Unicode Characters in the Tamil Block

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Character Description Browser Font used
U+0B82 TAMIL SIGN ANUSVARA (U+0B82) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B83 TAMIL SIGN VISARGA (U+0B83) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B85 TAMIL LETTER A (U+0B85) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B86 TAMIL LETTER AA (U+0B86) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B87 TAMIL LETTER I (U+0B87) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B88 TAMIL LETTER II (U+0B88) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B89 TAMIL LETTER U (U+0B89) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B8A TAMIL LETTER UU (U+0B8A) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B8E TAMIL LETTER E (U+0B8E) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B8F TAMIL LETTER EE (U+0B8F) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B90 TAMIL LETTER AI (U+0B90) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B92 TAMIL LETTER O (U+0B92) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B93 TAMIL LETTER OO (U+0B93) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B94 TAMIL LETTER AU (U+0B94) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B95 TAMIL LETTER KA (U+0B95) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B99 TAMIL LETTER NGA (U+0B99) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B9A TAMIL LETTER CA (U+0B9A) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B9C TAMIL LETTER JA (U+0B9C) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B9E TAMIL LETTER NYA (U+0B9E) arial_unicode_ms
U+0B9F TAMIL LETTER TTA (U+0B9F) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BA3 TAMIL LETTER NNA (U+0BA3) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BA4 TAMIL LETTER TA (U+0BA4) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BA8 TAMIL LETTER NA (U+0BA8) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BA9 TAMIL LETTER NNNA (U+0BA9) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BAA TAMIL LETTER PA (U+0BAA) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BAE TAMIL LETTER MA (U+0BAE) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BAF TAMIL LETTER YA (U+0BAF) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BB0 TAMIL LETTER RA (U+0BB0) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BB1 TAMIL LETTER RRA (U+0BB1) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BB2 TAMIL LETTER LA (U+0BB2) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BB3 TAMIL LETTER LLA (U+0BB3) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BB4 TAMIL LETTER LLLA (U+0BB4) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BB5 TAMIL LETTER VA (U+0BB5) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BB6 TAMIL LETTER SHA (U+0BB6) code2000
U+0BB7 TAMIL LETTER SSA (U+0BB7) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BB8 TAMIL LETTER SA (U+0BB8) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BB9 TAMIL LETTER HA (U+0BB9) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BBE TAMIL VOWEL SIGN AA (U+0BBE) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BBF TAMIL VOWEL SIGN I (U+0BBF) ி arial_unicode_ms
U+0BC0 TAMIL VOWEL SIGN II (U+0BC0) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BC1 TAMIL VOWEL SIGN U (U+0BC1) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BC2 TAMIL VOWEL SIGN UU (U+0BC2) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BC6 TAMIL VOWEL SIGN E (U+0BC6) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BC7 TAMIL VOWEL SIGN EE (U+0BC7) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BC8 TAMIL VOWEL SIGN AI (U+0BC8) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BCA TAMIL VOWEL SIGN O (U+0BCA) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BCB TAMIL VOWEL SIGN OO (U+0BCB) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BCC TAMIL VOWEL SIGN AU (U+0BCC) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BCD TAMIL SIGN VIRAMA (U+0BCD) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BD0 TAMIL OM (U+0BD0) freeserif
U+0BD7 TAMIL AU LENGTH MARK (U+0BD7) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BE6 TAMIL DIGIT ZERO (U+0BE6) code2000
U+0BE7 TAMIL DIGIT ONE (U+0BE7) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BE8 TAMIL DIGIT TWO (U+0BE8) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BE9 TAMIL DIGIT THREE (U+0BE9) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BEA TAMIL DIGIT FOUR (U+0BEA) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BEB TAMIL DIGIT FIVE (U+0BEB) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BEC TAMIL DIGIT SIX (U+0BEC) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BED TAMIL DIGIT SEVEN (U+0BED) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BEE TAMIL DIGIT EIGHT (U+0BEE) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BEF TAMIL DIGIT NINE (U+0BEF) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BF0 TAMIL NUMBER TEN (U+0BF0) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BF1 TAMIL NUMBER ONE HUNDRED (U+0BF1) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BF2 TAMIL NUMBER ONE THOUSAND (U+0BF2) arial_unicode_ms
U+0BF3 TAMIL DAY SIGN (U+0BF3) code2000
U+0BF4 TAMIL MONTH SIGN (U+0BF4) code2000
U+0BF5 TAMIL YEAR SIGN (U+0BF5) code2000
U+0BF6 TAMIL DEBIT SIGN (U+0BF6) code2000
U+0BF7 TAMIL CREDIT SIGN (U+0BF7) code2000
U+0BF8 TAMIL AS ABOVE SIGN (U+0BF8) code2000
U+0BF9 TAMIL RUPEE SIGN (U+0BF9) code2000