UTF-8 Browser Test for Unicode Block 'Mende Kikakui'


This is a test page to see how well your browser supports UTF-8 characters in the Mende Kikakui Unicode block.


0x00 0x01 0x02 0x03 0x04 0x05 0x06 0x07 0x08 0x09 0x0A 0x0B 0x0C 0x0D 0x0E 0x0F
0x1e800 ๐ž € ๐ž  ๐ž ‚ ๐ž ƒ ๐ž „ ๐ž … ๐ž † ๐ž ‡ ๐ž ˆ ๐ž ‰ ๐ž Š ๐ž ‹ ๐ž Œ ๐ž  ๐ž Ž ๐ž 
0x1e810 ๐ž  ๐ž ‘ ๐ž ’ ๐ž “ ๐ž ” ๐ž • ๐ž – ๐ž — ๐ž ˜ ๐ž ™ ๐ž š ๐ž › ๐ž œ ๐ž  ๐ž ž ๐ž Ÿ
0x1e820 ๐ž   ๐ž ก ๐ž ข ๐ž ฃ ๐ž ค ๐ž ฅ ๐ž ฆ ๐ž ง ๐ž จ ๐ž ฉ ๐ž ช ๐ž ซ ๐ž ฌ ๐ž ญ ๐ž ฎ ๐ž ฏ
0x1e830 ๐ž ฐ ๐ž ฑ ๐ž ฒ ๐ž ณ ๐ž ด ๐ž ต ๐ž ถ ๐ž ท ๐ž ธ ๐ž น ๐ž บ ๐ž ป ๐ž ผ ๐ž ฝ ๐ž พ ๐ž ฟ
0x1e840 ๐žก€ ๐žก ๐žก‚ ๐žกƒ ๐žก„ ๐žก… ๐žก† ๐žก‡ ๐žกˆ ๐žก‰ ๐žกŠ ๐žก‹ ๐žกŒ ๐žก ๐žกŽ ๐žก
0x1e850 ๐žก ๐žก‘ ๐žก’ ๐žก“ ๐žก” ๐žก• ๐žก– ๐žก— ๐žก˜ ๐žก™ ๐žกš ๐žก› ๐žกœ ๐žก ๐žกž ๐žกŸ
0x1e860 ๐žก  ๐žกก ๐žกข ๐žกฃ ๐žกค ๐žกฅ ๐žกฆ ๐žกง ๐žกจ ๐žกฉ ๐žกช ๐žกซ ๐žกฌ ๐žกญ ๐žกฎ ๐žกฏ
0x1e870 ๐žกฐ ๐žกฑ ๐žกฒ ๐žกณ ๐žกด ๐žกต ๐žกถ ๐žกท ๐žกธ ๐žกน ๐žกบ ๐žกป ๐žกผ ๐žกฝ ๐žกพ ๐žกฟ
0x1e880 ๐žข€ ๐žข ๐žข‚ ๐žขƒ ๐žข„ ๐žข… ๐žข† ๐žข‡ ๐žขˆ ๐žข‰ ๐žขŠ ๐žข‹ ๐žขŒ ๐žข ๐žขŽ ๐žข
0x1e890 ๐žข ๐žข‘ ๐žข’ ๐žข“ ๐žข” ๐žข• ๐žข– ๐žข— ๐žข˜ ๐žข™ ๐žขš ๐žข› ๐žขœ ๐žข ๐žขž ๐žขŸ
0x1e8a0 ๐žข  ๐žขก ๐žขข ๐žขฃ ๐žขค ๐žขฅ ๐žขฆ ๐žขง ๐žขจ ๐žขฉ ๐žขช ๐žขซ ๐žขฌ ๐žขญ ๐žขฎ ๐žขฏ
0x1e8b0 ๐žขฐ ๐žขฑ ๐žขฒ ๐žขณ ๐žขด ๐žขต ๐žขถ ๐žขท ๐žขธ ๐žขน ๐žขบ ๐žขป ๐žขผ ๐žขฝ ๐žขพ ๐žขฟ
0x1e8c0 ๐žฃ€ ๐žฃ ๐žฃ‚ ๐žฃƒ ๐žฃ„ ๐žฃ… ๐žฃ† ๐žฃ‡ ๐žฃˆ ๐žฃ‰ ๐žฃŠ ๐žฃ‹ ๐žฃŒ ๐žฃ ๐žฃŽ ๐žฃ
0x1e8d0 ๐žฃ ๐žฃ‘ ๐žฃ’ ๐žฃ“ ๐žฃ” ๐žฃ• ๐žฃ– ๐žฃ— ๐žฃ˜ ๐žฃ™ ๐žฃš ๐žฃ› ๐žฃœ ๐žฃ ๐žฃž ๐žฃŸ