Conventions Used in This Book
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Conventions Used in This Book

We use the following formatting conventions in this book:

  • Bold is used for headings in the text.

  • Italics are used for emphasis and to signify the first use of a term. Italics are also used for functions, email addresses, FTP sites, directory and filenames, and newsgroups.

  • All code and header examples are in Constant Width.

  • All numbers in file excerpts and examples are in hexadecimal unless otherwise noted.

  • All code and header examples use the following portable data types:

    BYTE 8-bit unsigned data
    CHAR 8-bit signed data
    WORD 16-bit unsigned integer
    SHORT 16-bit signed integer
    DWORD 32-bit unsigned integer
    LONG 32-bit signed integer
    FLOAT 32-bit single-precision floating point number
    DOUBLE 64-bit double-precision floating point number

    All source code that we have produced is written in ANSI C. (This is relevant only if you are still using one of the older compilers.)

  • All World Wide Web and FTP sites are listed in URL format, as shown below:


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