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Software Able2Extract PDF Conversion Transfer of native PDFs into formatted MS Excel spreadsheets and editable MS Word for editing, analysis and other reversioning. Conversion from PDF to PowerPoint (PPT), HTML, Text and more.
Websites ElcomSoft Password Recovery Software Forgot your password? Need to access some password-protected files or systems? Former employees leave without un-protecting their files? Passwords destroyed? Are you worried that your encrypted files may not be secure? We can help! Using our software you can easily recover passwords for the files created in most popular applications.
Blog Entry Microsoft announces new Office file formats The next version of MS Office will have a new set of file formats based on ZIP'ed XML files, and will use them by default. I'm having a tough time trying to come up with a neutral description of them. It is causing a huge stir in blogs and the tech press and is even making the mainstream press.
Blog Entry Microsoft Office XML Microsoft recently released (under license) the documentation for the new XML formats used by Microsoft Office 2003. This is why I think there has not been much uptake on it so far.
Blog Entry MSOffice 12 to support PDF Brian Jones announced that Microsoft Office version 12 will support creating Adobe Acrobat PDF directly.


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