The 669 Music File Format

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The .669 format is a module format for digital music.

OFFSET              Count TYPE   Description
0000h                   1 word   ID=6669h
0002h                 108 byte   ASCII song message
006Eh                   1 byte   Number of saved samples (0-40h)
006Fh                   1 byte   Number of saved patterns (0-80h)
0070h                   1 byte   Loop order number
0071h                 128 byte   Order list
00F1h                 128 byte   Tempo list for patterns
0171h                 128 byte   Break location list for patterns
01F1h               "NOS" rec    Sample data
								 The sample data is in the file
								 for "NOS"
					   13 byte   ASCIIZ filename of instrument
						1 dword  Length of instrument sample
						1 dword  Offset of beginning of loop
						1 dword  Offset of end of loop
01F1h+          "NOP"*600 rec    The note patterns
 "NOS"*19h                       Those patterns are repeated for each row,
								 and the array of these is repeated 64 times
								 for each pattern.
						3 byte   Note(see table 0000)
01F1h+                  ? byte   Sample data (unsigned)

(Table 0000)
669 Note format
Each note looks like this :
BYTE[0]: BYTE[1]: BYTE[2]:
nnnnnnii iiiivvvv ccccdddd

  n : note value
  i : 6-bit instrument number
  v : 4-bit volume
  c : command data (Protracker format mapped) :
	 0 = a
	 1 = b
	 2 = c
	 3 = d
	 4 = e
	 5 = f
	 d : command value (Protracker format)

Special values for byte 0 :
  0FEh : no note, only volume
  0FFh : no note or no command, if byte 2 = 0FFh

PROGRAMS:669 Mod Composer, DMP

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