Details about TIFF

Details about TIFF

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Third Party Resources

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Books Graphics File Formats: Reference and Guide
Books Graphics Files Formats, 2nd Edition
Websites LibTIFF - TIFF Library and Utilities
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Software PhotoThumb BatchConverter BatchConverter is a powerful utility to batch convert image files from more than 30 different file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, PSD, and more. You can automatically process a large number of files with the click of a button.
Books The Graphic File Toolkit


Type File name Description Size
Sample File CCITT_1.TIF 18,382
Sample File CCITT_2.TIF 11,082
Sample File CCITT_3.TIF 28,986
Sample File CCITT_4.TIF 69,554
Sample File CCITT_5.TIF 32,502
Sample File CCITT_6.TIF 16,930
Sample File CCITT_7.TIF 69,562
Sample File CCITT_8.TIF 19,378
Sample File FLAG_T24.TIF 46,371
Sample File G31DS.TIF 125,968
Sample File G31D.TIF 125,824
Sample File G32DS.TIF 78,670
Sample File G32D.TIF 78,526
Sample File G4S.TIF 57,970
Sample File G4.TIF 57,300
Sample File GMARBLES.TIF 873,016
Sample File MARBIBM.TIF 2,640,376
Sample File MARBLES.TIF 2,640,376
Sample File XING_T24.TIF 118,248

Tags: graphics multipage raster