The Audio Interchangeable File Format (AIFF)

The Audio Interchangeable File Format (AIFF)

Also known as: AIF, AIFC

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Sampled Audio, big-endian

The Audio Interchangeable File Format files are digital audio files
stored in the IFF format; the samples are stored in signed PCM. The header
block is [AIFF], different subblocks are :

The authors information; optional
This record stores information about the sampled data :
OFFSET              Count TYPE   Description
0000h                   1 word   ??? number of channels ???
								 ??? number of instrument samples ???
0002h                   1 dword  Sample length
0006h                   1 dword  lower frequency
000Ah                   1 dword  maximum frequency
000Dh                   1 dword  ???
The name of the instrument / sample
The stored sample data.

Further information wanted.

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