The UltraTracker File Format

Also known as: ULT

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The ULT files are modules used by the UltraTracker. UltraTracker is a
module editor for the Gravis UltraSound soundcard. The version of the
file format used now is 6.

OFFSET              Count TYPE   Description
0000h                  11 char   ID="MAS_UTrack_V"
000Ch                   4 char   Version number in 4-digit ASCII :
								 1 - ULT version 1.0
								 2 - ULT version 2.0
								 3 - ULT version 2.1
								 4 - ULT version 2.2
000Fh                  32 char   Song title
002Fh                   1 byte   Number of song text lines
0030h            "NTL"*32 char   Song text
0030h+"NTL"*32          1 byte   Number of samples
0031h+"NTL"*32      "NOS" rec    Sample structure
					   32 byte   Sample name
					   12 byte   DOS file name of sample
						1 dword  Sample loop start
						1 dword  Sample loop end
						1 dword  Size start
						1 dword  Size end
						1 byte   Sample volume (linear)
						1 byte   Bidirectional loop
								  0 - No looping, forward playback,  8bit sample
								  4 - No Looping, forward playback, 16bit sample
								  8 - Loop Sample, forward playback, 8bit sample
								 12 - Loop Sample, forward playback, 16bit sample
								 24 - Loop Sample, reverse playback 8bit sample
								 28 - Loop Sample, reverse playback, 16bit sample
						1 word   Fine tune setting
						1 word   C2-Frequency
	 +"NOS"*64        256 byte   Pattern orders
	 +"NOS"*64          1 byte   ="NOT"
								 Number of tracks -1
	 +"NOS"*64          1 byte   ="NOT"
								 Number of patterns -1
	 +"NOS"*64      "NOT" byte   Pan-position table (0-left, F-right)

After the header there comes the event data.


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