Unicode Characters in the Miao Block

List with images (slow)

Character Description Browser Font used
U+16F00 MIAO LETTER PA (U+16F00) 𖼀 lastresort
U+16F01 MIAO LETTER BA (U+16F01) 𖼁 lastresort
U+16F02 MIAO LETTER YI PA (U+16F02) 𖼂 lastresort
U+16F03 MIAO LETTER PLA (U+16F03) 𖼃 lastresort
U+16F04 MIAO LETTER MA (U+16F04) 𖼄 lastresort
U+16F05 MIAO LETTER MHA (U+16F05) 𖼅 lastresort
U+16F06 MIAO LETTER ARCHAIC MA (U+16F06) 𖼆 lastresort
U+16F07 MIAO LETTER FA (U+16F07) 𖼇 lastresort
U+16F08 MIAO LETTER VA (U+16F08) 𖼈 lastresort
U+16F09 MIAO LETTER VFA (U+16F09) 𖼉 lastresort
U+16F0A MIAO LETTER TA (U+16F0A) 𖼊 lastresort
U+16F0B MIAO LETTER DA (U+16F0B) 𖼋 lastresort
U+16F0C MIAO LETTER YI TTA (U+16F0C) 𖼌 lastresort
U+16F0D MIAO LETTER YI TA (U+16F0D) 𖼍 lastresort
U+16F0E MIAO LETTER TTA (U+16F0E) 𖼎 lastresort
U+16F0F MIAO LETTER DDA (U+16F0F) 𖼏 lastresort
U+16F10 MIAO LETTER NA (U+16F10) 𖼐 lastresort
U+16F11 MIAO LETTER NHA (U+16F11) 𖼑 lastresort
U+16F12 MIAO LETTER YI NNA (U+16F12) 𖼒 lastresort
U+16F13 MIAO LETTER ARCHAIC NA (U+16F13) 𖼓 lastresort
U+16F14 MIAO LETTER NNA (U+16F14) 𖼔 lastresort
U+16F15 MIAO LETTER NNHA (U+16F15) 𖼕 lastresort
U+16F16 MIAO LETTER LA (U+16F16) 𖼖 lastresort
U+16F17 MIAO LETTER LYA (U+16F17) 𖼗 lastresort
U+16F18 MIAO LETTER LHA (U+16F18) 𖼘 lastresort
U+16F19 MIAO LETTER LHYA (U+16F19) 𖼙 lastresort
U+16F1A MIAO LETTER TLHA (U+16F1A) 𖼚 lastresort
U+16F1B MIAO LETTER DLHA (U+16F1B) 𖼛 lastresort
U+16F1C MIAO LETTER TLHYA (U+16F1C) 𖼜 lastresort
U+16F1D MIAO LETTER DLHYA (U+16F1D) 𖼝 lastresort
U+16F1E MIAO LETTER KA (U+16F1E) 𖼞 lastresort
U+16F1F MIAO LETTER GA (U+16F1F) 𖼟 lastresort
U+16F20 MIAO LETTER YI KA (U+16F20) 𖼠 lastresort
U+16F21 MIAO LETTER QA (U+16F21) 𖼡 lastresort
U+16F22 MIAO LETTER QGA (U+16F22) 𖼢 lastresort
U+16F23 MIAO LETTER NGA (U+16F23) 𖼣 lastresort
U+16F24 MIAO LETTER NGHA (U+16F24) 𖼤 lastresort
U+16F25 MIAO LETTER ARCHAIC NGA (U+16F25) 𖼥 lastresort
U+16F26 MIAO LETTER HA (U+16F26) 𖼦 lastresort
U+16F27 MIAO LETTER XA (U+16F27) 𖼧 lastresort
U+16F28 MIAO LETTER GHA (U+16F28) 𖼨 lastresort
U+16F29 MIAO LETTER GHHA (U+16F29) 𖼩 lastresort
U+16F2A MIAO LETTER TSSA (U+16F2A) 𖼪 lastresort
U+16F2B MIAO LETTER DZZA (U+16F2B) 𖼫 lastresort
U+16F2C MIAO LETTER NYA (U+16F2C) 𖼬 lastresort
U+16F2D MIAO LETTER NYHA (U+16F2D) 𖼭 lastresort
U+16F2E MIAO LETTER TSHA (U+16F2E) 𖼮 lastresort
U+16F2F MIAO LETTER DZHA (U+16F2F) 𖼯 lastresort
U+16F30 MIAO LETTER YI TSHA (U+16F30) 𖼰 lastresort
U+16F31 MIAO LETTER YI DZHA (U+16F31) 𖼱 lastresort
U+16F32 MIAO LETTER REFORMED TSHA (U+16F32) 𖼲 lastresort
U+16F33 MIAO LETTER SHA (U+16F33) 𖼳 lastresort
U+16F34 MIAO LETTER SSA (U+16F34) 𖼴 lastresort
U+16F35 MIAO LETTER ZHA (U+16F35) 𖼵 lastresort
U+16F36 MIAO LETTER ZSHA (U+16F36) 𖼶 lastresort
U+16F37 MIAO LETTER TSA (U+16F37) 𖼷 lastresort
U+16F38 MIAO LETTER DZA (U+16F38) 𖼸 lastresort
U+16F39 MIAO LETTER YI TSA (U+16F39) 𖼹 lastresort
U+16F3A MIAO LETTER SA (U+16F3A) 𖼺 lastresort
U+16F3B MIAO LETTER ZA (U+16F3B) 𖼻 lastresort
U+16F3C MIAO LETTER ZSA (U+16F3C) 𖼼 lastresort
U+16F3D MIAO LETTER ZZA (U+16F3D) 𖼽 lastresort
U+16F3E MIAO LETTER ZZSA (U+16F3E) 𖼾 lastresort
U+16F3F MIAO LETTER ARCHAIC ZZA (U+16F3F) 𖼿 lastresort
U+16F40 MIAO LETTER ZZYA (U+16F40) 𖽀 lastresort
U+16F41 MIAO LETTER ZZSYA (U+16F41) 𖽁 lastresort
U+16F42 MIAO LETTER WA (U+16F42) 𖽂 lastresort
U+16F43 MIAO LETTER AH (U+16F43) 𖽃 lastresort
U+16F44 MIAO LETTER HHA (U+16F44) 𖽄 lastresort
U+16F50 MIAO LETTER NASALIZATION (U+16F50) 𖽐 lastresort
U+16F51 MIAO SIGN ASPIRATION (U+16F51) 𖽑 lastresort
U+16F52 MIAO SIGN REFORMED VOICING (U+16F52) 𖽒 lastresort
U+16F53 MIAO SIGN REFORMED ASPIRATION (U+16F53) 𖽓 lastresort
U+16F54 MIAO VOWEL SIGN A (U+16F54) 𖽔 lastresort
U+16F55 MIAO VOWEL SIGN AA (U+16F55) 𖽕 lastresort
U+16F56 MIAO VOWEL SIGN AHH (U+16F56) 𖽖 lastresort
U+16F57 MIAO VOWEL SIGN AN (U+16F57) 𖽗 lastresort
U+16F58 MIAO VOWEL SIGN ANG (U+16F58) 𖽘 lastresort
U+16F59 MIAO VOWEL SIGN O (U+16F59) 𖽙 lastresort
U+16F5A MIAO VOWEL SIGN OO (U+16F5A) 𖽚 lastresort
U+16F5B MIAO VOWEL SIGN WO (U+16F5B) 𖽛 lastresort
U+16F5C MIAO VOWEL SIGN W (U+16F5C) 𖽜 lastresort
U+16F5D MIAO VOWEL SIGN E (U+16F5D) 𖽝 lastresort
U+16F5E MIAO VOWEL SIGN EN (U+16F5E) 𖽞 lastresort
U+16F5F MIAO VOWEL SIGN ENG (U+16F5F) 𖽟 lastresort
U+16F60 MIAO VOWEL SIGN OEY (U+16F60) 𖽠 lastresort
U+16F61 MIAO VOWEL SIGN I (U+16F61) 𖽡 lastresort
U+16F62 MIAO VOWEL SIGN IA (U+16F62) 𖽢 lastresort
U+16F63 MIAO VOWEL SIGN IAN (U+16F63) 𖽣 lastresort
U+16F64 MIAO VOWEL SIGN IANG (U+16F64) 𖽤 lastresort
U+16F65 MIAO VOWEL SIGN IO (U+16F65) 𖽥 lastresort
U+16F66 MIAO VOWEL SIGN IE (U+16F66) 𖽦 lastresort
U+16F67 MIAO VOWEL SIGN II (U+16F67) 𖽧 lastresort
U+16F68 MIAO VOWEL SIGN IU (U+16F68) 𖽨 lastresort
U+16F69 MIAO VOWEL SIGN ING (U+16F69) 𖽩 lastresort
U+16F6A MIAO VOWEL SIGN U (U+16F6A) 𖽪 lastresort
U+16F6B MIAO VOWEL SIGN UA (U+16F6B) 𖽫 lastresort
U+16F6C MIAO VOWEL SIGN UAN (U+16F6C) 𖽬 lastresort
U+16F6D MIAO VOWEL SIGN UANG (U+16F6D) 𖽭 lastresort
U+16F6E MIAO VOWEL SIGN UU (U+16F6E) 𖽮 lastresort
U+16F6F MIAO VOWEL SIGN UEI (U+16F6F) 𖽯 lastresort
U+16F70 MIAO VOWEL SIGN UNG (U+16F70) 𖽰 lastresort
U+16F71 MIAO VOWEL SIGN Y (U+16F71) 𖽱 lastresort
U+16F72 MIAO VOWEL SIGN YI (U+16F72) 𖽲 lastresort
U+16F73 MIAO VOWEL SIGN AE (U+16F73) 𖽳 lastresort
U+16F74 MIAO VOWEL SIGN AEE (U+16F74) 𖽴 lastresort
U+16F75 MIAO VOWEL SIGN ERR (U+16F75) 𖽵 lastresort
U+16F76 MIAO VOWEL SIGN ROUNDED ERR (U+16F76) 𖽶 lastresort
U+16F77 MIAO VOWEL SIGN ER (U+16F77) 𖽷 lastresort
U+16F78 MIAO VOWEL SIGN ROUNDED ER (U+16F78) 𖽸 lastresort
U+16F79 MIAO VOWEL SIGN AI (U+16F79) 𖽹 lastresort
U+16F7A MIAO VOWEL SIGN EI (U+16F7A) 𖽺 lastresort
U+16F7B MIAO VOWEL SIGN AU (U+16F7B) 𖽻 lastresort
U+16F7C MIAO VOWEL SIGN OU (U+16F7C) 𖽼 lastresort
U+16F7D MIAO VOWEL SIGN N (U+16F7D) 𖽽 lastresort
U+16F7E MIAO VOWEL SIGN NG (U+16F7E) 𖽾 lastresort
U+16F8F MIAO TONE RIGHT (U+16F8F) 𖾏 lastresort
U+16F90 MIAO TONE TOP RIGHT (U+16F90) 𖾐 lastresort
U+16F91 MIAO TONE ABOVE (U+16F91) 𖾑 lastresort
U+16F92 MIAO TONE BELOW (U+16F92) 𖾒 lastresort
U+16F93 MIAO LETTER TONE-2 (U+16F93) 𖾓 lastresort
U+16F94 MIAO LETTER TONE-3 (U+16F94) 𖾔 lastresort
U+16F95 MIAO LETTER TONE-4 (U+16F95) 𖾕 lastresort
U+16F96 MIAO LETTER TONE-5 (U+16F96) 𖾖 lastresort
U+16F97 MIAO LETTER TONE-6 (U+16F97) 𖾗 lastresort
U+16F98 MIAO LETTER TONE-7 (U+16F98) 𖾘 lastresort
U+16F99 MIAO LETTER TONE-8 (U+16F99) 𖾙 lastresort
U+16F9A MIAO LETTER REFORMED TONE-1 (U+16F9A) 𖾚 lastresort
U+16F9B MIAO LETTER REFORMED TONE-2 (U+16F9B) 𖾛 lastresort
U+16F9C MIAO LETTER REFORMED TONE-4 (U+16F9C) 𖾜 lastresort
U+16F9D MIAO LETTER REFORMED TONE-5 (U+16F9D) 𖾝 lastresort
U+16F9E MIAO LETTER REFORMED TONE-6 (U+16F9E) 𖾞 lastresort
U+16F9F MIAO LETTER REFORMED TONE-8 (U+16F9F) 𖾟 lastresort