The AU Audio File Format

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Sampled Audio in big-endian byte order

The AU files are digital audio files used by the Sun and NeXT workstations. Further information wanted. OFFSET Count TYPE Description 0000h 4 char ID='.snd' 0004h 1 dword Offset of start of sample 0008h 1 dword Length of stored sample 000Ch 1 dword Sound encoding : 1 - 8-bit ISDN u-law 2 - 8-bit linear PCM (REF-PCM) 3 - 16-bit linear PCM 4 - 24-bit linear PCM 5 - 32-bit linear PCM 6 - 32-bit IEEE floating point 7 - 64-bit IEEE floating point 23 - 8-bit ISDN u-law compressed(G.721 ADPCM) 0010h 1 dword Sampling rate 0014h 1 dword Number of sample channels EXTENSION:AU OCCURENCES:SunOS

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