This is a list of fonts that support Unicode Character 'ARABIC FATHATAN ISOLATED FORM' (U+FE70).

This only includes fonts installed on this server: Try the Local Font List tool to see the fonts installed on your machine.

If you are a font author and would like your font listed here, please let me know.

The default image is using the Arial Unicode MS font

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Arial view
Arial Bold view
Arial Unicode MS view
Code2000 view
Courier New view
Courier New Bold view
DejaVu Sans view
DejaVu Sans Bold view
DejaVu Sans Condensed view
DejaVu Sans Condensed Bold view
DejaVu Sans Mono view
DejaVu Sans Mono Bold view
FreeMono view
FreeSerif view
FreeSerif Bold view
LastResort view
Microsoft Sans Serif view
PragmataPro Liga Regular view
PragmataProMono view
Tahoma view
Tahoma Bold view
Times New Roman view
Times New Roman Bold view
Unicode BMP Fallback SIL view
Unifont view