Unicode Characters in the Optical Character Recognition Block

List with images (slow)

Character Description Browser Font used
U+2440 OCR HOOK (U+2440) arial_unicode_ms
U+2441 OCR CHAIR (U+2441) arial_unicode_ms
U+2442 OCR FORK (U+2442) arial_unicode_ms
U+2443 OCR INVERTED FORK (U+2443) arial_unicode_ms
U+2444 OCR BELT BUCKLE (U+2444) arial_unicode_ms
U+2445 OCR BOW TIE (U+2445) arial_unicode_ms
U+2446 OCR BRANCH BANK IDENTIFICATION (U+2446) arial_unicode_ms
U+2447 OCR AMOUNT OF CHECK (U+2447) arial_unicode_ms
U+2448 OCR DASH (U+2448) arial_unicode_ms
U+2449 OCR CUSTOMER ACCOUNT NUMBER (U+2449) arial_unicode_ms
U+244A OCR DOUBLE BACKSLASH (U+244A) arial_unicode_ms