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  gtiff01.png gtiff01.png 2023-12-24 03:15Z 5.6 KB 528w by 203h more info
  gtiff02.png gtiff02.png 2023-12-24 03:15Z 10.7 KB 528w by 363h more info
  gtiff03.png gtiff03.png 2023-12-24 03:15Z 6.0 KB 528w by 203h more info
  corion.htm The TIFF File Format 2023-12-24 03:15Z 23.0 KB  more info
  corion-lzw.htm The TIFF LZW Compression Algorithm 2023-12-24 03:15Z 29.8 KB  more info
  corion-packbits.htm The TIFF PackBits Algorithm 2023-12-24 03:15Z 3.2 KB  more info
  egff.htm TIFF: Summary from the Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats 2023-12-24 03:15Z 81.2 KB  more info

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