Technologies used to develop FileFormat.Info

Technologies used to develop FileFormat.Info


This is the list of software used to develop www.FileFormat.Info.


I recently switched my development workstation to Debian (Etch) and almost everything I use is available via apt-get, so I'm not going to maintain links anymore.

Installed so far (not a complete list):

  • ant
  • dnsutils
  • lsof
  • mysql-admin
  • mysql-query-browser
  • rinetd
  • sun-java5-jdk, doc, source, fonts
  • tomcat5.5
  • wireshark

So far, the only things not available via apt-get are:

Also see the list of server-side software that I'm using.

Legacy Windows Stuff

Just some links that I don't want to lose:

  Name Source Comments
Gadwin PrintScreen download:
InfoZip download: mkdir \pkg\zip and run unz551xN.exe in it
unzip in it
add \pkg\zip to the PATH
UnxUtils download: SourceForge unzip in the root directory
add \usr\local\wbin to the PATH