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Tags vs. Categories

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After reading a very interesting post from Ari Paparo on the differences between Blink.com and Del.icio.us, as well as my own experience with adding information, I decided to switch from complicated hierarchical categories to flat tags.

My first observation was that I was bookmarking file format-related sites (at Furl), but that I wasn't getting around to adding them to the resources section. I thought about just making an "import from Furl".

Then I started using Del.icio.us, which makes everything so easy. It was really startling. The tags seemed to work better than the category system at Furl.

It was obvious to me that I needed a simpler/faster way to enter resources, so I switched to unvalidated tags.

A couple of cool things that came out of it are "Cloud Views" of both Resources and File Formats.

Tags: ontology

File Formats: (none)