Unicode Characters in the Hebrew Block

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Character Description Browser Font used
U+0591 HEBREW ACCENT ETNAHTA (U+0591) ֑ arial_unicode_ms
U+0592 HEBREW ACCENT SEGOL (U+0592) ֒ arial_unicode_ms
U+0593 HEBREW ACCENT SHALSHELET (U+0593) ֓ arial_unicode_ms
U+0594 HEBREW ACCENT ZAQEF QATAN (U+0594) ֔ arial_unicode_ms
U+0595 HEBREW ACCENT ZAQEF GADOL (U+0595) ֕ arial_unicode_ms
U+0596 HEBREW ACCENT TIPEHA (U+0596) ֖ arial_unicode_ms
U+0597 HEBREW ACCENT REVIA (U+0597) ֗ arial_unicode_ms
U+0598 HEBREW ACCENT ZARQA (U+0598) ֘ arial_unicode_ms
U+0599 HEBREW ACCENT PASHTA (U+0599) ֙ arial_unicode_ms
U+059A HEBREW ACCENT YETIV (U+059A) ֚ arial_unicode_ms
U+059B HEBREW ACCENT TEVIR (U+059B) ֛ arial_unicode_ms
U+059C HEBREW ACCENT GERESH (U+059C) ֜ arial_unicode_ms
U+059D HEBREW ACCENT GERESH MUQDAM (U+059D) ֝ arial_unicode_ms
U+059E HEBREW ACCENT GERSHAYIM (U+059E) ֞ arial_unicode_ms
U+059F HEBREW ACCENT QARNEY PARA (U+059F) ֟ arial_unicode_ms
U+05A0 HEBREW ACCENT TELISHA GEDOLA (U+05A0) ֠ arial_unicode_ms
U+05A1 HEBREW ACCENT PAZER (U+05A1) ֡ arial_unicode_ms
U+05A3 HEBREW ACCENT MUNAH (U+05A3) ֣ arial_unicode_ms
U+05A4 HEBREW ACCENT MAHAPAKH (U+05A4) ֤ arial_unicode_ms
U+05A5 HEBREW ACCENT MERKHA (U+05A5) ֥ arial_unicode_ms
U+05A6 HEBREW ACCENT MERKHA KEFULA (U+05A6) ֦ arial_unicode_ms
U+05A7 HEBREW ACCENT DARGA (U+05A7) ֧ arial_unicode_ms
U+05A8 HEBREW ACCENT QADMA (U+05A8) ֨ arial_unicode_ms
U+05A9 HEBREW ACCENT TELISHA QETANA (U+05A9) ֩ arial_unicode_ms
U+05AA HEBREW ACCENT YERAH BEN YOMO (U+05AA) ֪ arial_unicode_ms
U+05AB HEBREW ACCENT OLE (U+05AB) ֫ arial_unicode_ms
U+05AC HEBREW ACCENT ILUY (U+05AC) ֬ arial_unicode_ms
U+05AD HEBREW ACCENT DEHI (U+05AD) ֭ arial_unicode_ms
U+05AE HEBREW ACCENT ZINOR (U+05AE) ֮ arial_unicode_ms
U+05AF HEBREW MARK MASORA CIRCLE (U+05AF) ֯ arial_unicode_ms
U+05B0 HEBREW POINT SHEVA (U+05B0) ְ arial_unicode_ms
U+05B1 HEBREW POINT HATAF SEGOL (U+05B1) ֱ arial_unicode_ms
U+05B2 HEBREW POINT HATAF PATAH (U+05B2) ֲ arial_unicode_ms
U+05B3 HEBREW POINT HATAF QAMATS (U+05B3) ֳ arial_unicode_ms
U+05B4 HEBREW POINT HIRIQ (U+05B4) ִ arial_unicode_ms
U+05B5 HEBREW POINT TSERE (U+05B5) ֵ arial_unicode_ms
U+05B6 HEBREW POINT SEGOL (U+05B6) ֶ arial_unicode_ms
U+05B7 HEBREW POINT PATAH (U+05B7) ַ arial_unicode_ms
U+05B8 HEBREW POINT QAMATS (U+05B8) ָ arial_unicode_ms
U+05B9 HEBREW POINT HOLAM (U+05B9) ֹ arial_unicode_ms
U+05BB HEBREW POINT QUBUTS (U+05BB) ֻ arial_unicode_ms
U+05BC HEBREW POINT DAGESH OR MAPIQ (U+05BC) ּ arial_unicode_ms
U+05BD HEBREW POINT METEG (U+05BD) ֽ arial_unicode_ms
U+05BE HEBREW PUNCTUATION MAQAF (U+05BE) ־ arial_unicode_ms
U+05BF HEBREW POINT RAFE (U+05BF) ֿ arial_unicode_ms
U+05C0 HEBREW PUNCTUATION PASEQ (U+05C0) ׀ arial_unicode_ms
U+05C1 HEBREW POINT SHIN DOT (U+05C1) ׁ arial_unicode_ms
U+05C2 HEBREW POINT SIN DOT (U+05C2) ׂ arial_unicode_ms
U+05C3 HEBREW PUNCTUATION SOF PASUQ (U+05C3) ׃ arial_unicode_ms
U+05C4 HEBREW MARK UPPER DOT (U+05C4) ׄ arial_unicode_ms
U+05C5 HEBREW MARK LOWER DOT (U+05C5) ׅ code2000
U+05C7 HEBREW POINT QAMATS QATAN (U+05C7) ׇ code2000
U+05D0 HEBREW LETTER ALEF (U+05D0) א arial_unicode_ms
U+05D1 HEBREW LETTER BET (U+05D1) ב arial_unicode_ms
U+05D2 HEBREW LETTER GIMEL (U+05D2) ג arial_unicode_ms
U+05D3 HEBREW LETTER DALET (U+05D3) ד arial_unicode_ms
U+05D4 HEBREW LETTER HE (U+05D4) ה arial_unicode_ms
U+05D5 HEBREW LETTER VAV (U+05D5) ו arial_unicode_ms
U+05D6 HEBREW LETTER ZAYIN (U+05D6) ז arial_unicode_ms
U+05D7 HEBREW LETTER HET (U+05D7) ח arial_unicode_ms
U+05D8 HEBREW LETTER TET (U+05D8) ט arial_unicode_ms
U+05D9 HEBREW LETTER YOD (U+05D9) י arial_unicode_ms
U+05DA HEBREW LETTER FINAL KAF (U+05DA) ך arial_unicode_ms
U+05DB HEBREW LETTER KAF (U+05DB) כ arial_unicode_ms
U+05DC HEBREW LETTER LAMED (U+05DC) ל arial_unicode_ms
U+05DD HEBREW LETTER FINAL MEM (U+05DD) ם arial_unicode_ms
U+05DE HEBREW LETTER MEM (U+05DE) מ arial_unicode_ms
U+05DF HEBREW LETTER FINAL NUN (U+05DF) ן arial_unicode_ms
U+05E0 HEBREW LETTER NUN (U+05E0) נ arial_unicode_ms
U+05E1 HEBREW LETTER SAMEKH (U+05E1) ס arial_unicode_ms
U+05E2 HEBREW LETTER AYIN (U+05E2) ע arial_unicode_ms
U+05E3 HEBREW LETTER FINAL PE (U+05E3) ף arial_unicode_ms
U+05E4 HEBREW LETTER PE (U+05E4) פ arial_unicode_ms
U+05E5 HEBREW LETTER FINAL TSADI (U+05E5) ץ arial_unicode_ms
U+05E6 HEBREW LETTER TSADI (U+05E6) צ arial_unicode_ms
U+05E7 HEBREW LETTER QOF (U+05E7) ק arial_unicode_ms
U+05E8 HEBREW LETTER RESH (U+05E8) ר arial_unicode_ms
U+05E9 HEBREW LETTER SHIN (U+05E9) ש arial_unicode_ms
U+05EA HEBREW LETTER TAV (U+05EA) ת arial_unicode_ms
U+05F0 HEBREW LIGATURE YIDDISH DOUBLE VAV (U+05F0) װ arial_unicode_ms
U+05F1 HEBREW LIGATURE YIDDISH VAV YOD (U+05F1) ױ arial_unicode_ms
U+05F2 HEBREW LIGATURE YIDDISH DOUBLE YOD (U+05F2) ײ arial_unicode_ms
U+05F3 HEBREW PUNCTUATION GERESH (U+05F3) ׳ arial_unicode_ms
U+05F4 HEBREW PUNCTUATION GERSHAYIM (U+05F4) ״ arial_unicode_ms