The PCX File Format

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The PCX files are created by the programs of the ZSoft Paintbrush family
and the FRIEZE package by the same manufacturer. A PCX file contains only
one image, the data for this image and possibly palette information for
this image. The encoding scheme used for PCX encoding is a simple RLE
mechanism, see ALGRTHMS.txt for further information. A PCX image is stored
from the upper scan line to the lower scan line.

The size of a decoded scan line is always an even number, thus one additional
byte should always be allocated for the decoding buffer.

The header has a fixed size of 128 bytes and looks like this :
OFFSET              Count TYPE   Description
0000h                   1 byte   Manufacturer.
0001h                   1 byte   Version information
								  0=PC Paintbrush v2.5
								  2=PC Paintbrush v2.8 w palette information
								  3=PC Paintbrush v2.8 w/o palette information
								  4=PC Paintbrush/Windows
								  5=PC Paintbrush v3.0+
0002h                   1 byte   Encoding scheme, 1 = RLE, none other known
0003h                   1 byte   Bits per pixel
0004h                   1 word   left margin of image
0006h                   1 word   upper margin of image
0008h                   1 word   right margin of image
000Ah                   1 word   lower margin of image
000Ch                   1 word   Horizontal DPI resolution
000Eh                   1 word   Vertical DPI resolution
0010h                  48 byte   Color palette setting for 16-color images
								 16 RGB triplets
0040h                   1 byte   reserved
0041h                   1 byte   Number of color planes
0042h                   1 word   Number of bytes per scanline (always even,
								 use instead of right margin-left margin).
0044h                   1 word   Palette information
								  1=color/bw palette
								  2=grayscale image
0046h                   1 word   Horizontal screen size
0048h                   1 word   Vertical screen size
004Ah                  54 byte   reserved, set to 0

The space needed to decode a single scan line is "NCP"*"NBS" bytes, the last
byte may be a junk byte which is not displayed.

After the image data, if the version number is 5 (or greater?) there possibly
is a VGA color palette. The color ranges from 0 to 255, 0 is zero intensity,
255 is full intensity. The palette has the following format :

OFFSET              Count TYPE   Description
0000h                   1 byte   VGA palette ID (=0Ch)
0001h                 768 byte   RGB triplets with palette information

PROGRAMS:PC Paintbrush

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