Unicode Characters in the Rumi Numeral Symbols Block

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Character Description Browser Font used
U+10E60 RUMI DIGIT ONE (U+10E60) 𐹠 lastresort
U+10E61 RUMI DIGIT TWO (U+10E61) 𐹡 lastresort
U+10E62 RUMI DIGIT THREE (U+10E62) 𐹢 lastresort
U+10E63 RUMI DIGIT FOUR (U+10E63) 𐹣 lastresort
U+10E64 RUMI DIGIT FIVE (U+10E64) 𐹤 lastresort
U+10E65 RUMI DIGIT SIX (U+10E65) 𐹥 lastresort
U+10E66 RUMI DIGIT SEVEN (U+10E66) 𐹦 lastresort
U+10E67 RUMI DIGIT EIGHT (U+10E67) 𐹧 lastresort
U+10E68 RUMI DIGIT NINE (U+10E68) 𐹨 lastresort
U+10E69 RUMI NUMBER TEN (U+10E69) 𐹩 lastresort
U+10E6A RUMI NUMBER TWENTY (U+10E6A) 𐹪 lastresort
U+10E6B RUMI NUMBER THIRTY (U+10E6B) 𐹫 lastresort
U+10E6C RUMI NUMBER FORTY (U+10E6C) 𐹬 lastresort
U+10E6D RUMI NUMBER FIFTY (U+10E6D) 𐹭 lastresort
U+10E6E RUMI NUMBER SIXTY (U+10E6E) 𐹮 lastresort
U+10E6F RUMI NUMBER SEVENTY (U+10E6F) 𐹯 lastresort
U+10E70 RUMI NUMBER EIGHTY (U+10E70) 𐹰 lastresort
U+10E71 RUMI NUMBER NINETY (U+10E71) 𐹱 lastresort
U+10E72 RUMI NUMBER ONE HUNDRED (U+10E72) 𐹲 lastresort
U+10E73 RUMI NUMBER TWO HUNDRED (U+10E73) 𐹳 lastresort
U+10E74 RUMI NUMBER THREE HUNDRED (U+10E74) 𐹴 lastresort
U+10E75 RUMI NUMBER FOUR HUNDRED (U+10E75) 𐹵 lastresort
U+10E76 RUMI NUMBER FIVE HUNDRED (U+10E76) 𐹶 lastresort
U+10E77 RUMI NUMBER SIX HUNDRED (U+10E77) 𐹷 lastresort
U+10E78 RUMI NUMBER SEVEN HUNDRED (U+10E78) 𐹸 lastresort
U+10E79 RUMI NUMBER EIGHT HUNDRED (U+10E79) 𐹹 lastresort
U+10E7A RUMI NUMBER NINE HUNDRED (U+10E7A) 𐹺 lastresort
U+10E7B RUMI FRACTION ONE HALF (U+10E7B) 𐹻 lastresort
U+10E7C RUMI FRACTION ONE QUARTER (U+10E7C) 𐹼 lastresort
U+10E7D RUMI FRACTION ONE THIRD (U+10E7D) 𐹽 lastresort
U+10E7E RUMI FRACTION TWO THIRDS (U+10E7E) 𐹾 lastresort