Common Internet File Formats


This is a list of file formats that are common encountered on the internet but are not automatically handled by your browser. This list is an updated version of Eric Perlman and Ian Kallen's original.


Description How-to
.au Audio
.aiff Audio
.bin Apple Mac
.doc Microsoft Word
.exe Microsoft Windows application
.gz Compressed file
.hqx Apple Mac
.image, .img, .dmg Apple Mac disk image
.iso CD/DVD disk image
.mp4, .mpeg, .mpg Video
.mov, .qt Apple QuickTime video
.pdf Adobe Acrobat document
.ps Adobe PostScript
.sea Apple Mac application
.tar Unix/Linux archive
.tif, .tiff Image
.uu, .uue UU-encoding file
.wav Audio
.Z Compressed file
.zip Compressed file