The 8SVX Audio File Format

Original Documentation

The 8SVX files are IFF files used for digital audio data. The format of
the VHDR block is complete guesswork. These files use Motorola byte order.
The 8SVX file format is fixed to 8-bit mono sample data - at least GoldWave
does not support saving files in any other format than 8-bit mono.

FORMblock [VHDR]
This is the sample information block. The normal size is 20 bytes.
OFFSET              Count TYPE   Description
0000h                   1 dword  Sampling rate of digital data in Hz.
								 This count seems not to be too accurate,
								 at least GoldWave v2.0 creates different
								 rates for Wave and 8SVX files.
0004h                   4 dword  Other data, unknown

FORMblock [BODY]
This block contains the raw sample data, maybe the usual IFF compression was
used. The details of both the compression and the information about the IFF
format are unknown to me.

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