Unicode Characters in the Newa Block

List with images (slow)

Character Description Browser Font used
U+11400 NEWA LETTER A (U+11400) 𑐀 lastresort
U+11401 NEWA LETTER AA (U+11401) 𑐁 lastresort
U+11402 NEWA LETTER I (U+11402) 𑐂 lastresort
U+11403 NEWA LETTER II (U+11403) 𑐃 lastresort
U+11404 NEWA LETTER U (U+11404) 𑐄 lastresort
U+11405 NEWA LETTER UU (U+11405) 𑐅 lastresort
U+11406 NEWA LETTER VOCALIC R (U+11406) 𑐆 lastresort
U+11407 NEWA LETTER VOCALIC RR (U+11407) 𑐇 lastresort
U+11408 NEWA LETTER VOCALIC L (U+11408) 𑐈 lastresort
U+11409 NEWA LETTER VOCALIC LL (U+11409) 𑐉 lastresort
U+1140A NEWA LETTER E (U+1140A) 𑐊 lastresort
U+1140B NEWA LETTER AI (U+1140B) 𑐋 lastresort
U+1140C NEWA LETTER O (U+1140C) 𑐌 lastresort
U+1140D NEWA LETTER AU (U+1140D) 𑐍 lastresort
U+1140E NEWA LETTER KA (U+1140E) 𑐎 lastresort
U+1140F NEWA LETTER KHA (U+1140F) 𑐏 lastresort
U+11410 NEWA LETTER GA (U+11410) 𑐐 lastresort
U+11411 NEWA LETTER GHA (U+11411) 𑐑 lastresort
U+11412 NEWA LETTER NGA (U+11412) 𑐒 lastresort
U+11413 NEWA LETTER NGHA (U+11413) 𑐓 lastresort
U+11414 NEWA LETTER CA (U+11414) 𑐔 lastresort
U+11415 NEWA LETTER CHA (U+11415) 𑐕 lastresort
U+11416 NEWA LETTER JA (U+11416) 𑐖 lastresort
U+11417 NEWA LETTER JHA (U+11417) 𑐗 lastresort
U+11418 NEWA LETTER NYA (U+11418) 𑐘 lastresort
U+11419 NEWA LETTER NYHA (U+11419) 𑐙 lastresort
U+1141A NEWA LETTER TTA (U+1141A) 𑐚 lastresort
U+1141B NEWA LETTER TTHA (U+1141B) 𑐛 lastresort
U+1141C NEWA LETTER DDA (U+1141C) 𑐜 lastresort
U+1141D NEWA LETTER DDHA (U+1141D) 𑐝 lastresort
U+1141E NEWA LETTER NNA (U+1141E) 𑐞 lastresort
U+1141F NEWA LETTER TA (U+1141F) 𑐟 lastresort
U+11420 NEWA LETTER THA (U+11420) 𑐠 lastresort
U+11421 NEWA LETTER DA (U+11421) 𑐡 lastresort
U+11422 NEWA LETTER DHA (U+11422) 𑐢 lastresort
U+11423 NEWA LETTER NA (U+11423) 𑐣 lastresort
U+11424 NEWA LETTER NHA (U+11424) 𑐤 lastresort
U+11425 NEWA LETTER PA (U+11425) 𑐥 lastresort
U+11426 NEWA LETTER PHA (U+11426) 𑐦 lastresort
U+11427 NEWA LETTER BA (U+11427) 𑐧 lastresort
U+11428 NEWA LETTER BHA (U+11428) 𑐨 lastresort
U+11429 NEWA LETTER MA (U+11429) 𑐩 lastresort
U+1142A NEWA LETTER MHA (U+1142A) 𑐪 lastresort
U+1142B NEWA LETTER YA (U+1142B) 𑐫 lastresort
U+1142C NEWA LETTER RA (U+1142C) 𑐬 lastresort
U+1142D NEWA LETTER RHA (U+1142D) 𑐭 lastresort
U+1142E NEWA LETTER LA (U+1142E) 𑐮 lastresort
U+1142F NEWA LETTER LHA (U+1142F) 𑐯 lastresort
U+11430 NEWA LETTER WA (U+11430) 𑐰 lastresort
U+11431 NEWA LETTER SHA (U+11431) 𑐱 lastresort
U+11432 NEWA LETTER SSA (U+11432) 𑐲 lastresort
U+11433 NEWA LETTER SA (U+11433) 𑐳 lastresort
U+11434 NEWA LETTER HA (U+11434) 𑐴 lastresort
U+11435 NEWA VOWEL SIGN AA (U+11435) 𑐵 lastresort
U+11436 NEWA VOWEL SIGN I (U+11436) 𑐶 lastresort
U+11437 NEWA VOWEL SIGN II (U+11437) 𑐷 lastresort
U+11438 NEWA VOWEL SIGN U (U+11438) 𑐸 lastresort
U+11439 NEWA VOWEL SIGN UU (U+11439) 𑐹 lastresort
U+1143A NEWA VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC R (U+1143A) 𑐺 lastresort
U+1143B NEWA VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC RR (U+1143B) 𑐻 lastresort
U+1143C NEWA VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC L (U+1143C) 𑐼 lastresort
U+1143D NEWA VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC LL (U+1143D) 𑐽 lastresort
U+1143E NEWA VOWEL SIGN E (U+1143E) 𑐾 lastresort
U+1143F NEWA VOWEL SIGN AI (U+1143F) 𑐿 lastresort
U+11440 NEWA VOWEL SIGN O (U+11440) 𑑀 lastresort
U+11441 NEWA VOWEL SIGN AU (U+11441) 𑑁 lastresort
U+11442 NEWA SIGN VIRAMA (U+11442) 𑑂 lastresort
U+11443 NEWA SIGN CANDRABINDU (U+11443) 𑑃 lastresort
U+11444 NEWA SIGN ANUSVARA (U+11444) 𑑄 lastresort
U+11445 NEWA SIGN VISARGA (U+11445) 𑑅 lastresort
U+11446 NEWA SIGN NUKTA (U+11446) 𑑆 lastresort
U+11447 NEWA SIGN AVAGRAHA (U+11447) 𑑇 lastresort
U+11448 NEWA SIGN FINAL ANUSVARA (U+11448) 𑑈 lastresort
U+11449 NEWA OM (U+11449) 𑑉 lastresort
U+1144A NEWA SIDDHI (U+1144A) 𑑊 lastresort
U+1144B NEWA DANDA (U+1144B) 𑑋 lastresort
U+1144C NEWA DOUBLE DANDA (U+1144C) 𑑌 lastresort
U+1144D NEWA COMMA (U+1144D) 𑑍 lastresort
U+1144E NEWA GAP FILLER (U+1144E) 𑑎 lastresort
U+1144F NEWA ABBREVIATION SIGN (U+1144F) 𑑏 lastresort
U+11450 NEWA DIGIT ZERO (U+11450) 𑑐 lastresort
U+11451 NEWA DIGIT ONE (U+11451) 𑑑 lastresort
U+11452 NEWA DIGIT TWO (U+11452) 𑑒 lastresort
U+11453 NEWA DIGIT THREE (U+11453) 𑑓 lastresort
U+11454 NEWA DIGIT FOUR (U+11454) 𑑔 lastresort
U+11455 NEWA DIGIT FIVE (U+11455) 𑑕 lastresort
U+11456 NEWA DIGIT SIX (U+11456) 𑑖 lastresort
U+11457 NEWA DIGIT SEVEN (U+11457) 𑑗 lastresort
U+11458 NEWA DIGIT EIGHT (U+11458) 𑑘 lastresort
U+11459 NEWA DIGIT NINE (U+11459) 𑑙 lastresort
U+1145B NEWA PLACEHOLDER MARK (U+1145B) 𑑛 lastresort
U+1145D NEWA INSERTION SIGN (U+1145D) 𑑝 lastresort