Unicode Characters in the Control Pictures Block

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Character Description Browser Font used
U+2400 SYMBOL FOR NULL (U+2400) arial_unicode_ms
U+2401 SYMBOL FOR START OF HEADING (U+2401) arial_unicode_ms
U+2402 SYMBOL FOR START OF TEXT (U+2402) arial_unicode_ms
U+2403 SYMBOL FOR END OF TEXT (U+2403) arial_unicode_ms
U+2404 SYMBOL FOR END OF TRANSMISSION (U+2404) arial_unicode_ms
U+2405 SYMBOL FOR ENQUIRY (U+2405) arial_unicode_ms
U+2406 SYMBOL FOR ACKNOWLEDGE (U+2406) arial_unicode_ms
U+2407 SYMBOL FOR BELL (U+2407) arial_unicode_ms
U+2408 SYMBOL FOR BACKSPACE (U+2408) arial_unicode_ms
U+2409 SYMBOL FOR HORIZONTAL TABULATION (U+2409) arial_unicode_ms
U+240A SYMBOL FOR LINE FEED (U+240A) arial_unicode_ms
U+240B SYMBOL FOR VERTICAL TABULATION (U+240B) arial_unicode_ms
U+240C SYMBOL FOR FORM FEED (U+240C) arial_unicode_ms
U+240D SYMBOL FOR CARRIAGE RETURN (U+240D) arial_unicode_ms
U+240E SYMBOL FOR SHIFT OUT (U+240E) arial_unicode_ms
U+240F SYMBOL FOR SHIFT IN (U+240F) arial_unicode_ms
U+2410 SYMBOL FOR DATA LINK ESCAPE (U+2410) arial_unicode_ms
U+2411 SYMBOL FOR DEVICE CONTROL ONE (U+2411) arial_unicode_ms
U+2412 SYMBOL FOR DEVICE CONTROL TWO (U+2412) arial_unicode_ms
U+2413 SYMBOL FOR DEVICE CONTROL THREE (U+2413) arial_unicode_ms
U+2414 SYMBOL FOR DEVICE CONTROL FOUR (U+2414) arial_unicode_ms
U+2415 SYMBOL FOR NEGATIVE ACKNOWLEDGE (U+2415) arial_unicode_ms
U+2416 SYMBOL FOR SYNCHRONOUS IDLE (U+2416) arial_unicode_ms
U+2417 SYMBOL FOR END OF TRANSMISSION BLOCK (U+2417) arial_unicode_ms
U+2418 SYMBOL FOR CANCEL (U+2418) arial_unicode_ms
U+2419 SYMBOL FOR END OF MEDIUM (U+2419) arial_unicode_ms
U+241A SYMBOL FOR SUBSTITUTE (U+241A) arial_unicode_ms
U+241B SYMBOL FOR ESCAPE (U+241B) arial_unicode_ms
U+241C SYMBOL FOR FILE SEPARATOR (U+241C) arial_unicode_ms
U+241D SYMBOL FOR GROUP SEPARATOR (U+241D) arial_unicode_ms
U+241E SYMBOL FOR RECORD SEPARATOR (U+241E) arial_unicode_ms
U+241F SYMBOL FOR UNIT SEPARATOR (U+241F) arial_unicode_ms
U+2420 SYMBOL FOR SPACE (U+2420) arial_unicode_ms
U+2421 SYMBOL FOR DELETE (U+2421) arial_unicode_ms
U+2422 BLANK SYMBOL (U+2422) arial_unicode_ms
U+2423 OPEN BOX (U+2423) arial_unicode_ms
U+2424 SYMBOL FOR NEWLINE (U+2424) arial_unicode_ms
U+2425 SYMBOL FOR DELETE FORM TWO (U+2425) code2000