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  lombardi_oct00.pdf Academic Libraries in a Digital Age 8/26/03 7:33 AM 55.1 KB  more info
  dahn_jul99.pdf Earth's Largest Library: One Librarian's Plan of Action 2/29/04 5:26 PM 92.0 KB  more info
  coffman_mar99.pdf FEATURE: Building Earth's Largest Library: Driving into the Future 2/29/04 5:26 PM 66.6 KB  more info
  coffman_jul99.pdf FEATURE: The Response to Building Earth's Largest Library 2/29/04 5:25 PM 49.3 KB  more info
  2003_10_23_wired.pdf The Great Library of Amazonia 2/9/04 4:11 PM 64.1 KB  more info