Unicode Characters in the Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs Block

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Character Description Browser Font used
U+1F910 ZIPPER-MOUTH FACE (U+1F910) 🤐 lastresort
U+1F911 MONEY-MOUTH FACE (U+1F911) 🤑 lastresort
U+1F912 FACE WITH THERMOMETER (U+1F912) 🤒 lastresort
U+1F913 NERD FACE (U+1F913) 🤓 lastresort
U+1F914 THINKING FACE (U+1F914) 🤔 lastresort
U+1F915 FACE WITH HEAD-BANDAGE (U+1F915) 🤕 lastresort
U+1F916 ROBOT FACE (U+1F916) 🤖 lastresort
U+1F917 HUGGING FACE (U+1F917) 🤗 lastresort
U+1F918 SIGN OF THE HORNS (U+1F918) 🤘 lastresort
U+1F919 CALL ME HAND (U+1F919) 🤙 lastresort
U+1F91A RAISED BACK OF HAND (U+1F91A) 🤚 lastresort
U+1F91B LEFT-FACING FIST (U+1F91B) 🤛 lastresort
U+1F91C RIGHT-FACING FIST (U+1F91C) 🤜 lastresort
U+1F91D HANDSHAKE (U+1F91D) 🤝 lastresort
U+1F920 FACE WITH COWBOY HAT (U+1F920) 🤠 lastresort
U+1F921 CLOWN FACE (U+1F921) 🤡 lastresort
U+1F922 NAUSEATED FACE (U+1F922) 🤢 lastresort
U+1F923 ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING (U+1F923) 🤣 lastresort
U+1F924 DROOLING FACE (U+1F924) 🤤 lastresort
U+1F925 LYING FACE (U+1F925) 🤥 lastresort
U+1F926 FACE PALM (U+1F926) 🤦 lastresort
U+1F927 SNEEZING FACE (U+1F927) 🤧 lastresort
U+1F930 PREGNANT WOMAN (U+1F930) 🤰 lastresort
U+1F933 SELFIE (U+1F933) 🤳 lastresort
U+1F934 PRINCE (U+1F934) 🤴 lastresort
U+1F935 MAN IN TUXEDO (U+1F935) 🤵 lastresort
U+1F936 MOTHER CHRISTMAS (U+1F936) 🤶 lastresort
U+1F937 SHRUG (U+1F937) 🤷 lastresort
U+1F938 PERSON DOING CARTWHEEL (U+1F938) 🤸 lastresort
U+1F939 JUGGLING (U+1F939) 🤹 lastresort
U+1F93A FENCER (U+1F93A) 🤺 lastresort
U+1F93B MODERN PENTATHLON (U+1F93B) 🤻 lastresort
U+1F93C WRESTLERS (U+1F93C) 🤼 lastresort
U+1F93D WATER POLO (U+1F93D) 🤽 lastresort
U+1F93E HANDBALL (U+1F93E) 🤾 lastresort
U+1F940 WILTED FLOWER (U+1F940) 🥀 lastresort
U+1F941 DRUM WITH DRUMSTICKS (U+1F941) 🥁 lastresort
U+1F942 CLINKING GLASSES (U+1F942) 🥂 lastresort
U+1F943 TUMBLER GLASS (U+1F943) 🥃 lastresort
U+1F944 SPOON (U+1F944) 🥄 lastresort
U+1F945 GOAL NET (U+1F945) 🥅 lastresort
U+1F946 RIFLE (U+1F946) 🥆 lastresort
U+1F947 FIRST PLACE MEDAL (U+1F947) 🥇 lastresort
U+1F948 SECOND PLACE MEDAL (U+1F948) 🥈 lastresort
U+1F949 THIRD PLACE MEDAL (U+1F949) 🥉 lastresort
U+1F94A BOXING GLOVE (U+1F94A) 🥊 lastresort
U+1F94B MARTIAL ARTS UNIFORM (U+1F94B) 🥋 lastresort
U+1F950 CROISSANT (U+1F950) 🥐 lastresort
U+1F951 AVOCADO (U+1F951) 🥑 lastresort
U+1F952 CUCUMBER (U+1F952) 🥒 lastresort
U+1F953 BACON (U+1F953) 🥓 lastresort
U+1F954 POTATO (U+1F954) 🥔 lastresort
U+1F955 CARROT (U+1F955) 🥕 lastresort
U+1F956 BAGUETTE BREAD (U+1F956) 🥖 lastresort
U+1F957 GREEN SALAD (U+1F957) 🥗 lastresort
U+1F958 SHALLOW PAN OF FOOD (U+1F958) 🥘 lastresort
U+1F959 STUFFED FLATBREAD (U+1F959) 🥙 lastresort
U+1F95A EGG (U+1F95A) 🥚 lastresort
U+1F95B GLASS OF MILK (U+1F95B) 🥛 lastresort
U+1F95C PEANUTS (U+1F95C) 🥜 lastresort
U+1F95D KIWIFRUIT (U+1F95D) 🥝 lastresort
U+1F95E PANCAKES (U+1F95E) 🥞 lastresort
U+1F980 CRAB (U+1F980) 🦀 lastresort
U+1F981 LION FACE (U+1F981) 🦁 lastresort
U+1F982 SCORPION (U+1F982) 🦂 lastresort
U+1F983 TURKEY (U+1F983) 🦃 lastresort
U+1F984 UNICORN FACE (U+1F984) 🦄 lastresort
U+1F985 EAGLE (U+1F985) 🦅 lastresort
U+1F986 DUCK (U+1F986) 🦆 lastresort
U+1F987 BAT (U+1F987) 🦇 lastresort
U+1F988 SHARK (U+1F988) 🦈 lastresort
U+1F989 OWL (U+1F989) 🦉 lastresort
U+1F98A FOX FACE (U+1F98A) 🦊 lastresort
U+1F98B BUTTERFLY (U+1F98B) 🦋 lastresort
U+1F98C DEER (U+1F98C) 🦌 lastresort
U+1F98D GORILLA (U+1F98D) 🦍 lastresort
U+1F98E LIZARD (U+1F98E) 🦎 lastresort
U+1F98F RHINOCEROS (U+1F98F) 🦏 lastresort
U+1F990 SHRIMP (U+1F990) 🦐 lastresort
U+1F991 SQUID (U+1F991) 🦑 lastresort
U+1F9C0 CHEESE WEDGE (U+1F9C0) 🧀 lastresort