Unicode Characters in the CJK Unified Ideographs Extension C Block

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Character Description Browser Font used
U+2A700 <CJK Ideograph Extension C, First> (U+2A700) 𪜀 babelstone_han
U+2A79D an icicle (U+2A79D) 𪞝 babelstone_han
U+2A848 used in transliteration (U+2A848) 𪡈 babelstone_han
U+2A84F gruel (U+2A84F) 𪡏 babelstone_han
U+2A8AE entire, complete; round (U+2A8AE) 𪢮 babelstone_han
U+2A9E6 U+2A9E6 (U+2A9E6) 𪧦 lastresort
U+2AA0A semen (U+2AA0A) 𪨊 babelstone_han
U+2AA17 straw sandals (U+2AA17) 𪨗 babelstone_han
U+2AA9D the Hall of Learning; a marsh, feces; harmony (U+2AA9D) 𪪝 babelstone_han
U+2ADFF U+2ADFF (U+2ADFF) 𪷿 babelstone_han
U+2AEB9 a tribe in southwest Yunnan (U+2AEB9) 𪺹 babelstone_han
U+2AED0 tinkling of jade pendants (U+2AED0) 𪻐 babelstone_han
U+2AFA2 to look at fearfully; overly cautious (U+2AFA2) 𪾢 babelstone_han
U+2B061 kingfisher (U+2B061) 𫁡 babelstone_han
U+2B088 coarse bamboo mats (U+2B088) 𫂈 babelstone_han
U+2B099 luxuriant and dense vegetation; a fine sieve (U+2B099) 𫂙 babelstone_han
U+2B0DC a button; a plaited knob; to fasten; to hook back (U+2B0DC) 𫃜 babelstone_han
U+2B128 fine linen, fine help cloth (U+2B128) 𫄨 babelstone_han
U+2B138 light red, pink (U+2B138) 𫄸 babelstone_han
U+2B230 june grass (U+2B230) 𫈰 babelstone_han
U+2B2D0 to wriggle; to work through, as smoke through a crevice (U+2B2D0) 𫋐 babelstone_han
U+2B300 a pleat, fold, tuck, crease (U+2B300) 𫌀 babelstone_han
U+2B328 to explain in detail (U+2B328) 𫌨 babelstone_han
U+2B359 arrogant, overbearing, mean; to deceive, cheat (U+2B359) 𫍙 babelstone_han
U+2B35F U+2B35F (U+2B35F) 𫍟 babelstone_han
U+2B362 wrangling; to quarrel (U+2B362) 𫍢 babelstone_han
U+2B370 apprehensive (U+2B370) 𫍰 babelstone_han
U+2B372 scold, censure; lead people toward virtuous ways; small, little (U+2B372) 𫍲 babelstone_han
U+2B3CB to raise the feet; to cross the legs; brave; sandals (U+2B3CB) 𫏋 babelstone_han
U+2B404 cross-bar at the end of the poles of a cart (U+2B404) 𫐄 babelstone_han
U+2B406 to gallop; a mule (U+2B406) 𫐆 babelstone_han
U+2B409 wooden cross-piece on front inside of carriage box (U+2B409) 𫐉 babelstone_han
U+2B410 the cross-bar at the end of a carriage pole; linchpin of a large carriage (U+2B410) 𫐐 babelstone_han
U+2B413 outer rim of a wheel, felly (U+2B413) 𫐓 babelstone_han
U+2B4B6 armor (U+2B4B6) 𫒶 babelstone_han
U+2B4E7 an ax, hatchet (U+2B4E7) 𫓧 babelstone_han
U+2B4E9 a short spear (U+2B4E9) 𫓩 babelstone_han
U+2B50E hasp of a lock (U+2B50E) 𫔎 babelstone_han
U+2B5B8 U+2B5B8 (U+2B5B8) 𫖸 lastresort
U+2B5E0 an icicle (U+2B5E0) 𫗠 babelstone_han
U+2B5E6 eat; dinner time; sunset (U+2B5E6) 𫗦 babelstone_han
U+2B5E7 a pot of cooked rice (U+2B5E7) 𫗧 babelstone_han
U+2B5EE to eat; dinner-time, sunset (U+2B5EE) 𫗮 babelstone_han
U+2B5F4 gruel (U+2B5F4) 𫗴 babelstone_han
U+2B61D gallop (U+2B61D) 𫘝 babelstone_han
U+2B623 a fierce horse; to rage, run wild (U+2B623) 𫘣 babelstone_han
U+2B624 stupid; foolish (U+2B624) 𫘤 babelstone_han
U+2B628 a horse, mule (U+2B628) 𫘨 babelstone_han
U+2B688 silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix); bream (U+2B688) 𫚈 babelstone_han
U+2B689 a ray, skate (U+2B689) 𫚉 babelstone_han
U+2B692 curtained carriage used by women (U+2B692) 𫚒 babelstone_han
U+2B694 a small sturgeon found in the Yangzi; catfish (U+2B694) 𫚔 babelstone_han
U+2B695 a yellowtail (fish) (U+2B695) 𫚕 babelstone_han
U+2B699 the skate or ray (U+2B699) 𫚙 babelstone_han
U+2B6DB jay (Garrulus lidthi) (U+2B6DB) 𫛛 babelstone_han
U+2B6DE a shrike, butcherbird (U+2B6DE) 𫛞 babelstone_han
U+2B6E2 (archaic) a wren (U+2B6E2) 𫛢 babelstone_han
U+2B6F6 a duck-like bird (U+2B6F6) 𫛶 babelstone_han
U+2B6F8 a kind of hawk; cuckoo (U+2B6F8) 𫛸 babelstone_han
U+2B734 <CJK Ideograph Extension C, Last> (U+2B734) 𫜴 babelstone_han