Details about IFF

Details about IFF

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Third Party Resources

Title Description
Books Graphics File Formats: Reference and Guide
Books Graphics Files Formats, 2nd Edition
Books Programmer's Guide to Sound
Books The Graphic File Toolkit


Type File name Description Size
Sample File BLK.IFF 2,564
Sample File BLU.IFF 4,796
Sample File FLAG_B24.IFF 9,026
Sample File GRN.IFF 4,112
Specification IFF.TXT 198,739
Sample File MARBLES.IFF 3,363,172
Sample File RED.IFF 4,778
Sample File TRU256.IFF 7,452
Sample File VENUS.IFF 26,978
Sample File WHT.IFF 3,716
Sample File YEL.IFF 4,184

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