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Books Compressed Image File Formats
Books Graphics File Formats: Reference and Guide
Books Graphics Files Formats, 2nd Edition
Books JPEG still image data compression standard
MIME Type MIME type 'image/jpeg'
Software PhotoThumb BatchConverter BatchConverter is a powerful utility to batch convert image files from more than 30 different file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, PSD, and more. You can automatically process a large number of files with the click of a button.
Blog Entry Problems with certain valid JPEG files Google's Matthew Cutts points out browser problems with "tandard"JPEG files. This shows how even formats that are common and standardized can still have issues affecting their long-term accessibility.
Blog Entry Windows Media Photo (WMP): JPEG Competitor from Microsoft Microsoft has announced a new file format for digital photos that will compete with JPEG.


Type File name Description Size
Sample File 3D_B.JPG 91,635
Sample File 3D.JPG 68,451
Sample File BLK.JPG 1,239
Sample File BLU.JPG 1,519
Sample File GEDRP3V2.JPG 270,072
Sample File GLOBE1.JPG 49,220
Sample File GLOBE.JPG 116,576
Sample File GMARBLES.JPG 319,364
Sample File GRN.JPG 1,672
Sample File GSDRP3V2.JPG 275,995
Sample File GTDR.JPG 57,212
Sample File GTDRP3V2.JPG 297,964
Sample File MARBLES.JPG 446,967
Sample File MARS1.JPG 70,220
Sample File MARS2.JPG 56,591
Sample File MG00N037.JPG 132,071
Sample File MG00N052.JPG 150,065
Sample File MG00N067.JPG 121,599
Sample File MG00N082.JPG 134,795
Sample File MG15N037.JPG 181,136
Sample File MG15S052.JPG 145,895
Sample File MG15S067.JPG 126,492
Sample File MG15S082.JPG 115,724
Sample File PARROTS.JPG 30,102
Sample File RED.JPG 1,645
Sample File SPACE.JPG 61,079
Sample File WHT.JPG 1,502
Sample File XING.JPG 45,778
Sample File YEL.JPG 1,656

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