The Continous Edge Graphic (CEG) File Format

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The CEG (Continous Edge Graphic)-format is a raw picture format used by the
Edsun cards with CEG-chips which provide some better look through anti-aliasing
or something like that. The header before the data looks like this :

OFFSET              Count TYPE   Description
0000h                   1 word   Version number of the CEG-format
0002h                   9 char   ID='Edsun CEG'
000Bh                   1 byte   Number of pixels per byte
000Ch                   9 byte   Reserved
0015h                  80 char   ASCIIZ copyright notice for the image
0065h                   1 byte   CEG-revision number (1)
0066h                   1 byte   Used CEG-mode (0..15)
0067h                   1 Word   Number of pixels per line
0069h                   1 word   Number of lines
006Ah                   1 byte   Old VGA-mode
006Bh                   1 byte   VGA Data flag :
								  0 - VGA registers are invalid
								  1 - VGA registers are valid
006Ch                  92 byte   VGA register data
00C2h                 256 rec    VGA palette entries
						1 byte   Value for red
						1 byte   Value for green
						1 byte   Value for blue
03C2h                   1 word   Year of file creation
03C4h                   1 byte   Day of file creation
03C5h                   1 byte   Month of file creation
03C6h                   1 byte   Hour of file creation
03C7h                   1 byte   Minute of file creation
03C8h                   1 byte   Second of file creation
03C9h                  24 byte   Reserved for future use

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