Unicode Characters in the Variation Selectors Supplement Block

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Character Description Browser Font used
U+E0100 VARIATION SELECTOR-17 (U+E0100) 󠄀 babelstone_han
U+E0101 VARIATION SELECTOR-18 (U+E0101) 󠄁 babelstone_han
U+E0102 VARIATION SELECTOR-19 (U+E0102) 󠄂 babelstone_han
U+E0103 VARIATION SELECTOR-20 (U+E0103) 󠄃 babelstone_han
U+E0104 VARIATION SELECTOR-21 (U+E0104) 󠄄 babelstone_han
U+E0105 VARIATION SELECTOR-22 (U+E0105) 󠄅 babelstone_han
U+E0106 VARIATION SELECTOR-23 (U+E0106) 󠄆 babelstone_han
U+E0107 VARIATION SELECTOR-24 (U+E0107) 󠄇 babelstone_han
U+E0108 VARIATION SELECTOR-25 (U+E0108) 󠄈 babelstone_han
U+E0109 VARIATION SELECTOR-26 (U+E0109) 󠄉 babelstone_han
U+E010A VARIATION SELECTOR-27 (U+E010A) 󠄊 babelstone_han
U+E010B VARIATION SELECTOR-28 (U+E010B) 󠄋 babelstone_han
U+E010C VARIATION SELECTOR-29 (U+E010C) 󠄌 babelstone_han
U+E010D VARIATION SELECTOR-30 (U+E010D) 󠄍 babelstone_han
U+E010E VARIATION SELECTOR-31 (U+E010E) 󠄎 babelstone_han
U+E010F VARIATION SELECTOR-32 (U+E010F) 󠄏 babelstone_han
U+E0110 VARIATION SELECTOR-33 (U+E0110) 󠄐 babelstone_han
U+E0111 VARIATION SELECTOR-34 (U+E0111) 󠄑 babelstone_han
U+E0112 VARIATION SELECTOR-35 (U+E0112) 󠄒 babelstone_han
U+E0113 VARIATION SELECTOR-36 (U+E0113) 󠄓 babelstone_han
U+E0114 VARIATION SELECTOR-37 (U+E0114) 󠄔 babelstone_han
U+E0115 VARIATION SELECTOR-38 (U+E0115) 󠄕 babelstone_han
U+E0116 VARIATION SELECTOR-39 (U+E0116) 󠄖 babelstone_han
U+E0117 VARIATION SELECTOR-40 (U+E0117) 󠄗 babelstone_han
U+E0118 VARIATION SELECTOR-41 (U+E0118) 󠄘 babelstone_han
U+E0119 VARIATION SELECTOR-42 (U+E0119) 󠄙 babelstone_han
U+E011A VARIATION SELECTOR-43 (U+E011A) 󠄚 babelstone_han
U+E011B VARIATION SELECTOR-44 (U+E011B) 󠄛 babelstone_han
U+E011C VARIATION SELECTOR-45 (U+E011C) 󠄜 babelstone_han
U+E011D VARIATION SELECTOR-46 (U+E011D) 󠄝 babelstone_han
U+E011E VARIATION SELECTOR-47 (U+E011E) 󠄞 babelstone_han
U+E011F VARIATION SELECTOR-48 (U+E011F) 󠄟 babelstone_han
U+E0120 VARIATION SELECTOR-49 (U+E0120) 󠄠 babelstone_han
U+E0121 VARIATION SELECTOR-50 (U+E0121) 󠄡 babelstone_han
U+E0122 VARIATION SELECTOR-51 (U+E0122) 󠄢 babelstone_han
U+E0123 VARIATION SELECTOR-52 (U+E0123) 󠄣 babelstone_han
U+E0124 VARIATION SELECTOR-53 (U+E0124) 󠄤 babelstone_han
U+E0125 VARIATION SELECTOR-54 (U+E0125) 󠄥 babelstone_han
U+E0126 VARIATION SELECTOR-55 (U+E0126) 󠄦 babelstone_han
U+E0127 VARIATION SELECTOR-56 (U+E0127) 󠄧 babelstone_han
U+E0128 VARIATION SELECTOR-57 (U+E0128) 󠄨 babelstone_han
U+E0129 VARIATION SELECTOR-58 (U+E0129) 󠄩 babelstone_han
U+E012A VARIATION SELECTOR-59 (U+E012A) 󠄪 babelstone_han
U+E012B VARIATION SELECTOR-60 (U+E012B) 󠄫 babelstone_han
U+E012C VARIATION SELECTOR-61 (U+E012C) 󠄬 babelstone_han
U+E012D VARIATION SELECTOR-62 (U+E012D) 󠄭 babelstone_han
U+E012E VARIATION SELECTOR-63 (U+E012E) 󠄮 babelstone_han
U+E012F VARIATION SELECTOR-64 (U+E012F) 󠄯 babelstone_han
U+E0130 VARIATION SELECTOR-65 (U+E0130) 󠄰 babelstone_han
U+E0131 VARIATION SELECTOR-66 (U+E0131) 󠄱 babelstone_han
U+E0132 VARIATION SELECTOR-67 (U+E0132) 󠄲 babelstone_han
U+E0133 VARIATION SELECTOR-68 (U+E0133) 󠄳 babelstone_han
U+E0134 VARIATION SELECTOR-69 (U+E0134) 󠄴 babelstone_han
U+E0135 VARIATION SELECTOR-70 (U+E0135) 󠄵 babelstone_han
U+E0136 VARIATION SELECTOR-71 (U+E0136) 󠄶 babelstone_han
U+E0137 VARIATION SELECTOR-72 (U+E0137) 󠄷 babelstone_han
U+E0138 VARIATION SELECTOR-73 (U+E0138) 󠄸 babelstone_han
U+E0139 VARIATION SELECTOR-74 (U+E0139) 󠄹 babelstone_han
U+E013A VARIATION SELECTOR-75 (U+E013A) 󠄺 babelstone_han
U+E013B VARIATION SELECTOR-76 (U+E013B) 󠄻 babelstone_han
U+E013C VARIATION SELECTOR-77 (U+E013C) 󠄼 babelstone_han
U+E013D VARIATION SELECTOR-78 (U+E013D) 󠄽 babelstone_han
U+E013E VARIATION SELECTOR-79 (U+E013E) 󠄾 babelstone_han
U+E013F VARIATION SELECTOR-80 (U+E013F) 󠄿 babelstone_han
U+E0140 VARIATION SELECTOR-81 (U+E0140) 󠅀 babelstone_han
U+E0141 VARIATION SELECTOR-82 (U+E0141) 󠅁 babelstone_han
U+E0142 VARIATION SELECTOR-83 (U+E0142) 󠅂 babelstone_han
U+E0143 VARIATION SELECTOR-84 (U+E0143) 󠅃 babelstone_han
U+E0144 VARIATION SELECTOR-85 (U+E0144) 󠅄 babelstone_han
U+E0145 VARIATION SELECTOR-86 (U+E0145) 󠅅 babelstone_han
U+E0146 VARIATION SELECTOR-87 (U+E0146) 󠅆 babelstone_han
U+E0147 VARIATION SELECTOR-88 (U+E0147) 󠅇 babelstone_han
U+E0148 VARIATION SELECTOR-89 (U+E0148) 󠅈 babelstone_han
U+E0149 VARIATION SELECTOR-90 (U+E0149) 󠅉 babelstone_han
U+E014A VARIATION SELECTOR-91 (U+E014A) 󠅊 babelstone_han
U+E014B VARIATION SELECTOR-92 (U+E014B) 󠅋 babelstone_han
U+E014C VARIATION SELECTOR-93 (U+E014C) 󠅌 babelstone_han
U+E014D VARIATION SELECTOR-94 (U+E014D) 󠅍 babelstone_han
U+E014E VARIATION SELECTOR-95 (U+E014E) 󠅎 babelstone_han
U+E014F VARIATION SELECTOR-96 (U+E014F) 󠅏 babelstone_han
U+E0150 VARIATION SELECTOR-97 (U+E0150) 󠅐 babelstone_han
U+E0151 VARIATION SELECTOR-98 (U+E0151) 󠅑 babelstone_han
U+E0152 VARIATION SELECTOR-99 (U+E0152) 󠅒 babelstone_han
U+E0153 VARIATION SELECTOR-100 (U+E0153) 󠅓 babelstone_han
U+E0154 VARIATION SELECTOR-101 (U+E0154) 󠅔 babelstone_han
U+E0155 VARIATION SELECTOR-102 (U+E0155) 󠅕 babelstone_han
U+E0156 VARIATION SELECTOR-103 (U+E0156) 󠅖 babelstone_han
U+E0157 VARIATION SELECTOR-104 (U+E0157) 󠅗 babelstone_han
U+E0158 VARIATION SELECTOR-105 (U+E0158) 󠅘 babelstone_han
U+E0159 VARIATION SELECTOR-106 (U+E0159) 󠅙 babelstone_han
U+E015A VARIATION SELECTOR-107 (U+E015A) 󠅚 babelstone_han
U+E015B VARIATION SELECTOR-108 (U+E015B) 󠅛 babelstone_han
U+E015C VARIATION SELECTOR-109 (U+E015C) 󠅜 babelstone_han
U+E015D VARIATION SELECTOR-110 (U+E015D) 󠅝 babelstone_han
U+E015E VARIATION SELECTOR-111 (U+E015E) 󠅞 babelstone_han
U+E015F VARIATION SELECTOR-112 (U+E015F) 󠅟 babelstone_han
U+E0160 VARIATION SELECTOR-113 (U+E0160) 󠅠 babelstone_han
U+E0161 VARIATION SELECTOR-114 (U+E0161) 󠅡 babelstone_han
U+E0162 VARIATION SELECTOR-115 (U+E0162) 󠅢 babelstone_han
U+E0163 VARIATION SELECTOR-116 (U+E0163) 󠅣 babelstone_han
U+E0164 VARIATION SELECTOR-117 (U+E0164) 󠅤 babelstone_han
U+E0165 VARIATION SELECTOR-118 (U+E0165) 󠅥 babelstone_han
U+E0166 VARIATION SELECTOR-119 (U+E0166) 󠅦 babelstone_han
U+E0167 VARIATION SELECTOR-120 (U+E0167) 󠅧 babelstone_han
U+E0168 VARIATION SELECTOR-121 (U+E0168) 󠅨 babelstone_han
U+E0169 VARIATION SELECTOR-122 (U+E0169) 󠅩 babelstone_han
U+E016A VARIATION SELECTOR-123 (U+E016A) 󠅪 babelstone_han
U+E016B VARIATION SELECTOR-124 (U+E016B) 󠅫 babelstone_han
U+E016C VARIATION SELECTOR-125 (U+E016C) 󠅬 babelstone_han
U+E016D VARIATION SELECTOR-126 (U+E016D) 󠅭 babelstone_han
U+E016E VARIATION SELECTOR-127 (U+E016E) 󠅮 babelstone_han
U+E016F VARIATION SELECTOR-128 (U+E016F) 󠅯 babelstone_han
U+E0170 VARIATION SELECTOR-129 (U+E0170) 󠅰 babelstone_han
U+E0171 VARIATION SELECTOR-130 (U+E0171) 󠅱 babelstone_han
U+E0172 VARIATION SELECTOR-131 (U+E0172) 󠅲 babelstone_han
U+E0173 VARIATION SELECTOR-132 (U+E0173) 󠅳 babelstone_han
U+E0174 VARIATION SELECTOR-133 (U+E0174) 󠅴 babelstone_han
U+E0175 VARIATION SELECTOR-134 (U+E0175) 󠅵 babelstone_han
U+E0176 VARIATION SELECTOR-135 (U+E0176) 󠅶 babelstone_han
U+E0177 VARIATION SELECTOR-136 (U+E0177) 󠅷 babelstone_han
U+E0178 VARIATION SELECTOR-137 (U+E0178) 󠅸 babelstone_han
U+E0179 VARIATION SELECTOR-138 (U+E0179) 󠅹 babelstone_han
U+E017A VARIATION SELECTOR-139 (U+E017A) 󠅺 babelstone_han
U+E017B VARIATION SELECTOR-140 (U+E017B) 󠅻 babelstone_han
U+E017C VARIATION SELECTOR-141 (U+E017C) 󠅼 babelstone_han
U+E017D VARIATION SELECTOR-142 (U+E017D) 󠅽 babelstone_han
U+E017E VARIATION SELECTOR-143 (U+E017E) 󠅾 babelstone_han
U+E017F VARIATION SELECTOR-144 (U+E017F) 󠅿 babelstone_han
U+E0180 VARIATION SELECTOR-145 (U+E0180) 󠆀 babelstone_han
U+E0181 VARIATION SELECTOR-146 (U+E0181) 󠆁 babelstone_han
U+E0182 VARIATION SELECTOR-147 (U+E0182) 󠆂 babelstone_han
U+E0183 VARIATION SELECTOR-148 (U+E0183) 󠆃 babelstone_han
U+E0184 VARIATION SELECTOR-149 (U+E0184) 󠆄 babelstone_han
U+E0185 VARIATION SELECTOR-150 (U+E0185) 󠆅 babelstone_han
U+E0186 VARIATION SELECTOR-151 (U+E0186) 󠆆 babelstone_han
U+E0187 VARIATION SELECTOR-152 (U+E0187) 󠆇 babelstone_han
U+E0188 VARIATION SELECTOR-153 (U+E0188) 󠆈 babelstone_han
U+E0189 VARIATION SELECTOR-154 (U+E0189) 󠆉 babelstone_han
U+E018A VARIATION SELECTOR-155 (U+E018A) 󠆊 babelstone_han
U+E018B VARIATION SELECTOR-156 (U+E018B) 󠆋 babelstone_han
U+E018C VARIATION SELECTOR-157 (U+E018C) 󠆌 babelstone_han
U+E018D VARIATION SELECTOR-158 (U+E018D) 󠆍 babelstone_han
U+E018E VARIATION SELECTOR-159 (U+E018E) 󠆎 babelstone_han
U+E018F VARIATION SELECTOR-160 (U+E018F) 󠆏 babelstone_han
U+E0190 VARIATION SELECTOR-161 (U+E0190) 󠆐 babelstone_han
U+E0191 VARIATION SELECTOR-162 (U+E0191) 󠆑 babelstone_han
U+E0192 VARIATION SELECTOR-163 (U+E0192) 󠆒 babelstone_han
U+E0193 VARIATION SELECTOR-164 (U+E0193) 󠆓 babelstone_han
U+E0194 VARIATION SELECTOR-165 (U+E0194) 󠆔 babelstone_han
U+E0195 VARIATION SELECTOR-166 (U+E0195) 󠆕 babelstone_han
U+E0196 VARIATION SELECTOR-167 (U+E0196) 󠆖 babelstone_han
U+E0197 VARIATION SELECTOR-168 (U+E0197) 󠆗 babelstone_han
U+E0198 VARIATION SELECTOR-169 (U+E0198) 󠆘 babelstone_han
U+E0199 VARIATION SELECTOR-170 (U+E0199) 󠆙 babelstone_han
U+E019A VARIATION SELECTOR-171 (U+E019A) 󠆚 babelstone_han
U+E019B VARIATION SELECTOR-172 (U+E019B) 󠆛 babelstone_han
U+E019C VARIATION SELECTOR-173 (U+E019C) 󠆜 babelstone_han
U+E019D VARIATION SELECTOR-174 (U+E019D) 󠆝 babelstone_han
U+E019E VARIATION SELECTOR-175 (U+E019E) 󠆞 babelstone_han
U+E019F VARIATION SELECTOR-176 (U+E019F) 󠆟 babelstone_han
U+E01A0 VARIATION SELECTOR-177 (U+E01A0) 󠆠 babelstone_han
U+E01A1 VARIATION SELECTOR-178 (U+E01A1) 󠆡 babelstone_han
U+E01A2 VARIATION SELECTOR-179 (U+E01A2) 󠆢 babelstone_han
U+E01A3 VARIATION SELECTOR-180 (U+E01A3) 󠆣 babelstone_han
U+E01A4 VARIATION SELECTOR-181 (U+E01A4) 󠆤 babelstone_han
U+E01A5 VARIATION SELECTOR-182 (U+E01A5) 󠆥 babelstone_han
U+E01A6 VARIATION SELECTOR-183 (U+E01A6) 󠆦 babelstone_han
U+E01A7 VARIATION SELECTOR-184 (U+E01A7) 󠆧 babelstone_han
U+E01A8 VARIATION SELECTOR-185 (U+E01A8) 󠆨 babelstone_han
U+E01A9 VARIATION SELECTOR-186 (U+E01A9) 󠆩 babelstone_han
U+E01AA VARIATION SELECTOR-187 (U+E01AA) 󠆪 babelstone_han
U+E01AB VARIATION SELECTOR-188 (U+E01AB) 󠆫 babelstone_han
U+E01AC VARIATION SELECTOR-189 (U+E01AC) 󠆬 babelstone_han
U+E01AD VARIATION SELECTOR-190 (U+E01AD) 󠆭 babelstone_han
U+E01AE VARIATION SELECTOR-191 (U+E01AE) 󠆮 babelstone_han
U+E01AF VARIATION SELECTOR-192 (U+E01AF) 󠆯 babelstone_han
U+E01B0 VARIATION SELECTOR-193 (U+E01B0) 󠆰 babelstone_han
U+E01B1 VARIATION SELECTOR-194 (U+E01B1) 󠆱 babelstone_han
U+E01B2 VARIATION SELECTOR-195 (U+E01B2) 󠆲 babelstone_han
U+E01B3 VARIATION SELECTOR-196 (U+E01B3) 󠆳 babelstone_han
U+E01B4 VARIATION SELECTOR-197 (U+E01B4) 󠆴 babelstone_han
U+E01B5 VARIATION SELECTOR-198 (U+E01B5) 󠆵 babelstone_han
U+E01B6 VARIATION SELECTOR-199 (U+E01B6) 󠆶 babelstone_han
U+E01B7 VARIATION SELECTOR-200 (U+E01B7) 󠆷 babelstone_han
U+E01B8 VARIATION SELECTOR-201 (U+E01B8) 󠆸 babelstone_han
U+E01B9 VARIATION SELECTOR-202 (U+E01B9) 󠆹 babelstone_han
U+E01BA VARIATION SELECTOR-203 (U+E01BA) 󠆺 babelstone_han
U+E01BB VARIATION SELECTOR-204 (U+E01BB) 󠆻 babelstone_han
U+E01BC VARIATION SELECTOR-205 (U+E01BC) 󠆼 babelstone_han
U+E01BD VARIATION SELECTOR-206 (U+E01BD) 󠆽 babelstone_han
U+E01BE VARIATION SELECTOR-207 (U+E01BE) 󠆾 babelstone_han
U+E01BF VARIATION SELECTOR-208 (U+E01BF) 󠆿 babelstone_han
U+E01C0 VARIATION SELECTOR-209 (U+E01C0) 󠇀 babelstone_han
U+E01C1 VARIATION SELECTOR-210 (U+E01C1) 󠇁 babelstone_han
U+E01C2 VARIATION SELECTOR-211 (U+E01C2) 󠇂 babelstone_han
U+E01C3 VARIATION SELECTOR-212 (U+E01C3) 󠇃 babelstone_han
U+E01C4 VARIATION SELECTOR-213 (U+E01C4) 󠇄 babelstone_han
U+E01C5 VARIATION SELECTOR-214 (U+E01C5) 󠇅 babelstone_han
U+E01C6 VARIATION SELECTOR-215 (U+E01C6) 󠇆 babelstone_han
U+E01C7 VARIATION SELECTOR-216 (U+E01C7) 󠇇 babelstone_han
U+E01C8 VARIATION SELECTOR-217 (U+E01C8) 󠇈 babelstone_han
U+E01C9 VARIATION SELECTOR-218 (U+E01C9) 󠇉 babelstone_han
U+E01CA VARIATION SELECTOR-219 (U+E01CA) 󠇊 babelstone_han
U+E01CB VARIATION SELECTOR-220 (U+E01CB) 󠇋 babelstone_han
U+E01CC VARIATION SELECTOR-221 (U+E01CC) 󠇌 babelstone_han
U+E01CD VARIATION SELECTOR-222 (U+E01CD) 󠇍 babelstone_han
U+E01CE VARIATION SELECTOR-223 (U+E01CE) 󠇎 babelstone_han
U+E01CF VARIATION SELECTOR-224 (U+E01CF) 󠇏 babelstone_han
U+E01D0 VARIATION SELECTOR-225 (U+E01D0) 󠇐 babelstone_han
U+E01D1 VARIATION SELECTOR-226 (U+E01D1) 󠇑 babelstone_han
U+E01D2 VARIATION SELECTOR-227 (U+E01D2) 󠇒 babelstone_han
U+E01D3 VARIATION SELECTOR-228 (U+E01D3) 󠇓 babelstone_han
U+E01D4 VARIATION SELECTOR-229 (U+E01D4) 󠇔 babelstone_han
U+E01D5 VARIATION SELECTOR-230 (U+E01D5) 󠇕 babelstone_han
U+E01D6 VARIATION SELECTOR-231 (U+E01D6) 󠇖 babelstone_han
U+E01D7 VARIATION SELECTOR-232 (U+E01D7) 󠇗 babelstone_han
U+E01D8 VARIATION SELECTOR-233 (U+E01D8) 󠇘 babelstone_han
U+E01D9 VARIATION SELECTOR-234 (U+E01D9) 󠇙 babelstone_han
U+E01DA VARIATION SELECTOR-235 (U+E01DA) 󠇚 babelstone_han
U+E01DB VARIATION SELECTOR-236 (U+E01DB) 󠇛 babelstone_han
U+E01DC VARIATION SELECTOR-237 (U+E01DC) 󠇜 babelstone_han
U+E01DD VARIATION SELECTOR-238 (U+E01DD) 󠇝 babelstone_han
U+E01DE VARIATION SELECTOR-239 (U+E01DE) 󠇞 babelstone_han
U+E01DF VARIATION SELECTOR-240 (U+E01DF) 󠇟 babelstone_han
U+E01E0 VARIATION SELECTOR-241 (U+E01E0) 󠇠 babelstone_han
U+E01E1 VARIATION SELECTOR-242 (U+E01E1) 󠇡 babelstone_han
U+E01E2 VARIATION SELECTOR-243 (U+E01E2) 󠇢 babelstone_han
U+E01E3 VARIATION SELECTOR-244 (U+E01E3) 󠇣 babelstone_han
U+E01E4 VARIATION SELECTOR-245 (U+E01E4) 󠇤 babelstone_han
U+E01E5 VARIATION SELECTOR-246 (U+E01E5) 󠇥 babelstone_han
U+E01E6 VARIATION SELECTOR-247 (U+E01E6) 󠇦 babelstone_han
U+E01E7 VARIATION SELECTOR-248 (U+E01E7) 󠇧 babelstone_han
U+E01E8 VARIATION SELECTOR-249 (U+E01E8) 󠇨 babelstone_han
U+E01E9 VARIATION SELECTOR-250 (U+E01E9) 󠇩 babelstone_han
U+E01EA VARIATION SELECTOR-251 (U+E01EA) 󠇪 babelstone_han
U+E01EB VARIATION SELECTOR-252 (U+E01EB) 󠇫 babelstone_han
U+E01EC VARIATION SELECTOR-253 (U+E01EC) 󠇬 babelstone_han
U+E01ED VARIATION SELECTOR-254 (U+E01ED) 󠇭 babelstone_han
U+E01EE VARIATION SELECTOR-255 (U+E01EE) 󠇮 babelstone_han
U+E01EF VARIATION SELECTOR-256 (U+E01EF) 󠇯 babelstone_han