The CEL Animation File Format

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CEL files contain one or more frames of image data used by the Autodesk
Animator and Animator Pro animation pakages. Both Animator Pro and the original
Animator produce CEL files, but each uses a different file format.

--- Animator Pro CEL Files

An Animator Pro CEL file is identical to a FLC file in all respects. A CEL file
should have a Celdata block in the file prefix block which describes the x,y
placement of the CEL. If the Celdata placement block is not present, assume a
placement of 0,0.

--- Original Animator CEL Files

The original Animator also produced CEL files. These were still-picture files,
not the multi-frame files Animator Pro now uses. A CEL file from the original
Animator is identical to a PIC file from the original Animator in all respects.

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