U+20182 (U+20182) 𠆂 lastresort
U+20183 U+20183 (U+20183) 𠆃 code2002
U+20184 U+20184 (U+20184) 𠆄 lastresort
U+20185 U+20185 (U+20185) 𠆅 lastresort
U+20186 U+20186 (U+20186) 𠆆 lastresort
U+20187 U+20187 (U+20187) 𠆇 lastresort
U+20188 U+20188 (U+20188) 𠆈 lastresort
U+20189 U+20189 (U+20189) 𠆉 lastresort
U+2018A U+2018A (U+2018A) 𠆊 lastresort
U+2018B U+2018B (U+2018B) 𠆋 lastresort
U+2018C (variant of U+5EB8 庸) usual, common; to use (U+2018C) 𠆌 lastresort
U+2018D U+2018D (U+2018D) 𠆍 lastresort
U+2018E U+2018E (U+2018E) 𠆎 lastresort
U+2018F U+2018F (U+2018F) 𠆏 lastresort
U+20190 U+20190 (U+20190) 𠆐 lastresort
U+20191 U+20191 (U+20191) 𠆑 lastresort
U+20192 U+20192 (U+20192) 𠆒 lastresort
U+20193 U+20193 (U+20193) 𠆓 lastresort
U+20194 U+20194 (U+20194) 𠆔 code2002
U+20195 U+20195 (U+20195) 𠆕 lastresort
U+20196 U+20196 (U+20196) 𠆖 lastresort
U+20197 U+20197 (U+20197) 𠆗 code2002
U+20198 U+20198 (U+20198) 𠆘 lastresort
U+20199 U+20199 (U+20199) 𠆙 lastresort
U+2019A U+2019A (U+2019A) 𠆚 lastresort
U+2019B U+2019B (U+2019B) 𠆛 code2002
U+2019C U+2019C (U+2019C) 𠆜 code2002
U+2019D U+2019D (U+2019D) 𠆝 lastresort
U+2019E U+2019E (U+2019E) 𠆞 code2002
U+2019F U+2019F (U+2019F) 𠆟 lastresort
U+201A0 U+201A0 (U+201A0) 𠆠 lastresort
U+201A1 U+201A1 (U+201A1) 𠆡 lastresort
U+201A2 U+201A2 (U+201A2) 𠆢 code2002
U+201A3 U+201A3 (U+201A3) 𠆣 code2002
U+201A4 U+201A4 (U+201A4) 𠆤 code2002
U+201A5 U+201A5 (U+201A5) 𠆥 code2002
U+201A6 U+201A6 (U+201A6) 𠆦 code2002
U+201A7 U+201A7 (U+201A7) 𠆧 code2002
U+201A8 U+201A8 (U+201A8) 𠆨 code2002
U+201A9 (Cant.) to play (U+201A9) 𠆩 code2002
U+201AA U+201AA (U+201AA) 𠆪 lastresort
U+201AB U+201AB (U+201AB) 𠆫 code2002
U+201AC U+201AC (U+201AC) 𠆬 code2002
U+201AD U+201AD (U+201AD) 𠆭 lastresort
U+201AE U+201AE (U+201AE) 𠆮 code2002
U+201AF U+201AF (U+201AF) 𠆯 code2002
U+201B0 U+201B0 (U+201B0) 𠆰 code2002
U+201B1 U+201B1 (U+201B1) 𠆱 code2002
U+201B2 U+201B2 (U+201B2) 𠆲 code2002
U+201B3 U+201B3 (U+201B3) 𠆳 code2002
U+201B4 U+201B4 (U+201B4) 𠆴 code2002
U+201B5 U+201B5 (U+201B5) 𠆵 code2002
U+201B6 U+201B6 (U+201B6) 𠆶 code2002
U+201B7 U+201B7 (U+201B7) 𠆷 lastresort
U+201B8 U+201B8 (U+201B8) 𠆸 code2002
U+201B9 U+201B9 (U+201B9) 𠆹 lastresort
U+201BA U+201BA (U+201BA) 𠆺 lastresort
U+201BB U+201BB (U+201BB) 𠆻 code2002
U+201BC U+201BC (U+201BC) 𠆼 code2002
U+201BD U+201BD (U+201BD) 𠆽 code2002
U+201BE U+201BE (U+201BE) 𠆾 code2002
U+201BF U+201BF (U+201BF) 𠆿 code2002
U+201C0 U+201C0 (U+201C0) 𠇀 code2002
U+201C1 U+201C1 (U+201C1) 𠇁 code2002
U+201C2 U+201C2 (U+201C2) 𠇂 lastresort
U+201C3 U+201C3 (U+201C3) 𠇃 lastresort
U+201C4 U+201C4 (U+201C4) 𠇄 code2002
U+201C5 U+201C5 (U+201C5) 𠇅 code2002
U+201C6 U+201C6 (U+201C6) 𠇆 code2002
U+201C7 U+201C7 (U+201C7) 𠇇 lastresort
U+201C8 U+201C8 (U+201C8) 𠇈 code2002
U+201C9 U+201C9 (U+201C9) 𠇉 lastresort
U+201CA U+201CA (U+201CA) 𠇊 lastresort
U+201CB U+201CB (U+201CB) 𠇋 lastresort
U+201CC U+201CC (U+201CC) 𠇌 code2002
U+201CD U+201CD (U+201CD) 𠇍 code2002
U+201CE U+201CE (U+201CE) 𠇎 lastresort
U+201CF U+201CF (U+201CF) 𠇏 code2002
U+201D0 U+201D0 (U+201D0) 𠇐 code2002
U+201D1 U+201D1 (U+201D1) 𠇑 code2002
U+201D2 U+201D2 (U+201D2) 𠇒 lastresort
U+201D3 U+201D3 (U+201D3) 𠇓 code2002
U+201D4 U+201D4 (U+201D4) 𠇔 code2002
U+201D5 U+201D5 (U+201D5) 𠇕 code2002
U+201D6 U+201D6 (U+201D6) 𠇖 code2002
U+201D7 U+201D7 (U+201D7) 𠇗 code2002
U+201D8 U+201D8 (U+201D8) 𠇘 code2002
U+201D9 U+201D9 (U+201D9) 𠇙 code2002
U+201DA U+201DA (U+201DA) 𠇚 lastresort
U+201DB U+201DB (U+201DB) 𠇛 lastresort
U+201DC U+201DC (U+201DC) 𠇜 code2002
U+201DD U+201DD (U+201DD) 𠇝 code2002
U+201DE U+201DE (U+201DE) 𠇞 code2002
U+201DF U+201DF (U+201DF) 𠇟 code2002
U+201E0 U+201E0 (U+201E0) 𠇠 lastresort
U+201E1 U+201E1 (U+201E1) 𠇡 code2002
U+201E2 U+201E2 (U+201E2) 𠇢 code2002
U+201E3 U+201E3 (U+201E3) 𠇣 code2002
U+201E4 U+201E4 (U+201E4) 𠇤 code2002
U+201E5 U+201E5 (U+201E5) 𠇥 code2002
U+201E6 U+201E6 (U+201E6) 𠇦 code2002
U+201E7 U+201E7 (U+201E7) 𠇧 lastresort
U+201E8 U+201E8 (U+201E8) 𠇨 code2002
U+201E9 U+201E9 (U+201E9) 𠇩 code2002
U+201EA U+201EA (U+201EA) 𠇪 code2002
U+201EB U+201EB (U+201EB) 𠇫 code2002
U+201EC U+201EC (U+201EC) 𠇬 lastresort
U+201ED U+201ED (U+201ED) 𠇭 code2002
U+201EE U+201EE (U+201EE) 𠇮 code2002
U+201EF U+201EF (U+201EF) 𠇯 lastresort
U+201F0 U+201F0 (U+201F0) 𠇰 lastresort
U+201F1 U+201F1 (U+201F1) 𠇱 code2002
U+201F2 U+201F2 (U+201F2) 𠇲 code2002
U+201F3 U+201F3 (U+201F3) 𠇳 code2002
U+201F4 U+201F4 (U+201F4) 𠇴 code2002
U+201F5 U+201F5 (U+201F5) 𠇵 lastresort
U+201F6 U+201F6 (U+201F6) 𠇶 code2002
U+201F7 U+201F7 (U+201F7) 𠇷 code2002
U+201F8 U+201F8 (U+201F8) 𠇸 code2002
U+201F9 U+201F9 (U+201F9) 𠇹 code2002
U+201FA U+201FA (U+201FA) 𠇺 code2002
U+201FB U+201FB (U+201FB) 𠇻 code2002
U+201FC U+201FC (U+201FC) 𠇼 code2002
U+201FD U+201FD (U+201FD) 𠇽 code2002
U+201FE U+201FE (U+201FE) 𠇾 code2002
U+201FF U+201FF (U+201FF) 𠇿 code2002
U+20200 U+20200 (U+20200) 𠈀 code2002
U+20201 U+20201 (U+20201) 𠈁 code2002
U+20202 U+20202 (U+20202) 𠈂 code2002
U+20203 U+20203 (U+20203) 𠈃 lastresort
U+20204 U+20204 (U+20204) 𠈄 code2002
U+20205 U+20205 (U+20205) 𠈅 code2002
U+20206 U+20206 (U+20206) 𠈆 code2002
U+20207 U+20207 (U+20207) 𠈇 code2002
U+20208 U+20208 (U+20208) 𠈈 code2002
U+20209 U+20209 (U+20209) 𠈉 code2002
U+2020A U+2020A (U+2020A) 𠈊 lastresort
U+2020B U+2020B (U+2020B) 𠈋 lastresort
U+2020C U+2020C (U+2020C) 𠈌 babelstone_han
U+2020D U+2020D (U+2020D) 𠈍 lastresort
U+2020E U+2020E (U+2020E) 𠈎 lastresort
U+2020F U+2020F (U+2020F) 𠈏 code2002
U+20210 U+20210 (U+20210) 𠈐 code2002
U+20211 U+20211 (U+20211) 𠈑 code2002
U+20212 U+20212 (U+20212) 𠈒 lastresort
U+20213 U+20213 (U+20213) 𠈓 code2002
U+20214 U+20214 (U+20214) 𠈔 dfsongstd
U+20215 U+20215 (U+20215) 𠈕 lastresort
U+20216 U+20216 (U+20216) 𠈖 lastresort
U+20217 U+20217 (U+20217) 𠈗 code2002
U+20218 U+20218 (U+20218) 𠈘 lastresort
U+20219 U+20219 (U+20219) 𠈙 code2002
U+2021A U+2021A (U+2021A) 𠈚 code2002
U+2021B U+2021B (U+2021B) 𠈛 code2002
U+2021C U+2021C (U+2021C) 𠈜 code2002
U+2021D U+2021D (U+2021D) 𠈝 lastresort
U+2021E U+2021E (U+2021E) 𠈞 lastresort
U+2021F U+2021F (U+2021F) 𠈟 code2002
U+20220 U+20220 (U+20220) 𠈠 code2002
U+20221 U+20221 (U+20221) 𠈡 code2002
U+20222 U+20222 (U+20222) 𠈢 code2002
U+20223 U+20223 (U+20223) 𠈣 lastresort
U+20224 U+20224 (U+20224) 𠈤 lastresort
U+20225 U+20225 (U+20225) 𠈥 lastresort
U+20226 U+20226 (U+20226) 𠈦 code2002
U+20227 U+20227 (U+20227) 𠈧 lastresort
U+20228 U+20228 (U+20228) 𠈨 lastresort
U+20229 U+20229 (U+20229) 𠈩 lastresort
U+2022A U+2022A (U+2022A) 𠈪 lastresort
U+2022B U+2022B (U+2022B) 𠈫 lastresort
U+2022C U+2022C (U+2022C) 𠈬 lastresort
U+2022D U+2022D (U+2022D) 𠈭 code2002
U+2022E U+2022E (U+2022E) 𠈮 lastresort
U+2022F U+2022F (U+2022F) 𠈯 code2002
U+20230 U+20230 (U+20230) 𠈰 code2002
U+20231 U+20231 (U+20231) 𠈱 lastresort
U+20232 U+20232 (U+20232) 𠈲 lastresort
U+20233 U+20233 (U+20233) 𠈳 lastresort
U+20234 U+20234 (U+20234) 𠈴 lastresort
U+20235 U+20235 (U+20235) 𠈵 code2002
U+20236 U+20236 (U+20236) 𠈶 code2002
U+20237 U+20237 (U+20237) 𠈷 lastresort
U+20238 U+20238 (U+20238) 𠈸 code2002
U+20239 U+20239 (U+20239) 𠈹 lastresort
U+2023A U+2023A (U+2023A) 𠈺 code2002
U+2023B U+2023B (U+2023B) 𠈻 code2002
U+2023C U+2023C (U+2023C) 𠈼 code2002
U+2023D U+2023D (U+2023D) 𠈽 lastresort
U+2023E U+2023E (U+2023E) 𠈾 lastresort
U+2023F U+2023F (U+2023F) 𠈿 lastresort
U+20240 U+20240 (U+20240) 𠉀 code2002
U+20241 U+20241 (U+20241) 𠉁 lastresort
U+20242 U+20242 (U+20242) 𠉂 babelstone_han
U+20243 U+20243 (U+20243) 𠉃 code2002
U+20244 U+20244 (U+20244) 𠉄 code2002
U+20245 U+20245 (U+20245) 𠉅 lastresort
U+20246 U+20246 (U+20246) 𠉆 code2002
U+20247 U+20247 (U+20247) 𠉇 code2002
U+20248 U+20248 (U+20248) 𠉈 lastresort
U+20249 U+20249 (U+20249) 𠉉 code2002
U+2024A U+2024A (U+2024A) 𠉊 code2002
U+2024B U+2024B (U+2024B) 𠉋 code2002
U+2024C U+2024C (U+2024C) 𠉌 lastresort
U+2024D U+2024D (U+2024D) 𠉍 code2002
U+2024E U+2024E (U+2024E) 𠉎 lastresort
U+2024F U+2024F (U+2024F) 𠉏 code2002
U+20250 U+20250 (U+20250) 𠉐 code2002
U+20251 U+20251 (U+20251) 𠉑 code2002
U+20252 U+20252 (U+20252) 𠉒 code2002
U+20253 U+20253 (U+20253) 𠉓 lastresort
U+20254 U+20254 (U+20254) 𠉔 lastresort
U+20255 U+20255 (U+20255) 𠉕 lastresort
U+20256 U+20256 (U+20256) 𠉖 code2002
U+20257 U+20257 (U+20257) 𠉗 code2002
U+20258 U+20258 (U+20258) 𠉘 code2002
U+20259 U+20259 (U+20259) 𠉙 lastresort
U+2025A U+2025A (U+2025A) 𠉚 lastresort
U+2025B U+2025B (U+2025B) 𠉛 code2002
U+2025C U+2025C (U+2025C) 𠉜 code2002
U+2025D U+2025D (U+2025D) 𠉝 lastresort
U+2025E U+2025E (U+2025E) 𠉞 code2002
U+2025F U+2025F (U+2025F) 𠉟 lastresort
U+20260 U+20260 (U+20260) 𠉠 code2002
U+20261 U+20261 (U+20261) 𠉡 code2002
U+20262 U+20262 (U+20262) 𠉢 lastresort
U+20263 U+20263 (U+20263) 𠉣 code2002
U+20264 U+20264 (U+20264) 𠉤 code2002
U+20265 U+20265 (U+20265) 𠉥 lastresort
U+20266 U+20266 (U+20266) 𠉦 lastresort
U+20267 U+20267 (U+20267) 𠉧 code2002
U+20268 U+20268 (U+20268) 𠉨 lastresort
U+20269 U+20269 (U+20269) 𠉩 code2002
U+2026A U+2026A (U+2026A) 𠉪 babelstone_han
U+2026B U+2026B (U+2026B) 𠉫 code2002
U+2026C U+2026C (U+2026C) 𠉬 lastresort
U+2026D U+2026D (U+2026D) 𠉭 lastresort
U+2026E U+2026E (U+2026E) 𠉮 code2002
U+2026F U+2026F (U+2026F) 𠉯 code2002
U+20270 U+20270 (U+20270) 𠉰 code2002
U+20271 U+20271 (U+20271) 𠉱 lastresort
U+20272 U+20272 (U+20272) 𠉲 code2002
U+20273 U+20273 (U+20273) 𠉳 lastresort
U+20274 U+20274 (U+20274) 𠉴 dfsongstd
U+20275 U+20275 (U+20275) 𠉵 dfsongstd
U+20276 U+20276 (U+20276) 𠉶 lastresort
U+20277 U+20277 (U+20277) 𠉷 lastresort
U+20278 U+20278 (U+20278) 𠉸 code2002
U+20279 U+20279 (U+20279) 𠉹 code2002
U+2027A U+2027A (U+2027A) 𠉺 lastresort
U+2027B U+2027B (U+2027B) 𠉻 lastresort
U+2027C U+2027C (U+2027C) 𠉼 code2002
U+2027D U+2027D (U+2027D) 𠉽 code2002
U+2027E U+2027E (U+2027E) 𠉾 code2002
U+2027F U+2027F (U+2027F) 𠉿 code2002
U+20280 U+20280 (U+20280) 𠊀 code2002
U+20281 U+20281 (U+20281) 𠊁 code2002
U+20282 U+20282 (U+20282) 𠊂 lastresort
U+20283 U+20283 (U+20283) 𠊃 code2002
U+20284 U+20284 (U+20284) 𠊄 code2002
U+20285 U+20285 (U+20285) 𠊅 lastresort
U+20286 U+20286 (U+20286) 𠊆 code2002
U+20287 U+20287 (U+20287) 𠊇 lastresort
U+20288 U+20288 (U+20288) 𠊈 code2002
U+20289 U+20289 (U+20289) 𠊉 code2002
U+2028A U+2028A (U+2028A) 𠊊 lastresort
U+2028B U+2028B (U+2028B) 𠊋 lastresort
U+2028C U+2028C (U+2028C) 𠊌 code2002
U+2028D U+2028D (U+2028D) 𠊍 lastresort
U+2028E U+2028E (U+2028E) 𠊎 code2002
U+2028F U+2028F (U+2028F) 𠊏 code2002
U+20290 U+20290 (U+20290) 𠊐 code2002
U+20291 U+20291 (U+20291) 𠊑 code2002
U+20292 U+20292 (U+20292) 𠊒 lastresort
U+20293 U+20293 (U+20293) 𠊓 lastresort
U+20294 U+20294 (U+20294) 𠊔 code2002
U+20295 U+20295 (U+20295) 𠊕 code2002
U+20296 U+20296 (U+20296) 𠊖 lastresort
U+20297 U+20297 (U+20297) 𠊗 lastresort
U+20298 U+20298 (U+20298) 𠊘 code2002
U+20299 U+20299 (U+20299) 𠊙 code2002
U+2029A U+2029A (U+2029A) 𠊚 code2002
U+2029B U+2029B (U+2029B) 𠊛 code2002
U+2029C U+2029C (U+2029C) 𠊜 lastresort
U+2029D U+2029D (U+2029D) 𠊝 lastresort
U+2029E U+2029E (U+2029E) 𠊞 code2002
U+2029F U+2029F (U+2029F) 𠊟 code2002
U+202A0 U+202A0 (U+202A0) 𠊠 code2002
U+202A1 U+202A1 (U+202A1) 𠊡 code2002
U+202A2 U+202A2 (U+202A2) 𠊢 lastresort
U+202A3 U+202A3 (U+202A3) 𠊣 code2002
U+202A4 U+202A4 (U+202A4) 𠊤 lastresort
U+202A5 U+202A5 (U+202A5) 𠊥 lastresort
U+202A6 U+202A6 (U+202A6) 𠊦 lastresort
U+202A7 even, together; to reduce, equalize (U+202A7) 𠊧 lastresort
U+202A8 U+202A8 (U+202A8) 𠊨 babelstone_han
U+202A9 U+202A9 (U+202A9) 𠊩 code2002
U+202AA U+202AA (U+202AA) 𠊪 code2002
U+202AB U+202AB (U+202AB) 𠊫 code2002
U+202AC U+202AC (U+202AC) 𠊬 code2002
U+202AD U+202AD (U+202AD) 𠊭 code2002
U+202AE U+202AE (U+202AE) 𠊮 lastresort
U+202AF U+202AF (U+202AF) 𠊯 lastresort
U+202B0 U+202B0 (U+202B0) 𠊰 code2002
U+202B1 U+202B1 (U+202B1) 𠊱 lastresort
U+202B2 U+202B2 (U+202B2) 𠊲 code2002
U+202B3 U+202B3 (U+202B3) 𠊳 code2002
U+202B4 U+202B4 (U+202B4) 𠊴 code2002
U+202B5 U+202B5 (U+202B5) 𠊵 lastresort
U+202B6 U+202B6 (U+202B6) 𠊶 lastresort
U+202B7 U+202B7 (U+202B7) 𠊷 code2002
U+202B8 U+202B8 (U+202B8) 𠊸 lastresort
U+202B9 U+202B9 (U+202B9) 𠊹 lastresort
U+202BA U+202BA (U+202BA) 𠊺 lastresort
U+202BB U+202BB (U+202BB) 𠊻 lastresort
U+202BC U+202BC (U+202BC) 𠊼 lastresort
U+202BD U+202BD (U+202BD) 𠊽 lastresort
U+202BE U+202BE (U+202BE) 𠊾 code2002
U+202BF U+202BF (U+202BF) 𠊿 code2002
U+202C0 U+202C0 (U+202C0) 𠋀 dfsongstd
U+202C1 U+202C1 (U+202C1) 𠋁 lastresort
U+202C2 U+202C2 (U+202C2) 𠋂 lastresort
U+202C3 U+202C3 (U+202C3) 𠋃 lastresort
U+202C4 U+202C4 (U+202C4) 𠋄 lastresort
U+202C5 U+202C5 (U+202C5) 𠋅 code2002
U+202C6 U+202C6 (U+202C6) 𠋆 babelstone_han
U+202C7 U+202C7 (U+202C7) 𠋇 lastresort
U+202C8 U+202C8 (U+202C8) 𠋈 lastresort
U+202C9 U+202C9 (U+202C9) 𠋉 code2002
U+202CA U+202CA (U+202CA) 𠋊 lastresort
U+202CB U+202CB (U+202CB) 𠋋 lastresort
U+202CC U+202CC (U+202CC) 𠋌 lastresort
U+202CD U+202CD (U+202CD) 𠋍 lastresort
U+202CE U+202CE (U+202CE) 𠋎 lastresort
U+202CF U+202CF (U+202CF) 𠋏 code2002
U+202D0 U+202D0 (U+202D0) 𠋐 lastresort
U+202D1 U+202D1 (U+202D1) 𠋑 lastresort
U+202D2 U+202D2 (U+202D2) 𠋒 lastresort
U+202D3 U+202D3 (U+202D3) 𠋓 lastresort
U+202D4 U+202D4 (U+202D4) 𠋔 lastresort
U+202D5 U+202D5 (U+202D5) 𠋕 lastresort
U+202D6 U+202D6 (U+202D6) 𠋖 code2002
U+202D7 U+202D7 (U+202D7) 𠋗 lastresort
U+202D8 U+202D8 (U+202D8) 𠋘 code2002
U+202D9 U+202D9 (U+202D9) 𠋙 code2002
U+202DA U+202DA (U+202DA) 𠋚 lastresort
U+202DB U+202DB (U+202DB) 𠋛 lastresort
U+202DC U+202DC (U+202DC) 𠋜 lastresort
U+202DD U+202DD (U+202DD) 𠋝 code2002
U+202DE U+202DE (U+202DE) 𠋞 lastresort
U+202DF U+202DF (U+202DF) 𠋟 code2002
U+202E0 U+202E0 (U+202E0) 𠋠 lastresort
U+202E1 U+202E1 (U+202E1) 𠋡 code2002
U+202E2 U+202E2 (U+202E2) 𠋢 code2002
U+202E3 U+202E3 (U+202E3) 𠋣 lastresort
U+202E4 U+202E4 (U+202E4) 𠋤 code2002
U+202E5 U+202E5 (U+202E5) 𠋥 code2002
U+202E6 U+202E6 (U+202E6) 𠋦 code2002
U+202E7 U+202E7 (U+202E7) 𠋧 code2002
U+202E8 U+202E8 (U+202E8) 𠋨 lastresort
U+202E9 U+202E9 (U+202E9) 𠋩 lastresort
U+202EA U+202EA (U+202EA) 𠋪 lastresort
U+202EB U+202EB (U+202EB) 𠋫 code2002
U+202EC U+202EC (U+202EC) 𠋬 code2002
U+202ED U+202ED (U+202ED) 𠋭 lastresort
U+202EE U+202EE (U+202EE) 𠋮 lastresort
U+202EF U+202EF (U+202EF) 𠋯 code2002
U+202F0 U+202F0 (U+202F0) 𠋰 lastresort
U+202F1 U+202F1 (U+202F1) 𠋱 lastresort
U+202F2 U+202F2 (U+202F2) 𠋲 code2002
U+202F3 U+202F3 (U+202F3) 𠋳 lastresort
U+202F4 U+202F4 (U+202F4) 𠋴 code2002
U+202F5 U+202F5 (U+202F5) 𠋵 code2002
U+202F6 U+202F6 (U+202F6) 𠋶 lastresort
U+202F7 U+202F7 (U+202F7) 𠋷 code2002
U+202F8 U+202F8 (U+202F8) 𠋸 lastresort
U+202F9 U+202F9 (U+202F9) 𠋹 lastresort
U+202FA U+202FA (U+202FA) 𠋺 code2002
U+202FB U+202FB (U+202FB) 𠋻 code2002
U+202FC U+202FC (U+202FC) 𠋼 lastresort
U+202FD U+202FD (U+202FD) 𠋽 lastresort
U+202FE U+202FE (U+202FE) 𠋾 lastresort
U+202FF U+202FF (U+202FF) 𠋿 lastresort
U+20300 U+20300 (U+20300) 𠌀 lastresort
U+20301 U+20301 (U+20301) 𠌁 lastresort
U+20302 U+20302 (U+20302) 𠌂 lastresort
U+20303 U+20303 (U+20303) 𠌃 lastresort
U+20304 U+20304 (U+20304) 𠌄 code2002
U+20305 U+20305 (U+20305) 𠌅 lastresort
U+20306 U+20306 (U+20306) 𠌆 code2002
U+20307 U+20307 (U+20307) 𠌇 code2002
U+20308 U+20308 (U+20308) 𠌈 lastresort
U+20309 U+20309 (U+20309) 𠌉 lastresort
U+2030A U+2030A (U+2030A) 𠌊 dfsongstd
U+2030B U+2030B (U+2030B) 𠌋 lastresort
U+2030C U+2030C (U+2030C) 𠌌 lastresort
U+2030D U+2030D (U+2030D) 𠌍 lastresort
U+2030E U+2030E (U+2030E) 𠌎 lastresort
U+2030F U+2030F (U+2030F) 𠌏 lastresort
U+20310 U+20310 (U+20310) 𠌐 lastresort
U+20311 U+20311 (U+20311) 𠌑 lastresort
U+20312 U+20312 (U+20312) 𠌒 lastresort
U+20313 U+20313 (U+20313) 𠌓 lastresort
U+20314 U+20314 (U+20314) 𠌔 lastresort
U+20315 U+20315 (U+20315) 𠌕 code2002
U+20316 U+20316 (U+20316) 𠌖 lastresort
U+20317 U+20317 (U+20317) 𠌗 lastresort
U+20318 U+20318 (U+20318) 𠌘 code2002
U+20319 U+20319 (U+20319) 𠌙 code2002
U+2031A U+2031A (U+2031A) 𠌚 lastresort
U+2031B U+2031B (U+2031B) 𠌛 lastresort
U+2031C U+2031C (U+2031C) 𠌜 code2002
U+2031D U+2031D (U+2031D) 𠌝 lastresort
U+2031E U+2031E (U+2031E) 𠌞 lastresort
U+2031F U+2031F (U+2031F) 𠌟 lastresort
U+20320 U+20320 (U+20320) 𠌠 code2002
U+20321 U+20321 (U+20321) 𠌡 code2002
U+20322 U+20322 (U+20322) 𠌢 lastresort
U+20323 U+20323 (U+20323) 𠌣 lastresort
U+20324 U+20324 (U+20324) 𠌤 lastresort
U+20325 (Cant.) to bow, stoop (U+20325) 𠌥 dfsongstd
U+20326 U+20326 (U+20326) 𠌦 code2002
U+20327 U+20327 (U+20327) 𠌧 lastresort
U+20328 U+20328 (U+20328) 𠌨 code2002
U+20329 U+20329 (U+20329) 𠌩 lastresort
U+2032A U+2032A (U+2032A) 𠌪 lastresort
U+2032B U+2032B (U+2032B) 𠌫 code2002
U+2032C U+2032C (U+2032C) 𠌬 code2002
U+2032D U+2032D (U+2032D) 𠌭 code2002
U+2032E U+2032E (U+2032E) 𠌮 code2002
U+2032F U+2032F (U+2032F) 𠌯 code2002
U+20330 U+20330 (U+20330) 𠌰 lastresort
U+20331 U+20331 (U+20331) 𠌱 lastresort
U+20332 U+20332 (U+20332) 𠌲 lastresort
U+20333 U+20333 (U+20333) 𠌳 lastresort
U+20334 U+20334 (U+20334) 𠌴 lastresort
U+20335 U+20335 (U+20335) 𠌵 code2002
U+20336 U+20336 (U+20336) 𠌶 lastresort
U+20337 U+20337 (U+20337) 𠌷 lastresort
U+20338 U+20338 (U+20338) 𠌸 lastresort
U+20339 U+20339 (U+20339) 𠌹 lastresort
U+2033A U+2033A (U+2033A) 𠌺 lastresort
U+2033B U+2033B (U+2033B) 𠌻 lastresort
U+2033C U+2033C (U+2033C) 𠌼 code2002
U+2033D U+2033D (U+2033D) 𠌽 lastresort
U+2033E U+2033E (U+2033E) 𠌾 lastresort
U+2033F U+2033F (U+2033F) 𠌿 lastresort
U+20340 U+20340 (U+20340) 𠍀 code2002
U+20341 (Cant.) an undesirable situation (U+20341) 𠍁 dfsongstd
U+20342 U+20342 (U+20342) 𠍂 lastresort
U+20343 U+20343 (U+20343) 𠍃 lastresort
U+20344 U+20344 (U+20344) 𠍄 lastresort
U+20345 U+20345 (U+20345) 𠍅 code2002
U+20346 U+20346 (U+20346) 𠍆 dfsongstd
U+20347 U+20347 (U+20347) 𠍇 dfsongstd
U+20348 U+20348 (U+20348) 𠍈 lastresort
U+20349 U+20349 (U+20349) 𠍉 code2002
U+2034A U+2034A (U+2034A) 𠍊 code2002
U+2034B U+2034B (U+2034B) 𠍋 lastresort
U+2034C U+2034C (U+2034C) 𠍌 lastresort
U+2034D U+2034D (U+2034D) 𠍍 lastresort
U+2034E U+2034E (U+2034E) 𠍎 lastresort
U+2034F U+2034F (U+2034F) 𠍏 code2002
U+20350 U+20350 (U+20350) 𠍐 code2002
U+20351 U+20351 (U+20351) 𠍑 lastresort
U+20352 U+20352 (U+20352) 𠍒 lastresort
U+20353 U+20353 (U+20353) 𠍓 lastresort
U+20354 U+20354 (U+20354) 𠍔 lastresort
U+20355 U+20355 (U+20355) 𠍕 code2002
U+20356 U+20356 (U+20356) 𠍖 lastresort
U+20357 U+20357 (U+20357) 𠍗 lastresort
U+20358 U+20358 (U+20358) 𠍘 lastresort
U+20359 U+20359 (U+20359) 𠍙 lastresort
U+2035A U+2035A (U+2035A) 𠍚 lastresort
U+2035B U+2035B (U+2035B) 𠍛 lastresort
U+2035C U+2035C (U+2035C) 𠍜 lastresort
U+2035D U+2035D (U+2035D) 𠍝 lastresort
U+2035E U+2035E (U+2035E) 𠍞 lastresort
U+2035F U+2035F (U+2035F) 𠍟 lastresort
U+20360 U+20360 (U+20360) 𠍠 lastresort
U+20361 U+20361 (U+20361) 𠍡 lastresort
U+20362 U+20362 (U+20362) 𠍢 lastresort
U+20363 U+20363 (U+20363) 𠍣 lastresort
U+20364 U+20364 (U+20364) 𠍤 lastresort
U+20365 U+20365 (U+20365) 𠍥 lastresort
U+20366 U+20366 (U+20366) 𠍦 lastresort
U+20367 U+20367 (U+20367) 𠍧 lastresort
U+20368 U+20368 (U+20368) 𠍨 code2002
U+20369 U+20369 (U+20369) 𠍩 lastresort
U+2036A U+2036A (U+2036A) 𠍪 lastresort
U+2036B U+2036B (U+2036B) 𠍫 lastresort
U+2036C U+2036C (U+2036C) 𠍬 lastresort
U+2036D U+2036D (U+2036D) 𠍭 lastresort
U+2036E U+2036E (U+2036E) 𠍮 lastresort
U+2036F U+2036F (U+2036F) 𠍯 code2002
U+20370 U+20370 (U+20370) 𠍰 lastresort
U+20371 U+20371 (U+20371) 𠍱 lastresort
U+20372 U+20372 (U+20372) 𠍲 code2002
U+20373 U+20373 (U+20373) 𠍳 lastresort
U+20374 U+20374 (U+20374) 𠍴 lastresort
U+20375 U+20375 (U+20375) 𠍵 code2002
U+20376 U+20376 (U+20376) 𠍶 lastresort
U+20377 U+20377 (U+20377) 𠍷 code2002
U+20378 U+20378 (U+20378) 𠍸 lastresort
U+20379 U+20379 (U+20379) 𠍹 code2002
U+2037A U+2037A (U+2037A) 𠍺 lastresort
U+2037B U+2037B (U+2037B) 𠍻 lastresort
U+2037C U+2037C (U+2037C) 𠍼 code2002
U+2037D U+2037D (U+2037D) 𠍽 code2002
U+2037E U+2037E (U+2037E) 𠍾 dfsongstd
U+2037F U+2037F (U+2037F) 𠍿 code2002
U+20380 U+20380 (U+20380) 𠎀 dfsongstd
U+20381 U+20381 (U+20381) 𠎁 lastresort
U+20382 U+20382 (U+20382) 𠎂 lastresort
U+20383 U+20383 (U+20383) 𠎃 lastresort
U+20384 U+20384 (U+20384) 𠎄 code2002
U+20385 U+20385 (U+20385) 𠎅 lastresort
U+20386 U+20386 (U+20386) 𠎆 code2002
U+20387 U+20387 (U+20387) 𠎇 lastresort
U+20388 U+20388 (U+20388) 𠎈 code2002
U+20389 U+20389 (U+20389) 𠎉 lastresort
U+2038A U+2038A (U+2038A) 𠎊 lastresort
U+2038B U+2038B (U+2038B) 𠎋 code2002
U+2038C U+2038C (U+2038C) 𠎌 lastresort
U+2038D U+2038D (U+2038D) 𠎍 lastresort
U+2038E U+2038E (U+2038E) 𠎎 lastresort
U+2038F U+2038F (U+2038F) 𠎏 lastresort
U+20390 U+20390 (U+20390) 𠎐 lastresort
U+20391 U+20391 (U+20391) 𠎑 code2002
U+20392 U+20392 (U+20392) 𠎒 code2002
U+20393 U+20393 (U+20393) 𠎓 code2002
U+20394 U+20394 (U+20394) 𠎔 lastresort
U+20395 U+20395 (U+20395) 𠎕 lastresort
U+20396 U+20396 (U+20396) 𠎖 lastresort
U+20397 U+20397 (U+20397) 𠎗 lastresort
U+20398 U+20398 (U+20398) 𠎘 lastresort
U+20399 U+20399 (U+20399) 𠎙 code2002
U+2039A U+2039A (U+2039A) 𠎚 lastresort
U+2039B U+2039B (U+2039B) 𠎛 lastresort
U+2039C U+2039C (U+2039C) 𠎜 lastresort
U+2039D U+2039D (U+2039D) 𠎝 lastresort
U+2039E U+2039E (U+2039E) 𠎞 lastresort
U+2039F U+2039F (U+2039F) 𠎟 lastresort
U+203A0 U+203A0 (U+203A0) 𠎠 code2002
U+203A1 U+203A1 (U+203A1) 𠎡 lastresort
U+203A2 U+203A2 (U+203A2) 𠎢 lastresort
U+203A3 U+203A3 (U+203A3) 𠎣 lastresort
U+203A4 U+203A4 (U+203A4) 𠎤 lastresort
U+203A5 U+203A5 (U+203A5) 𠎥 lastresort
U+203A6 U+203A6 (U+203A6) 𠎦 code2002
U+203A7 U+203A7 (U+203A7) 𠎧 code2002
U+203A8 U+203A8 (U+203A8) 𠎨 code2002
U+203A9 U+203A9 (U+203A9) 𠎩 lastresort
U+203AA U+203AA (U+203AA) 𠎪 lastresort
U+203AB U+203AB (U+203AB) 𠎫 code2002
U+203AC U+203AC (U+203AC) 𠎬 lastresort
U+203AD U+203AD (U+203AD) 𠎭 code2002
U+203AE U+203AE (U+203AE) 𠎮 code2002
U+203AF U+203AF (U+203AF) 𠎯 code2002
U+203B0 U+203B0 (U+203B0) 𠎰 lastresort
U+203B1 U+203B1 (U+203B1) 𠎱 lastresort
U+203B2 U+203B2 (U+203B2) 𠎲 lastresort
U+203B3 U+203B3 (U+203B3) 𠎳 lastresort
U+203B4 U+203B4 (U+203B4) 𠎴 lastresort
U+203B5 U+203B5 (U+203B5) 𠎵 dfsongstd
U+203B6 U+203B6 (U+203B6) 𠎶 code2002
U+203B7 U+203B7 (U+203B7) 𠎷 lastresort
U+203B8 U+203B8 (U+203B8) 𠎸 code2002
U+203B9 U+203B9 (U+203B9) 𠎹 lastresort
U+203BA U+203BA (U+203BA) 𠎺 code2002
U+203BB U+203BB (U+203BB) 𠎻 lastresort
U+203BC U+203BC (U+203BC) 𠎼 code2002
U+203BD U+203BD (U+203BD) 𠎽 lastresort
U+203BE U+203BE (U+203BE) 𠎾 lastresort
U+203BF U+203BF (U+203BF) 𠎿 lastresort
U+203C0 U+203C0 (U+203C0) 𠏀 lastresort
U+203C1 U+203C1 (U+203C1) 𠏁 code2002
U+203C2 U+203C2 (U+203C2) 𠏂 lastresort
U+203C3 U+203C3 (U+203C3) 𠏃 lastresort
U+203C4 U+203C4 (U+203C4) 𠏄 code2002
U+203C5 U+203C5 (U+203C5) 𠏅 lastresort
U+203C6 U+203C6 (U+203C6) 𠏆 lastresort
U+203C7 U+203C7 (U+203C7) 𠏇 lastresort
U+203C8 U+203C8 (U+203C8) 𠏈 lastresort
U+203C9 U+203C9 (U+203C9) 𠏉 dfsongstd
U+203CA U+203CA (U+203CA) 𠏊 lastresort
U+203CB U+203CB (U+203CB) 𠏋 code2002
U+203CC U+203CC (U+203CC) 𠏌 lastresort
U+203CD U+203CD (U+203CD) 𠏍 lastresort
U+203CE U+203CE (U+203CE) 𠏎 lastresort
U+203CF U+203CF (U+203CF) 𠏏 lastresort
U+203D0 U+203D0 (U+203D0) 𠏐 lastresort
U+203D1 U+203D1 (U+203D1) 𠏑 lastresort
U+203D2 U+203D2 (U+203D2) 𠏒 lastresort
U+203D3 U+203D3 (U+203D3) 𠏓 code2002
U+203D4 U+203D4 (U+203D4) 𠏔 lastresort
U+203D5 U+203D5 (U+203D5) 𠏕 lastresort
U+203D6 U+203D6 (U+203D6) 𠏖 lastresort
U+203D7 U+203D7 (U+203D7) 𠏗 lastresort
U+203D8 U+203D8 (U+203D8) 𠏘 lastresort
U+203D9 U+203D9 (U+203D9) 𠏙 lastresort
U+203DA U+203DA (U+203DA) 𠏚 lastresort
U+203DB U+203DB (U+203DB) 𠏛 lastresort
U+203DC U+203DC (U+203DC) 𠏜 lastresort
U+203DD U+203DD (U+203DD) 𠏝 code2002
U+203DE U+203DE (U+203DE) 𠏞 lastresort
U+203DF U+203DF (U+203DF) 𠏟 lastresort
U+203E0 U+203E0 (U+203E0) 𠏠 lastresort
U+203E1 U+203E1 (U+203E1) 𠏡 lastresort
U+203E2 U+203E2 (U+203E2) 𠏢 code2002
U+203E3 U+203E3 (U+203E3) 𠏣 lastresort
U+203E4 U+203E4 (U+203E4) 𠏤 lastresort
U+203E5 U+203E5 (U+203E5) 𠏥 lastresort
U+203E6 U+203E6 (U+203E6) 𠏦 lastresort
U+203E7 U+203E7 (U+203E7) 𠏧 code2002
U+203E8 U+203E8 (U+203E8) 𠏨 lastresort
U+203E9 U+203E9 (U+203E9) 𠏩 lastresort
U+203EA U+203EA (U+203EA) 𠏪 lastresort
U+203EB U+203EB (U+203EB) 𠏫 lastresort
U+203EC U+203EC (U+203EC) 𠏬 lastresort
U+203ED U+203ED (U+203ED) 𠏭 code2002
U+203EE U+203EE (U+203EE) 𠏮 code2002
U+203EF U+203EF (U+203EF) 𠏯 code2002
U+203F0 U+203F0 (U+203F0) 𠏰 code2002
U+203F1 U+203F1 (U+203F1) 𠏱 lastresort
U+203F2 U+203F2 (U+203F2) 𠏲 code2002
U+203F3 U+203F3 (U+203F3) 𠏳 lastresort
U+203F4 U+203F4 (U+203F4) 𠏴 code2002
U+203F5 U+203F5 (U+203F5) 𠏵 dfsongstd
U+203F6 U+203F6 (U+203F6) 𠏶 lastresort
U+203F7 U+203F7 (U+203F7) 𠏷 code2002
U+203F8 U+203F8 (U+203F8) 𠏸 lastresort
U+203F9 U+203F9 (U+203F9) 𠏹 lastresort
U+203FA U+203FA (U+203FA) 𠏺 code2002
U+203FB U+203FB (U+203FB) 𠏻 code2002
U+203FC U+203FC (U+203FC) 𠏼 dfsongstd
U+203FD U+203FD (U+203FD) 𠏽 lastresort
U+203FE U+203FE (U+203FE) 𠏾 lastresort
U+203FF U+203FF (U+203FF) 𠏿 code2002
U+20400 U+20400 (U+20400) 𠐀 lastresort
U+20401 U+20401 (U+20401) 𠐁 code2002
U+20402 U+20402 (U+20402) 𠐂 lastresort
U+20403 U+20403 (U+20403) 𠐃 lastresort
U+20404 U+20404 (U+20404) 𠐄 lastresort
U+20405 U+20405 (U+20405) 𠐅 lastresort
U+20406 U+20406 (U+20406) 𠐆 lastresort
U+20407 U+20407 (U+20407) 𠐇 lastresort
U+20408 U+20408 (U+20408) 𠐈 code2002
U+20409 U+20409 (U+20409) 𠐉 lastresort
U+2040A U+2040A (U+2040A) 𠐊 babelstone_han
U+2040B U+2040B (U+2040B) 𠐋 code2002
U+2040C U+2040C (U+2040C) 𠐌 lastresort
U+2040D U+2040D (U+2040D) 𠐍 code2002
U+2040E U+2040E (U+2040E) 𠐎 code2002
U+2040F U+2040F (U+2040F) 𠐏 lastresort
U+20410 U+20410 (U+20410) 𠐐 lastresort
U+20411 U+20411 (U+20411) 𠐑 lastresort
U+20412 U+20412 (U+20412) 𠐒 code2002
U+20413 U+20413 (U+20413) 𠐓 code2002
U+20414 U+20414 (U+20414) 𠐔 code2002
U+20415 U+20415 (U+20415) 𠐕 lastresort
U+20416 U+20416 (U+20416) 𠐖 lastresort
U+20417 U+20417 (U+20417) 𠐗 code2002
U+20418 U+20418 (U+20418) 𠐘 lastresort
U+20419 U+20419 (U+20419) 𠐙 lastresort
U+2041A U+2041A (U+2041A) 𠐚 lastresort
U+2041B U+2041B (U+2041B) 𠐛 lastresort
U+2041C U+2041C (U+2041C) 𠐜 lastresort
U+2041D U+2041D (U+2041D) 𠐝 lastresort
U+2041E U+2041E (U+2041E) 𠐞 lastresort
U+2041F U+2041F (U+2041F) 𠐟 code2002
U+20420 U+20420 (U+20420) 𠐠 lastresort
U+20421 U+20421 (U+20421) 𠐡 lastresort
U+20422 U+20422 (U+20422) 𠐢 lastresort
U+20423 U+20423 (U+20423) 𠐣 lastresort
U+20424 U+20424 (U+20424) 𠐤 lastresort
U+20425 U+20425 (U+20425) 𠐥 lastresort
U+20426 U+20426 (U+20426) 𠐦 code2002
U+20427 U+20427 (U+20427) 𠐧 code2002
U+20428 U+20428 (U+20428) 𠐨 lastresort
U+20429 U+20429 (U+20429) 𠐩 code2002
U+2042A U+2042A (U+2042A) 𠐪 lastresort
U+2042B U+2042B (U+2042B) 𠐫 lastresort
U+2042C U+2042C (U+2042C) 𠐬 lastresort
U+2042D U+2042D (U+2042D) 𠐭 lastresort
U+2042E U+2042E (U+2042E) 𠐮 code2002
U+2042F U+2042F (U+2042F) 𠐯 lastresort
U+20430 U+20430 (U+20430) 𠐰 lastresort
U+20431 U+20431 (U+20431) 𠐱 lastresort
U+20432 U+20432 (U+20432) 𠐲 lastresort
U+20433 U+20433 (U+20433) 𠐳 code2002
U+20434 U+20434 (U+20434) 𠐴 code2002
U+20435 U+20435 (U+20435) 𠐵 lastresort
U+20436 U+20436 (U+20436) 𠐶 code2002
U+20437 U+20437 (U+20437) 𠐷 code2002
U+20438 U+20438 (U+20438) 𠐸 lastresort
U+20439 U+20439 (U+20439) 𠐹 lastresort
U+2043A U+2043A (U+2043A) 𠐺 code2002
U+2043B U+2043B (U+2043B) 𠐻 code2002
U+2043C U+2043C (U+2043C) 𠐼 lastresort
U+2043D U+2043D (U+2043D) 𠐽 lastresort
U+2043E U+2043E (U+2043E) 𠐾 lastresort
U+2043F U+2043F (U+2043F) 𠐿 lastresort
U+20440 U+20440 (U+20440) 𠑀 code2002
U+20441 U+20441 (U+20441) 𠑁 lastresort
U+20442 U+20442 (U+20442) 𠑂 lastresort
U+20443 U+20443 (U+20443) 𠑃 code2002
U+20444 U+20444 (U+20444) 𠑄 code2002
U+20445 U+20445 (U+20445) 𠑅 lastresort
U+20446 U+20446 (U+20446) 𠑆 lastresort
U+20447 U+20447 (U+20447) 𠑇 lastresort
U+20448 U+20448 (U+20448) 𠑈 lastresort
U+20449 U+20449 (U+20449) 𠑉 lastresort
U+2044A U+2044A (U+2044A) 𠑊 lastresort
U+2044B U+2044B (U+2044B) 𠑋 lastresort
U+2044C U+2044C (U+2044C) 𠑌 code2002
U+2044D U+2044D (U+2044D) 𠑍 code2002
U+2044E U+2044E (U+2044E) 𠑎 lastresort
U+2044F U+2044F (U+2044F) 𠑏 lastresort
U+20450 U+20450 (U+20450) 𠑐 code2002
U+20451 U+20451 (U+20451) 𠑑 lastresort
U+20452 U+20452 (U+20452) 𠑒 lastresort
U+20453 U+20453 (U+20453) 𠑓 lastresort
U+20454 U+20454 (U+20454) 𠑔 lastresort
U+20455 U+20455 (U+20455) 𠑕 lastresort
U+20456 U+20456 (U+20456) 𠑖 lastresort
U+20457 U+20457 (U+20457) 𠑗 babelstone_han
U+20458 U+20458 (U+20458) 𠑘 lastresort
U+20459 U+20459 (U+20459) 𠑙 lastresort
U+2045A U+2045A (U+2045A) 𠑚 lastresort
U+2045B U+2045B (U+2045B) 𠑛 lastresort
U+2045C U+2045C (U+2045C) 𠑜 lastresort
U+2045D U+2045D (U+2045D) 𠑝 lastresort
U+2045E U+2045E (U+2045E) 𠑞 lastresort
U+2045F U+2045F (U+2045F) 𠑟 lastresort
U+20460 U+20460 (U+20460) 𠑠 lastresort
U+20461 U+20461 (U+20461) 𠑡 lastresort
U+20462 U+20462 (U+20462) 𠑢 code2002
U+20463 U+20463 (U+20463) 𠑣 lastresort
U+20464 U+20464 (U+20464) 𠑤 lastresort
U+20465 U+20465 (U+20465) 𠑥 dfsongstd
U+20466 U+20466 (U+20466) 𠑦 lastresort
U+20467 U+20467 (U+20467) 𠑧 lastresort
U+20468 U+20468 (U+20468) 𠑨 code2002
U+20469 U+20469 (U+20469) 𠑩 code2002
U+2046A U+2046A (U+2046A) 𠑪 lastresort
U+2046B U+2046B (U+2046B) 𠑫 lastresort
U+2046C U+2046C (U+2046C) 𠑬 lastresort
U+2046D U+2046D (U+2046D) 𠑭 lastresort
U+2046E U+2046E (U+2046E) 𠑮 lastresort
U+2046F U+2046F (U+2046F) 𠑯 lastresort
U+20470 U+20470 (U+20470) 𠑰 lastresort
U+20471 U+20471 (U+20471) 𠑱 lastresort
U+20472 U+20472 (U+20472) 𠑲 lastresort
U+20473 U+20473 (U+20473) 𠑳 lastresort
U+20474 U+20474 (U+20474) 𠑴 lastresort
U+20475 U+20475 (U+20475) 𠑵 lastresort
U+20476 U+20476 (U+20476) 𠑶 code2002
U+20477 U+20477 (U+20477) 𠑷 code2002
U+20478 U+20478 (U+20478) 𠑸 code2002
U+20479 U+20479 (U+20479) 𠑹 lastresort
U+2047A U+2047A (U+2047A) 𠑺 babelstone_han
U+2047B U+2047B (U+2047B) 𠑻 lastresort
U+2047C U+2047C (U+2047C) 𠑼 lastresort
U+2047D U+2047D (U+2047D) 𠑽 code2002
U+2047E U+2047E (U+2047E) 𠑾 lastresort
U+2047F U+2047F (U+2047F) 𠑿 lastresort
U+20480 U+20480 (U+20480) 𠒀 lastresort
U+20481 U+20481 (U+20481) 𠒁 lastresort
U+20482 U+20482 (U+20482) 𠒂 lastresort
U+20483 U+20483 (U+20483) 𠒃 lastresort
U+20484 U+20484 (U+20484) 𠒄 code2002
U+20485 U+20485 (U+20485) 𠒅 lastresort
U+20486 U+20486 (U+20486) 𠒆 code2002
U+20487 U+20487 (U+20487) 𠒇 dfsongstd
U+20488 U+20488 (U+20488) 𠒈 lastresort
U+20489 U+20489 (U+20489) 𠒉 code2002
U+2048A U+2048A (U+2048A) 𠒊 lastresort
U+2048B U+2048B (U+2048B) 𠒋 lastresort
U+2048C U+2048C (U+2048C) 𠒌 lastresort
U+2048D U+2048D (U+2048D) 𠒍 lastresort
U+2048E U+2048E (U+2048E) 𠒎 dfsongstd
U+2048F U+2048F (U+2048F) 𠒏 lastresort
U+20490 U+20490 (U+20490) 𠒐 lastresort
U+20491 U+20491 (U+20491) 𠒑 dfsongstd
U+20492 U+20492 (U+20492) 𠒒 dfsongstd
U+20493 U+20493 (U+20493) 𠒓 lastresort
U+20494 U+20494 (U+20494) 𠒔 lastresort
U+20495 U+20495 (U+20495) 𠒕 lastresort
U+20496 U+20496 (U+20496) 𠒖 lastresort
U+20497 U+20497 (U+20497) 𠒗 code2002
U+20498 U+20498 (U+20498) 𠒘 lastresort
U+20499 U+20499 (U+20499) 𠒙 lastresort
U+2049A U+2049A (U+2049A) 𠒚 lastresort
U+2049B U+2049B (U+2049B) 𠒛 code2002
U+2049C U+2049C (U+2049C) 𠒜 lastresort
U+2049D U+2049D (U+2049D) 𠒝 code2002
U+2049E U+2049E (U+2049E) 𠒞 lastresort
U+2049F U+2049F (U+2049F) 𠒟 lastresort
U+204A0 U+204A0 (U+204A0) 𠒠 lastresort
U+204A1 U+204A1 (U+204A1) 𠒡 lastresort
U+204A2 U+204A2 (U+204A2) 𠒢 lastresort
U+204A3 U+204A3 (U+204A3) 𠒣 dfsongstd
U+204A4 U+204A4 (U+204A4) 𠒤 lastresort
U+204A5 U+204A5 (U+204A5) 𠒥 lastresort
U+204A6 U+204A6 (U+204A6) 𠒦 code2002
U+204A7 U+204A7 (U+204A7) 𠒧 lastresort
U+204A8 U+204A8 (U+204A8) 𠒨 lastresort
U+204A9 U+204A9 (U+204A9) 𠒩 lastresort
U+204AA U+204AA (U+204AA) 𠒪 code2002
U+204AB U+204AB (U+204AB) 𠒫 lastresort
U+204AC U+204AC (U+204AC) 𠒬 lastresort
U+204AD U+204AD (U+204AD) 𠒭 lastresort
U+204AE U+204AE (U+204AE) 𠒮 lastresort
U+204AF U+204AF (U+204AF) 𠒯 lastresort
U+204B0 U+204B0 (U+204B0) 𠒰 lastresort
U+204B1 U+204B1 (U+204B1) 𠒱 code2002
U+204B2 U+204B2 (U+204B2) 𠒲 lastresort
U+204B3 U+204B3 (U+204B3) 𠒳 code2002
U+204B4 U+204B4 (U+204B4) 𠒴 lastresort
U+204B5 U+204B5 (U+204B5) 𠒵 code2002
U+204B6 U+204B6 (U+204B6) 𠒶 lastresort
U+204B7 U+204B7 (U+204B7) 𠒷 code2002
U+204B8 U+204B8 (U+204B8) 𠒸 lastresort
U+204B9 U+204B9 (U+204B9) 𠒹 lastresort
U+204BA U+204BA (U+204BA) 𠒺 lastresort
U+204BB U+204BB (U+204BB) 𠒻 lastresort
U+204BC U+204BC (U+204BC) 𠒼 code2002
U+204BD U+204BD (U+204BD) 𠒽 lastresort
U+204BE U+204BE (U+204BE) 𠒾 lastresort
U+204BF U+204BF (U+204BF) 𠒿 lastresort
U+204C0 U+204C0 (U+204C0) 𠓀 lastresort
U+204C1 U+204C1 (U+204C1) 𠓁 lastresort
U+204C2 U+204C2 (U+204C2) 𠓂 lastresort
U+204C3 U+204C3 (U+204C3) 𠓃 lastresort
U+204C4 U+204C4 (U+204C4) 𠓄 lastresort
U+204C5 U+204C5 (U+204C5) 𠓅 lastresort
U+204C6 U+204C6 (U+204C6) 𠓆 lastresort
U+204C7 U+204C7 (U+204C7) 𠓇 lastresort
U+204C8 U+204C8 (U+204C8) 𠓈 lastresort
U+204C9 U+204C9 (U+204C9) 𠓉 lastresort
U+204CA U+204CA (U+204CA) 𠓊 lastresort
U+204CB U+204CB (U+204CB) 𠓋 lastresort
U+204CC U+204CC (U+204CC) 𠓌 code2002
U+204CD U+204CD (U+204CD) 𠓍 lastresort
U+204CE U+204CE (U+204CE) 𠓎 lastresort
U+204CF U+204CF (U+204CF) 𠓏 code2002
U+204D0 U+204D0 (U+204D0) 𠓐 lastresort
U+204D1 U+204D1 (U+204D1) 𠓑 lastresort
U+204D2 U+204D2 (U+204D2) 𠓒 lastresort
U+204D3 U+204D3 (U+204D3) 𠓓 lastresort
U+204D4 U+204D4 (U+204D4) 𠓔 lastresort
U+204D5 U+204D5 (U+204D5) 𠓕 lastresort
U+204D6 U+204D6 (U+204D6) 𠓖 lastresort
U+204D7 U+204D7 (U+204D7) 𠓗 dfsongstd
U+204D8 U+204D8 (U+204D8) 𠓘 lastresort
U+204D9 U+204D9 (U+204D9) 𠓙 lastresort
U+204DA U+204DA (U+204DA) 𠓚 lastresort
U+204DB U+204DB (U+204DB) 𠓛 code2002
U+204DC U+204DC (U+204DC) 𠓜 code2002
U+204DD U+204DD (U+204DD) 𠓝 lastresort
U+204DE U+204DE (U+204DE) 𠓞 code2002
U+204DF U+204DF (U+204DF) 𠓟 lastresort
U+204E0 U+204E0 (U+204E0) 𠓠 lastresort
U+204E1 U+204E1 (U+204E1) 𠓡 lastresort
U+204E2 U+204E2 (U+204E2) 𠓢 lastresort
U+204E3 U+204E3 (U+204E3) 𠓣 lastresort
U+204E4 U+204E4 (U+204E4) 𠓤 lastresort
U+204E5 U+204E5 (U+204E5) 𠓥 lastresort
U+204E6 U+204E6 (U+204E6) 𠓦 code2002
U+204E7 U+204E7 (U+204E7) 𠓧 code2002
U+204E8 U+204E8 (U+204E8) 𠓨 lastresort
U+204E9 U+204E9 (U+204E9) 𠓩 code2002
U+204EA U+204EA (U+204EA) 𠓪 lastresort
U+204EB U+204EB (U+204EB) 𠓫 lastresort
U+204EC U+204EC (U+204EC) 𠓬 lastresort
U+204ED U+204ED (U+204ED) 𠓭 lastresort
U+204EE U+204EE (U+204EE) 𠓮 lastresort
U+204EF U+204EF (U+204EF) 𠓯 lastresort
U+204F0 U+204F0 (U+204F0) 𠓰 lastresort
U+204F1 U+204F1 (U+204F1) 𠓱 lastresort
U+204F2 U+204F2 (U+204F2) 𠓲 babelstone_han
U+204F3 U+204F3 (U+204F3) 𠓳 code2002
U+204F4 U+204F4 (U+204F4) 𠓴 lastresort
U+204F5 U+204F5 (U+204F5) 𠓵 lastresort
U+204F6 U+204F6 (U+204F6) 𠓶 lastresort
U+204F7 U+204F7 (U+204F7) 𠓷 lastresort
U+204F8 U+204F8 (U+204F8) 𠓸 lastresort
U+204F9 U+204F9 (U+204F9) 𠓹 lastresort
U+204FA U+204FA (U+204FA) 𠓺 code2002
U+204FB U+204FB (U+204FB) 𠓻 lastresort
U+204FC (Cant.) a wedge; to thrust in (U+204FC) 𠓼 dfsongstd
U+204FD U+204FD (U+204FD) 𠓽 lastresort
U+204FE U+204FE (U+204FE) 𠓾 dfsongstd
U+204FF U+204FF (U+204FF) 𠓿 lastresort
U+20500 U+20500 (U+20500) 𠔀 code2002
U+20501 U+20501 (U+20501) 𠔁 code2002
U+20502 U+20502 (U+20502) 𠔂 code2002
U+20503 an interjection of doubt or inquiry (U+20503) 𠔃 code2002
U+20504 U+20504 (U+20504) 𠔄 code2002
U+20505 U+20505 (U+20505) 𠔅 lastresort
U+20506 U+20506 (U+20506) 𠔆 lastresort
U+20507 U+20507 (U+20507) 𠔇 babelstone_han
U+20508 U+20508 (U+20508) 𠔈 code2002
U+20509 a roll (U+20509) 𠔉 babelstone_han
U+2050A U+2050A (U+2050A) 𠔊 code2002
U+2050B U+2050B (U+2050B) 𠔋 lastresort
U+2050C U+2050C (U+2050C) 𠔌 code2002
U+2050D U+2050D (U+2050D) 𠔍 code2002
U+2050E U+2050E (U+2050E) 𠔎 lastresort
U+2050F U+2050F (U+2050F) 𠔏 code2002
U+20510 U+20510 (U+20510) 𠔐 lastresort
U+20511 U+20511 (U+20511) 𠔑 code2002
U+20512 U+20512 (U+20512) 𠔒 lastresort
U+20513 U+20513 (U+20513) 𠔓 lastresort
U+20514 U+20514 (U+20514) 𠔔 code2002
U+20515 U+20515 (U+20515) 𠔕 code2002
U+20516 U+20516 (U+20516) 𠔖 lastresort
U+20517 U+20517 (U+20517) 𠔗 lastresort
U+20518 U+20518 (U+20518) 𠔘 code2002
U+20519 U+20519 (U+20519) 𠔙 lastresort
U+2051A U+2051A (U+2051A) 𠔚 lastresort
U+2051B U+2051B (U+2051B) 𠔛 lastresort
U+2051C U+2051C (U+2051C) 𠔜 babelstone_han
U+2051D U+2051D (U+2051D) 𠔝 lastresort
U+2051E U+2051E (U+2051E) 𠔞 lastresort
U+2051F U+2051F (U+2051F) 𠔟 code2002
U+20520 U+20520 (U+20520) 𠔠 lastresort
U+20521 U+20521 (U+20521) 𠔡 code2002
U+20522 U+20522 (U+20522) 𠔢 lastresort
U+20523 U+20523 (U+20523) 𠔣 lastresort
U+20524 U+20524 (U+20524) 𠔤 code2002
U+20525 U+20525 (U+20525) 𠔥 babelstone_han
U+20526 U+20526 (U+20526) 𠔦 lastresort
U+20527 U+20527 (U+20527) 𠔧 lastresort
U+20528 U+20528 (U+20528) 𠔨 lastresort
U+20529 U+20529 (U+20529) 𠔩 lastresort
U+2052A U+2052A (U+2052A) 𠔪 lastresort
U+2052B U+2052B (U+2052B) 𠔫 code2002
U+2052C U+2052C (U+2052C) 𠔬 lastresort
U+2052D U+2052D (U+2052D) 𠔭 lastresort
U+2052E U+2052E (U+2052E) 𠔮 code2002
U+2052F U+2052F (U+2052F) 𠔯 lastresort
U+20530 U+20530 (U+20530) 𠔰 lastresort
U+20531 U+20531 (U+20531) 𠔱 lastresort
U+20532 U+20532 (U+20532) 𠔲 lastresort
U+20533 U+20533 (U+20533) 𠔳 code2002
U+20534 U+20534 (U+20534) 𠔴 code2002
U+20535 U+20535 (U+20535) 𠔵 code2002
U+20536 U+20536 (U+20536) 𠔶 code2002
U+20537 U+20537 (U+20537) 𠔷 lastresort
U+20538 U+20538 (U+20538) 𠔸 lastresort
U+20539 U+20539 (U+20539) 𠔹 lastresort
U+2053A U+2053A (U+2053A) 𠔺 code2002
U+2053B U+2053B (U+2053B) 𠔻 code2002
U+2053C U+2053C (U+2053C) 𠔼 code2002
U+2053D U+2053D (U+2053D) 𠔽 code2002
U+2053E U+2053E (U+2053E) 𠔾 code2002
U+2053F U+2053F (U+2053F) 𠔿 code2002
U+20540 U+20540 (U+20540) 𠕀 code2002
U+20541 U+20541 (U+20541) 𠕁 babelstone_han
U+20542 U+20542 (U+20542) 𠕂 babelstone_han
U+20543 U+20543 (U+20543) 𠕃 code2002
U+20544 (Cant.) 酒𠕄, a dimple (U+20544) 𠕄 babelstone_han
U+20545 U+20545 (U+20545) 𠕅 babelstone_han
U+20546 U+20546 (U+20546) 𠕆 babelstone_han
U+20547 U+20547 (U+20547) 𠕇 babelstone_han
U+20548 U+20548 (U+20548) 𠕈 code2002
U+20549 U+20549 (U+20549) 𠕉 lastresort
U+2054A U+2054A (U+2054A) 𠕊 code2002
U+2054B U+2054B (U+2054B) 𠕋 babelstone_han
U+2054C U+2054C (U+2054C) 𠕌 code2002
U+2054D U+2054D (U+2054D) 𠕍 lastresort
U+2054E U+2054E (U+2054E) 𠕎 code2002
U+2054F U+2054F (U+2054F) 𠕏 lastresort
U+20550 U+20550 (U+20550) 𠕐 code2002
U+20551 U+20551 (U+20551) 𠕑 code2002
U+20552 U+20552 (U+20552) 𠕒 babelstone_han
U+20553 U+20553 (U+20553) 𠕓 code2002
U+20554 U+20554 (U+20554) 𠕔 code2002
U+20555 U+20555 (U+20555) 𠕕 code2002
U+20556 U+20556 (U+20556) 𠕖 lastresort
U+20557 U+20557 (U+20557) 𠕗 lastresort
U+20558 U+20558 (U+20558) 𠕘 lastresort
U+20559 U+20559 (U+20559) 𠕙 lastresort
U+2055A U+2055A (U+2055A) 𠕚 lastresort
U+2055B U+2055B (U+2055B) 𠕛 lastresort
U+2055C U+2055C (U+2055C) 𠕜 lastresort
U+2055D U+2055D (U+2055D) 𠕝 code2002
U+2055E U+2055E (U+2055E) 𠕞 lastresort
U+2055F U+2055F (U+2055F) 𠕟 code2002
U+20560 U+20560 (U+20560) 𠕠 code2002
U+20561 U+20561 (U+20561) 𠕡 lastresort
U+20562 U+20562 (U+20562) 𠕢 lastresort
U+20563 U+20563 (U+20563) 𠕣 code2002
U+20564 U+20564 (U+20564) 𠕤 lastresort
U+20565 U+20565 (U+20565) 𠕥 lastresort
U+20566 U+20566 (U+20566) 𠕦 lastresort
U+20567 U+20567 (U+20567) 𠕧 code2002
U+20568 U+20568 (U+20568) 𠕨 lastresort
U+20569 U+20569 (U+20569) 𠕩 lastresort
U+2056A U+2056A (U+2056A) 𠕪 lastresort
U+2056B U+2056B (U+2056B) 𠕫 lastresort
U+2056C U+2056C (U+2056C) 𠕬 lastresort
U+2056D U+2056D (U+2056D) 𠕭 code2002
U+2056E U+2056E (U+2056E) 𠕮 lastresort
U+2056F U+2056F (U+2056F) 𠕯 lastresort
U+20570 U+20570 (U+20570) 𠕰 code2002
U+20571 U+20571 (U+20571) 𠕱 lastresort
U+20572 U+20572 (U+20572) 𠕲 lastresort
U+20573 U+20573 (U+20573) 𠕳 code2002
U+20574 U+20574 (U+20574) 𠕴 code2002
U+20575 U+20575 (U+20575) 𠕵 code2002
U+20576 U+20576 (U+20576) 𠕶 code2002
U+20577 U+20577 (U+20577) 𠕷 code2002
U+20578 U+20578 (U+20578) 𠕸 code2002
U+20579 U+20579 (U+20579) 𠕹 code2002
U+2057A U+2057A (U+2057A) 𠕺 code2002
U+2057B U+2057B (U+2057B) 𠕻 code2002
U+2057C U+2057C (U+2057C) 𠕼 code2002
U+2057D U+2057D (U+2057D) 𠕽 code2002
U+2057E U+2057E (U+2057E) 𠕾 code2002
U+2057F U+2057F (U+2057F) 𠕿 code2002
U+20580 U+20580 (U+20580) 𠖀 code2002
U+20581 U+20581 (U+20581) 𠖁 code2002
U+20582 U+20582 (U+20582) 𠖂 code2002
U+20583 U+20583 (U+20583) 𠖃 code2002
U+20584 U+20584 (U+20584) 𠖄 lastresort
U+20585 U+20585 (U+20585) 𠖅 lastresort
U+20586 U+20586 (U+20586) 𠖆 lastresort
U+20587 U+20587 (U+20587) 𠖇 lastresort
U+20588 U+20588 (U+20588) 𠖈 lastresort
U+20589 U+20589 (U+20589) 𠖉 lastresort
U+2058A U+2058A (U+2058A) 𠖊 lastresort
U+2058B U+2058B (U+2058B) 𠖋 lastresort
U+2058C U+2058C (U+2058C) 𠖌 lastresort
U+2058D U+2058D (U+2058D) 𠖍 lastresort
U+2058E U+2058E (U+2058E) 𠖎 dfsongstd
U+2058F U+2058F (U+2058F) 𠖏 lastresort
U+20590 U+20590 (U+20590) 𠖐 lastresort
U+20591 U+20591 (U+20591) 𠖑 lastresort
U+20592 U+20592 (U+20592) 𠖒 lastresort
U+20593 U+20593 (U+20593) 𠖓 lastresort
U+20594 U+20594 (U+20594) 𠖔 lastresort
U+20595 U+20595 (U+20595) 𠖕 lastresort
U+20596 U+20596 (U+20596) 𠖖 code2002
U+20597 U+20597 (U+20597) 𠖗 lastresort
U+20598 U+20598 (U+20598) 𠖘 code2002
U+20599 U+20599 (U+20599) 𠖙 lastresort
U+2059A U+2059A (U+2059A) 𠖚 lastresort
U+2059B U+2059B (U+2059B) 𠖛 lastresort
U+2059C U+2059C (U+2059C) 𠖜 lastresort
U+2059D U+2059D (U+2059D) 𠖝 lastresort
U+2059E U+2059E (U+2059E) 𠖞 lastresort
U+2059F U+2059F (U+2059F) 𠖟 code2002
U+205A0 U+205A0 (U+205A0) 𠖠 lastresort
U+205A1 U+205A1 (U+205A1) 𠖡 lastresort
U+205A2 U+205A2 (U+205A2) 𠖢 lastresort
U+205A3 U+205A3 (U+205A3) 𠖣 lastresort
U+205A4 U+205A4 (U+205A4) 𠖤 lastresort
U+205A5 kindness, grace, esteem (U+205A5) 𠖥 dfsongstd
U+205A6 U+205A6 (U+205A6) 𠖦 lastresort
U+205A7 U+205A7 (U+205A7) 𠖧 lastresort
U+205A8 U+205A8 (U+205A8) 𠖨 lastresort
U+205A9 U+205A9 (U+205A9) 𠖩 code2002
U+205AA U+205AA (U+205AA) 𠖪 lastresort
U+205AB U+205AB (U+205AB) 𠖫 babelstone_han
U+205AC U+205AC (U+205AC) 𠖬 lastresort
U+205AD U+205AD (U+205AD) 𠖭 code2002
U+205AE U+205AE (U+205AE) 𠖮 code2002
U+205AF U+205AF (U+205AF) 𠖯 code2002
U+205B0 U+205B0 (U+205B0) 𠖰 code2002
U+205B1 U+205B1 (U+205B1) 𠖱 lastresort
U+205B2 U+205B2 (U+205B2) 𠖲 code2002
U+205B3 U+205B3 (U+205B3) 𠖳 code2002
U+205B4 U+205B4 (U+205B4) 𠖴 code2002
U+205B5 U+205B5 (U+205B5) 𠖵 lastresort
U+205B6 U+205B6 (U+205B6) 𠖶 code2002
U+205B7 U+205B7 (U+205B7) 𠖷 code2002
U+205B8 U+205B8 (U+205B8) 𠖸 code2002
U+205B9 U+205B9 (U+205B9) 𠖹 code2002
U+205BA U+205BA (U+205BA) 𠖺 code2002
U+205BB U+205BB (U+205BB) 𠖻 code2002
U+205BC U+205BC (U+205BC) 𠖼 lastresort
U+205BD U+205BD (U+205BD) 𠖽 code2002
U+205BE U+205BE (U+205BE) 𠖾 code2002
U+205BF U+205BF (U+205BF) 𠖿 code2002
U+205C0 U+205C0 (U+205C0) 𠗀 lastresort
U+205C1 U+205C1 (U+205C1) 𠗁 code2002
U+205C2 U+205C2 (U+205C2) 𠗂 code2002
U+205C3 U+205C3 (U+205C3) 𠗃 code2002
U+205C4 U+205C4 (U+205C4) 𠗄 code2002
U+205C5 U+205C5 (U+205C5) 𠗅 code2002
U+205C6 U+205C6 (U+205C6) 𠗆 code2002
U+205C7 U+205C7 (U+205C7) 𠗇 lastresort
U+205C8 U+205C8 (U+205C8) 𠗈 code2002
U+205C9 U+205C9 (U+205C9) 𠗉 code2002
U+205CA U+205CA (U+205CA) 𠗊 code2002
U+205CB U+205CB (U+205CB) 𠗋 code2002
U+205CC U+205CC (U+205CC) 𠗌 code2002
U+205CD U+205CD (U+205CD) 𠗍 code2002
U+205CE U+205CE (U+205CE) 𠗎 lastresort
U+205CF U+205CF (U+205CF) 𠗏 code2002
U+205D0 U+205D0 (U+205D0) 𠗐 code2002
U+205D1 U+205D1 (U+205D1) 𠗑 lastresort
U+205D2 U+205D2 (U+205D2) 𠗒 code2002
U+205D3 U+205D3 (U+205D3) 𠗓 lastresort
U+205D4 U+205D4 (U+205D4) 𠗔 code2002
U+205D5 U+205D5 (U+205D5) 𠗕 code2002
U+205D6 U+205D6 (U+205D6) 𠗖 code2002
U+205D7 U+205D7 (U+205D7) 𠗗 lastresort
U+205D8 U+205D8 (U+205D8) 𠗘 code2002
U+205D9 U+205D9 (U+205D9) 𠗙 code2002
U+205DA U+205DA (U+205DA) 𠗚 code2002
U+205DB U+205DB (U+205DB) 𠗛 lastresort
U+205DC U+205DC (U+205DC) 𠗜 code2002
U+205DD U+205DD (U+205DD) 𠗝 lastresort
U+205DE U+205DE (U+205DE) 𠗞 lastresort
U+205DF U+205DF (U+205DF) 𠗟 code2002
U+205E0 U+205E0 (U+205E0) 𠗠 code2002
U+205E1 U+205E1 (U+205E1) 𠗡 code2002
U+205E2 U+205E2 (U+205E2) 𠗢 lastresort
U+205E3 U+205E3 (U+205E3) 𠗣 code2002
U+205E4 U+205E4 (U+205E4) 𠗤 lastresort
U+205E5 U+205E5 (U+205E5) 𠗥 code2002
U+205E6 to lean on; to trust in (U+205E6) 𠗦 babelstone_han
U+205E7 U+205E7 (U+205E7) 𠗧 code2002
U+205E8 U+205E8 (U+205E8) 𠗨 code2002
U+205E9 U+205E9 (U+205E9) 𠗩 lastresort
U+205EA U+205EA (U+205EA) 𠗪 code2002
U+205EB U+205EB (U+205EB) 𠗫 code2002
U+205EC U+205EC (U+205EC) 𠗬 lastresort
U+205ED U+205ED (U+205ED) 𠗭 lastresort
U+205EE U+205EE (U+205EE) 𠗮 lastresort
U+205EF U+205EF (U+205EF) 𠗯 code2002
U+205F0 U+205F0 (U+205F0) 𠗰 lastresort
U+205F1 U+205F1 (U+205F1) 𠗱 lastresort
U+205F2 U+205F2 (U+205F2) 𠗲 lastresort
U+205F3 U+205F3 (U+205F3) 𠗳 code2002
U+205F4 U+205F4 (U+205F4) 𠗴 lastresort
U+205F5 U+205F5 (U+205F5) 𠗵 code2002
U+205F6 U+205F6 (U+205F6) 𠗶 code2002
U+205F7 U+205F7 (U+205F7) 𠗷 code2002
U+205F8 U+205F8 (U+205F8) 𠗸 code2002
U+205F9 U+205F9 (U+205F9) 𠗹 code2002
U+205FA U+205FA (U+205FA) 𠗺 code2002
U+205FB U+205FB (U+205FB) 𠗻 code2002
U+205FC U+205FC (U+205FC) 𠗼 code2002
U+205FD U+205FD (U+205FD) 𠗽 code2002
U+205FE U+205FE (U+205FE) 𠗾 code2002
U+205FF U+205FF (U+205FF) 𠗿 code2002
U+20600 U+20600 (U+20600) 𠘀 lastresort
U+20601 U+20601 (U+20601) 𠘁 code2002
U+20602 U+20602 (U+20602) 𠘂 code2002
U+20603 U+20603 (U+20603) 𠘃 code2002
U+20604 U+20604 (U+20604) 𠘄 lastresort
U+20605 U+20605 (U+20605) 𠘅 code2002
U+20606 U+20606 (U+20606) 𠘆 lastresort
U+20607 U+20607 (U+20607) 𠘇 lastresort
U+20608 U+20608 (U+20608) 𠘈 code2002
U+20609 U+20609 (U+20609) 𠘉 code2002
U+2060A U+2060A (U+2060A) 𠘊 code2002
U+2060B U+2060B (U+2060B) 𠘋 code2002
U+2060C U+2060C (U+2060C) 𠘌 code2002
U+2060D U+2060D (U+2060D) 𠘍 lastresort
U+2060E U+2060E (U+2060E) 𠘎 code2002
U+2060F U+2060F (U+2060F) 𠘏 code2002
U+20610 U+20610 (U+20610) 𠘐 code2002
U+20611 U+20611 (U+20611) 𠘑 dfsongstd
U+20612 U+20612 (U+20612) 𠘒 lastresort
U+20613 U+20613 (U+20613) 𠘓 lastresort
U+20614 U+20614 (U+20614) 𠘔 lastresort
U+20615 U+20615 (U+20615) 𠘕 dfsongstd
U+20616 U+20616 (U+20616) 𠘖 code2002
U+20617 U+20617 (U+20617) 𠘗 lastresort
U+20618 U+20618 (U+20618) 𠘘 lastresort
U+20619 U+20619 (U+20619) 𠘙 code2002
U+2061A U+2061A (U+2061A) 𠘚 dfsongstd
U+2061B U+2061B (U+2061B) 𠘛 code2002
U+2061C U+2061C (U+2061C) 𠘜 code2002
U+2061D U+2061D (U+2061D) 𠘝 code2002
U+2061E U+2061E (U+2061E) 𠘞 lastresort
U+2061F U+2061F (U+2061F) 𠘟 code2002
U+20620 U+20620 (U+20620) 𠘠 code2002
U+20621 U+20621 (U+20621) 𠘡 lastresort
U+20622 U+20622 (U+20622) 𠘢 lastresort
U+20623 U+20623 (U+20623) 𠘣 lastresort
U+20624 U+20624 (U+20624) 𠘤 lastresort
U+20625 U+20625 (U+20625) 𠘥 code2002
U+20626 U+20626 (U+20626) 𠘦 lastresort
U+20627 U+20627 (U+20627) 𠘧 code2002
U+20628 U+20628 (U+20628) 𠘨 code2002
U+20629 U+20629 (U+20629) 𠘩 code2002
U+2062A U+2062A (U+2062A) 𠘪 code2002
U+2062B U+2062B (U+2062B) 𠘫 lastresort
U+2062C U+2062C (U+2062C) 𠘬 code2002
U+2062D U+2062D (U+2062D) 𠘭 code2002
U+2062E U+2062E (U+2062E) 𠘮 code2002
U+2062F U+2062F (U+2062F) 𠘯 code2002
U+20630 U+20630 (U+20630) 𠘰 code2002
U+20631 U+20631 (U+20631) 𠘱 code2002
U+20632 U+20632 (U+20632) 𠘲 code2002
U+20633 U+20633 (U+20633) 𠘳 code2002
U+20634 U+20634 (U+20634) 𠘴 code2002
U+20635 U+20635 (U+20635) 𠘵 lastresort
U+20636 U+20636 (U+20636) 𠘶 code2002
U+20637 U+20637 (U+20637) 𠘷 lastresort
U+20638 U+20638 (U+20638) 𠘸 code2002
U+20639 U+20639 (U+20639) 𠘹 lastresort
U+2063A U+2063A (U+2063A) 𠘺 code2002
U+2063B U+2063B (U+2063B) 𠘻 code2002
U+2063C U+2063C (U+2063C) 𠘼 code2002
U+2063D U+2063D (U+2063D) 𠘽 code2002
U+2063E U+2063E (U+2063E) 𠘾 code2002
U+2063F U+2063F (U+2063F) 𠘿 lastresort
U+20640 U+20640 (U+20640) 𠙀 code2002
U+20641 U+20641 (U+20641) 𠙁 code2002
U+20642 U+20642 (U+20642) 𠙂 lastresort
U+20643 U+20643 (U+20643) 𠙃 lastresort
U+20644 U+20644 (U+20644) 𠙄 code2002
U+20645 U+20645 (U+20645) 𠙅 lastresort
U+20646 U+20646 (U+20646) 𠙆 code2002
U+20647 U+20647 (U+20647) 𠙇 lastresort
U+20648 U+20648 (U+20648) 𠙈 code2002
U+20649 U+20649 (U+20649) 𠙉 code2002
U+2064A U+2064A (U+2064A) 𠙊 lastresort
U+2064B U+2064B (U+2064B) 𠙋 lastresort
U+2064C U+2064C (U+2064C) 𠙌 code2002
U+2064D U+2064D (U+2064D) 𠙍 lastresort
U+2064E U+2064E (U+2064E) 𠙎 lastresort
U+2064F U+2064F (U+2064F) 𠙏 lastresort
U+20650 U+20650 (U+20650) 𠙐 lastresort
U+20651 U+20651 (U+20651) 𠙑 lastresort
U+20652 U+20652 (U+20652) 𠙒 lastresort
U+20653 U+20653 (U+20653) 𠙓 code2002
U+20654 U+20654 (U+20654) 𠙔 lastresort
U+20655 U+20655 (U+20655) 𠙕 lastresort
U+20656 U+20656 (U+20656) 𠙖 dfsongstd
U+20657 U+20657 (U+20657) 𠙗 lastresort
U+20658 U+20658 (U+20658) 𠙘 lastresort
U+20659 U+20659 (U+20659) 𠙙 lastresort
U+2065A U+2065A (U+2065A) 𠙚 lastresort
U+2065B U+2065B (U+2065B) 𠙛 lastresort
U+2065C U+2065C (U+2065C) 𠙜 lastresort
U+2065D U+2065D (U+2065D) 𠙝 lastresort
U+2065E U+2065E (U+2065E) 𠙞 lastresort
U+2065F U+2065F (U+2065F) 𠙟 lastresort
U+20660 U+20660 (U+20660) 𠙠 lastresort
U+20661 U+20661 (U+20661) 𠙡 lastresort
U+20662 U+20662 (U+20662) 𠙢 lastresort
U+20663 U+20663 (U+20663) 𠙣 lastresort
U+20664 U+20664 (U+20664) 𠙤 lastresort
U+20665 U+20665 (U+20665) 𠙥 lastresort
U+20666 U+20666 (U+20666) 𠙦 lastresort
U+20667 U+20667 (U+20667) 𠙧 lastresort
U+20668 U+20668 (U+20668) 𠙨 lastresort
U+20669 U+20669 (U+20669) 𠙩 lastresort
U+2066A U+2066A (U+2066A) 𠙪 code2002
U+2066B U+2066B (U+2066B) 𠙫 code2002
U+2066C U+2066C (U+2066C) 𠙬 lastresort
U+2066D U+2066D (U+2066D) 𠙭 lastresort
U+2066E U+2066E (U+2066E) 𠙮 code2002
U+2066F U+2066F (U+2066F) 𠙯 lastresort
U+20670 U+20670 (U+20670) 𠙰 lastresort
U+20671 U+20671 (U+20671) 𠙱 lastresort
U+20672 U+20672 (U+20672) 𠙲 lastresort
U+20673 U+20673 (U+20673) 𠙳 code2002
U+20674 U+20674 (U+20674) 𠙴 code2002
U+20675 U+20675 (U+20675) 𠙵 code2002
U+20676 U+20676 (U+20676) 𠙶 dfsongstd
U+20677 U+20677 (U+20677) 𠙷 lastresort
U+20678 U+20678 (U+20678) 𠙸 lastresort
U+20679 U+20679 (U+20679) 𠙹 lastresort
U+2067A U+2067A (U+2067A) 𠙺 babelstone_han
U+2067B U+2067B (U+2067B) 𠙻 babelstone_han
U+2067C U+2067C (U+2067C) 𠙼 lastresort
U+2067D U+2067D (U+2067D) 𠙽 babelstone_han
U+2067E U+2067E (U+2067E) 𠙾 lastresort
U+2067F U+2067F (U+2067F) 𠙿 lastresort
U+20680 U+20680 (U+20680) 𠚀 lastresort
U+20681 U+20681 (U+20681) 𠚁 code2002
U+20682 U+20682 (U+20682) 𠚂 lastresort
U+20683 U+20683 (U+20683) 𠚃 lastresort
U+20684 U+20684 (U+20684) 𠚄 code2002
U+20685 U+20685 (U+20685) 𠚅 code2002
U+20686 U+20686 (U+20686) 𠚆 babelstone_han
U+20687 U+20687 (U+20687) 𠚇 code2002
U+20688 U+20688 (U+20688) 𠚈 lastresort
U+20689 U+20689 (U+20689) 𠚉 lastresort
U+2068A U+2068A (U+2068A) 𠚊 lastresort
U+2068B U+2068B (U+2068B) 𠚋 lastresort
U+2068C U+2068C (U+2068C) 𠚌 code2002
U+2068D U+2068D (U+2068D) 𠚍 babelstone_han
U+2068E U+2068E (U+2068E) 𠚎 code2002
U+2068F U+2068F (U+2068F) 𠚏 lastresort
U+20690 U+20690 (U+20690) 𠚐 code2002
U+20691 U+20691 (U+20691) 𠚑 lastresort
U+20692 U+20692 (U+20692) 𠚒 lastresort
U+20693 U+20693 (U+20693) 𠚓 lastresort
U+20694 U+20694 (U+20694) 𠚔 code2002
U+20695 U+20695 (U+20695) 𠚕 babelstone_han
U+20696 U+20696 (U+20696) 𠚖 lastresort
U+20697 U+20697 (U+20697) 𠚗 lastresort
U+20698 U+20698 (U+20698) 𠚘 lastresort
U+20699 U+20699 (U+20699) 𠚙 lastresort
U+2069A U+2069A (U+2069A) 𠚚 lastresort
U+2069B U+2069B (U+2069B) 𠚛 lastresort
U+2069C U+2069C (U+2069C) 𠚜 lastresort
U+2069D U+2069D (U+2069D) 𠚝 lastresort
U+2069E U+2069E (U+2069E) 𠚞 lastresort
U+2069F U+2069F (U+2069F) 𠚟 lastresort
U+206A0 U+206A0 (U+206A0) 𠚠 lastresort
U+206A1 U+206A1 (U+206A1) 𠚡 lastresort
U+206A2 U+206A2 (U+206A2) 𠚢 lastresort
U+206A3 U+206A3 (U+206A3) 𠚣 code2002
U+206A4 U+206A4 (U+206A4) 𠚤 code2002
U+206A5 U+206A5 (U+206A5) 𠚥 code2002
U+206A6 U+206A6 (U+206A6) 𠚦 code2002
U+206A7 U+206A7 (U+206A7) 𠚧 code2002
U+206A8 U+206A8 (U+206A8) 𠚨 code2002
U+206A9 U+206A9 (U+206A9) 𠚩 code2002
U+206AA U+206AA (U+206AA) 𠚪 code2002
U+206AB U+206AB (U+206AB) 𠚫 code2002
U+206AC U+206AC (U+206AC) 𠚬 code2002
U+206AD U+206AD (U+206AD) 𠚭 code2002
U+206AE U+206AE (U+206AE) 𠚮 code2002
U+206AF U+206AF (U+206AF) 𠚯 lastresort
U+206B0 U+206B0 (U+206B0) 𠚰 code2002
U+206B1 U+206B1 (U+206B1) 𠚱 lastresort
U+206B2 U+206B2 (U+206B2) 𠚲 code2002
U+206B3 U+206B3 (U+206B3) 𠚳 code2002
U+206B4 U+206B4 (U+206B4) 𠚴 code2002
U+206B5 U+206B5 (U+206B5) 𠚵 code2002
U+206B6 U+206B6 (U+206B6) 𠚶 code2002
U+206B7 U+206B7 (U+206B7) 𠚷 code2002
U+206B8 U+206B8 (U+206B8) 𠚸 code2002
U+206B9 to mow (U+206B9) 𠚹 code2002
U+206BA to make an eyelet hole (U+206BA) 𠚺 code2002
U+206BB U+206BB (U+206BB) 𠚻 code2002
U+206BC U+206BC (U+206BC) 𠚼 code2002
U+206BD U+206BD (U+206BD) 𠚽 code2002
U+206BE U+206BE (U+206BE) 𠚾 code2002
U+206BF U+206BF (U+206BF) 𠚿 code2002
U+206C0 U+206C0 (U+206C0) 𠛀 code2002
U+206C1 U+206C1 (U+206C1) 𠛁 code2002
U+206C2 U+206C2 (U+206C2) 𠛂 lastresort
U+206C3 U+206C3 (U+206C3) 𠛃 code2002
U+206C4 U+206C4 (U+206C4) 𠛄 code2002
U+206C5 U+206C5 (U+206C5) 𠛅 code2002
U+206C6 U+206C6 (U+206C6) 𠛆 code2002
U+206C7 U+206C7 (U+206C7) 𠛇 code2002
U+206C8 U+206C8 (U+206C8) 𠛈 code2002
U+206C9 U+206C9 (U+206C9) 𠛉 code2002
U+206CA U+206CA (U+206CA) 𠛊 code2002
U+206CB U+206CB (U+206CB) 𠛋 code2002
U+206CC U+206CC (U+206CC) 𠛌 code2002
U+206CD U+206CD (U+206CD) 𠛍 code2002
U+206CE U+206CE (U+206CE) 𠛎 code2002
U+206CF U+206CF (U+206CF) 𠛏 code2002
U+206D0 U+206D0 (U+206D0) 𠛐 code2002
U+206D1 U+206D1 (U+206D1) 𠛑 code2002
U+206D2 to cut; to slice (U+206D2) 𠛒 code2002
U+206D3 U+206D3 (U+206D3) 𠛓 code2002
U+206D4 U+206D4 (U+206D4) 𠛔 code2002
U+206D5 U+206D5 (U+206D5) 𠛕 code2002
U+206D6 U+206D6 (U+206D6) 𠛖 code2002
U+206D7 U+206D7 (U+206D7) 𠛗 code2002
U+206D8 U+206D8 (U+206D8) 𠛘 code2002
U+206D9 U+206D9 (U+206D9) 𠛙 code2002
U+206DA U+206DA (U+206DA) 𠛚 lastresort
U+206DB U+206DB (U+206DB) 𠛛 code2002
U+206DC U+206DC (U+206DC) 𠛜 code2002
U+206DD U+206DD (U+206DD) 𠛝 code2002
U+206DE U+206DE (U+206DE) 𠛞 code2002
U+206DF U+206DF (U+206DF) 𠛟 code2002
U+206E0 U+206E0 (U+206E0) 𠛠 code2002
U+206E1 U+206E1 (U+206E1) 𠛡 code2002
U+206E2 U+206E2 (U+206E2) 𠛢 code2002
U+206E3 U+206E3 (U+206E3) 𠛣 code2002
U+206E4 U+206E4 (U+206E4) 𠛤 code2002
U+206E5 U+206E5 (U+206E5) 𠛥 code2002
U+206E6 U+206E6 (U+206E6) 𠛦 lastresort
U+206E7 U+206E7 (U+206E7) 𠛧 lastresort
U+206E8 U+206E8 (U+206E8) 𠛨 code2002
U+206E9 U+206E9 (U+206E9) 𠛩 code2002
U+206EA to cut open, sever (U+206EA) 𠛪 code2002
U+206EB U+206EB (U+206EB) 𠛫 code2002
U+206EC U+206EC (U+206EC) 𠛬 code2002
U+206ED U+206ED (U+206ED) 𠛭 code2002
U+206EE U+206EE (U+206EE) 𠛮 lastresort
U+206EF U+206EF (U+206EF) 𠛯 lastresort
U+206F0 U+206F0 (U+206F0) 𠛰 lastresort
U+206F1 U+206F1 (U+206F1) 𠛱 lastresort
U+206F2 U+206F2 (U+206F2) 𠛲 lastresort
U+206F3 U+206F3 (U+206F3) 𠛳 code2002
U+206F4 U+206F4 (U+206F4) 𠛴 lastresort
U+206F5 U+206F5 (U+206F5) 𠛵 code2002
U+206F6 U+206F6 (U+206F6) 𠛶 lastresort
U+206F7 U+206F7 (U+206F7) 𠛷 lastresort
U+206F8 U+206F8 (U+206F8) 𠛸 code2002
U+206F9 U+206F9 (U+206F9) 𠛹 lastresort
U+206FA U+206FA (U+206FA) 𠛺 code2002
U+206FB U+206FB (U+206FB) 𠛻 lastresort
U+206FC U+206FC (U+206FC) 𠛼 code2002
U+206FD U+206FD (U+206FD) 𠛽 lastresort
U+206FE U+206FE (U+206FE) 𠛾 code2002
U+206FF U+206FF (U+206FF) 𠛿 code2002
U+20700 U+20700 (U+20700) 𠜀 code2002
U+20701 U+20701 (U+20701) 𠜁 lastresort
U+20702 U+20702 (U+20702) 𠜂 code2002
U+20703 U+20703 (U+20703) 𠜃 code2002
U+20704 U+20704 (U+20704) 𠜄 code2002
U+20705 U+20705 (U+20705) 𠜅 code2002
U+20706 U+20706 (U+20706) 𠜆 code2002
U+20707 U+20707 (U+20707) 𠜇 lastresort
U+20708 U+20708 (U+20708) 𠜈 code2002
U+20709 U+20709 (U+20709) 𠜉 code2002
U+2070A U+2070A (U+2070A) 𠜊 lastresort
U+2070B U+2070B (U+2070B) 𠜋 babelstone_han
U+2070C U+2070C (U+2070C) 𠜌 lastresort
U+2070D U+2070D (U+2070D) 𠜍 lastresort
U+2070E to castrate a fowl, a capon (U+2070E) 𠜎 code2002
U+2070F U+2070F (U+2070F) 𠜏 code2002
U+20710 U+20710 (U+20710) 𠜐 lastresort
U+20711 U+20711 (U+20711) 𠜑 lastresort
U+20712 U+20712 (U+20712) 𠜒 code2002
U+20713 U+20713 (U+20713) 𠜓 code2002
U+20714 U+20714 (U+20714) 𠜔 lastresort
U+20715 U+20715 (U+20715) 𠜕 code2002
U+20716 U+20716 (U+20716) 𠜖 code2002
U+20717 U+20717 (U+20717) 𠜗 code2002
U+20718 U+20718 (U+20718) 𠜘 code2002
U+20719 U+20719 (U+20719) 𠜙 code2002
U+2071A U+2071A (U+2071A) 𠜚 lastresort
U+2071B U+2071B (U+2071B) 𠜛 code2002
U+2071C U+2071C (U+2071C) 𠜜 lastresort
U+2071D U+2071D (U+2071D) 𠜝 code2002
U+2071E U+2071E (U+2071E) 𠜞 lastresort
U+2071F U+2071F (U+2071F) 𠜟 lastresort
U+20720 U+20720 (U+20720) 𠜠 code2002
U+20721 U+20721 (U+20721) 𠜡 lastresort
U+20722 U+20722 (U+20722) 𠜢 lastresort
U+20723 U+20723 (U+20723) 𠜣 code2002
U+20724 U+20724 (U+20724) 𠜤 code2002
U+20725 U+20725 (U+20725) 𠜥 code2002
U+20726 U+20726 (U+20726) 𠜦 lastresort
U+20727 U+20727 (U+20727) 𠜧 lastresort
U+20728 U+20728 (U+20728) 𠜨 code2002
U+20729 U+20729 (U+20729) 𠜩 lastresort
U+2072A U+2072A (U+2072A) 𠜪 lastresort
U+2072B U+2072B (U+2072B) 𠜫 lastresort
U+2072C U+2072C (U+2072C) 𠜬 code2002
U+2072D U+2072D (U+2072D) 𠜭 lastresort
U+2072E U+2072E (U+2072E) 𠜮 code2002
U+2072F U+2072F (U+2072F) 𠜯 code2002
U+20730 U+20730 (U+20730) 𠜰 lastresort
U+20731 to peel, pare (U+20731) 𠜱 code2002
U+20732 U+20732 (U+20732) 𠜲 babelstone_han
U+20733 U+20733 (U+20733) 𠜳 code2002
U+20734 U+20734 (U+20734) 𠜴 code2002
U+20735 U+20735 (U+20735) 𠜵 lastresort
U+20736 U+20736 (U+20736) 𠜶 code2002
U+20737 U+20737 (U+20737) 𠜷 lastresort
U+20738 U+20738 (U+20738) 𠜸 lastresort
U+20739 U+20739 (U+20739) 𠜹 code2002
U+2073A U+2073A (U+2073A) 𠜺 code2002
U+2073B U+2073B (U+2073B) 𠜻 code2002
U+2073C to claw; to pinch with the fingers (U+2073C) 𠜼 code2002
U+2073D U+2073D (U+2073D) 𠜽 lastresort
U+2073E U+2073E (U+2073E) 𠜾 code2002
U+2073F U+2073F (U+2073F) 𠜿 code2002
U+20740 U+20740 (U+20740) 𠝀 lastresort
U+20741 U+20741 (U+20741) 𠝁 code2002
U+20742 U+20742 (U+20742) 𠝂 lastresort
U+20743 U+20743 (U+20743) 𠝃 code2002
U+20744 U+20744 (U+20744) 𠝄 code2002
U+20745 U+20745 (U+20745) 𠝅 lastresort
U+20746 U+20746 (U+20746) 𠝆 lastresort
U+20747 U+20747 (U+20747) 𠝇 lastresort
U+20748 U+20748 (U+20748) 𠝈 code2002
U+20749 U+20749 (U+20749) 𠝉 lastresort
U+2074A U+2074A (U+2074A) 𠝊 lastresort
U+2074B U+2074B (U+2074B) 𠝋 code2002
U+2074C U+2074C (U+2074C) 𠝌 lastresort
U+2074D U+2074D (U+2074D) 𠝍 code2002
U+2074E U+2074E (U+2074E) 𠝎 lastresort
U+2074F U+2074F (U+2074F) 𠝏 lastresort
U+20750 U+20750 (U+20750) 𠝐 lastresort
U+20751 U+20751 (U+20751) 𠝑 code2002
U+20752 U+20752 (U+20752) 𠝒 lastresort
U+20753 U+20753 (U+20753) 𠝓 code2002
U+20754 U+20754 (U+20754) 𠝔 code2002
U+20755 U+20755 (U+20755) 𠝕 code2002
U+20756 U+20756 (U+20756) 𠝖 code2002
U+20757 U+20757 (U+20757) 𠝗 lastresort
U+20758 U+20758 (U+20758) 𠝘 lastresort
U+20759 U+20759 (U+20759) 𠝙 lastresort
U+2075A U+2075A (U+2075A) 𠝚 lastresort
U+2075B U+2075B (U+2075B) 𠝛 lastresort
U+2075C U+2075C (U+2075C) 𠝜 code2002
U+2075D U+2075D (U+2075D) 𠝝 lastresort
U+2075E U+2075E (U+2075E) 𠝞 code2002
U+2075F U+2075F (U+2075F) 𠝟 lastresort
U+20760 U+20760 (U+20760) 𠝠 lastresort
U+20761 U+20761 (U+20761) 𠝡 lastresort
U+20762 U+20762 (U+20762) 𠝢 code2002
U+20763 U+20763 (U+20763) 𠝣 lastresort
U+20764 U+20764 (U+20764) 𠝤 lastresort
U+20765 U+20765 (U+20765) 𠝥 code2002
U+20766 U+20766 (U+20766) 𠝦 lastresort
U+20767 U+20767 (U+20767) 𠝧 lastresort
U+20768 U+20768 (U+20768) 𠝨 lastresort
U+20769 U+20769 (U+20769) 𠝩 code2002
U+2076A U+2076A (U+2076A) 𠝪 lastresort
U+2076B U+2076B (U+2076B) 𠝫 lastresort
U+2076C U+2076C (U+2076C) 𠝬 lastresort
U+2076D (Cant.) to fell, cut; to sweep away (U+2076D) 𠝭 code2002
U+2076E U+2076E (U+2076E) 𠝮 code2002
U+2076F U+2076F (U+2076F) 𠝯 code2002
U+20770 U+20770 (U+20770) 𠝰 code2002
U+20771 U+20771 (U+20771) 𠝱 lastresort
U+20772 U+20772 (U+20772) 𠝲 code2002
U+20773 U+20773 (U+20773) 𠝳 lastresort
U+20774 U+20774 (U+20774) 𠝴 lastresort
U+20775 U+20775 (U+20775) 𠝵 code2002
U+20776 U+20776 (U+20776) 𠝶 code2002
U+20777 U+20777 (U+20777) 𠝷 lastresort
U+20778 U+20778 (U+20778) 𠝸 code2002
U+20779 (Cant.) to cut with a knife or scissors (U+20779) 𠝹 code2002
U+2077A U+2077A (U+2077A) 𠝺 code2002
U+2077B U+2077B (U+2077B) 𠝻 lastresort
U+2077C U+2077C (U+2077C) 𠝼 lastresort
U+2077D U+2077D (U+2077D) 𠝽 code2002
U+2077E U+2077E (U+2077E) 𠝾 lastresort
U+2077F U+2077F (U+2077F) 𠝿 code2002
U+20780 U+20780 (U+20780) 𠞀 code2002
U+20781 U+20781 (U+20781) 𠞁 code2002
U+20782 U+20782 (U+20782) 𠞂 code2002
U+20783 U+20783 (U+20783) 𠞃 code2002
U+20784 U+20784 (U+20784) 𠞄 lastresort
U+20785 U+20785 (U+20785) 𠞅 code2002
U+20786 U+20786 (U+20786) 𠞆 code2002
U+20787 U+20787 (U+20787) 𠞇 lastresort
U+20788 U+20788 (U+20788) 𠞈 lastresort
U+20789 U+20789 (U+20789) 𠞉 code2002
U+2078A U+2078A (U+2078A) 𠞊 code2002
U+2078B U+2078B (U+2078B) 𠞋 lastresort
U+2078C U+2078C (U+2078C) 𠞌 lastresort
U+2078D U+2078D (U+2078D) 𠞍 lastresort
U+2078E U+2078E (U+2078E) 𠞎 lastresort
U+2078F U+2078F (U+2078F) 𠞏 lastresort
U+20790 U+20790 (U+20790) 𠞐 lastresort
U+20791 U+20791 (U+20791) 𠞑 code2002
U+20792 U+20792 (U+20792) 𠞒 lastresort
U+20793 U+20793 (U+20793) 𠞓 code2002
U+20794 U+20794 (U+20794) 𠞔 lastresort
U+20795 U+20795 (U+20795) 𠞕 code2002
U+20796 U+20796 (U+20796) 𠞖 lastresort
U+20797 U+20797 (U+20797) 𠞗 lastresort
U+20798 U+20798 (U+20798) 𠞘 lastresort
U+20799 U+20799 (U+20799) 𠞙 lastresort
U+2079A U+2079A (U+2079A) 𠞚 lastresort
U+2079B U+2079B (U+2079B) 𠞛 code2002
U+2079C U+2079C (U+2079C) 𠞜 lastresort
U+2079D U+2079D (U+2079D) 𠞝 lastresort
U+2079E U+2079E (U+2079E) 𠞞 lastresort
U+2079F U+2079F (U+2079F) 𠞟 code2002
U+207A0 U+207A0 (U+207A0) 𠞠 lastresort
U+207A1 U+207A1 (U+207A1) 𠞡 code2002
U+207A2 U+207A2 (U+207A2) 𠞢 lastresort
U+207A3 U+207A3 (U+207A3) 𠞣 code2002
U+207A4 U+207A4 (U+207A4) 𠞤 lastresort
U+207A5 U+207A5 (U+207A5) 𠞥 code2002
U+207A6 U+207A6 (U+207A6) 𠞦 lastresort
U+207A7 U+207A7 (U+207A7) 𠞧 lastresort
U+207A8 U+207A8 (U+207A8) 𠞨 code2002
U+207A9 U+207A9 (U+207A9) 𠞩 code2002
U+207AA U+207AA (U+207AA) 𠞪 code2002
U+207AB U+207AB (U+207AB) 𠞫 lastresort
U+207AC U+207AC (U+207AC) 𠞬 code2002
U+207AD to carve; to hollow out (U+207AD) 𠞭 code2002
U+207AE U+207AE (U+207AE) 𠞮 babelstone_han
U+207AF U+207AF (U+207AF) 𠞯 code2002
U+207B0 to attack, destroy; to fatigue (U+207B0) 𠞰 code2002
U+207B1 U+207B1 (U+207B1) 𠞱 code2002
U+207B2 U+207B2 (U+207B2) 𠞲 lastresort
U+207B3 U+207B3 (U+207B3) 𠞳 lastresort
U+207B4 U+207B4 (U+207B4) 𠞴 code2002
U+207B5 U+207B5 (U+207B5) 𠞵 lastresort
U+207B6 U+207B6 (U+207B6) 𠞶 code2002
U+207B7 U+207B7 (U+207B7) 𠞷 lastresort
U+207B8 U+207B8 (U+207B8) 𠞸 code2002
U+207B9 U+207B9 (U+207B9) 𠞹 lastresort
U+207BA U+207BA (U+207BA) 𠞺 lastresort
U+207BB U+207BB (U+207BB) 𠞻 code2002
U+207BC U+207BC (U+207BC) 𠞼 lastresort
U+207BD U+207BD (U+207BD) 𠞽 lastresort
U+207BE U+207BE (U+207BE) 𠞾 code2002
U+207BF U+207BF (U+207BF) 𠞿 lastresort
U+207C0 U+207C0 (U+207C0) 𠟀 lastresort
U+207C1 U+207C1 (U+207C1) 𠟁 code2002
U+207C2 U+207C2 (U+207C2) 𠟂 code2002
U+207C3 U+207C3 (U+207C3) 𠟃 code2002
U+207C4 U+207C4 (U+207C4) 𠟄 lastresort
U+207C5 U+207C5 (U+207C5) 𠟅 lastresort
U+207C6 U+207C6 (U+207C6) 𠟆 code2002
U+207C7 U+207C7 (U+207C7) 𠟇 lastresort
U+207C8 U+207C8 (U+207C8) 𠟈 code2002
U+207C9 U+207C9 (U+207C9) 𠟉 lastresort
U+207CA U+207CA (U+207CA) 𠟊 lastresort
U+207CB U+207CB (U+207CB) 𠟋 lastresort
U+207CC U+207CC (U+207CC) 𠟌 code2002
U+207CD U+207CD (U+207CD) 𠟍 babelstone_han
U+207CE U+207CE (U+207CE) 𠟎 lastresort
U+207CF U+207CF (U+207CF) 𠟏 lastresort
U+207D0 U+207D0 (U+207D0) 𠟐 lastresort
U+207D1 U+207D1 (U+207D1) 𠟑 lastresort
U+207D2 U+207D2 (U+207D2) 𠟒 code2002
U+207D3 U+207D3 (U+207D3) 𠟓 code2002
U+207D4 U+207D4 (U+207D4) 𠟔 lastresort
U+207D5 U+207D5 (U+207D5) 𠟕 code2002
U+207D6 U+207D6 (U+207D6) 𠟖 lastresort
U+207D7 U+207D7 (U+207D7) 𠟗 lastresort
U+207D8 U+207D8 (U+207D8) 𠟘 lastresort
U+207D9 U+207D9 (U+207D9) 𠟙 code2002
U+207DA U+207DA (U+207DA) 𠟚 lastresort
U+207DB U+207DB (U+207DB) 𠟛 lastresort
U+207DC U+207DC (U+207DC) 𠟜 lastresort
U+207DD U+207DD (U+207DD) 𠟝 lastresort
U+207DE U+207DE (U+207DE) 𠟞 lastresort
U+207DF U+207DF (U+207DF) 𠟟 code2002
U+207E0 U+207E0 (U+207E0) 𠟠 code2002
U+207E1 U+207E1 (U+207E1) 𠟡 code2002
U+207E2 U+207E2 (U+207E2) 𠟢 code2002
U+207E3 U+207E3 (U+207E3) 𠟣 code2002
U+207E4 U+207E4 (U+207E4) 𠟤 code2002
U+207E5 U+207E5 (U+207E5) 𠟥 code2002
U+207E6 U+207E6 (U+207E6) 𠟦 lastresort
U+207E7 U+207E7 (U+207E7) 𠟧 code2002
U+207E8 U+207E8 (U+207E8) 𠟨 code2002
U+207E9 U+207E9 (U+207E9) 𠟩 code2002
U+207EA U+207EA (U+207EA) 𠟪 code2002
U+207EB U+207EB (U+207EB) 𠟫 lastresort
U+207EC U+207EC (U+207EC) 𠟬 lastresort
U+207ED U+207ED (U+207ED) 𠟭 code2002
U+207EE U+207EE (U+207EE) 𠟮 lastresort
U+207EF U+207EF (U+207EF) 𠟯 code2002
U+207F0 U+207F0 (U+207F0) 𠟰 lastresort
U+207F1 U+207F1 (U+207F1) 𠟱 lastresort
U+207F2 U+207F2 (U+207F2) 𠟲 lastresort
U+207F3 U+207F3 (U+207F3) 𠟳 lastresort
U+207F4 U+207F4 (U+207F4) 𠟴 lastresort
U+207F5 U+207F5 (U+207F5) 𠟵 lastresort
U+207F6 U+207F6 (U+207F6) 𠟶 code2002
U+207F7 U+207F7 (U+207F7) 𠟷 lastresort
U+207F8 U+207F8 (U+207F8) 𠟸 code2002
U+207F9 U+207F9 (U+207F9) 𠟹 lastresort
U+207FA U+207FA (U+207FA) 𠟺 code2002
U+207FB U+207FB (U+207FB) 𠟻 code2002
U+207FC U+207FC (U+207FC) 𠟼 lastresort
U+207FD U+207FD (U+207FD) 𠟽 code2002
U+207FE U+207FE (U+207FE) 𠟾 lastresort
U+207FF U+207FF (U+207FF) 𠟿 lastresort
U+20800 U+20800 (U+20800) 𠠀 code2002
U+20801 U+20801 (U+20801) 𠠁 code2002
U+20802 U+20802 (U+20802) 𠠂 lastresort
U+20803 U+20803 (U+20803) 𠠃 lastresort
U+20804 U+20804 (U+20804) 𠠄 babelstone_han
U+20805 U+20805 (U+20805) 𠠅 code2002
U+20806 U+20806 (U+20806) 𠠆 lastresort
U+20807 U+20807 (U+20807) 𠠇 lastresort
U+20808 U+20808 (U+20808) 𠠈 lastresort
U+20809 U+20809 (U+20809) 𠠉 lastresort
U+2080A U+2080A (U+2080A) 𠠊 lastresort
U+2080B U+2080B (U+2080B) 𠠋 lastresort
U+2080C U+2080C (U+2080C) 𠠌 lastresort
U+2080D U+2080D (U+2080D) 𠠍 code2002
U+2080E U+2080E (U+2080E) 𠠎 code2002
U+2080F U+2080F (U+2080F) 𠠏 code2002
U+20810 U+20810 (U+20810) 𠠐 code2002
U+20811 U+20811 (U+20811) 𠠑 lastresort
U+20812 U+20812 (U+20812) 𠠒 lastresort
U+20813 U+20813 (U+20813) 𠠓 lastresort
U+20814 U+20814 (U+20814) 𠠔 lastresort
U+20815 U+20815 (U+20815) 𠠕 code2002
U+20816 U+20816 (U+20816) 𠠖 lastresort
U+20817 U+20817 (U+20817) 𠠗 code2002
U+20818 U+20818 (U+20818) 𠠘 lastresort
U+20819 U+20819 (U+20819) 𠠙 lastresort
U+2081A U+2081A (U+2081A) 𠠚 code2002
U+2081B U+2081B (U+2081B) 𠠛 code2002
U+2081C U+2081C (U+2081C) 𠠜 lastresort
U+2081D U+2081D (U+2081D) 𠠝 code2002
U+2081E U+2081E (U+2081E) 𠠞 lastresort
U+2081F U+2081F (U+2081F) 𠠟 lastresort
U+20820 U+20820 (U+20820) 𠠠 lastresort
U+20821 U+20821 (U+20821) 𠠡 lastresort
U+20822 U+20822 (U+20822) 𠠢 lastresort
U+20823 U+20823 (U+20823) 𠠣 code2002
U+20824 U+20824 (U+20824) 𠠤 lastresort
U+20825 U+20825 (U+20825) 𠠥 code2002
U+20826 U+20826 (U+20826) 𠠦 babelstone_han
U+20827 U+20827 (U+20827) 𠠧 lastresort
U+20828 U+20828 (U+20828) 𠠨 lastresort
U+20829 U+20829 (U+20829) 𠠩 lastresort
U+2082A U+2082A (U+2082A) 𠠪 lastresort
U+2082B U+2082B (U+2082B) 𠠫 code2002
U+2082C U+2082C (U+2082C) 𠠬 dfsongstd
U+2082D U+2082D (U+2082D) 𠠭 lastresort
U+2082E U+2082E (U+2082E) 𠠮 lastresort
U+2082F U+2082F (U+2082F) 𠠯 lastresort
U+20830 U+20830 (U+20830) 𠠰 lastresort
U+20831 U+20831 (U+20831) 𠠱 code2002
U+20832 U+20832 (U+20832) 𠠲 code2002
U+20833 U+20833 (U+20833) 𠠳 code2002
U+20834 U+20834 (U+20834) 𠠴 code2002
U+20835 U+20835 (U+20835) 𠠵 lastresort
U+20836 U+20836 (U+20836) 𠠶 code2002
U+20837 U+20837 (U+20837) 𠠷 lastresort
U+20838 U+20838 (U+20838) 𠠸 code2002
U+20839 U+20839 (U+20839) 𠠹 code2002
U+2083A U+2083A (U+2083A) 𠠺 lastresort
U+2083B U+2083B (U+2083B) 𠠻 lastresort
U+2083C U+2083C (U+2083C) 𠠼 code2002
U+2083D U+2083D (U+2083D) 𠠽 lastresort
U+2083E U+2083E (U+2083E) 𠠾 code2002
U+2083F U+2083F (U+2083F) 𠠿 lastresort
U+20840 U+20840 (U+20840) 𠡀 lastresort
U+20841 U+20841 (U+20841) 𠡁 code2002
U+20842 U+20842 (U+20842) 𠡂 code2002
U+20843 U+20843 (U+20843) 𠡃 code2002
U+20844 U+20844 (U+20844) 𠡄 code2002
U+20845 U+20845 (U+20845) 𠡅 lastresort
U+20846 U+20846 (U+20846) 𠡆 code2002
U+20847 U+20847 (U+20847) 𠡇 code2002
U+20848 U+20848 (U+20848) 𠡈 code2002
U+20849 U+20849 (U+20849) 𠡉 code2002
U+2084A U+2084A (U+2084A) 𠡊 lastresort
U+2084B U+2084B (U+2084B) 𠡋 code2002
U+2084C U+2084C (U+2084C) 𠡌 lastresort
U+2084D U+2084D (U+2084D) 𠡍 code2002
U+2084E U+2084E (U+2084E) 𠡎 code2002
U+2084F U+2084F (U+2084F) 𠡏 code2002
U+20850 U+20850 (U+20850) 𠡐 code2002
U+20851 U+20851 (U+20851) 𠡑 lastresort
U+20852 U+20852 (U+20852) 𠡒 code2002
U+20853 U+20853 (U+20853) 𠡓 code2002
U+20854 U+20854 (U+20854) 𠡔 lastresort
U+20855 U+20855 (U+20855) 𠡕 lastresort
U+20856 U+20856 (U+20856) 𠡖 lastresort
U+20857 U+20857 (U+20857) 𠡗 code2002
U+20858 U+20858 (U+20858) 𠡘 lastresort
U+20859 U+20859 (U+20859) 𠡙 code2002
U+2085A U+2085A (U+2085A) 𠡚 code2002
U+2085B U+2085B (U+2085B) 𠡛 code2002
U+2085C U+2085C (U+2085C) 𠡜 lastresort
U+2085D U+2085D (U+2085D) 𠡝 lastresort
U+2085E U+2085E (U+2085E) 𠡞 lastresort
U+2085F U+2085F (U+2085F) 𠡟 code2002
U+20860 U+20860 (U+20860) 𠡠 lastresort
U+20861 U+20861 (U+20861) 𠡡 lastresort
U+20863 U+20863 (U+20863) 𠡣 lastresort
U+20864 U+20864 (U+20864) 𠡤 lastresort
U+20865 U+20865 (U+20865) 𠡥 lastresort
U+20866 U+20866 (U+20866) 𠡦 babelstone_han
U+20867 U+20867 (U+20867) 𠡧 lastresort
U+20868 U+20868 (U+20868) 𠡨 lastresort
U+20869 U+20869 (U+20869) 𠡩 code2002
U+2086A U+2086A (U+2086A) 𠡪 lastresort
U+2086B U+2086B (U+2086B) 𠡫 code2002
U+2086C U+2086C (U+2086C) 𠡬 lastresort
U+2086D U+2086D (U+2086D) 𠡭 lastresort
U+2086E U+2086E (U+2086E) 𠡮 code2002
U+2086F U+2086F (U+2086F) 𠡯 lastresort
U+20870 U+20870 (U+20870) 𠡰 lastresort
U+20871 U+20871 (U+20871) 𠡱 lastresort
U+20872 U+20872 (U+20872) 𠡲 lastresort
U+20873 U+20873 (U+20873) 𠡳 dfsongstd
U+20874 U+20874 (U+20874) 𠡴 code2002
U+20875 U+20875 (U+20875) 𠡵 lastresort
U+20876 U+20876 (U+20876) 𠡶 code2002
U+20877 U+20877 (U+20877) 𠡷 code2002
U+20878 U+20878 (U+20878) 𠡸 lastresort
U+20879 U+20879 (U+20879) 𠡹 lastresort
U+2087A U+2087A (U+2087A) 𠡺 lastresort
U+2087B U+2087B (U+2087B) 𠡻 lastresort
U+2087C U+2087C (U+2087C) 𠡼 code2002
U+2087D U+2087D (U+2087D) 𠡽 lastresort
U+2087E U+2087E (U+2087E) 𠡾 lastresort
U+2087F U+2087F (U+2087F) 𠡿 code2002
U+20880 U+20880 (U+20880) 𠢀 lastresort
U+20881 U+20881 (U+20881) 𠢁 lastresort
U+20882 U+20882 (U+20882) 𠢂 lastresort
U+20883 U+20883 (U+20883) 𠢃 code2002
U+20884 U+20884 (U+20884) 𠢄 lastresort
U+20885 U+20885 (U+20885) 𠢅 lastresort
U+20886 U+20886 (U+20886) 𠢆 code2002
U+20887 U+20887 (U+20887) 𠢇 code2002
U+20888 U+20888 (U+20888) 𠢈 lastresort
U+20889 U+20889 (U+20889) 𠢉 code2002
U+2088A U+2088A (U+2088A) 𠢊 lastresort
U+2088B U+2088B (U+2088B) 𠢋 code2002
U+2088C U+2088C (U+2088C) 𠢌 lastresort
U+2088D U+2088D (U+2088D) 𠢍 lastresort
U+2088E U+2088E (U+2088E) 𠢎 lastresort
U+2088F U+2088F (U+2088F) 𠢏 lastresort
U+20890 U+20890 (U+20890) 𠢐 lastresort
U+20891 U+20891 (U+20891) 𠢑 code2002
U+20892 U+20892 (U+20892) 𠢒 lastresort
U+20893 U+20893 (U+20893) 𠢓 lastresort
U+20894 U+20894 (U+20894) 𠢔 code2002
U+20895 U+20895 (U+20895) 𠢕 code2002
U+20896 U+20896 (U+20896) 𠢖 lastresort
U+20897 U+20897 (U+20897) 𠢗 code2002
U+20898 U+20898 (U+20898) 𠢘 lastresort
U+20899 U+20899 (U+20899) 𠢙 lastresort
U+2089A U+2089A (U+2089A) 𠢚 lastresort
U+2089B U+2089B (U+2089B) 𠢛 lastresort
U+2089C U+2089C (U+2089C) 𠢜 lastresort
U+2089D U+2089D (U+2089D) 𠢝 code2002
U+2089E U+2089E (U+2089E) 𠢞 lastresort
U+2089F U+2089F (U+2089F) 𠢟 lastresort
U+208A0 U+208A0 (U+208A0) 𠢠 lastresort
U+208A1 U+208A1 (U+208A1) 𠢡 code2002
U+208A2 U+208A2 (U+208A2) 𠢢 lastresort
U+208A3 U+208A3 (U+208A3) 𠢣 lastresort
U+208A4 to urge, compel (U+208A4) 𠢤 code2002
U+208A5 U+208A5 (U+208A5) 𠢥 lastresort
U+208A6 U+208A6 (U+208A6) 𠢦 code2002
U+208A7 U+208A7 (U+208A7) 𠢧 code2002
U+208A8 U+208A8 (U+208A8) 𠢨 lastresort
U+208A9 U+208A9 (U+208A9) 𠢩 lastresort
U+208AA U+208AA (U+208AA) 𠢪 code2002
U+208AB U+208AB (U+208AB) 𠢫 lastresort
U+208AC U+208AC (U+208AC) 𠢬 lastresort
U+208AD U+208AD (U+208AD) 𠢭 lastresort
U+208AE U+208AE (U+208AE) 𠢮 lastresort
U+208AF U+208AF (U+208AF) 𠢯 lastresort
U+208B0 U+208B0 (U+208B0) 𠢰 lastresort
U+208B1 U+208B1 (U+208B1) 𠢱 lastresort
U+208B2 U+208B2 (U+208B2) 𠢲 code2002
U+208B3 U+208B3 (U+208B3) 𠢳 code2002
U+208B4 U+208B4 (U+208B4) 𠢴 lastresort
U+208B5 U+208B5 (U+208B5) 𠢵 lastresort
U+208B6 U+208B6 (U+208B6) 𠢶 lastresort
U+208B7 U+208B7 (U+208B7) 𠢷 lastresort
U+208B8 U+208B8 (U+208B8) 𠢸 lastresort
U+208B9 U+208B9 (U+208B9) 𠢹 lastresort
U+208BA U+208BA (U+208BA) 𠢺 code2002
U+208BB U+208BB (U+208BB) 𠢻 lastresort
U+208BC U+208BC (U+208BC) 𠢼 lastresort
U+208BD U+208BD (U+208BD) 𠢽 lastresort
U+208BE U+208BE (U+208BE) 𠢾 lastresort
U+208BF U+208BF (U+208BF) 𠢿 code2002
U+208C0 U+208C0 (U+208C0) 𠣀 lastresort
U+208C1 U+208C1 (U+208C1) 𠣁 lastresort
U+208C2 U+208C2 (U+208C2) 𠣂 lastresort
U+208C3 U+208C3 (U+208C3) 𠣃 lastresort
U+208C4 U+208C4 (U+208C4) 𠣄 code2002
U+208C5 U+208C5 (U+208C5) 𠣅 lastresort
U+208C6 U+208C6 (U+208C6) 𠣆 lastresort
U+208C7 U+208C7 (U+208C7) 𠣇 lastresort
U+208C8 U+208C8 (U+208C8) 𠣈 lastresort
U+208C9 U+208C9 (U+208C9) 𠣉 lastresort
U+208CA U+208CA (U+208CA) 𠣊 lastresort
U+208CB U+208CB (U+208CB) 𠣋 lastresort
U+208CC U+208CC (U+208CC) 𠣌 code2002
U+208CD U+208CD (U+208CD) 𠣍 code2002
U+208CE U+208CE (U+208CE) 𠣎 lastresort
U+208CF U+208CF (U+208CF) 𠣏 lastresort
U+208D0 U+208D0 (U+208D0) 𠣐 lastresort
U+208D1 U+208D1 (U+208D1) 𠣑 lastresort
U+208D2 U+208D2 (U+208D2) 𠣒 lastresort
U+208D3 U+208D3 (U+208D3) 𠣓 lastresort
U+208D4 U+208D4 (U+208D4) 𠣔 code2002
U+208D5 U+208D5 (U+208D5) 𠣕 dfsongstd
U+208D6 U+208D6 (U+208D6) 𠣖 lastresort
U+208D7 U+208D7 (U+208D7) 𠣗 code2002
U+208D8 U+208D8 (U+208D8) 𠣘 lastresort
U+208D9 U+208D9 (U+208D9) 𠣙 lastresort
U+208DA U+208DA (U+208DA) 𠣚 lastresort
U+208DB U+208DB (U+208DB) 𠣛 code2002
U+208DC U+208DC (U+208DC) 𠣜 babelstone_han
U+208DD U+208DD (U+208DD) 𠣝 code2002
U+208DE U+208DE (U+208DE) 𠣞 babelstone_han
U+208DF U+208DF (U+208DF) 𠣟 lastresort
U+208E0 U+208E0 (U+208E0) 𠣠 lastresort
U+208E1 U+208E1 (U+208E1) 𠣡 lastresort
U+208E2 U+208E2 (U+208E2) 𠣢 lastresort
U+208E3 U+208E3 (U+208E3) 𠣣 lastresort
U+208E4 U+208E4 (U+208E4) 𠣤 lastresort
U+208E5 U+208E5 (U+208E5) 𠣥 lastresort
U+208E6 U+208E6 (U+208E6) 𠣦 lastresort
U+208E7 U+208E7 (U+208E7) 𠣧 lastresort
U+208E8 U+208E8 (U+208E8) 𠣨 lastresort
U+208E9 U+208E9 (U+208E9) 𠣩 code2002
U+208EA U+208EA (U+208EA) 𠣪 code2002
U+208EB U+208EB (U+208EB) 𠣫 code2002
U+208EC U+208EC (U+208EC) 𠣬 babelstone_han
U+208ED U+208ED (U+208ED) 𠣭 code2002
U+208EE U+208EE (U+208EE) 𠣮 lastresort
U+208EF U+208EF (U+208EF) 𠣯 lastresort
U+208F0 U+208F0 (U+208F0) 𠣰 lastresort
U+208F1 U+208F1 (U+208F1) 𠣱 lastresort
U+208F2 U+208F2 (U+208F2) 𠣲 lastresort
U+208F3 U+208F3 (U+208F3) 𠣳 code2002
U+208F4 U+208F4 (U+208F4) 𠣴 lastresort
U+208F5 U+208F5 (U+208F5) 𠣵 lastresort
U+208F6 U+208F6 (U+208F6) 𠣶 code2002
U+208F7 U+208F7 (U+208F7) 𠣷 lastresort
U+208F8 U+208F8 (U+208F8) 𠣸 lastresort
U+208F9 U+208F9 (U+208F9) 𠣹 lastresort
U+208FA U+208FA (U+208FA) 𠣺 lastresort
U+208FB U+208FB (U+208FB) 𠣻 lastresort
U+208FC U+208FC (U+208FC) 𠣼 code2002
U+208FD U+208FD (U+208FD) 𠣽 lastresort
U+208FE U+208FE (U+208FE) 𠣾 lastresort
U+208FF U+208FF (U+208FF) 𠣿 lastresort
U+20900 U+20900 (U+20900) 𠤀 lastresort
U+20901 U+20901 (U+20901) 𠤁 lastresort
U+20902 U+20902 (U+20902) 𠤂 lastresort
U+20903 U+20903 (U+20903) 𠤃 lastresort
U+20904 U+20904 (U+20904) 𠤄 lastresort
U+20905 U+20905 (U+20905) 𠤅 lastresort
U+20906 U+20906 (U+20906) 𠤆 lastresort
U+20907 U+20907 (U+20907) 𠤇 lastresort
U+20908 U+20908 (U+20908) 𠤈 lastresort
U+20909 U+20909 (U+20909) 𠤉 lastresort
U+2090A U+2090A (U+2090A) 𠤊 lastresort
U+2090B U+2090B (U+2090B) 𠤋 lastresort
U+2090C U+2090C (U+2090C) 𠤌 lastresort
U+2090D U+2090D (U+2090D) 𠤍 code2002
U+2090E U+2090E (U+2090E) 𠤎 code2002
U+2090F a tithing (U+2090F) 𠤏 code2002
U+20910 U+20910 (U+20910) 𠤐 code2002
U+20911 U+20911 (U+20911) 𠤑 code2002
U+20912 U+20912 (U+20912) 𠤒 lastresort
U+20913 U+20913 (U+20913) 𠤓 lastresort
U+20914 U+20914 (U+20914) 𠤔 lastresort
U+20915 U+20915 (U+20915) 𠤕 babelstone_han
U+20916 U+20916 (U+20916) 𠤖 dfsongstd
U+20917 U+20917 (U+20917) 𠤗 code2002
U+20918 U+20918 (U+20918) 𠤘 code2002
U+20919 U+20919 (U+20919) 𠤙 lastresort
U+2091A U+2091A (U+2091A) 𠤚 lastresort
U+2091B U+2091B (U+2091B) 𠤛 lastresort
U+2091C U+2091C (U+2091C) 𠤜 lastresort
U+2091D U+2091D (U+2091D) 𠤝 lastresort
U+2091E U+2091E (U+2091E) 𠤞 lastresort
U+2091F U+2091F (U+2091F) 𠤟 lastresort
U+20920 U+20920 (U+20920) 𠤠 lastresort
U+20921 U+20921 (U+20921) 𠤡 lastresort
U+20922 U+20922 (U+20922) 𠤢 lastresort
U+20923 U+20923 (U+20923) 𠤣 dfsongstd
U+20924 U+20924 (U+20924) 𠤤 code2002
U+20925 U+20925 (U+20925) 𠤥 lastresort
U+20926 U+20926 (U+20926) 𠤦 lastresort
U+20927 U+20927 (U+20927) 𠤧 lastresort
U+20928 U+20928 (U+20928) 𠤨 lastresort
U+20929 U+20929 (U+20929) 𠤩 code2001
U+2092A U+2092A (U+2092A) 𠤪 babelstone_han
U+2092B U+2092B (U+2092B) 𠤫 lastresort
U+2092C U+2092C (U+2092C) 𠤬 code2002
U+2092D U+2092D (U+2092D) 𠤭 code2002
U+2092E U+2092E (U+2092E) 𠤮 code2002
U+2092F U+2092F (U+2092F) 𠤯 code2002
U+20930 U+20930 (U+20930) 𠤰 code2002
U+20931 U+20931 (U+20931) 𠤱 code2002
U+20932 U+20932 (U+20932) 𠤲 code2002
U+20933 U+20933 (U+20933) 𠤳 code2002
U+20934 U+20934 (U+20934) 𠤴 code2002
U+20935 U+20935 (U+20935) 𠤵 code2002
U+20936 U+20936 (U+20936) 𠤶 lastresort
U+20937 U+20937 (U+20937) 𠤷 code2002
U+20938 U+20938 (U+20938) 𠤸 code2002
U+20939 U+20939 (U+20939) 𠤹 lastresort
U+2093A U+2093A (U+2093A) 𠤺 lastresort
U+2093B U+2093B (U+2093B) 𠤻 code2002
U+2093C U+2093C (U+2093C) 𠤼 lastresort
U+2093D U+2093D (U+2093D) 𠤽 lastresort
U+2093E U+2093E (U+2093E) 𠤾 lastresort
U+2093F U+2093F (U+2093F) 𠤿 lastresort
U+20940 U+20940 (U+20940) 𠥀 lastresort
U+20941 U+20941 (U+20941) 𠥁 lastresort
U+20942 U+20942 (U+20942) 𠥂 lastresort
U+20943 U+20943 (U+20943) 𠥃 lastresort
U+20944 U+20944 (U+20944) 𠥄 lastresort
U+20945 U+20945 (U+20945) 𠥅 lastresort
U+20946 U+20946 (U+20946) 𠥆 lastresort
U+20947 U+20947 (U+20947) 𠥇 code2002
U+20948 U+20948 (U+20948) 𠥈 lastresort
U+20949 U+20949 (U+20949) 𠥉 lastresort
U+2094A U+2094A (U+2094A) 𠥊 lastresort
U+2094B U+2094B (U+2094B) 𠥋 lastresort
U+2094C U+2094C (U+2094C) 𠥌 lastresort
U+2094D U+2094D (U+2094D) 𠥍 lastresort
U+2094E U+2094E (U+2094E) 𠥎 code2002
U+2094F U+2094F (U+2094F) 𠥏 lastresort
U+20950 U+20950 (U+20950) 𠥐 lastresort
U+20951 U+20951 (U+20951) 𠥑 lastresort
U+20952 U+20952 (U+20952) 𠥒 lastresort
U+20953 U+20953 (U+20953) 𠥓 lastresort
U+20954 U+20954 (U+20954) 𠥔 dfsongstd
U+20955 U+20955 (U+20955) 𠥕 code2002
U+20956 U+20956 (U+20956) 𠥖 lastresort
U+20957 U+20957 (U+20957) 𠥗 lastresort
U+20958 U+20958 (U+20958) 𠥘 lastresort
U+20959 U+20959 (U+20959) 𠥙 lastresort
U+2095A U+2095A (U+2095A) 𠥚 lastresort
U+2095B U+2095B (U+2095B) 𠥛 lastresort
U+2095C U+2095C (U+2095C) 𠥜 lastresort
U+2095D U+2095D (U+2095D) 𠥝 lastresort
U+2095E U+2095E (U+2095E) 𠥞 lastresort
U+2095F U+2095F (U+2095F) 𠥟 lastresort
U+20960 U+20960 (U+20960) 𠥠 code2002
U+20961 U+20961 (U+20961) 𠥡 lastresort
U+20962 U+20962 (U+20962) 𠥢 lastresort
U+20963 U+20963 (U+20963) 𠥣 lastresort
U+20964 U+20964 (U+20964) 𠥤 lastresort
U+20965 U+20965 (U+20965) 𠥥 lastresort
U+20966 U+20966 (U+20966) 𠥦 lastresort
U+20967 U+20967 (U+20967) 𠥧 lastresort
U+20968 U+20968 (U+20968) 𠥨 lastresort
U+20969 U+20969 (U+20969) 𠥩 lastresort
U+2096A U+2096A (U+2096A) 𠥪 lastresort
U+2096B U+2096B (U+2096B) 𠥫 lastresort
U+2096C U+2096C (U+2096C) 𠥬 lastresort
U+2096D U+2096D (U+2096D) 𠥭 code2002
U+2096E U+2096E (U+2096E) 𠥮 code2002
U+2096F U+2096F (U+2096F) 𠥯 lastresort
U+20970 U+20970 (U+20970) 𠥰 code2002
U+20971 U+20971 (U+20971) 𠥱 code2002
U+20972 U+20972 (U+20972) 𠥲 code2002
U+20973 U+20973 (U+20973) 𠥳 code2002
U+20974 U+20974 (U+20974) 𠥴 lastresort
U+20975 U+20975 (U+20975) 𠥵 code2002
U+20976 U+20976 (U+20976) 𠥶 code2002
U+20977 U+20977 (U+20977) 𠥷 code2002
U+20978 U+20978 (U+20978) 𠥸 lastresort
U+20979 U+20979 (U+20979) 𠥹 code2002
U+2097A U+2097A (U+2097A) 𠥺 code2002
U+2097B U+2097B (U+2097B) 𠥻 code2002
U+2097C U+2097C (U+2097C) 𠥼 code2002
U+2097D U+2097D (U+2097D) 𠥽 lastresort
U+2097E U+2097E (U+2097E) 𠥾 lastresort
U+2097F U+2097F (U+2097F) 𠥿 code2002
U+20980 U+20980 (U+20980) 𠦀 code2002
U+20981 U+20981 (U+20981) 𠦁 lastresort
U+20982 U+20982 (U+20982) 𠦂 code2002
U+20983 U+20983 (U+20983) 𠦃 babelstone_han
U+20984 U+20984 (U+20984) 𠦄 babelstone_han
U+20985 U+20985 (U+20985) 𠦅 code2002
U+20986 U+20986 (U+20986) 𠦆 lastresort
U+20987 U+20987 (U+20987) 𠦇 lastresort
U+20988 U+20988 (U+20988) 𠦈 code2002
U+20989 U+20989 (U+20989) 𠦉 code2002
U+2098A U+2098A (U+2098A) 𠦊 code2002
U+2098B U+2098B (U+2098B) 𠦋 lastresort
U+2098C forty (U+2098C) 𠦌 code2002
U+2098D U+2098D (U+2098D) 𠦍 lastresort
U+2098E U+2098E (U+2098E) 𠦎 lastresort
U+2098F U+2098F (U+2098F) 𠦏 lastresort
U+20990 U+20990 (U+20990) 𠦐 code2002
U+20991 U+20991 (U+20991) 𠦑 lastresort
U+20992 U+20992 (U+20992) 𠦒 lastresort
U+20993 U+20993 (U+20993) 𠦓 lastresort
U+20994 U+20994 (U+20994) 𠦔 lastresort
U+20995 U+20995 (U+20995) 𠦕 lastresort
U+20996 U+20996 (U+20996) 𠦖 lastresort
U+20997 U+20997 (U+20997) 𠦗 code2002
U+20998 U+20998 (U+20998) 𠦘 lastresort
U+20999 U+20999 (U+20999) 𠦙 lastresort
U+2099A U+2099A (U+2099A) 𠦚 lastresort
U+2099B U+2099B (U+2099B) 𠦛 lastresort
U+2099C forty (U+2099C) 𠦜 code2002
U+2099D U+2099D (U+2099D) 𠦝 code2002
U+2099E U+2099E (U+2099E) 𠦞 lastresort
U+2099F U+2099F (U+2099F) 𠦟 lastresort
U+209A0 U+209A0 (U+209A0) 𠦠 lastresort
U+209A1 U+209A1 (U+209A1) 𠦡 code2002
U+209A2 U+209A2 (U+209A2) 𠦢 lastresort
U+209A3 U+209A3 (U+209A3) 𠦣 lastresort
U+209A4 U+209A4 (U+209A4) 𠦤 lastresort
U+209A5 U+209A5 (U+209A5) 𠦥 code2002
U+209A6 U+209A6 (U+209A6) 𠦦 code2002
U+209A7 U+209A7 (U+209A7) 𠦧 code2002
U+209A8 U+209A8 (U+209A8) 𠦨 code2002
U+209A9 U+209A9 (U+209A9) 𠦩 lastresort
U+209AA U+209AA (U+209AA) 𠦪 babelstone_han
U+209AB U+209AB (U+209AB) 𠦫 code2002
U+209AC U+209AC (U+209AC) 𠦬 lastresort
U+209AD U+209AD (U+209AD) 𠦭 code2002
U+209AE U+209AE (U+209AE) 𠦮 lastresort
U+209AF U+209AF (U+209AF) 𠦯 code2002
U+209B0 U+209B0 (U+209B0) 𠦰 lastresort
U+209B1 U+209B1 (U+209B1) 𠦱 lastresort
U+209B2 U+209B2 (U+209B2) 𠦲 lastresort
U+209B3 U+209B3 (U+209B3) 𠦳 code2002
U+209B4 U+209B4 (U+209B4) 𠦴 code2002
U+209B5 U+209B5 (U+209B5) 𠦵 lastresort
U+209B6 U+209B6 (U+209B6) 𠦶 lastresort
U+209B7 U+209B7 (U+209B7) 𠦷 code2002
U+209B8 U+209B8 (U+209B8) 𠦸 lastresort
U+209B9 U+209B9 (U+209B9) 𠦹 lastresort
U+209BA U+209BA (U+209BA) 𠦺 lastresort
U+209BB U+209BB (U+209BB) 𠦻 code2002
U+209BC U+209BC (U+209BC) 𠦼 code2002
U+209BD U+209BD (U+209BD) 𠦽 code2002
U+209BE U+209BE (U+209BE) 𠦾 code2002
U+209BF U+209BF (U+209BF) 𠦿 lastresort
U+209C0 U+209C0 (U+209C0) 𠧀 code2002
U+209C1 U+209C1 (U+209C1) 𠧁 code2002
U+209C2 U+209C2 (U+209C2) 𠧂 code2002
U+209C3 U+209C3 (U+209C3) 𠧃 code2002
U+209C4 U+209C4 (U+209C4) 𠧄 code2002
U+209C5 U+209C5 (U+209C5) 𠧅 lastresort
U+209C6 U+209C6 (U+209C6) 𠧆 lastresort
U+209C7 U+209C7 (U+209C7) 𠧇 code2002
U+209C8 U+209C8 (U+209C8) 𠧈 lastresort
U+209C9 U+209C9 (U+209C9) 𠧉 lastresort
U+209CA U+209CA (U+209CA) 𠧊 lastresort
U+209CB U+209CB (U+209CB) 𠧋 lastresort
U+209CC U+209CC (U+209CC) 𠧌 lastresort
U+209CD U+209CD (U+209CD) 𠧍 lastresort
U+209CE U+209CE (U+209CE) 𠧎 lastresort
U+209CF U+209CF (U+209CF) 𠧏 lastresort
U+209D0 U+209D0 (U+209D0) 𠧐 code2002
U+209D1 U+209D1 (U+209D1) 𠧑 lastresort
U+209D2 U+209D2 (U+209D2) 𠧒 code2002
U+209D3 U+209D3 (U+209D3) 𠧓 code2002
U+209D4 U+209D4 (U+209D4) 𠧔 code2002
U+209D5 U+209D5 (U+209D5) 𠧕 code2002
U+209D6 U+209D6 (U+209D6) 𠧖 babelstone_han
U+209D7 U+209D7 (U+209D7) 𠧗 code2002
U+209D8 U+209D8 (U+209D8) 𠧘 lastresort
U+209D9 U+209D9 (U+209D9) 𠧙 code2002
U+209DA U+209DA (U+209DA) 𠧚 lastresort
U+209DB U+209DB (U+209DB) 𠧛 lastresort
U+209DC U+209DC (U+209DC) 𠧜 code2002
U+209DD U+209DD (U+209DD) 𠧝 lastresort
U+209DE U+209DE (U+209DE) 𠧞 code2002
U+209DF U+209DF (U+209DF) 𠧟 code2002
U+209E0 U+209E0 (U+209E0) 𠧠 code2002
U+209E1 U+209E1 (U+209E1) 𠧡 code2002
U+209E2 U+209E2 (U+209E2) 𠧢 code2002
U+209E3 U+209E3 (U+209E3) 𠧣 lastresort
U+209E4 U+209E4 (U+209E4) 𠧤 lastresort
U+209E5 U+209E5 (U+209E5) 𠧥 lastresort
U+209E6 U+209E6 (U+209E6) 𠧦 code2002
U+209E7 U+209E7 (U+209E7) 𠧧 dfsongstd
U+209E8 U+209E8 (U+209E8) 𠧨 lastresort
U+209E9 an archaic form of U+6094 悔, to repent (U+209E9) 𠧩 code2002
U+209EA U+209EA (U+209EA) 𠧪 lastresort
U+209EB U+209EB (U+209EB) 𠧫 code2002
U+209EC U+209EC (U+209EC) 𠧬 code2002
U+209ED U+209ED (U+209ED) 𠧭 lastresort
U+209EE U+209EE (U+209EE) 𠧮 lastresort
U+209EF U+209EF (U+209EF) 𠧯 lastresort
U+209F0 U+209F0 (U+209F0) 𠧰 lastresort
U+209F1 U+209F1 (U+209F1) 𠧱 lastresort
U+209F2 U+209F2 (U+209F2) 𠧲 lastresort
U+209F3 U+209F3 (U+209F3) 𠧳 lastresort
U+209F4 U+209F4 (U+209F4) 𠧴 lastresort
U+209F5 U+209F5 (U+209F5) 𠧵 lastresort
U+209F6 U+209F6 (U+209F6) 𠧶 lastresort
U+209F7 U+209F7 (U+209F7) 𠧷 lastresort
U+209F8 U+209F8 (U+209F8) 𠧸 lastresort
U+209F9 U+209F9 (U+209F9) 𠧹 lastresort
U+209FA U+209FA (U+209FA) 𠧺 lastresort
U+209FB U+209FB (U+209FB) 𠧻 lastresort
U+209FC U+209FC (U+209FC) 𠧼 lastresort
U+209FD U+209FD (U+209FD) 𠧽 lastresort
U+209FE U+209FE (U+209FE) 𠧾 lastresort
U+209FF U+209FF (U+209FF) 𠧿 lastresort
U+20A00 U+20A00 (U+20A00) 𠨀 lastresort
U+20A01 U+20A01 (U+20A01) 𠨁 lastresort
U+20A02 U+20A02 (U+20A02) 𠨂 lastresort
U+20A03 U+20A03 (U+20A03) 𠨃 lastresort
U+20A04 U+20A04 (U+20A04) 𠨄 lastresort
U+20A05 U+20A05 (U+20A05) 𠨅 lastresort
U+20A06 U+20A06 (U+20A06) 𠨆 lastresort
U+20A07 U+20A07 (U+20A07) 𠨇 lastresort
U+20A08 U+20A08 (U+20A08) 𠨈 lastresort
U+20A09 U+20A09 (U+20A09) 𠨉 lastresort
U+20A0A U+20A0A (U+20A0A) 𠨊 lastresort
U+20A0B U+20A0B (U+20A0B) 𠨋 lastresort
U+20A0C U+20A0C (U+20A0C) 𠨌 lastresort
U+20A0D U+20A0D (U+20A0D) 𠨍 code2002
U+20A0E U+20A0E (U+20A0E) 𠨎 code2002
U+20A0F U+20A0F (U+20A0F) 𠨏 code2002
U+20A10 U+20A10 (U+20A10) 𠨐 code2002
U+20A11 U+20A11 (U+20A11) 𠨑 code2002
U+20A12 U+20A12 (U+20A12) 𠨒 code2002
U+20A13 U+20A13 (U+20A13) 𠨓 lastresort
U+20A14 U+20A14 (U+20A14) 𠨔 lastresort
U+20A15 U+20A15 (U+20A15) 𠨕 code2002
U+20A16 U+20A16 (U+20A16) 𠨖 code2002
U+20A17 U+20A17 (U+20A17) 𠨗 lastresort
U+20A18 U+20A18 (U+20A18) 𠨘 code2002
U+20A19 U+20A19 (U+20A19) 𠨙 lastresort
U+20A1A U+20A1A (U+20A1A) 𠨚 code2002
U+20A1B U+20A1B (U+20A1B) 𠨛 code2002
U+20A1C U+20A1C (U+20A1C) 𠨜 code2002
U+20A1D U+20A1D (U+20A1D) 𠨝 lastresort
U+20A1E U+20A1E (U+20A1E) 𠨞 code2002
U+20A1F U+20A1F (U+20A1F) 𠨟 lastresort
U+20A20 U+20A20 (U+20A20) 𠨠 code2002
U+20A21 U+20A21 (U+20A21) 𠨡 code2002
U+20A22 U+20A22 (U+20A22) 𠨢 code2002
U+20A23 U+20A23 (U+20A23) 𠨣 code2002
U+20A24 U+20A24 (U+20A24) 𠨤 lastresort
U+20A25 U+20A25 (U+20A25) 𠨥 lastresort
U+20A26 U+20A26 (U+20A26) 𠨦 lastresort
U+20A27 U+20A27 (U+20A27) 𠨧 babelstone_han
U+20A28 U+20A28 (U+20A28) 𠨨 lastresort
U+20A29 U+20A29 (U+20A29) 𠨩 babelstone_han
U+20A2A U+20A2A (U+20A2A) 𠨪 code2002
U+20A2B U+20A2B (U+20A2B) 𠨫 lastresort
U+20A2C U+20A2C (U+20A2C) 𠨬 code2002
U+20A2D U+20A2D (U+20A2D) 𠨭 code2002
U+20A2E U+20A2E (U+20A2E) 𠨮 code2002
U+20A2F U+20A2F (U+20A2F) 𠨯 code2002
U+20A30 U+20A30 (U+20A30) 𠨰 lastresort
U+20A31 U+20A31 (U+20A31) 𠨱 code2002
U+20A32 U+20A32 (U+20A32) 𠨲 lastresort
U+20A33 U+20A33 (U+20A33) 𠨳 code2002
U+20A34 U+20A34 (U+20A34) 𠨴 code2002
U+20A35 U+20A35 (U+20A35) 𠨵 code2002
U+20A36 U+20A36 (U+20A36) 𠨶 code2002
U+20A37 U+20A37 (U+20A37) 𠨷 lastresort
U+20A38 U+20A38 (U+20A38) 𠨸 code2002
U+20A39 U+20A39 (U+20A39) 𠨹 code2002
U+20A3A U+20A3A (U+20A3A) 𠨺 code2002
U+20A3B U+20A3B (U+20A3B) 𠨻 code2002
U+20A3C U+20A3C (U+20A3C) 𠨼 code2002
U+20A3D U+20A3D (U+20A3D) 𠨽 code2002
U+20A3E U+20A3E (U+20A3E) 𠨾 code2002
U+20A3F U+20A3F (U+20A3F) 𠨿 lastresort
U+20A40 U+20A40 (U+20A40) 𠩀 code2002
U+20A41 U+20A41 (U+20A41) 𠩁 code2002
U+20A42 U+20A42 (U+20A42) 𠩂 code2002
U+20A43 U+20A43 (U+20A43) 𠩃 code2002
U+20A44 U+20A44 (U+20A44) 𠩄 babelstone_han
U+20A45 U+20A45 (U+20A45) 𠩅 code2002
U+20A46 U+20A46 (U+20A46) 𠩆 code2002
U+20A47 U+20A47 (U+20A47) 𠩇 code2002
U+20A48 U+20A48 (U+20A48) 𠩈 code2002
U+20A49 U+20A49 (U+20A49) 𠩉 code2002
U+20A4A U+20A4A (U+20A4A) 𠩊 lastresort
U+20A4B U+20A4B (U+20A4B) 𠩋 code2002
U+20A4C U+20A4C (U+20A4C) 𠩌 lastresort
U+20A4D U+20A4D (U+20A4D) 𠩍 lastresort
U+20A4E U+20A4E (U+20A4E) 𠩎 lastresort
U+20A4F U+20A4F (U+20A4F) 𠩏 code2002
U+20A50 U+20A50 (U+20A50) 𠩐 dfsongstd
U+20A51 U+20A51 (U+20A51) 𠩑 lastresort
U+20A52 U+20A52 (U+20A52) 𠩒 lastresort
U+20A53 U+20A53 (U+20A53) 𠩓 lastresort
U+20A54 U+20A54 (U+20A54) 𠩔 lastresort
U+20A55 U+20A55 (U+20A55) 𠩕 code2002
U+20A56 U+20A56 (U+20A56) 𠩖 lastresort
U+20A57 U+20A57 (U+20A57) 𠩗 lastresort
U+20A58 U+20A58 (U+20A58) 𠩘 code2002
U+20A59 U+20A59 (U+20A59) 𠩙 lastresort
U+20A5A U+20A5A (U+20A5A) 𠩚 lastresort
U+20A5B U+20A5B (U+20A5B) 𠩛 lastresort
U+20A5C U+20A5C (U+20A5C) 𠩜 lastresort
U+20A5D U+20A5D (U+20A5D) 𠩝 lastresort
U+20A5E U+20A5E (U+20A5E) 𠩞 lastresort
U+20A5F U+20A5F (U+20A5F) 𠩟 lastresort
U+20A60 U+20A60 (U+20A60) 𠩠 lastresort
U+20A61 U+20A61 (U+20A61) 𠩡 lastresort
U+20A62 U+20A62 (U+20A62) 𠩢 code2002
U+20A63 U+20A63 (U+20A63) 𠩣 lastresort
U+20A64 U+20A64 (U+20A64) 𠩤 lastresort
U+20A65 U+20A65 (U+20A65) 𠩥 code2002
U+20A66 U+20A66 (U+20A66) 𠩦 lastresort
U+20A67 U+20A67 (U+20A67) 𠩧 lastresort
U+20A68 U+20A68 (U+20A68) 𠩨 lastresort
U+20A69 U+20A69 (U+20A69) 𠩩 lastresort
U+20A6A U+20A6A (U+20A6A) 𠩪 lastresort
U+20A6B U+20A6B (U+20A6B) 𠩫 code2002
U+20A6C U+20A6C (U+20A6C) 𠩬 lastresort
U+20A6D U+20A6D (U+20A6D) 𠩭 lastresort
U+20A6E U+20A6E (U+20A6E) 𠩮 lastresort
U+20A6F U+20A6F (U+20A6F) 𠩯 lastresort
U+20A70 U+20A70 (U+20A70) 𠩰 lastresort
U+20A71 U+20A71 (U+20A71) 𠩱 lastresort
U+20A72 U+20A72 (U+20A72) 𠩲 lastresort
U+20A73 U+20A73 (U+20A73) 𠩳 lastresort
U+20A74 U+20A74 (U+20A74) 𠩴 lastresort
U+20A75 U+20A75 (U+20A75) 𠩵 babelstone_han
U+20A76 U+20A76 (U+20A76) 𠩶 lastresort
U+20A77 U+20A77 (U+20A77) 𠩷 code2002
U+20A78 U+20A78 (U+20A78) 𠩸 lastresort
U+20A79 U+20A79 (U+20A79) 𠩹 lastresort
U+20A7A to split, rive, crack (U+20A7A) 𠩺 babelstone_han
U+20A7B U+20A7B (U+20A7B) 𠩻 lastresort
U+20A7C U+20A7C (U+20A7C) 𠩼 lastresort
U+20A7D U+20A7D (U+20A7D) 𠩽 lastresort
U+20A7E U+20A7E (U+20A7E) 𠩾 lastresort
U+20A7F U+20A7F (U+20A7F) 𠩿 lastresort
U+20A80 U+20A80 (U+20A80) 𠪀 lastresort
U+20A81 U+20A81 (U+20A81) 𠪁 lastresort
U+20A82 U+20A82 (U+20A82) 𠪂 code2002
U+20A83 U+20A83 (U+20A83) 𠪃 lastresort
U+20A84 U+20A84 (U+20A84) 𠪄 lastresort
U+20A85 U+20A85 (U+20A85) 𠪅 lastresort
U+20A86 U+20A86 (U+20A86) 𠪆 lastresort
U+20A87 U+20A87 (U+20A87) 𠪇 lastresort
U+20A88 U+20A88 (U+20A88) 𠪈 lastresort
U+20A89 U+20A89 (U+20A89) 𠪉 lastresort
U+20A8A U+20A8A (U+20A8A) 𠪊 babelstone_han
U+20A8B U+20A8B (U+20A8B) 𠪋 lastresort
U+20A8C U+20A8C (U+20A8C) 𠪌 lastresort
U+20A8D U+20A8D (U+20A8D) 𠪍 lastresort
U+20A8E U+20A8E (U+20A8E) 𠪎 lastresort
U+20A8F U+20A8F (U+20A8F) 𠪏 lastresort
U+20A90 U+20A90 (U+20A90) 𠪐 lastresort
U+20A91 U+20A91 (U+20A91) 𠪑 lastresort
U+20A92 U+20A92 (U+20A92) 𠪒 lastresort
U+20A93 U+20A93 (U+20A93) 𠪓 lastresort
U+20A94 U+20A94 (U+20A94) 𠪔 lastresort
U+20A95 U+20A95 (U+20A95) 𠪕 lastresort
U+20A96 U+20A96 (U+20A96) 𠪖 lastresort
U+20A97 U+20A97 (U+20A97) 𠪗 lastresort
U+20A98 U+20A98 (U+20A98) 𠪘 lastresort
U+20A99 U+20A99 (U+20A99) 𠪙 code2002
U+20A9A U+20A9A (U+20A9A) 𠪚 babelstone_han
U+20A9B U+20A9B (U+20A9B) 𠪛 lastresort
U+20A9C U+20A9C (U+20A9C) 𠪜 lastresort
U+20A9D U+20A9D (U+20A9D) 𠪝 lastresort
U+20A9E U+20A9E (U+20A9E) 𠪞 lastresort
U+20A9F U+20A9F (U+20A9F) 𠪟 lastresort
U+20AA0 U+20AA0 (U+20AA0) 𠪠 lastresort
U+20AA1 U+20AA1 (U+20AA1) 𠪡 lastresort
U+20AA2 U+20AA2 (U+20AA2) 𠪢 lastresort
U+20AA3 U+20AA3 (U+20AA3) 𠪣 lastresort
U+20AA4 U+20AA4 (U+20AA4) 𠪤 lastresort
U+20AA5 U+20AA5 (U+20AA5) 𠪥 lastresort
U+20AA6 U+20AA6 (U+20AA6) 𠪦 lastresort
U+20AA7 U+20AA7 (U+20AA7) 𠪧 lastresort
U+20AA8 U+20AA8 (U+20AA8) 𠪨 lastresort
U+20AA9 U+20AA9 (U+20AA9) 𠪩 lastresort
U+20AAA U+20AAA (U+20AAA) 𠪪 lastresort
U+20AAB U+20AAB (U+20AAB) 𠪫 lastresort
U+20AAC U+20AAC (U+20AAC) 𠪬 lastresort
U+20AAD U+20AAD (U+20AAD) 𠪭 lastresort
U+20AAE U+20AAE (U+20AAE) 𠪮 lastresort
U+20AAF U+20AAF (U+20AAF) 𠪯 code2002
U+20AB0 U+20AB0 (U+20AB0) 𠪰 lastresort
U+20AB1 U+20AB1 (U+20AB1) 𠪱 lastresort
U+20AB2 U+20AB2 (U+20AB2) 𠪲 lastresort
U+20AB3 U+20AB3 (U+20AB3) 𠪳 lastresort
U+20AB4 U+20AB4 (U+20AB4) 𠪴 dfsongstd
U+20AB5 U+20AB5 (U+20AB5) 𠪵 lastresort
U+20AB6 U+20AB6 (U+20AB6) 𠪶 lastresort
U+20AB7 U+20AB7 (U+20AB7) 𠪷 lastresort
U+20AB8 U+20AB8 (U+20AB8) 𠪸 lastresort
U+20AB9 U+20AB9 (U+20AB9) 𠪹 lastresort
U+20ABA U+20ABA (U+20ABA) 𠪺 lastresort
U+20ABB U+20ABB (U+20ABB) 𠪻 lastresort
U+20ABC U+20ABC (U+20ABC) 𠪼 lastresort
U+20ABD U+20ABD (U+20ABD) 𠪽 lastresort
U+20ABE U+20ABE (U+20ABE) 𠪾 lastresort
U+20ABF U+20ABF (U+20ABF) 𠪿 lastresort
U+20AC0 U+20AC0 (U+20AC0) 𠫀 lastresort
U+20AC1 U+20AC1 (U+20AC1) 𠫁 lastresort
U+20AC2 U+20AC2 (U+20AC2) 𠫂 dfsongstd
U+20AC3 U+20AC3 (U+20AC3) 𠫃 lastresort
U+20AC4 U+20AC4 (U+20AC4) 𠫄 lastresort
U+20AC5 U+20AC5 (U+20AC5) 𠫅 lastresort
U+20AC6 U+20AC6 (U+20AC6) 𠫆 lastresort
U+20AC7 U+20AC7 (U+20AC7) 𠫇 lastresort
U+20AC8 U+20AC8 (U+20AC8) 𠫈 lastresort
U+20AC9 U+20AC9 (U+20AC9) 𠫉 lastresort
U+20ACA U+20ACA (U+20ACA) 𠫊 lastresort
U+20ACB U+20ACB (U+20ACB) 𠫋 lastresort
U+20ACC U+20ACC (U+20ACC) 𠫌 lastresort
U+20ACD U+20ACD (U+20ACD) 𠫍 dfsongstd
U+20ACE U+20ACE (U+20ACE) 𠫎 lastresort
U+20ACF U+20ACF (U+20ACF) 𠫏 lastresort
U+20AD0 U+20AD0 (U+20AD0) 𠫐 lastresort
U+20AD1 U+20AD1 (U+20AD1) 𠫑 lastresort
U+20AD2 U+20AD2 (U+20AD2) 𠫒 lastresort
U+20AD3 U+20AD3 (U+20AD3) 𠫓 code2002
U+20AD4 U+20AD4 (U+20AD4) 𠫔 code2002
U+20AD5 U+20AD5 (U+20AD5) 𠫕 code2002
U+20AD6 U+20AD6 (U+20AD6) 𠫖 code2002
U+20AD7 U+20AD7 (U+20AD7) 𠫗 code2002
U+20AD8 U+20AD8 (U+20AD8) 𠫘 babelstone_han
U+20AD9 U+20AD9 (U+20AD9) 𠫙 lastresort
U+20ADA U+20ADA (U+20ADA) 𠫚 lastresort
U+20ADB U+20ADB (U+20ADB) 𠫛 lastresort
U+20ADC U+20ADC (U+20ADC) 𠫜 code2002
U+20ADD U+20ADD (U+20ADD) 𠫝 babelstone_han
U+20ADE U+20ADE (U+20ADE) 𠫞 code2002
U+20ADF U+20ADF (U+20ADF) 𠫟 lastresort
U+20AE0 U+20AE0 (U+20AE0) 𠫠 code2002
U+20AE1 U+20AE1 (U+20AE1) 𠫡 lastresort
U+20AE2 U+20AE2 (U+20AE2) 𠫢 code2002
U+20AE3 U+20AE3 (U+20AE3) 𠫣 code2002
U+20AE4 U+20AE4 (U+20AE4) 𠫤 babelstone_han
U+20AE5 U+20AE5 (U+20AE5) 𠫥 lastresort
U+20AE6 U+20AE6 (U+20AE6) 𠫦 code2002
U+20AE7 U+20AE7 (U+20AE7) 𠫧 code2002
U+20AE8 U+20AE8 (U+20AE8) 𠫨 code2002
U+20AE9 U+20AE9 (U+20AE9) 𠫩 lastresort
U+20AEA U+20AEA (U+20AEA) 𠫪 babelstone_han
U+20AEB U+20AEB (U+20AEB) 𠫫 code2002
U+20AEC U+20AEC (U+20AEC) 𠫬 code2002
U+20AED U+20AED (U+20AED) 𠫭 lastresort
U+20AEE U+20AEE (U+20AEE) 𠫮 lastresort
U+20AEF U+20AEF (U+20AEF) 𠫯 lastresort
U+20AF0 U+20AF0 (U+20AF0) 𠫰 code2002
U+20AF1 U+20AF1 (U+20AF1) 𠫱 lastresort
U+20AF2 U+20AF2 (U+20AF2) 𠫲 code2002
U+20AF3 U+20AF3 (U+20AF3) 𠫳 code2002
U+20AF4 U+20AF4 (U+20AF4) 𠫴 code2002
U+20AF5 U+20AF5 (U+20AF5) 𠫵 lastresort
U+20AF6 U+20AF6 (U+20AF6) 𠫶 code2002
U+20AF7 U+20AF7 (U+20AF7) 𠫷 lastresort
U+20AF8 U+20AF8 (U+20AF8) 𠫸 lastresort
U+20AF9 U+20AF9 (U+20AF9) 𠫹 lastresort
U+20AFA U+20AFA (U+20AFA) 𠫺 lastresort
U+20AFB U+20AFB (U+20AFB) 𠫻 lastresort
U+20AFC U+20AFC (U+20AFC) 𠫼 lastresort
U+20AFD U+20AFD (U+20AFD) 𠫽 babelstone_han
U+20AFE U+20AFE (U+20AFE) 𠫾 code2002
U+20AFF U+20AFF (U+20AFF) 𠫿 lastresort
U+20B00 U+20B00 (U+20B00) 𠬀 lastresort
U+20B01 U+20B01 (U+20B01) 𠬁 lastresort
U+20B02 U+20B02 (U+20B02) 𠬂 lastresort
U+20B03 U+20B03 (U+20B03) 𠬃 code2002
U+20B04 U+20B04 (U+20B04) 𠬄 lastresort
U+20B05 U+20B05 (U+20B05) 𠬅 lastresort
U+20B06 U+20B06 (U+20B06) 𠬆 lastresort
U+20B07 U+20B07 (U+20B07) 𠬇 code2002
U+20B08 U+20B08 (U+20B08) 𠬈 code2002
U+20B09 U+20B09 (U+20B09) 𠬉 lastresort
U+20B0A U+20B0A (U+20B0A) 𠬊 lastresort
U+20B0B U+20B0B (U+20B0B) 𠬋 lastresort
U+20B0C U+20B0C (U+20B0C) 𠬌 code2002
U+20B0D U+20B0D (U+20B0D) 𠬍 code2002
U+20B0E U+20B0E (U+20B0E) 𠬎 code2002
U+20B0F U+20B0F (U+20B0F) 𠬏 lastresort
U+20B10 U+20B10 (U+20B10) 𠬐 lastresort
U+20B11 U+20B11 (U+20B11) 𠬑 code2002
U+20B12 U+20B12 (U+20B12) 𠬒 code2002
U+20B13 U+20B13 (U+20B13) 𠬓 lastresort
U+20B14 U+20B14 (U+20B14) 𠬔 lastresort
U+20B15 U+20B15 (U+20B15) 𠬕 lastresort
U+20B16 U+20B16 (U+20B16) 𠬖 lastresort
U+20B17 U+20B17 (U+20B17) 𠬗 lastresort
U+20B18 U+20B18 (U+20B18) 𠬘 lastresort
U+20B19 U+20B19 (U+20B19) 𠬙 code2002
U+20B1A U+20B1A (U+20B1A) 𠬚 code2002
U+20B1B to dive under water (U+20B1B) 𠬛 code2002
U+20B1C U+20B1C (U+20B1C) 𠬜 code2002
U+20B1D U+20B1D (U+20B1D) 𠬝 code2002
U+20B1E U+20B1E (U+20B1E) 𠬞 code2002
U+20B1F U+20B1F (U+20B1F) 𠬟 code2002
U+20B20 U+20B20 (U+20B20) 𠬠 code2002
U+20B21 U+20B21 (U+20B21) 𠬡 lastresort
U+20B22 U+20B22 (U+20B22) 𠬢 babelstone_han
U+20B23 U+20B23 (U+20B23) 𠬣 lastresort
U+20B24 U+20B24 (U+20B24) 𠬤 code2002
U+20B25 U+20B25 (U+20B25) 𠬥 code2002
U+20B26 U+20B26 (U+20B26) 𠬦 babelstone_han
U+20B27 U+20B27 (U+20B27) 𠬧 code2002
U+20B28 U+20B28 (U+20B28) 𠬨 code2002
U+20B29 U+20B29 (U+20B29) 𠬩 code2002
U+20B2A U+20B2A (U+20B2A) 𠬪 code2002
U+20B2B U+20B2B (U+20B2B) 𠬫 lastresort
U+20B2C U+20B2C (U+20B2C) 𠬬 lastresort
U+20B2D U+20B2D (U+20B2D) 𠬭 lastresort
U+20B2E U+20B2E (U+20B2E) 𠬮 code2002
U+20B2F U+20B2F (U+20B2F) 𠬯 lastresort
U+20B30 U+20B30 (U+20B30) 𠬰 code2002
U+20B31 U+20B31 (U+20B31) 𠬱 code2002
U+20B32 U+20B32 (U+20B32) 𠬲 code2002
U+20B33 U+20B33 (U+20B33) 𠬳 code2002
U+20B34 U+20B34 (U+20B34) 𠬴 code2002
U+20B35 U+20B35 (U+20B35) 𠬵 code2002
U+20B36 to invade (U+20B36) 𠬶 babelstone_han
U+20B37 U+20B37 (U+20B37) 𠬷 lastresort
U+20B38 U+20B38 (U+20B38) 𠬸 code2002
U+20B39 U+20B39 (U+20B39) 𠬹 lastresort
U+20B3A U+20B3A (U+20B3A) 𠬺 code2002
U+20B3B U+20B3B (U+20B3B) 𠬻 code2002
U+20B3C U+20B3C (U+20B3C) 𠬼 code2002
U+20B3D U+20B3D (U+20B3D) 𠬽 lastresort
U+20B3E U+20B3E (U+20B3E) 𠬾 lastresort
U+20B3F U+20B3F (U+20B3F) 𠬿 code2002
U+20B40 U+20B40 (U+20B40) 𠭀 lastresort
U+20B41 U+20B41 (U+20B41) 𠭁 lastresort
U+20B42 U+20B42 (U+20B42) 𠭂 lastresort
U+20B43 U+20B43 (U+20B43) 𠭃 code2002
U+20B44 U+20B44 (U+20B44) 𠭄 lastresort
U+20B45 U+20B45 (U+20B45) 𠭅 lastresort
U+20B46 U+20B46 (U+20B46) 𠭆 lastresort
U+20B47 U+20B47 (U+20B47) 𠭇 code2002
U+20B48 U+20B48 (U+20B48) 𠭈 lastresort
U+20B49 U+20B49 (U+20B49) 𠭉 lastresort
U+20B4A U+20B4A (U+20B4A) 𠭊 lastresort
U+20B4B U+20B4B (U+20B4B) 𠭋 code2002
U+20B4C U+20B4C (U+20B4C) 𠭌 lastresort
U+20B4D U+20B4D (U+20B4D) 𠭍 code2002
U+20B4E U+20B4E (U+20B4E) 𠭎 lastresort
U+20B4F U+20B4F (U+20B4F) 𠭏 lastresort
U+20B50 U+20B50 (U+20B50) 𠭐 lastresort
U+20B51 U+20B51 (U+20B51) 𠭑 code2002
U+20B52 U+20B52 (U+20B52) 𠭒 lastresort
U+20B53 U+20B53 (U+20B53) 𠭓 lastresort
U+20B54 U+20B54 (U+20B54) 𠭔 lastresort
U+20B55 U+20B55 (U+20B55) 𠭕 lastresort
U+20B56 U+20B56 (U+20B56) 𠭖 code2002
U+20B57 U+20B57 (U+20B57) 𠭗 lastresort
U+20B58 U+20B58 (U+20B58) 𠭘 lastresort
U+20B59 U+20B59 (U+20B59) 𠭙 code2002
U+20B5A U+20B5A (U+20B5A) 𠭚 lastresort
U+20B5B U+20B5B (U+20B5B) 𠭛 lastresort
U+20B5C U+20B5C (U+20B5C) 𠭜 lastresort
U+20B5D U+20B5D (U+20B5D) 𠭝 lastresort
U+20B5E U+20B5E (U+20B5E) 𠭞 lastresort
U+20B5F U+20B5F (U+20B5F) 𠭟 lastresort
U+20B60 U+20B60 (U+20B60) 𠭠 lastresort
U+20B61 U+20B61 (U+20B61) 𠭡 lastresort
U+20B62 U+20B62 (U+20B62) 𠭢 lastresort
U+20B63 U+20B63 (U+20B63) 𠭣 code2002
U+20B64 U+20B64 (U+20B64) 𠭤 code2002
U+20B65 U+20B65 (U+20B65) 𠭥 lastresort
U+20B66 U+20B66 (U+20B66) 𠭦 lastresort
U+20B67 U+20B67 (U+20B67) 𠭧 lastresort
U+20B68 U+20B68 (U+20B68) 𠭨 lastresort
U+20B69 U+20B69 (U+20B69) 𠭩 lastresort
U+20B6A U+20B6A (U+20B6A) 𠭪 code2002
U+20B6B U+20B6B (U+20B6B) 𠭫 code2002
U+20B6C U+20B6C (U+20B6C) 𠭬 code2002
U+20B6D U+20B6D (U+20B6D) 𠭭 lastresort
U+20B6E U+20B6E (U+20B6E) 𠭮 lastresort
U+20B6F U+20B6F (U+20B6F) 𠭯 code2002
U+20B70 U+20B70 (U+20B70) 𠭰 code2002
U+20B71 U+20B71 (U+20B71) 𠭱 lastresort
U+20B72 U+20B72 (U+20B72) 𠭲 code2002
U+20B73 U+20B73 (U+20B73) 𠭳 lastresort
U+20B74 (same as U+3441 㑁) short; of short stature (U+20B74) 𠭴 code2002
U+20B75 U+20B75 (U+20B75) 𠭵 lastresort
U+20B76 U+20B76 (U+20B76) 𠭶 lastresort
U+20B77 U+20B77 (U+20B77) 𠭷 code2002
U+20B78 U+20B78 (U+20B78) 𠭸 lastresort
U+20B79 U+20B79 (U+20B79) 𠭹 code2002
U+20B7A U+20B7A (U+20B7A) 𠭺 lastresort
U+20B7B U+20B7B (U+20B7B) 𠭻 lastresort
U+20B7C U+20B7C (U+20B7C) 𠭼 lastresort
U+20B7D U+20B7D (U+20B7D) 𠭽 lastresort
U+20B7E U+20B7E (U+20B7E) 𠭾 lastresort
U+20B7F U+20B7F (U+20B7F) 𠭿 lastresort
U+20B80 U+20B80 (U+20B80) 𠮀 lastresort
U+20B81 U+20B81 (U+20B81) 𠮁 lastresort
U+20B82 U+20B82 (U+20B82) 𠮂 lastresort
U+20B83 U+20B83 (U+20B83) 𠮃 code2002
U+20B84 U+20B84 (U+20B84) 𠮄 code2002
U+20B85 U+20B85 (U+20B85) 𠮅 lastresort
U+20B86 U+20B86 (U+20B86) 𠮆 lastresort
U+20B87 U+20B87 (U+20B87) 𠮇 lastresort
U+20B88 U+20B88 (U+20B88) 𠮈 lastresort
U+20B89 U+20B89 (U+20B89) 𠮉 lastresort
U+20B8A U+20B8A (U+20B8A) 𠮊 lastresort
U+20B8B U+20B8B (U+20B8B) 𠮋 lastresort
U+20B8C U+20B8C (U+20B8C) 𠮌 code2002
U+20B8D U+20B8D (U+20B8D) 𠮍 lastresort
U+20B8E U+20B8E (U+20B8E) 𠮎 code2002
U+20B8F U+20B8F (U+20B8F) 𠮏 babelstone_han
U+20B90 U+20B90 (U+20B90) 𠮐 lastresort
U+20B91 U+20B91 (U+20B91) 𠮑 lastresort
U+20B92 U+20B92 (U+20B92) 𠮒 lastresort
U+20B93 U+20B93 (U+20B93) 𠮓 lastresort
U+20B94 U+20B94 (U+20B94) 𠮔 code2002
U+20B95 U+20B95 (U+20B95) 𠮕 lastresort
U+20B96 U+20B96 (U+20B96) 𠮖 lastresort
U+20B97 U+20B97 (U+20B97) 𠮗 lastresort
U+20B98 U+20B98 (U+20B98) 𠮘 lastresort
U+20B99 U+20B99 (U+20B99) 𠮙 code2002
U+20B9A U+20B9A (U+20B9A) 𠮚 code2002
U+20B9B U+20B9B (U+20B9B) 𠮛 code2002
U+20B9C U+20B9C (U+20B9C) 𠮜 code2002
U+20B9D U+20B9D (U+20B9D) 𠮝 code2002
U+20B9E U+20B9E (U+20B9E) 𠮞 code2002
U+20B9F U+20B9F (U+20B9F) 𠮟 code2002
U+20BA0 U+20BA0 (U+20BA0) 𠮠 code2002
U+20BA1 U+20BA1 (U+20BA1) 𠮡 code2002
U+20BA2 U+20BA2 (U+20BA2) 𠮢 code2002
U+20BA3 U+20BA3 (U+20BA3) 𠮣 code2002
U+20BA4 U+20BA4 (U+20BA4) 𠮤 code2002
U+20BA5 U+20BA5 (U+20BA5) 𠮥 code2002
U+20BA6 U+20BA6 (U+20BA6) 𠮦 code2002
U+20BA7 U+20BA7 (U+20BA7) 𠮧 code2002
U+20BA8 (Cant.) to tie, tow; bring along (U+20BA8) 𠮨 code2002
U+20BA9 (Cant.) an interjection; rare, specialized (U+20BA9) 𠮩 code2002
U+20BAA U+20BAA (U+20BAA) 𠮪 code2002
U+20BAB U+20BAB (U+20BAB) 𠮫 code2002
U+20BAC U+20BAC (U+20BAC) 𠮬 code2002
U+20BAD U+20BAD (U+20BAD) 𠮭 code2002
U+20BAE U+20BAE (U+20BAE) 𠮮 code2002
U+20BAF U+20BAF (U+20BAF) 𠮯 code2002
U+20BB0 U+20BB0 (U+20BB0) 𠮰 code2002
U+20BB1 U+20BB1 (U+20BB1) 𠮱 code2002
U+20BB2 U+20BB2 (U+20BB2) 𠮲 code2002
U+20BB3 U+20BB3 (U+20BB3) 𠮳 code2002
U+20BB4 U+20BB4 (U+20BB4) 𠮴 code2002
U+20BB5 U+20BB5 (U+20BB5) 𠮵 code2002
U+20BB6 U+20BB6 (U+20BB6) 𠮶 code2002
U+20BB7 U+20BB7 (U+20BB7) 𠮷 code2002
U+20BB8 U+20BB8 (U+20BB8) 𠮸 code2002
U+20BB9 U+20BB9 (U+20BB9) 𠮹 code2002
U+20BBA U+20BBA (U+20BBA) 𠮺 code2002
U+20BBB U+20BBB (U+20BBB) 𠮻 code2002
U+20BBC U+20BBC (U+20BBC) 𠮼 code2002
U+20BBD U+20BBD (U+20BBD) 𠮽 code2002
U+20BBE U+20BBE (U+20BBE) 𠮾 code2002
U+20BBF U+20BBF (U+20BBF) 𠮿 code2002
U+20BC0 U+20BC0 (U+20BC0) 𠯀 code2002
U+20BC1 U+20BC1 (U+20BC1) 𠯁 code2002
U+20BC2 U+20BC2 (U+20BC2) 𠯂 code2002
U+20BC3 U+20BC3 (U+20BC3) 𠯃 code2002
U+20BC4 U+20BC4 (U+20BC4) 𠯄 code2002
U+20BC5 U+20BC5 (U+20BC5) 𠯅 code2002
U+20BC6 U+20BC6 (U+20BC6) 𠯆 code2002
U+20BC7 U+20BC7 (U+20BC7) 𠯇 code2002
U+20BC8 U+20BC8 (U+20BC8) 𠯈 code2002
U+20BC9 U+20BC9 (U+20BC9) 𠯉 code2002
U+20BCA U+20BCA (U+20BCA) 𠯊 code2002
U+20BCB (Cant.) naughty, inferior (U+20BCB) 𠯋 code2002
U+20BCC U+20BCC (U+20BCC) 𠯌 code2002
U+20BCD U+20BCD (U+20BCD) 𠯍 code2002
U+20BCE U+20BCE (U+20BCE) 𠯎 code2002
U+20BCF U+20BCF (U+20BCF) 𠯏 code2002
U+20BD0 U+20BD0 (U+20BD0) 𠯐 code2002
U+20BD1 U+20BD1 (U+20BD1) 𠯑 code2002
U+20BD2 U+20BD2 (U+20BD2) 𠯒 code2002
U+20BD3 U+20BD3 (U+20BD3) 𠯓 code2002
U+20BD4 U+20BD4 (U+20BD4) 𠯔 code2002
U+20BD5 U+20BD5 (U+20BD5) 𠯕 code2002
U+20BD6 U+20BD6 (U+20BD6) 𠯖 code2002
U+20BD7 nipple; to suck (U+20BD7) 𠯗 code2002
U+20BD8 U+20BD8 (U+20BD8) 𠯘 code2002
U+20BD9 U+20BD9 (U+20BD9) 𠯙 code2002
U+20BDA U+20BDA (U+20BDA) 𠯚 babelstone_han
U+20BDB U+20BDB (U+20BDB) 𠯛 code2002
U+20BDC U+20BDC (U+20BDC) 𠯜 code2002
U+20BDD U+20BDD (U+20BDD) 𠯝 code2002
U+20BDE U+20BDE (U+20BDE) 𠯞 code2002
U+20BDF U+20BDF (U+20BDF) 𠯟 code2002
U+20BE0 U+20BE0 (U+20BE0) 𠯠 code2002
U+20BE1 U+20BE1 (U+20BE1) 𠯡 code2002
U+20BE2 U+20BE2 (U+20BE2) 𠯢 code2002
U+20BE3 U+20BE3 (U+20BE3) 𠯣 code2002
U+20BE4 U+20BE4 (U+20BE4) 𠯤 code2002
U+20BE5 U+20BE5 (U+20BE5) 𠯥 code2002
U+20BE6 (Cant.) to eat, take a meal (U+20BE6) 𠯦 code2002
U+20BE7 U+20BE7 (U+20BE7) 𠯧 code2002
U+20BE8 U+20BE8 (U+20BE8) 𠯨 code2002
U+20BE9 U+20BE9 (U+20BE9) 𠯩 code2002
U+20BEA U+20BEA (U+20BEA) 𠯪 code2002
U+20BEB U+20BEB (U+20BEB) 𠯫 code2002
U+20BEC U+20BEC (U+20BEC) 𠯬 code2002
U+20BED U+20BED (U+20BED) 𠯭 code2002
U+20BEE (J) nonstandard variant of 品 U+54C1, an article, product, commodity (U+20BEE) 𠯮 code2002
U+20BEF U+20BEF (U+20BEF) 𠯯 code2002
U+20BF0 U+20BF0 (U+20BF0) 𠯰 code2002
U+20BF1 U+20BF1 (U+20BF1) 𠯱 code2002
U+20BF2 U+20BF2 (U+20BF2) 𠯲 code2002
U+20BF3 U+20BF3 (U+20BF3) 𠯳 code2002
U+20BF4 U+20BF4 (U+20BF4) 𠯴 code2002
U+20BF5 U+20BF5 (U+20BF5) 𠯵 code2002
U+20BF6 U+20BF6 (U+20BF6) 𠯶 code2002
U+20BF7 U+20BF7 (U+20BF7) 𠯷 code2002
U+20BF8 U+20BF8 (U+20BF8) 𠯸 code2002
U+20BF9 U+20BF9 (U+20BF9) 𠯹 code2002
U+20BFA U+20BFA (U+20BFA) 𠯺 code2002
U+20BFB U+20BFB (U+20BFB) 𠯻 code2002
U+20BFC U+20BFC (U+20BFC) 𠯼 code2002
U+20BFD (Cant.) a final particle indicating affirmation (U+20BFD) 𠯽 code2002
U+20BFE U+20BFE (U+20BFE) 𠯾 code2002
U+20BFF U+20BFF (U+20BFF) 𠯿 code2002
U+20C00 U+20C00 (U+20C00) 𠰀 lastresort
U+20C01 U+20C01 (U+20C01) 𠰁 code2002
U+20C02 U+20C02 (U+20C02) 𠰂 code2002
U+20C03 U+20C03 (U+20C03) 𠰃 code2002
U+20C04 U+20C04 (U+20C04) 𠰄 code2002
U+20C05 U+20C05 (U+20C05) 𠰅 code2002
U+20C06 U+20C06 (U+20C06) 𠰆 code2002
U+20C07 U+20C07 (U+20C07) 𠰇 code2002
U+20C08 U+20C08 (U+20C08) 𠰈 code2002
U+20C09 U+20C09 (U+20C09) 𠰉 code2002
U+20C0A U+20C0A (U+20C0A) 𠰊 code2002
U+20C0B (Cant.) left-handed (U+20C0B) 𠰋 code2002
U+20C0C to compress the lips (U+20C0C) 𠰌 code2002
U+20C0D U+20C0D (U+20C0D) 𠰍 code2002
U+20C0E U+20C0E (U+20C0E) 𠰎 code2002
U+20C0F U+20C0F (U+20C0F) 𠰏 code2002
U+20C10 U+20C10 (U+20C10) 𠰐 code2002
U+20C11 U+20C11 (U+20C11) 𠰑 code2002
U+20C12 U+20C12 (U+20C12) 𠰒 code2002
U+20C13 U+20C13 (U+20C13) 𠰓 code2002
U+20C14 U+20C14 (U+20C14) 𠰔 code2002
U+20C15 U+20C15 (U+20C15) 𠰕 code2002
U+20C16 U+20C16 (U+20C16) 𠰖 code2002
U+20C17 U+20C17 (U+20C17) 𠰗 code2002
U+20C18 U+20C18 (U+20C18) 𠰘 code2002
U+20C19 U+20C19 (U+20C19) 𠰙 code2002
U+20C1A U+20C1A (U+20C1A) 𠰚 code2002
U+20C1B U+20C1B (U+20C1B) 𠰛 code2002
U+20C1C U+20C1C (U+20C1C) 𠰜 code2002
U+20C1D U+20C1D (U+20C1D) 𠰝 code2002
U+20C1E U+20C1E (U+20C1E) 𠰞 code2002
U+20C1F U+20C1F (U+20C1F) 𠰟 code2002
U+20C20 U+20C20 (U+20C20) 𠰠 code2002
U+20C21 U+20C21 (U+20C21) 𠰡 code2002
U+20C22 U+20C22 (U+20C22) 𠰢 code2002
U+20C23 U+20C23 (U+20C23) 𠰣 code2002
U+20C24 U+20C24 (U+20C24) 𠰤 code2002
U+20C25 U+20C25 (U+20C25) 𠰥 code2002
U+20C26 U+20C26 (U+20C26) 𠰦 code2002
U+20C27 U+20C27 (U+20C27) 𠰧 code2002
U+20C28 U+20C28 (U+20C28) 𠰨 code2002
U+20C29 U+20C29 (U+20C29) 𠰩 code2002
U+20C2A U+20C2A (U+20C2A) 𠰪 code2002
U+20C2B U+20C2B (U+20C2B) 𠰫 code2002
U+20C2C U+20C2C (U+20C2C) 𠰬 code2002
U+20C2D U+20C2D (U+20C2D) 𠰭 code2002
U+20C2E U+20C2E (U+20C2E) 𠰮 code2002
U+20C2F U+20C2F (U+20C2F) 𠰯 code2002
U+20C30 U+20C30 (U+20C30) 𠰰 code2002
U+20C31 U+20C31 (U+20C31) 𠰱 code2002
U+20C32 (Cant.) to belch (U+20C32) 𠰲 code2002
U+20C33 U+20C33 (U+20C33) 𠰳 code2002
U+20C34 U+20C34 (U+20C34) 𠰴 code2002
U+20C35 U+20C35 (U+20C35) 𠰵 code2002
U+20C36 U+20C36 (U+20C36) 𠰶 code2002
U+20C37 U+20C37 (U+20C37) 𠰷 code2002
U+20C38 U+20C38 (U+20C38) 𠰸 code2002
U+20C39 U+20C39 (U+20C39) 𠰹 code2002
U+20C3A U+20C3A (U+20C3A) 𠰺 code2002
U+20C3B U+20C3B (U+20C3B) 𠰻 code2002
U+20C3C U+20C3C (U+20C3C) 𠰼 code2002
U+20C3D U+20C3D (U+20C3D) 𠰽 code2002
U+20C3E U+20C3E (U+20C3E) 𠰾 code2002
U+20C3F U+20C3F (U+20C3F) 𠰿 code2002
U+20C40 U+20C40 (U+20C40) 𠱀 code2002
U+20C41 (Cant.) to fool, trick, cheat (U+20C41) 𠱁 code2002
U+20C42 (Cant.) to put something or sit wherever one wishes; to rebuke, reproach (U+20C42) 𠱂 code2002
U+20C43 (Cant.) thin, flat; poor (U+20C43) 𠱃 code2002
U+20C44 U+20C44 (U+20C44) 𠱄 code2002
U+20C45 U+20C45 (U+20C45) 𠱅 code2002
U+20C46 U+20C46 (U+20C46) 𠱆 code2002
U+20C47 U+20C47 (U+20C47) 𠱇 code2002
U+20C48 U+20C48 (U+20C48) 𠱈 code2002
U+20C49 U+20C49 (U+20C49) 𠱉 code2002
U+20C4A U+20C4A (U+20C4A) 𠱊 code2002
U+20C4B U+20C4B (U+20C4B) 𠱋 code2002
U+20C4C U+20C4C (U+20C4C) 𠱌 code2002
U+20C4D U+20C4D (U+20C4D) 𠱍 code2002
U+20C4E U+20C4E (U+20C4E) 𠱎 code2002
U+20C4F U+20C4F (U+20C4F) 𠱏 code2002
U+20C50 U+20C50 (U+20C50) 𠱐 code2002
U+20C51 U+20C51 (U+20C51) 𠱑 code2002
U+20C52 U+20C52 (U+20C52) 𠱒 code2002
U+20C53 (Cant.) to importune, beg (U+20C53) 𠱓 code2002
U+20C54 U+20C54 (U+20C54) 𠱔 code2002
U+20C55 U+20C55 (U+20C55) 𠱕 code2002
U+20C56 U+20C56 (U+20C56) 𠱖 code2002
U+20C57 U+20C57 (U+20C57) 𠱗 code2002
U+20C58 (Cant.) contrary, opposing, against; disobedient (U+20C58) 𠱘 code2002
U+20C59 U+20C59 (U+20C59) 𠱙 code2002
U+20C5A U+20C5A (U+20C5A) 𠱚 code2002
U+20C5B U+20C5B (U+20C5B) 𠱛 code2002
U+20C5C U+20C5C (U+20C5C) 𠱜 code2002
U+20C5D U+20C5D (U+20C5D) 𠱝 code2002
U+20C5E U+20C5E (U+20C5E) 𠱞 code2002
U+20C5F U+20C5F (U+20C5F) 𠱟 code2002
U+20C60 U+20C60 (U+20C60) 𠱠 code2002
U+20C61 U+20C61 (U+20C61) 𠱡 code2002
U+20C62 U+20C62 (U+20C62) 𠱢 code2002
U+20C63 U+20C63 (U+20C63) 𠱣 code2002
U+20C64 U+20C64 (U+20C64) 𠱤 code2002
U+20C65 (Cant.) wrangling, a noise; fitful; a soft fabric with no body (U+20C65) 𠱥 code2002
U+20C66 U+20C66 (U+20C66) 𠱦 code2002
U+20C67 U+20C67 (U+20C67) 𠱧 code2002
U+20C68 U+20C68 (U+20C68) 𠱨 code2002
U+20C69 U+20C69 (U+20C69) 𠱩 code2002
U+20C6A U+20C6A (U+20C6A) 𠱪 code2002
U+20C6B U+20C6B (U+20C6B) 𠱫 code2002
U+20C6C U+20C6C (U+20C6C) 𠱬 code2002
U+20C6D U+20C6D (U+20C6D) 𠱭 code2002
U+20C6E U+20C6E (U+20C6E) 𠱮 code2002
U+20C6F U+20C6F (U+20C6F) 𠱯 code2002
U+20C70 U+20C70 (U+20C70) 𠱰 code2002
U+20C71 U+20C71 (U+20C71) 𠱱 code2002
U+20C72 U+20C72 (U+20C72) 𠱲 code2002
U+20C73 U+20C73 (U+20C73) 𠱳 code2002
U+20C74 U+20C74 (U+20C74) 𠱴 code2002
U+20C75 U+20C75 (U+20C75) 𠱵 code2002
U+20C76 U+20C76 (U+20C76) 𠱶 code2002
U+20C77 (Cant.) small (U+20C77) 𠱷 code2002
U+20C78 (Cant.) phonetic (U+20C78) 𠱸 code2002
U+20C79 U+20C79 (U+20C79) 𠱹 code2002
U+20C7A U+20C7A (U+20C7A) 𠱺 code2002
U+20C7B U+20C7B (U+20C7B) 𠱻 code2002
U+20C7C U+20C7C (U+20C7C) 𠱼 code2002
U+20C7D U+20C7D (U+20C7D) 𠱽 code2002
U+20C7E U+20C7E (U+20C7E) 𠱾 code2002
U+20C7F U+20C7F (U+20C7F) 𠱿 code2002
U+20C80 U+20C80 (U+20C80) 𠲀 code2002
U+20C81 U+20C81 (U+20C81) 𠲁 code2002
U+20C82 U+20C82 (U+20C82) 𠲂 code2002
U+20C83 U+20C83 (U+20C83) 𠲃 code2002
U+20C84 U+20C84 (U+20C84) 𠲄 code2002
U+20C85 U+20C85 (U+20C85) 𠲅 code2002
U+20C86 U+20C86 (U+20C86) 𠲆 code2002
U+20C87 U+20C87 (U+20C87) 𠲇 code2002
U+20C88 U+20C88 (U+20C88) 𠲈 code2002
U+20C89 U+20C89 (U+20C89) 𠲉 code2002
U+20C8A U+20C8A (U+20C8A) 𠲊 code2002
U+20C8B U+20C8B (U+20C8B) 𠲋 code2002
U+20C8C U+20C8C (U+20C8C) 𠲌 code2002
U+20C8D U+20C8D (U+20C8D) 𠲍 code2002
U+20C8E U+20C8E (U+20C8E) 𠲎 code2002
U+20C8F U+20C8F (U+20C8F) 𠲏 code2002
U+20C90 U+20C90 (U+20C90) 𠲐 code2002
U+20C91 U+20C91 (U+20C91) 𠲑 code2002
U+20C92 U+20C92 (U+20C92) 𠲒 code2002
U+20C93 U+20C93 (U+20C93) 𠲓 code2002
U+20C94 U+20C94 (U+20C94) 𠲔 code2002
U+20C95 U+20C95 (U+20C95) 𠲕 code2002
U+20C96 to grin, laugh (U+20C96) 𠲖 code2002
U+20C97 U+20C97 (U+20C97) 𠲗 code2002
U+20C98 U+20C98 (U+20C98) 𠲘 code2002
U+20C99 U+20C99 (U+20C99) 𠲙 code2002
U+20C9A U+20C9A (U+20C9A) 𠲚 code2002
U+20C9B U+20C9B (U+20C9B) 𠲛 code2002
U+20C9C (Cant.) to owe (U+20C9C) 𠲜 code2002
U+20C9D U+20C9D (U+20C9D) 𠲝 code2002
U+20C9E U+20C9E (U+20C9E) 𠲞 code2002
U+20C9F U+20C9F (U+20C9F) 𠲟 code2002
U+20CA0 U+20CA0 (U+20CA0) 𠲠 code2002
U+20CA1 U+20CA1 (U+20CA1) 𠲡 code2002
U+20CA2 U+20CA2 (U+20CA2) 𠲢 code2002
U+20CA3 U+20CA3 (U+20CA3) 𠲣 code2002
U+20CA4 U+20CA4 (U+20CA4) 𠲤 code2002
U+20CA5 U+20CA5 (U+20CA5) 𠲥 code2002
U+20CA6 U+20CA6 (U+20CA6) 𠲦 code2002
U+20CA7 U+20CA7 (U+20CA7) 𠲧 code2002
U+20CA8 U+20CA8 (U+20CA8) 𠲨 code2002
U+20CA9 U+20CA9 (U+20CA9) 𠲩 code2002
U+20CAA U+20CAA (U+20CAA) 𠲪 code2002
U+20CAB U+20CAB (U+20CAB) 𠲫 code2002
U+20CAC U+20CAC (U+20CAC) 𠲬 code2002
U+20CAD U+20CAD (U+20CAD) 𠲭 lastresort
U+20CAE U+20CAE (U+20CAE) 𠲮 code2002
U+20CAF U+20CAF (U+20CAF) 𠲯 lastresort
U+20CB0 U+20CB0 (U+20CB0) 𠲰 code2002
U+20CB1 U+20CB1 (U+20CB1) 𠲱 code2002
U+20CB2 U+20CB2 (U+20CB2) 𠲲 lastresort
U+20CB3 U+20CB3 (U+20CB3) 𠲳 code2002
U+20CB4 U+20CB4 (U+20CB4) 𠲴 code2002
U+20CB5 U+20CB5 (U+20CB5) 𠲵 code2002
U+20CB6 U+20CB6 (U+20CB6) 𠲶 code2002
U+20CB7 U+20CB7 (U+20CB7) 𠲷 code2002
U+20CB8 U+20CB8 (U+20CB8) 𠲸 dfsongstd
U+20CB9 U+20CB9 (U+20CB9) 𠲹 code2002
U+20CBA U+20CBA (U+20CBA) 𠲺 code2002
U+20CBB U+20CBB (U+20CBB) 𠲻 lastresort
U+20CBC U+20CBC (U+20CBC) 𠲼 code2002
U+20CBD U+20CBD (U+20CBD) 𠲽 lastresort
U+20CBE U+20CBE (U+20CBE) 𠲾 lastresort
U+20CBF to suck in (U+20CBF) 𠲿 code2002
U+20CC0 U+20CC0 (U+20CC0) 𠳀 code2002
U+20CC1 U+20CC1 (U+20CC1) 𠳁 code2002
U+20CC2 U+20CC2 (U+20CC2) 𠳂 lastresort
U+20CC3 U+20CC3 (U+20CC3) 𠳃 code2002
U+20CC4 U+20CC4 (U+20CC4) 𠳄 code2002
U+20CC5 U+20CC5 (U+20CC5) 𠳅 code2002
U+20CC6 U+20CC6 (U+20CC6) 𠳆 lastresort
U+20CC7 U+20CC7 (U+20CC7) 𠳇 lastresort
U+20CC8 U+20CC8 (U+20CC8) 𠳈 lastresort
U+20CC9 U+20CC9 (U+20CC9) 𠳉 lastresort
U+20CCA U+20CCA (U+20CCA) 𠳊 code2002
U+20CCB U+20CCB (U+20CCB) 𠳋 code2002
U+20CCC U+20CCC (U+20CCC) 𠳌 code2002
U+20CCD U+20CCD (U+20CCD) 𠳍 lastresort
U+20CCE U+20CCE (U+20CCE) 𠳎 lastresort
U+20CCF (Cant.) interjection (U+20CCF) 𠳏 code2002
U+20CD0 U+20CD0 (U+20CD0) 𠳐 code2002
U+20CD1 U+20CD1 (U+20CD1) 𠳑 code2002
U+20CD2 U+20CD2 (U+20CD2) 𠳒 lastresort
U+20CD3 U+20CD3 (U+20CD3) 𠳓 code2002
U+20CD4 U+20CD4 (U+20CD4) 𠳔 code2002
U+20CD5 (Cant.) to search (U+20CD5) 𠳕 code2002
U+20CD6 (Cant.) to strike, pound (U+20CD6) 𠳖 code2002
U+20CD7 U+20CD7 (U+20CD7) 𠳗 code2002
U+20CD8 U+20CD8 (U+20CD8) 𠳘 code2002
U+20CD9 U+20CD9 (U+20CD9) 𠳙 code2002
U+20CDA U+20CDA (U+20CDA) 𠳚 lastresort
U+20CDB U+20CDB (U+20CDB) 𠳛 lastresort
U+20CDC U+20CDC (U+20CDC) 𠳜 code2002
U+20CDD U+20CDD (U+20CDD) 𠳝 code2002
U+20CDE U+20CDE (U+20CDE) 𠳞 code2002
U+20CDF U+20CDF (U+20CDF) 𠳟 code2002
U+20CE0 U+20CE0 (U+20CE0) 𠳠 code2002
U+20CE1 U+20CE1 (U+20CE1) 𠳡 code2002
U+20CE2 U+20CE2 (U+20CE2) 𠳢 babelstone_han
U+20CE3 U+20CE3 (U+20CE3) 𠳣 code2002
U+20CE4 U+20CE4 (U+20CE4) 𠳤 code2002
U+20CE5 U+20CE5 (U+20CE5) 𠳥 lastresort
U+20CE6 U+20CE6 (U+20CE6) 𠳦 code2002
U+20CE7 U+20CE7 (U+20CE7) 𠳧 lastresort
U+20CE8 U+20CE8 (U+20CE8) 𠳨 code2002
U+20CE9 U+20CE9 (U+20CE9) 𠳩 code2002
U+20CEA U+20CEA (U+20CEA) 𠳪 code2002
U+20CEB U+20CEB (U+20CEB) 𠳫 code2002
U+20CEC U+20CEC (U+20CEC) 𠳬 code2002
U+20CED U+20CED (U+20CED) 𠳭 code2002
U+20CEE U+20CEE (U+20CEE) 𠳮 code2002
U+20CEF U+20CEF (U+20CEF) 𠳯 lastresort
U+20CF0 U+20CF0 (U+20CF0) 𠳰 code2002
U+20CF1 U+20CF1 (U+20CF1) 𠳱 code2002
U+20CF2 U+20CF2 (U+20CF2) 𠳲 code2002
U+20CF3 U+20CF3 (U+20CF3) 𠳳 code2002
U+20CF4 U+20CF4 (U+20CF4) 𠳴 code2002
U+20CF5 U+20CF5 (U+20CF5) 𠳵 code2002
U+20CF6 tongue-tied; to lisp (U+20CF6) 𠳶 code2002
U+20CF7 U+20CF7 (U+20CF7) 𠳷 code2002
U+20CF8 U+20CF8 (U+20CF8) 𠳸 lastresort
U+20CF9 U+20CF9 (U+20CF9) 𠳹 lastresort
U+20CFA U+20CFA (U+20CFA) 𠳺 lastresort
U+20CFB U+20CFB (U+20CFB) 𠳻 lastresort
U+20CFC U+20CFC (U+20CFC) 𠳼 lastresort
U+20CFD U+20CFD (U+20CFD) 𠳽 lastresort
U+20CFE U+20CFE (U+20CFE) 𠳾 lastresort
U+20CFF U+20CFF (U+20CFF) 𠳿 code2002
U+20D00 U+20D00 (U+20D00) 𠴀 lastresort
U+20D01 U+20D01 (U+20D01) 𠴁 lastresort
U+20D02 U+20D02 (U+20D02) 𠴂 babelstone_han
U+20D03 U+20D03 (U+20D03) 𠴃 lastresort
U+20D04 U+20D04 (U+20D04) 𠴄 code2002
U+20D05 U+20D05 (U+20D05) 𠴅 lastresort
U+20D06 U+20D06 (U+20D06) 𠴆 code2002
U+20D07 U+20D07 (U+20D07) 𠴇 code2002
U+20D08 U+20D08 (U+20D08) 𠴈 code2002
U+20D09 U+20D09 (U+20D09) 𠴉 code2002
U+20D0A U+20D0A (U+20D0A) 𠴊 code2002
U+20D0B U+20D0B (U+20D0B) 𠴋 code2002
U+20D0C U+20D0C (U+20D0C) 𠴌 lastresort
U+20D0D U+20D0D (U+20D0D) 𠴍 code2002
U+20D0E U+20D0E (U+20D0E) 𠴎 code2002
U+20D0F U+20D0F (U+20D0F) 𠴏 code2002
U+20D10 U+20D10 (U+20D10) 𠴐 code2002
U+20D11 U+20D11 (U+20D11) 𠴑 code2002
U+20D12 U+20D12 (U+20D12) 𠴒 code2002
U+20D13 U+20D13 (U+20D13) 𠴓 code2002
U+20D14 U+20D14 (U+20D14) 𠴔 code2002
U+20D15 (Cant.) to purse the lips; to wriggle (U+20D15) 𠴕 code2002
U+20D16 U+20D16 (U+20D16) 𠴖 lastresort
U+20D17 U+20D17 (U+20D17) 𠴗 code2002
U+20D18 U+20D18 (U+20D18) 𠴘 code2002
U+20D19 U+20D19 (U+20D19) 𠴙 code2002
U+20D1A U+20D1A (U+20D1A) 𠴚 lastresort
U+20D1B U+20D1B (U+20D1B) 𠴛 lastresort
U+20D1C U+20D1C (U+20D1C) 𠴜 code2002
U+20D1D U+20D1D (U+20D1D) 𠴝 code2002
U+20D1E U+20D1E (U+20D1E) 𠴞 code2002
U+20D1F U+20D1F (U+20D1F) 𠴟 code2002
U+20D20 U+20D20 (U+20D20) 𠴠 code2002
U+20D21 U+20D21 (U+20D21) 𠴡 code2002
U+20D22 U+20D22 (U+20D22) 𠴢 code2002
U+20D23 U+20D23 (U+20D23) 𠴣 code2002
U+20D24 U+20D24 (U+20D24) 𠴤 code2002
U+20D25 U+20D25 (U+20D25) 𠴥 code2002
U+20D26 U+20D26 (U+20D26) 𠴦 code2002
U+20D27 U+20D27 (U+20D27) 𠴧 code2002
U+20D28 U+20D28 (U+20D28) 𠴨 code2002
U+20D29 U+20D29 (U+20D29) 𠴩 code2002
U+20D2A U+20D2A (U+20D2A) 𠴪 code2002
U+20D2B U+20D2B (U+20D2B) 𠴫 code2002
U+20D2C U+20D2C (U+20D2C) 𠴬 code2002
U+20D2D U+20D2D (U+20D2D) 𠴭 code2002
U+20D2E U+20D2E (U+20D2E) 𠴮 code2002
U+20D2F U+20D2F (U+20D2F) 𠴯 code2002
U+20D30 (Cant.) classifier for a piece or lump of something (U+20D30) 𠴰 code2002
U+20D31 U+20D31 (U+20D31) 𠴱 code2002
U+20D32 U+20D32 (U+20D32) 𠴲 code2002
U+20D33 (Cant.) a tiger or demon's howl; to argue, quarrel (U+20D33) 𠴳 code2002
U+20D34 U+20D34 (U+20D34) 𠴴 code2002
U+20D35 U+20D35 (U+20D35) 𠴵 code2002
U+20D36 U+20D36 (U+20D36) 𠴶 code2002
U+20D37 U+20D37 (U+20D37) 𠴷 code2002
U+20D38 U+20D38 (U+20D38) 𠴸 code2002
U+20D39 U+20D39 (U+20D39) 𠴹 code2002
U+20D3A U+20D3A (U+20D3A) 𠴺 code2002
U+20D3B U+20D3B (U+20D3B) 𠴻 code2002
U+20D3C U+20D3C (U+20D3C) 𠴼 code2002
U+20D3D U+20D3D (U+20D3D) 𠴽 code2002
U+20D3E U+20D3E (U+20D3E) 𠴾 code2002
U+20D3F U+20D3F (U+20D3F) 𠴿 code2002
U+20D40 U+20D40 (U+20D40) 𠵀 code2002
U+20D41 U+20D41 (U+20D41) 𠵁 code2002
U+20D42 U+20D42 (U+20D42) 𠵂 code2002
U+20D43 U+20D43 (U+20D43) 𠵃 code2002
U+20D44 U+20D44 (U+20D44) 𠵄 code2002
U+20D45 U+20D45 (U+20D45) 𠵅 code2002
U+20D46 U+20D46 (U+20D46) 𠵆 code2002
U+20D47 (Cant.) peculiar, strange (U+20D47) 𠵇 code2002
U+20D48 (Cant.) to suck or chew without using the teeth (U+20D48) 𠵈 code2002
U+20D49 (Cant.) hope (U+20D49) 𠵉 code2002
U+20D4A U+20D4A (U+20D4A) 𠵊 code2002
U+20D4B U+20D4B (U+20D4B) 𠵋 code2002
U+20D4C U+20D4C (U+20D4C) 𠵌 code2002
U+20D4D U+20D4D (U+20D4D) 𠵍 code2002
U+20D4E U+20D4E (U+20D4E) 𠵎 code2002
U+20D4F U+20D4F (U+20D4F) 𠵏 code2002
U+20D50 U+20D50 (U+20D50) 𠵐 code2002
U+20D51 U+20D51 (U+20D51) 𠵑 code2002
U+20D52 U+20D52 (U+20D52) 𠵒 code2002
U+20D53 U+20D53 (U+20D53) 𠵓 code2002
U+20D54 U+20D54 (U+20D54) 𠵔 code2002
U+20D55 U+20D55 (U+20D55) 𠵕 code2002
U+20D56 U+20D56 (U+20D56) 𠵖 code2002
U+20D57 U+20D57 (U+20D57) 𠵗 code2002
U+20D58 phonetic (U+20D58) 𠵘 code2002
U+20D59 U+20D59 (U+20D59) 𠵙 code2002
U+20D5A U+20D5A (U+20D5A) 𠵚 code2002
U+20D5B U+20D5B (U+20D5B) 𠵛 code2002
U+20D5C U+20D5C (U+20D5C) 𠵜 code2002
U+20D5D U+20D5D (U+20D5D) 𠵝 code2002
U+20D5E U+20D5E (U+20D5E) 𠵞 code2002
U+20D5F U+20D5F (U+20D5F) 𠵟 code2002
U+20D60 U+20D60 (U+20D60) 𠵠 code2002
U+20D61 U+20D61 (U+20D61) 𠵡 code2002
U+20D62 U+20D62 (U+20D62) 𠵢 code2002
U+20D63 U+20D63 (U+20D63) 𠵣 code2002
U+20D64 U+20D64 (U+20D64) 𠵤 code2002
U+20D65 U+20D65 (U+20D65) 𠵥 code2002
U+20D66 U+20D66 (U+20D66) 𠵦 code2002
U+20D67 U+20D67 (U+20D67) 𠵧 code2002
U+20D68 U+20D68 (U+20D68) 𠵨 code2002
U+20D69 (Cant.) that (U+20D69) 𠵩 code2002
U+20D6A U+20D6A (U+20D6A) 𠵪 code2002
U+20D6B U+20D6B (U+20D6B) 𠵫 code2002
U+20D6C U+20D6C (U+20D6C) 𠵬 code2002
U+20D6D U+20D6D (U+20D6D) 𠵭 code2002
U+20D6E U+20D6E (U+20D6E) 𠵮 code2002
U+20D6F (Cant.) onomatopoetic (U+20D6F) 𠵯 code2002
U+20D70 U+20D70 (U+20D70) 𠵰 code2002
U+20D71 U+20D71 (U+20D71) 𠵱 code2002
U+20D72 U+20D72 (U+20D72) 𠵲 code2002
U+20D73 U+20D73 (U+20D73) 𠵳 code2002
U+20D74 U+20D74 (U+20D74) 𠵴 code2002
U+20D75 U+20D75 (U+20D75) 𠵵 code2002
U+20D76 U+20D76 (U+20D76) 𠵶 code2002
U+20D77 U+20D77 (U+20D77) 𠵷 code2002
U+20D78 U+20D78 (U+20D78) 𠵸 code2002
U+20D79 U+20D79 (U+20D79) 𠵹 code2002
U+20D7A U+20D7A (U+20D7A) 𠵺 code2002
U+20D7B U+20D7B (U+20D7B) 𠵻 code2002
U+20D7C (Cant.) scars on the eyelid; phonetic (U+20D7C) 𠵼 code2002
U+20D7D U+20D7D (U+20D7D) 𠵽 code2002
U+20D7E (Cant.) eloquent, sharp-tongued (U+20D7E) 𠵾 dfsongstd
U+20D7F (Cant.) a pair (from the Engl.); to stagger (U+20D7F) 𠵿 code2002
U+20D80 U+20D80 (U+20D80) 𠶀 code2002
U+20D81 U+20D81 (U+20D81) 𠶁 code2002
U+20D82 U+20D82 (U+20D82) 𠶂 code2002
U+20D83 U+20D83 (U+20D83) 𠶃 code2002
U+20D84 U+20D84 (U+20D84) 𠶄 code2002
U+20D85 U+20D85 (U+20D85) 𠶅 code2002
U+20D86 U+20D86 (U+20D86) 𠶆 code2002
U+20D87 U+20D87 (U+20D87) 𠶇 code2002
U+20D88 U+20D88 (U+20D88) 𠶈 code2002
U+20D89 U+20D89 (U+20D89) 𠶉 code2002
U+20D8A U+20D8A (U+20D8A) 𠶊 code2002
U+20D8B U+20D8B (U+20D8B) 𠶋 code2002
U+20D8C U+20D8C (U+20D8C) 𠶌 code2002
U+20D8D U+20D8D (U+20D8D) 𠶍 code2002
U+20D8E U+20D8E (U+20D8E) 𠶎 code2002
U+20D8F U+20D8F (U+20D8F) 𠶏 code2002
U+20D90 U+20D90 (U+20D90) 𠶐 code2002
U+20D91 U+20D91 (U+20D91) 𠶑 code2002
U+20D92 U+20D92 (U+20D92) 𠶒 code2002
U+20D93 U+20D93 (U+20D93) 𠶓 code2002
U+20D94 U+20D94 (U+20D94) 𠶔 code2002
U+20D95 U+20D95 (U+20D95) 𠶕 code2002
U+20D96 U+20D96 (U+20D96) 𠶖 code2002
U+20D97 U+20D97 (U+20D97) 𠶗 code2002
U+20D98 U+20D98 (U+20D98) 𠶘 code2002
U+20D99 U+20D99 (U+20D99) 𠶙 code2002
U+20D9A U+20D9A (U+20D9A) 𠶚 code2002
U+20D9B U+20D9B (U+20D9B) 𠶛 code2002
U+20D9C (Cant.) to do, work; to be willing (U+20D9C) 𠶜 code2002
U+20D9D U+20D9D (U+20D9D) 𠶝 code2002
U+20D9E U+20D9E (U+20D9E) 𠶞 code2002
U+20D9F U+20D9F (U+20D9F) 𠶟 code2002
U+20DA0 U+20DA0 (U+20DA0) 𠶠 code2002
U+20DA1 U+20DA1 (U+20DA1) 𠶡 code2002
U+20DA2 U+20DA2 (U+20DA2) 𠶢 code2002
U+20DA3 U+20DA3 (U+20DA3) 𠶣 code2002
U+20DA4 U+20DA4 (U+20DA4) 𠶤 code2002
U+20DA5 U+20DA5 (U+20DA5) 𠶥 code2002
U+20DA6 U+20DA6 (U+20DA6) 𠶦 code2002
U+20DA7 (Cant.) straight, vertical; OK; to pick up with the fingers; verbal aspect marker of successful completion (U+20DA7) 𠶧 code2002
U+20DA8 U+20DA8 (U+20DA8) 𠶨 code2002
U+20DA9 U+20DA9 (U+20DA9) 𠶩 code2002
U+20DAA U+20DAA (U+20DAA) 𠶪 code2002
U+20DAB U+20DAB (U+20DAB) 𠶫 code2002
U+20DAC U+20DAC (U+20DAC) 𠶬 code2002
U+20DAD U+20DAD (U+20DAD) 𠶭 code2002
U+20DAE U+20DAE (U+20DAE) 𠶮 code2002
U+20DAF U+20DAF (U+20DAF) 𠶯 code2002
U+20DB0 U+20DB0 (U+20DB0) 𠶰 code2002
U+20DB1 U+20DB1 (U+20DB1) 𠶱 code2002
U+20DB2 (Cant.) to stare at; to take a big bite (U+20DB2) 𠶲 code2002
U+20DB3 U+20DB3 (U+20DB3) 𠶳 code2002
U+20DB4 U+20DB4 (U+20DB4) 𠶴 code2002
U+20DB5 U+20DB5 (U+20DB5) 𠶵 code2002
U+20DB6 U+20DB6 (U+20DB6) 𠶶 code2002
U+20DB7 U+20DB7 (U+20DB7) 𠶷 code2002
U+20DB8 U+20DB8 (U+20DB8) 𠶸 code2002
U+20DB9 U+20DB9 (U+20DB9) 𠶹 code2002
U+20DBA U+20DBA (U+20DBA) 𠶺 code2002
U+20DBB U+20DBB (U+20DBB) 𠶻 code2002
U+20DBC U+20DBC (U+20DBC) 𠶼 code2002
U+20DBD U+20DBD (U+20DBD) 𠶽 code2002
U+20DBE U+20DBE (U+20DBE) 𠶾 code2002
U+20DBF U+20DBF (U+20DBF) 𠶿 code2002
U+20DC0 U+20DC0 (U+20DC0) 𠷀 code2002
U+20DC1 U+20DC1 (U+20DC1) 𠷁 lastresort
U+20DC2 U+20DC2 (U+20DC2) 𠷂 code2002
U+20DC3 U+20DC3 (U+20DC3) 𠷃 code2002
U+20DC4 U+20DC4 (U+20DC4) 𠷄 code2002
U+20DC5 U+20DC5 (U+20DC5) 𠷅 code2002
U+20DC6 U+20DC6 (U+20DC6) 𠷆 code2002
U+20DC7 U+20DC7 (U+20DC7) 𠷇 code2002
U+20DC8 U+20DC8 (U+20DC8) 𠷈 code2002
U+20DC9 U+20DC9 (U+20DC9) 𠷉 code2002
U+20DCA U+20DCA (U+20DCA) 𠷊 code2002
U+20DCB U+20DCB (U+20DCB) 𠷋 code2002
U+20DCC U+20DCC (U+20DCC) 𠷌 code2002
U+20DCD U+20DCD (U+20DCD) 𠷍 code2002
U+20DCE U+20DCE (U+20DCE) 𠷎 code2002
U+20DCF U+20DCF (U+20DCF) 𠷏 code2002
U+20DD0 U+20DD0 (U+20DD0) 𠷐 code2002
U+20DD1 U+20DD1 (U+20DD1) 𠷑 code2002
U+20DD2 U+20DD2 (U+20DD2) 𠷒 code2002
U+20DD3 U+20DD3 (U+20DD3) 𠷓 code2002
U+20DD4 U+20DD4 (U+20DD4) 𠷔 code2002
U+20DD5 U+20DD5 (U+20DD5) 𠷕 code2002
U+20DD6 U+20DD6 (U+20DD6) 𠷖 code2002
U+20DD7 U+20DD7 (U+20DD7) 𠷗 code2002
U+20DD8 U+20DD8 (U+20DD8) 𠷘 code2002
U+20DD9 U+20DD9 (U+20DD9) 𠷙 code2002
U+20DDA U+20DDA (U+20DDA) 𠷚 code2002
U+20DDB U+20DDB (U+20DDB) 𠷛 code2002
U+20DDC U+20DDC (U+20DDC) 𠷜 code2002
U+20DDD U+20DDD (U+20DDD) 𠷝 code2002
U+20DDE U+20DDE (U+20DDE) 𠷞 code2002
U+20DDF U+20DDF (U+20DDF) 𠷟 code2002
U+20DE0 U+20DE0 (U+20DE0) 𠷠 code2002
U+20DE1 U+20DE1 (U+20DE1) 𠷡 code2002
U+20DE2 U+20DE2 (U+20DE2) 𠷢 code2002
U+20DE3 U+20DE3 (U+20DE3) 𠷣 code2002
U+20DE4 U+20DE4 (U+20DE4) 𠷤 code2002
U+20DE5 U+20DE5 (U+20DE5) 𠷥 code2002
U+20DE6 U+20DE6 (U+20DE6) 𠷦 code2002
U+20DE7 U+20DE7 (U+20DE7) 𠷧 code2002
U+20DE8 U+20DE8 (U+20DE8) 𠷨 code2002
U+20DE9 U+20DE9 (U+20DE9) 𠷩 code2002
U+20DEA U+20DEA (U+20DEA) 𠷪 code2002
U+20DEB U+20DEB (U+20DEB) 𠷫 code2002
U+20DEC U+20DEC (U+20DEC) 𠷬 code2002
U+20DED U+20DED (U+20DED) 𠷭 code2002
U+20DEE U+20DEE (U+20DEE) 𠷮 code2002
U+20DEF U+20DEF (U+20DEF) 𠷯 code2002
U+20DF0 U+20DF0 (U+20DF0) 𠷰 code2002
U+20DF1 U+20DF1 (U+20DF1) 𠷱 code2002
U+20DF2 U+20DF2 (U+20DF2) 𠷲 code2002
U+20DF3 U+20DF3 (U+20DF3) 𠷳 code2002
U+20DF4 U+20DF4 (U+20DF4) 𠷴 code2002
U+20DF5 U+20DF5 (U+20DF5) 𠷵 code2002
U+20DF6 U+20DF6 (U+20DF6) 𠷶 code2002
U+20DF7 U+20DF7 (U+20DF7) 𠷷 code2002
U+20DF8 U+20DF8 (U+20DF8) 𠷸 code2002
U+20DF9 U+20DF9 (U+20DF9) 𠷹 code2002
U+20DFA U+20DFA (U+20DFA) 𠷺 code2002
U+20DFB U+20DFB (U+20DFB) 𠷻 code2002
U+20DFC U+20DFC (U+20DFC) 𠷼 code2002
U+20DFD U+20DFD (U+20DFD) 𠷽 code2002
U+20DFE U+20DFE (U+20DFE) 𠷾 code2002
U+20DFF U+20DFF (U+20DFF) 𠷿 code2002
U+20E00 U+20E00 (U+20E00) 𠸀 lastresort
U+20E01 U+20E01 (U+20E01) 𠸁 code2002
U+20E02 U+20E02 (U+20E02) 𠸂 code2002
U+20E03 U+20E03 (U+20E03) 𠸃 lastresort
U+20E04 U+20E04 (U+20E04) 𠸄 code2002
U+20E05 U+20E05 (U+20E05) 𠸅 lastresort
U+20E06 U+20E06 (U+20E06) 𠸆 lastresort
U+20E07 U+20E07 (U+20E07) 𠸇 lastresort
U+20E08 U+20E08 (U+20E08) 𠸈 lastresort
U+20E09 (Cant.) to block, obstruct (U+20E09) 𠸉 dfsongstd
U+20E0A (Cant.) an intensifying particle (U+20E0A) 𠸊 code2002
U+20E0B U+20E0B (U+20E0B) 𠸋 lastresort
U+20E0C U+20E0C (U+20E0C) 𠸌 code2002
U+20E0D U+20E0D (U+20E0D) 𠸍 code2002
U+20E0E (Cant.) and, with (U+20E0E) 𠸎 dfsongstd
U+20E0F (Cant.) final particle (U+20E0F) 𠸏 code2002
U+20E10 (Cant.) to endure, last (U+20E10) 𠸐 dfsongstd
U+20E11 (Cant.) soft, sodden (U+20E11) 𠸑 code2002
U+20E12 (Cant.) 生𠸒人, a stranger (U+20E12) 𠸒 code2002
U+20E13 U+20E13 (U+20E13) 𠸓 code2002
U+20E14 U+20E14 (U+20E14) 𠸔 lastresort
U+20E15 U+20E15 (U+20E15) 𠸕 lastresort
U+20E16 U+20E16 (U+20E16) 𠸖 dfsongstd
U+20E17 U+20E17 (U+20E17) 𠸗 lastresort
U+20E18 U+20E18 (U+20E18) 𠸘 code2002
U+20E19 U+20E19 (U+20E19) 𠸙 lastresort
U+20E1A U+20E1A (U+20E1A) 𠸚 code2002
U+20E1B U+20E1B (U+20E1B) 𠸛 code2002
U+20E1C U+20E1C (U+20E1C) 𠸜 lastresort
U+20E1D U+20E1D (U+20E1D) 𠸝 dfsongstd
U+20E1E U+20E1E (U+20E1E) 𠸞 code2002
U+20E1F U+20E1F (U+20E1F) 𠸟 code2002
U+20E20 U+20E20 (U+20E20) 𠸠 lastresort
U+20E21 U+20E21 (U+20E21) 𠸡 lastresort
U+20E22 U+20E22 (U+20E22) 𠸢 code2002
U+20E23 U+20E23 (U+20E23) 𠸣 code2002
U+20E24 U+20E24 (U+20E24) 𠸤 code2002
U+20E25 U+20E25 (U+20E25) 𠸥 code2002
U+20E26 U+20E26 (U+20E26) 𠸦 lastresort
U+20E27 U+20E27 (U+20E27) 𠸧 code2002
U+20E28 U+20E28 (U+20E28) 𠸨 lastresort
U+20E29 U+20E29 (U+20E29) 𠸩 code2002
U+20E2A U+20E2A (U+20E2A) 𠸪 code2002
U+20E2B U+20E2B (U+20E2B) 𠸫 code2002
U+20E2C U+20E2C (U+20E2C) 𠸬 code2002
U+20E2D U+20E2D (U+20E2D) 𠸭 lastresort
U+20E2E U+20E2E (U+20E2E) 𠸮 code2002
U+20E2F U+20E2F (U+20E2F) 𠸯 code2002
U+20E30 U+20E30 (U+20E30) 𠸰 lastresort
U+20E31 U+20E31 (U+20E31) 𠸱 lastresort
U+20E32 U+20E32 (U+20E32) 𠸲 lastresort
U+20E33 U+20E33 (U+20E33) 𠸳 lastresort
U+20E34 U+20E34 (U+20E34) 𠸴 lastresort
U+20E35 U+20E35 (U+20E35) 𠸵 lastresort
U+20E36 U+20E36 (U+20E36) 𠸶 lastresort
U+20E37 U+20E37 (U+20E37) 𠸷 code2002
U+20E38 U+20E38 (U+20E38) 𠸸 code2002
U+20E39 U+20E39 (U+20E39) 𠸹 code2002
U+20E3A (Cant.) contrary, opposing (U+20E3A) 𠸺 code2002
U+20E3B U+20E3B (U+20E3B) 𠸻 code2002
U+20E3C U+20E3C (U+20E3C) 𠸼 lastresort
U+20E3D U+20E3D (U+20E3D) 𠸽 lastresort
U+20E3E U+20E3E (U+20E3E) 𠸾 lastresort
U+20E3F U+20E3F (U+20E3F) 𠸿 lastresort
U+20E40 U+20E40 (U+20E40) 𠹀 code2002
U+20E41 U+20E41 (U+20E41) 𠹁 code2002
U+20E42 U+20E42 (U+20E42) 𠹂 lastresort
U+20E43 U+20E43 (U+20E43) 𠹃 lastresort
U+20E44 U+20E44 (U+20E44) 𠹄 lastresort
U+20E45 U+20E45 (U+20E45) 𠹅 code2002
U+20E46 U+20E46 (U+20E46) 𠹆 code2002
U+20E47 U+20E47 (U+20E47) 𠹇 code2002
U+20E48 U+20E48 (U+20E48) 𠹈 lastresort
U+20E49 U+20E49 (U+20E49) 𠹉 lastresort
U+20E4A U+20E4A (U+20E4A) 𠹊 code2002
U+20E4B U+20E4B (U+20E4B) 𠹋 code2002
U+20E4C (Cant.) uncommon, rare; penis (vulg.) (U+20E4C) 𠹌 babelstone_han
U+20E4D U+20E4D (U+20E4D) 𠹍 lastresort
U+20E4E U+20E4E (U+20E4E) 𠹎 code2002
U+20E4F U+20E4F (U+20E4F) 𠹏 code2002
U+20E50 U+20E50 (U+20E50) 𠹐 lastresort
U+20E51 U+20E51 (U+20E51) 𠹑 code2002
U+20E52 U+20E52 (U+20E52) 𠹒 lastresort
U+20E53 U+20E53 (U+20E53) 𠹓 lastresort
U+20E54 U+20E54 (U+20E54) 𠹔 code2002
U+20E55 U+20E55 (U+20E55) 𠹕 code2002
U+20E56 U+20E56 (U+20E56) 𠹖 code2002
U+20E57 U+20E57 (U+20E57) 𠹗 lastresort
U+20E58 U+20E58 (U+20E58) 𠹘 lastresort
U+20E59 U+20E59 (U+20E59) 𠹙 code2002
U+20E5A U+20E5A (U+20E5A) 𠹚 code2002
U+20E5B U+20E5B (U+20E5B) 𠹛 code2002
U+20E5C U+20E5C (U+20E5C) 𠹜 code2002
U+20E5D U+20E5D (U+20E5D) 𠹝 lastresort
U+20E5E U+20E5E (U+20E5E) 𠹞 lastresort
U+20E5F U+20E5F (U+20E5F) 𠹟 lastresort
U+20E60 U+20E60 (U+20E60) 𠹠 lastresort
U+20E61 U+20E61 (U+20E61) 𠹡 lastresort
U+20E62 U+20E62 (U+20E62) 𠹢 code2002
U+20E63 U+20E63 (U+20E63) 𠹣 lastresort
U+20E64 U+20E64 (U+20E64) 𠹤 code2002
U+20E65 U+20E65 (U+20E65) 𠹥 code2002
U+20E66 U+20E66 (U+20E66) 𠹦 lastresort
U+20E67 U+20E67 (U+20E67) 𠹧 lastresort
U+20E68 U+20E68 (U+20E68) 𠹨 lastresort
U+20E69 U+20E69 (U+20E69) 𠹩 lastresort
U+20E6A U+20E6A (U+20E6A) 𠹪 code2002
U+20E6B U+20E6B (U+20E6B) 𠹫 lastresort
U+20E6C U+20E6C (U+20E6C) 𠹬 lastresort
U+20E6D (Cant.) to call (Engl. loan-word) (U+20E6D) 𠹭 code2002
U+20E6E U+20E6E (U+20E6E) 𠹮 lastresort
U+20E6F U+20E6F (U+20E6F) 𠹯 lastresort
U+20E70 U+20E70 (U+20E70) 𠹰 lastresort
U+20E71 U+20E71 (U+20E71) 𠹱 code2002
U+20E72 U+20E72 (U+20E72) 𠹲 code2002
U+20E73 (Cant.) thick, viscous, dense (U+20E73) 𠹳 code2002
U+20E74 U+20E74 (U+20E74) 𠹴 code2002
U+20E75 U+20E75 (U+20E75) 𠹵 code2002
U+20E76 U+20E76 (U+20E76) 𠹶 dfsongstd
U+20E77 (Cant.) to speak tirelessly (U+20E77) 𠹷 dfsongstd
U+20E78 (Cant.) to cover, close up (U+20E78) 𠹸 dfsongstd
U+20E79 to hurry (U+20E79) 𠹹 code2002
U+20E7A (Cant.) verbal aspect marker for comletion or movement towards (U+20E7A) 𠹺 code2002
U+20E7B (Cant.) classifier for smells (U+20E7B) 𠹻 dfsongstd
U+20E7C U+20E7C (U+20E7C) 𠹼 code2002
U+20E7D U+20E7D (U+20E7D) 𠹽 lastresort
U+20E7E U+20E7E (U+20E7E) 𠹾 code2002
U+20E7F U+20E7F (U+20E7F) 𠹿 lastresort
U+20E80 U+20E80 (U+20E80) 𠺀 lastresort
U+20E81 U+20E81 (U+20E81) 𠺁 code2002
U+20E82 U+20E82 (U+20E82) 𠺂 lastresort
U+20E83 U+20E83 (U+20E83) 𠺃 lastresort
U+20E84 U+20E84 (U+20E84) 𠺄 lastresort
U+20E85 U+20E85 (U+20E85) 𠺅 code2002
U+20E86 U+20E86 (U+20E86) 𠺆 lastresort
U+20E87 U+20E87 (U+20E87) 𠺇 lastresort
U+20E88 U+20E88 (U+20E88) 𠺈 lastresort
U+20E89 U+20E89 (U+20E89) 𠺉 lastresort
U+20E8A U+20E8A (U+20E8A) 𠺊 code2002
U+20E8B U+20E8B (U+20E8B) 𠺋 lastresort
U+20E8C (Cant.) timid (U+20E8C) 𠺌 code2002
U+20E8D U+20E8D (U+20E8D) 𠺍 lastresort
U+20E8E U+20E8E (U+20E8E) 𠺎 code2002
U+20E8F U+20E8F (U+20E8F) 𠺏 lastresort
U+20E90 U+20E90 (U+20E90) 𠺐 code2002
U+20E91 U+20E91 (U+20E91) 𠺑 lastresort
U+20E92 U+20E92 (U+20E92) 𠺒 code2002
U+20E93 U+20E93 (U+20E93) 𠺓 code2002
U+20E94 U+20E94 (U+20E94) 𠺔 lastresort
U+20E95 U+20E95 (U+20E95) 𠺕 lastresort
U+20E96 U+20E96 (U+20E96) 𠺖 babelstone_han
U+20E97 U+20E97 (U+20E97) 𠺗 code2002
U+20E98 (Cant.) hard to get along with; to rinse, spread thin (U+20E98) 𠺘 code2002
U+20E99 U+20E99 (U+20E99) 𠺙 code2002
U+20E9A U+20E9A (U+20E9A) 𠺚 lastresort
U+20E9B U+20E9B (U+20E9B) 𠺛 lastresort
U+20E9C U+20E9C (U+20E9C) 𠺜 lastresort
U+20E9D (Cant.) final particle (U+20E9D) 𠺝 code2002
U+20E9E U+20E9E (U+20E9E) 𠺞 babelstone_han
U+20E9F U+20E9F (U+20E9F) 𠺟 code2002
U+20EA0 U+20EA0 (U+20EA0) 𠺠 lastresort
U+20EA1 U+20EA1 (U+20EA1) 𠺡 lastresort
U+20EA2 (Cant.) final particle (U+20EA2) 𠺢 code2002
U+20EA3 U+20EA3 (U+20EA3) 𠺣 code2002
U+20EA4 U+20EA4 (U+20EA4) 𠺤 lastresort
U+20EA5 U+20EA5 (U+20EA5) 𠺥 code2002
U+20EA6 U+20EA6 (U+20EA6) 𠺦 lastresort
U+20EA7 U+20EA7 (U+20EA7) 𠺧 lastresort
U+20EA8 U+20EA8 (U+20EA8) 𠺨 code2002
U+20EA9 U+20EA9 (U+20EA9) 𠺩 code2002
U+20EAA (Cant.) in a rush; slovenly (U+20EAA) 𠺪 code2002
U+20EAB (Cant.) strange, peculiar (U+20EAB) 𠺫 code2002
U+20EAC (Cant.) final particle (U+20EAC) 𠺬 dfsongstd
U+20EAD U+20EAD (U+20EAD) 𠺭 lastresort
U+20EAE U+20EAE (U+20EAE) 𠺮 code2002
U+20EAF U+20EAF (U+20EAF) 𠺯 code2002
U+20EB0 U+20EB0 (U+20EB0) 𠺰 lastresort
U+20EB1 U+20EB1 (U+20EB1) 𠺱 lastresort
U+20EB2 U+20EB2 (U+20EB2) 𠺲 lastresort
U+20EB3 U+20EB3 (U+20EB3) 𠺳 lastresort
U+20EB4 U+20EB4 (U+20EB4) 𠺴 lastresort
U+20EB5 U+20EB5 (U+20EB5) 𠺵 lastresort
U+20EB6 U+20EB6 (U+20EB6) 𠺶 code2002
U+20EB7 U+20EB7 (U+20EB7) 𠺷 lastresort
U+20EB8 U+20EB8 (U+20EB8) 𠺸 code2002
U+20EB9 U+20EB9 (U+20EB9) 𠺹 lastresort
U+20EBA U+20EBA (U+20EBA) 𠺺 code2002
U+20EBB U+20EBB (U+20EBB) 𠺻 lastresort
U+20EBC U+20EBC (U+20EBC) 𠺼 code2002
U+20EBD U+20EBD (U+20EBD) 𠺽 code2002
U+20EBE U+20EBE (U+20EBE) 𠺾 lastresort
U+20EBF U+20EBF (U+20EBF) 𠺿 code2002
U+20EC0 U+20EC0 (U+20EC0) 𠻀 lastresort
U+20EC1 U+20EC1 (U+20EC1) 𠻁 lastresort
U+20EC2 U+20EC2 (U+20EC2) 𠻂 code2002
U+20EC3 U+20EC3 (U+20EC3) 𠻃 code2002
U+20EC4 U+20EC4 (U+20EC4) 𠻄 code2002
U+20EC5 U+20EC5 (U+20EC5) 𠻅 lastresort
U+20EC6 U+20EC6 (U+20EC6) 𠻆 code2002
U+20EC7 U+20EC7 (U+20EC7) 𠻇 code2002
U+20EC8 U+20EC8 (U+20EC8) 𠻈 lastresort
U+20EC9 U+20EC9 (U+20EC9) 𠻉 lastresort
U+20ECA U+20ECA (U+20ECA) 𠻊 code2002
U+20ECB U+20ECB (U+20ECB) 𠻋 code2002
U+20ECC U+20ECC (U+20ECC) 𠻌 lastresort
U+20ECD U+20ECD (U+20ECD) 𠻍 lastresort
U+20ECE U+20ECE (U+20ECE) 𠻎 lastresort
U+20ECF U+20ECF (U+20ECF) 𠻏 lastresort
U+20ED0 U+20ED0 (U+20ED0) 𠻐 code2002
U+20ED1 U+20ED1 (U+20ED1) 𠻑 code2002
U+20ED2 U+20ED2 (U+20ED2) 𠻒 lastresort
U+20ED3 U+20ED3 (U+20ED3) 𠻓 code2002
U+20ED4 U+20ED4 (U+20ED4) 𠻔 lastresort
U+20ED5 U+20ED5 (U+20ED5) 𠻕 lastresort
U+20ED6 U+20ED6 (U+20ED6) 𠻖 code2002
U+20ED7 (Cant.) imperative final particle (U+20ED7) 𠻗 code2002
U+20ED8 (Cant.) sound of eating (onomatopoetic) (U+20ED8) 𠻘 code2002
U+20ED9 U+20ED9 (U+20ED9) 𠻙 lastresort
U+20EDA U+20EDA (U+20EDA) 𠻚 lastresort
U+20EDB U+20EDB (U+20EDB) 𠻛 code2002
U+20EDC U+20EDC (U+20EDC) 𠻜 code2002
U+20EDD U+20EDD (U+20EDD) 𠻝 code2002
U+20EDE U+20EDE (U+20EDE) 𠻞 code2002
U+20EDF U+20EDF (U+20EDF) 𠻟 code2002
U+20EE0 U+20EE0 (U+20EE0) 𠻠 lastresort
U+20EE1 U+20EE1 (U+20EE1) 𠻡 code2002
U+20EE2 U+20EE2 (U+20EE2) 𠻢 lastresort
U+20EE3 U+20EE3 (U+20EE3) 𠻣 code2002
U+20EE4 U+20EE4 (U+20EE4) 𠻤 code2002
U+20EE5 U+20EE5 (U+20EE5) 𠻥 lastresort
U+20EE6 U+20EE6 (U+20EE6) 𠻦 lastresort
U+20EE7 U+20EE7 (U+20EE7) 𠻧 code2002
U+20EE8 U+20EE8 (U+20EE8) 𠻨 code2002
U+20EE9 U+20EE9 (U+20EE9) 𠻩 code2002
U+20EEA U+20EEA (U+20EEA) 𠻪 code2002
U+20EEB U+20EEB (U+20EEB) 𠻫 code2002
U+20EEC U+20EEC (U+20EEC) 𠻬 code2002
U+20EED U+20EED (U+20EED) 𠻭 lastresort
U+20EEE U+20EEE (U+20EEE) 𠻮 lastresort
U+20EEF U+20EEF (U+20EEF) 𠻯 lastresort
U+20EF0 U+20EF0 (U+20EF0) 𠻰 lastresort
U+20EF1 U+20EF1 (U+20EF1) 𠻱 code2002
U+20EF2 U+20EF2 (U+20EF2) 𠻲 lastresort
U+20EF3 U+20EF3 (U+20EF3) 𠻳 code2002
U+20EF4 (Cant.) to rinse (U+20EF4) 𠻴 code2002
U+20EF5 U+20EF5 (U+20EF5) 𠻵 code2002
U+20EF6 U+20EF6 (U+20EF6) 𠻶 lastresort
U+20EF7 U+20EF7 (U+20EF7) 𠻷 code2002
U+20EF8 U+20EF8 (U+20EF8) 𠻸 dfsongstd
U+20EF9 U+20EF9 (U+20EF9) 𠻹 dfsongstd
U+20EFA (Cant.) final particle (U+20EFA) 𠻺 dfsongstd
U+20EFB (Cant.) noise, clamor (U+20EFB) 𠻻 dfsongstd
U+20EFC U+20EFC (U+20EFC) 𠻼 lastresort
U+20EFD U+20EFD (U+20EFD) 𠻽 code2002
U+20EFE U+20EFE (U+20EFE) 𠻾 lastresort
U+20EFF U+20EFF (U+20EFF) 𠻿 lastresort
U+20F00 U+20F00 (U+20F00) 𠼀 code2002
U+20F01 U+20F01 (U+20F01) 𠼁 lastresort
U+20F02 U+20F02 (U+20F02) 𠼂 code2002
U+20F03 U+20F03 (U+20F03) 𠼃 code2002
U+20F04 U+20F04 (U+20F04) 𠼄 lastresort
U+20F05 U+20F05 (U+20F05) 𠼅 lastresort
U+20F06 U+20F06 (U+20F06) 𠼆 lastresort
U+20F07 U+20F07 (U+20F07) 𠼇 lastresort
U+20F08 U+20F08 (U+20F08) 𠼈 lastresort
U+20F09 U+20F09 (U+20F09) 𠼉 lastresort
U+20F0A U+20F0A (U+20F0A) 𠼊 lastresort
U+20F0B U+20F0B (U+20F0B) 𠼋 lastresort
U+20F0C U+20F0C (U+20F0C) 𠼌 lastresort
U+20F0D U+20F0D (U+20F0D) 𠼍 lastresort
U+20F0E U+20F0E (U+20F0E) 𠼎 lastresort
U+20F0F U+20F0F (U+20F0F) 𠼏 lastresort
U+20F10 U+20F10 (U+20F10) 𠼐 lastresort
U+20F11 U+20F11 (U+20F11) 𠼑 code2002
U+20F12 U+20F12 (U+20F12) 𠼒 lastresort
U+20F13 U+20F13 (U+20F13) 𠼓 code2002
U+20F14 U+20F14 (U+20F14) 𠼔 code2002
U+20F15 (Cant.) a suffix indicating time (U+20F15) 𠼕 code2002
U+20F16 U+20F16 (U+20F16) 𠼖 code2002
U+20F17 to blink (U+20F17) 𠼗 lastresort
U+20F18 U+20F18 (U+20F18) 𠼘 lastresort
U+20F19 U+20F19 (U+20F19) 𠼙 code2002
U+20F1A U+20F1A (U+20F1A) 𠼚 code2002
U+20F1B U+20F1B (U+20F1B) 𠼛 lastresort
U+20F1C U+20F1C (U+20F1C) 𠼜 lastresort
U+20F1D U+20F1D (U+20F1D) 𠼝 dfsongstd
U+20F1E ammonia (obsolete) (U+20F1E) 𠼞 code2002
U+20F1F U+20F1F (U+20F1F) 𠼟 babelstone_han
U+20F20 U+20F20 (U+20F20) 𠼠 lastresort
U+20F21 U+20F21 (U+20F21) 𠼡 babelstone_han
U+20F22 U+20F22 (U+20F22) 𠼢 code2002
U+20F23 U+20F23 (U+20F23) 𠼣 lastresort
U+20F24 U+20F24 (U+20F24) 𠼤 code2002
U+20F25 U+20F25 (U+20F25) 𠼥 lastresort
U+20F26 U+20F26 (U+20F26) 𠼦 dfsongstd
U+20F27 U+20F27 (U+20F27) 𠼧 lastresort
U+20F28 U+20F28 (U+20F28) 𠼨 code2002
U+20F29 U+20F29 (U+20F29) 𠼩 code2002
U+20F2A U+20F2A (U+20F2A) 𠼪 code2002
U+20F2B U+20F2B (U+20F2B) 𠼫 lastresort
U+20F2C U+20F2C (U+20F2C) 𠼬 code2002
U+20F2D (Cant.) sound of a car-horn (onomatopoetic) (U+20F2D) 𠼭 dfsongstd
U+20F2E (Cant.) to urge, importune; a lie, fib (U+20F2E) 𠼮 dfsongstd
U+20F2F U+20F2F (U+20F2F) 𠼯 code2002
U+20F30 U+20F30 (U+20F30) 𠼰 code2002
U+20F31 (Cant.) to spit out; to pester, nag (U+20F31) 𠼱 code2002
U+20F32 U+20F32 (U+20F32) 𠼲 code2002
U+20F33 U+20F33 (U+20F33) 𠼳 code2002
U+20F34 U+20F34 (U+20F34) 𠼴 lastresort
U+20F35 U+20F35 (U+20F35) 𠼵 lastresort
U+20F36 U+20F36 (U+20F36) 𠼶 lastresort
U+20F37 U+20F37 (U+20F37) 𠼷 code2002
U+20F38 U+20F38 (U+20F38) 𠼸 code2002
U+20F39 U+20F39 (U+20F39) 𠼹 lastresort
U+20F3A U+20F3A (U+20F3A) 𠼺 code2002
U+20F3B a particle used in transliteration (U+20F3B) 𠼻 code2002
U+20F3C U+20F3C (U+20F3C) 𠼼 lastresort
U+20F3D U+20F3D (U+20F3D) 𠼽 code2002
U+20F3E U+20F3E (U+20F3E) 𠼾 code2002
U+20F3F U+20F3F (U+20F3F) 𠼿 lastresort
U+20F40 U+20F40 (U+20F40) 𠽀 code2002
U+20F41 U+20F41 (U+20F41) 𠽁 lastresort
U+20F42 U+20F42 (U+20F42) 𠽂 code2002
U+20F43 a handful, tuft (U+20F43) 𠽃 lastresort
U+20F44 U+20F44 (U+20F44) 𠽄 lastresort
U+20F45 U+20F45 (U+20F45) 𠽅 lastresort
U+20F46 U+20F46 (U+20F46) 𠽆 code2002
U+20F47 U+20F47 (U+20F47) 𠽇 lastresort
U+20F48 U+20F48 (U+20F48) 𠽈 code2002
U+20F49 U+20F49 (U+20F49) 𠽉 lastresort
U+20F4A U+20F4A (U+20F4A) 𠽊 lastresort
U+20F4B U+20F4B (U+20F4B) 𠽋 code2002
U+20F4C (Cant.) sound of something rushing by (U+20F4C) 𠽌 code2002
U+20F4D U+20F4D (U+20F4D) 𠽍 code2002
U+20F4E U+20F4E (U+20F4E) 𠽎 lastresort
U+20F4F U+20F4F (U+20F4F) 𠽏 code2002
U+20F50 U+20F50 (U+20F50) 𠽐 code2002
U+20F51 U+20F51 (U+20F51) 𠽑 code2002
U+20F52 (Cant.) classifier for hats (U+20F52) 𠽒 code2002
U+20F53 U+20F53 (U+20F53) 𠽓 code2002
U+20F54 U+20F54 (U+20F54) 𠽔 lastresort
U+20F55 U+20F55 (U+20F55) 𠽕 code2002
U+20F56 U+20F56 (U+20F56) 𠽖 code2002
U+20F57 U+20F57 (U+20F57) 𠽗 code2002
U+20F58 U+20F58 (U+20F58) 𠽘 lastresort
U+20F59 U+20F59 (U+20F59) 𠽙 code2002
U+20F5A U+20F5A (U+20F5A) 𠽚 lastresort
U+20F5B U+20F5B (U+20F5B) 𠽛 lastresort
U+20F5C U+20F5C (U+20F5C) 𠽜 code2002
U+20F5D U+20F5D (U+20F5D) 𠽝 lastresort
U+20F5E U+20F5E (U+20F5E) 𠽞 lastresort
U+20F5F U+20F5F (U+20F5F) 𠽟 lastresort
U+20F60 U+20F60 (U+20F60) 𠽠 code2002
U+20F61 U+20F61 (U+20F61) 𠽡 code2002
U+20F62 U+20F62 (U+20F62) 𠽢 code2002
U+20F63 U+20F63 (U+20F63) 𠽣 lastresort
U+20F64 (Cant.) to block, obstruct; head; phonetic (U+20F64) 𠽤 code2002
U+20F65 U+20F65 (U+20F65) 𠽥 lastresort
U+20F66 U+20F66 (U+20F66) 𠽦 lastresort
U+20F67 U+20F67 (U+20F67) 𠽧 lastresort
U+20F68 U+20F68 (U+20F68) 𠽨 lastresort
U+20F69 U+20F69 (U+20F69) 𠽩 code2002
U+20F6A U+20F6A (U+20F6A) 𠽪 code2002
U+20F6B U+20F6B (U+20F6B) 𠽫 lastresort
U+20F6C U+20F6C (U+20F6C) 𠽬 code2002
U+20F6D U+20F6D (U+20F6D) 𠽭 lastresort
U+20F6E U+20F6E (U+20F6E) 𠽮 code2002
U+20F6F U+20F6F (U+20F6F) 𠽯 code2002
U+20F70 U+20F70 (U+20F70) 𠽰 code2002
U+20F71 U+20F71 (U+20F71) 𠽱 lastresort
U+20F72 U+20F72 (U+20F72) 𠽲 lastresort
U+20F73 U+20F73 (U+20F73) 𠽳 lastresort
U+20F74 U+20F74 (U+20F74) 𠽴 code2002
U+20F75 U+20F75 (U+20F75) 𠽵 code2002
U+20F76 U+20F76 (U+20F76) 𠽶 code2002