The FLIC File Format

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The Flic file format was one of the first graphic animation formats on the PC.
It was developed by <> and used by the Autodesk Animator. It provides relatively
fast animation in 320x200 resolution modes. The FLI use delta updating for
faster animation. The single block information and prefix blocks are missing for
the FLI files, see the FLT format for a discussion.

OFFSET              Count TYPE   Description
0000h                   1 dword  Size of the FLIc file
0004h                   1 word   ID=0AF11h
								 AF11h means the file is a FLI file.
0006h                   1 word   Number of frames
0008h                   1 word   Width of displayed animation
000Ah                   1 word   Height of displayed animation
000Ch                   1 word   Number of used colors ("Depth")
000Eh                   1 word   Flags (=0003h)
0010h                   1 dword  Frame speed in sec/1024 **
0014h                   1 word   reserved
0016h                   1 dword  Date/Time of creation in DOS format (see table 0009)
001Ah                   1 dword  Creator
001Eh                   1 dword  Date/Time of last change in DOS format (see table 0009)
0022h                   1 dword  Serial number? of changer
0026h                   1 word   X-Aspect ratio of animation
0028h                   1 word   Y-Aspect ratio of animation
002Ah                  38 byte   reserved
0052h                   1 dword  Offset of frame 1 in file
0056h                   1 dword  Offset of frame 2 in file
005Ah                  40 byte   reserved
PROGRAMS:Autodesk Animator

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