Unicode Characters in the CJK Unified Ideographs Extension D Block

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Character Description Browser Font used
U+2B740 <CJK Ideograph Extension D, First> (U+2B740) 𫝀 babelstone_han
U+2B746 U+2B746 (U+2B746) 𫝆 babelstone_han
U+2B751 U+2B751 (U+2B751) 𫝑 babelstone_han
U+2B753 U+2B753 (U+2B753) 𫝓 babelstone_han
U+2B75A U+2B75A (U+2B75A) 𫝚 babelstone_han
U+2B75C U+2B75C (U+2B75C) 𫝜 babelstone_han
U+2B765 U+2B765 (U+2B765) 𫝥 babelstone_han
U+2B776 U+2B776 (U+2B776) 𫝶 babelstone_han
U+2B777 U+2B777 (U+2B777) 𫝷 babelstone_han
U+2B77C U+2B77C (U+2B77C) 𫝼 babelstone_han
U+2B782 U+2B782 (U+2B782) 𫞂 babelstone_han
U+2B789 U+2B789 (U+2B789) 𫞉 babelstone_han
U+2B78B U+2B78B (U+2B78B) 𫞋 babelstone_han
U+2B78E U+2B78E (U+2B78E) 𫞎 babelstone_han
U+2B794 U+2B794 (U+2B794) 𫞔 babelstone_han
U+2B7AC U+2B7AC (U+2B7AC) 𫞬 babelstone_han
U+2B7AF U+2B7AF (U+2B7AF) 𫞯 babelstone_han
U+2B7BD U+2B7BD (U+2B7BD) 𫞽 babelstone_han
U+2B7C9 U+2B7C9 (U+2B7C9) 𫟉 babelstone_han
U+2B7CF U+2B7CF (U+2B7CF) 𫟏 babelstone_han
U+2B7D2 U+2B7D2 (U+2B7D2) 𫟒 babelstone_han
U+2B7D8 U+2B7D8 (U+2B7D8) 𫟘 babelstone_han
U+2B7F0 U+2B7F0 (U+2B7F0) 𫟰 babelstone_han
U+2B80D U+2B80D (U+2B80D) 𫠍 babelstone_han
U+2B817 U+2B817 (U+2B817) 𫠗 babelstone_han
U+2B81A U+2B81A (U+2B81A) 𫠚 babelstone_han
U+2B81D <CJK Ideograph Extension D, Last> (U+2B81D) 𫠝 babelstone_han