Unicode Characters in the Brahmi Block

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Character Description Browser Font used
U+11000 BRAHMI SIGN CANDRABINDU (U+11000) 𑀀 lastresort
U+11001 BRAHMI SIGN ANUSVARA (U+11001) 𑀁 lastresort
U+11002 BRAHMI SIGN VISARGA (U+11002) 𑀂 lastresort
U+11003 BRAHMI SIGN JIHVAMULIYA (U+11003) 𑀃 lastresort
U+11004 BRAHMI SIGN UPADHMANIYA (U+11004) 𑀄 lastresort
U+11005 BRAHMI LETTER A (U+11005) 𑀅 lastresort
U+11006 BRAHMI LETTER AA (U+11006) 𑀆 lastresort
U+11007 BRAHMI LETTER I (U+11007) 𑀇 lastresort
U+11008 BRAHMI LETTER II (U+11008) 𑀈 lastresort
U+11009 BRAHMI LETTER U (U+11009) 𑀉 lastresort
U+1100A BRAHMI LETTER UU (U+1100A) 𑀊 lastresort
U+1100B BRAHMI LETTER VOCALIC R (U+1100B) 𑀋 lastresort
U+1100C BRAHMI LETTER VOCALIC RR (U+1100C) 𑀌 lastresort
U+1100D BRAHMI LETTER VOCALIC L (U+1100D) 𑀍 lastresort
U+1100E BRAHMI LETTER VOCALIC LL (U+1100E) 𑀎 lastresort
U+1100F BRAHMI LETTER E (U+1100F) 𑀏 lastresort
U+11010 BRAHMI LETTER AI (U+11010) 𑀐 lastresort
U+11011 BRAHMI LETTER O (U+11011) 𑀑 lastresort
U+11012 BRAHMI LETTER AU (U+11012) 𑀒 lastresort
U+11013 BRAHMI LETTER KA (U+11013) 𑀓 lastresort
U+11014 BRAHMI LETTER KHA (U+11014) 𑀔 lastresort
U+11015 BRAHMI LETTER GA (U+11015) 𑀕 lastresort
U+11016 BRAHMI LETTER GHA (U+11016) 𑀖 lastresort
U+11017 BRAHMI LETTER NGA (U+11017) 𑀗 lastresort
U+11018 BRAHMI LETTER CA (U+11018) 𑀘 lastresort
U+11019 BRAHMI LETTER CHA (U+11019) 𑀙 lastresort
U+1101A BRAHMI LETTER JA (U+1101A) 𑀚 lastresort
U+1101B BRAHMI LETTER JHA (U+1101B) 𑀛 lastresort
U+1101C BRAHMI LETTER NYA (U+1101C) 𑀜 lastresort
U+1101D BRAHMI LETTER TTA (U+1101D) 𑀝 lastresort
U+1101E BRAHMI LETTER TTHA (U+1101E) 𑀞 lastresort
U+1101F BRAHMI LETTER DDA (U+1101F) 𑀟 lastresort
U+11020 BRAHMI LETTER DDHA (U+11020) 𑀠 lastresort
U+11021 BRAHMI LETTER NNA (U+11021) 𑀡 lastresort
U+11022 BRAHMI LETTER TA (U+11022) 𑀢 lastresort
U+11023 BRAHMI LETTER THA (U+11023) 𑀣 lastresort
U+11024 BRAHMI LETTER DA (U+11024) 𑀤 lastresort
U+11025 BRAHMI LETTER DHA (U+11025) 𑀥 lastresort
U+11026 BRAHMI LETTER NA (U+11026) 𑀦 lastresort
U+11027 BRAHMI LETTER PA (U+11027) 𑀧 lastresort
U+11028 BRAHMI LETTER PHA (U+11028) 𑀨 lastresort
U+11029 BRAHMI LETTER BA (U+11029) 𑀩 lastresort
U+1102A BRAHMI LETTER BHA (U+1102A) 𑀪 lastresort
U+1102B BRAHMI LETTER MA (U+1102B) 𑀫 lastresort
U+1102C BRAHMI LETTER YA (U+1102C) 𑀬 lastresort
U+1102D BRAHMI LETTER RA (U+1102D) 𑀭 lastresort
U+1102E BRAHMI LETTER LA (U+1102E) 𑀮 lastresort
U+1102F BRAHMI LETTER VA (U+1102F) 𑀯 lastresort
U+11030 BRAHMI LETTER SHA (U+11030) 𑀰 lastresort
U+11031 BRAHMI LETTER SSA (U+11031) 𑀱 lastresort
U+11032 BRAHMI LETTER SA (U+11032) 𑀲 lastresort
U+11033 BRAHMI LETTER HA (U+11033) 𑀳 lastresort
U+11034 BRAHMI LETTER LLA (U+11034) 𑀴 lastresort
U+11035 BRAHMI LETTER OLD TAMIL LLLA (U+11035) 𑀵 lastresort
U+11036 BRAHMI LETTER OLD TAMIL RRA (U+11036) 𑀶 lastresort
U+11037 BRAHMI LETTER OLD TAMIL NNNA (U+11037) 𑀷 lastresort
U+11038 BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN AA (U+11038) 𑀸 lastresort
U+11039 BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN BHATTIPROLU AA (U+11039) 𑀹 lastresort
U+1103A BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN I (U+1103A) 𑀺 lastresort
U+1103B BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN II (U+1103B) 𑀻 lastresort
U+1103C BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN U (U+1103C) 𑀼 lastresort
U+1103D BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN UU (U+1103D) 𑀽 lastresort
U+1103E BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC R (U+1103E) 𑀾 lastresort
U+1103F BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC RR (U+1103F) 𑀿 lastresort
U+11040 BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC L (U+11040) 𑁀 lastresort
U+11041 BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC LL (U+11041) 𑁁 lastresort
U+11042 BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN E (U+11042) 𑁂 lastresort
U+11043 BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN AI (U+11043) 𑁃 lastresort
U+11044 BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN O (U+11044) 𑁄 lastresort
U+11045 BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN AU (U+11045) 𑁅 lastresort
U+11046 BRAHMI VIRAMA (U+11046) 𑁆 lastresort
U+11047 BRAHMI DANDA (U+11047) 𑁇 lastresort
U+11048 BRAHMI DOUBLE DANDA (U+11048) 𑁈 lastresort
U+11049 BRAHMI PUNCTUATION DOT (U+11049) 𑁉 lastresort
U+1104A BRAHMI PUNCTUATION DOUBLE DOT (U+1104A) 𑁊 lastresort
U+1104B BRAHMI PUNCTUATION LINE (U+1104B) 𑁋 lastresort
U+1104D BRAHMI PUNCTUATION LOTUS (U+1104D) 𑁍 lastresort
U+11052 BRAHMI NUMBER ONE (U+11052) 𑁒 lastresort
U+11053 BRAHMI NUMBER TWO (U+11053) 𑁓 lastresort
U+11054 BRAHMI NUMBER THREE (U+11054) 𑁔 lastresort
U+11055 BRAHMI NUMBER FOUR (U+11055) 𑁕 lastresort
U+11056 BRAHMI NUMBER FIVE (U+11056) 𑁖 lastresort
U+11057 BRAHMI NUMBER SIX (U+11057) 𑁗 lastresort
U+11058 BRAHMI NUMBER SEVEN (U+11058) 𑁘 lastresort
U+11059 BRAHMI NUMBER EIGHT (U+11059) 𑁙 lastresort
U+1105A BRAHMI NUMBER NINE (U+1105A) 𑁚 lastresort
U+1105B BRAHMI NUMBER TEN (U+1105B) 𑁛 lastresort
U+1105C BRAHMI NUMBER TWENTY (U+1105C) 𑁜 lastresort
U+1105D BRAHMI NUMBER THIRTY (U+1105D) 𑁝 lastresort
U+1105E BRAHMI NUMBER FORTY (U+1105E) 𑁞 lastresort
U+1105F BRAHMI NUMBER FIFTY (U+1105F) 𑁟 lastresort
U+11060 BRAHMI NUMBER SIXTY (U+11060) 𑁠 lastresort
U+11061 BRAHMI NUMBER SEVENTY (U+11061) 𑁡 lastresort
U+11062 BRAHMI NUMBER EIGHTY (U+11062) 𑁢 lastresort
U+11063 BRAHMI NUMBER NINETY (U+11063) 𑁣 lastresort
U+11064 BRAHMI NUMBER ONE HUNDRED (U+11064) 𑁤 lastresort
U+11065 BRAHMI NUMBER ONE THOUSAND (U+11065) 𑁥 lastresort
U+11066 BRAHMI DIGIT ZERO (U+11066) 𑁦 lastresort
U+11067 BRAHMI DIGIT ONE (U+11067) 𑁧 lastresort
U+11068 BRAHMI DIGIT TWO (U+11068) 𑁨 lastresort
U+11069 BRAHMI DIGIT THREE (U+11069) 𑁩 lastresort
U+1106A BRAHMI DIGIT FOUR (U+1106A) 𑁪 lastresort
U+1106B BRAHMI DIGIT FIVE (U+1106B) 𑁫 lastresort
U+1106C BRAHMI DIGIT SIX (U+1106C) 𑁬 lastresort
U+1106D BRAHMI DIGIT SEVEN (U+1106D) 𑁭 lastresort
U+1106E BRAHMI DIGIT EIGHT (U+1106E) 𑁮 lastresort
U+1106F BRAHMI DIGIT NINE (U+1106F) 𑁯 lastresort
U+11070 BRAHMI SIGN OLD TAMIL VIRAMA (U+11070) 𑁰 lastresort
U+11071 BRAHMI LETTER OLD TAMIL SHORT E (U+11071) 𑁱 lastresort
U+11072 BRAHMI LETTER OLD TAMIL SHORT O (U+11072) 𑁲 lastresort
U+11073 BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN OLD TAMIL SHORT E (U+11073) 𑁳 lastresort
U+11074 BRAHMI VOWEL SIGN OLD TAMIL SHORT O (U+11074) 𑁴 lastresort
U+11075 BRAHMI LETTER OLD TAMIL LLA (U+11075) 𑁵 lastresort
U+1107F BRAHMI NUMBER JOINER (U+1107F) 𑁿 lastresort