About the Online Product
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About the Online Product

The first edition of this book was a traditional text book, accompanied by a CD-ROM that contained all of the information mentioned in the preceding section. In the second edition, we've added to the book and completely retooled the CD-ROM. Instead of finding a set of resource files there, you'll find a software product that lets you browse the complete text of the book (using Enhanced Mosaic, also provided) and all of the specs, images, code examples, and software packages we've been able to pull together, plus (with an Internet connection) a link to the GFF Web Center.

GFF Web Center Online


Follow the installation instructions (see Appendix C) to get the product up and running. From the Main Menu, you'll have the following choices:

[Graphic: Figure from the text]

  • Formats. Information about all of the formats we describe in Part Two of this book. From the format pages you'll be able to link to vendor specification documents describing the format, as well as to appropriate images and code examples and to software packages that let you view, convert, and otherwise manipulate the format. From Formats, you'll also be able to navigate to an Image Lab offering a number of demos--for example, a color depth demo that lets you display a particular image at a number of different depths (from 2 to 8) and compare the results.

  • Software. Freeware, shareware, or commercial demo packages for a variety of platforms (Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, OS/2, the Macintosh, and UNIX), as well as source code (for such popular packages as pbmplus and xv, and for libraries of JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and other format functions).

  • Internet. We're committed to keeping this product up to date. If you have an Internet connection, you can link to the GFF Home Page to see what's new at the GFF Web Center. There you'll find updates to the product (new file formats, code, and images), additional information about computer graphics and file formats (e.g., Frequently Asked Questions listings [FAQs], graphics news), and links to updated versions of the specs and software included on our CD-ROM.

  • The Book. The complete online text of Parts One and Three of the book, with cross-references and links that will help you navigate more easily through the text.

  • Index. A complete index to the contents of the product.

We could say a lot more about what's available and how it all works, but the best way to find out is to jump in and try it for yourself.

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