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Information on fonts from your local machine

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I have been using Adobe Flex at my work and have been able to be very productive with it. I whipped together Local Font List, essentially a version of the Unicode character font support page, but using the fonts on your machine instead of my server.

You will need a pretty recent version of the Flash player: it works fine under MSWindows, Mac and Linux. I have seen a couple anomolies: Windows shows extra versions of a single font for different regions/encodings, and it misses some fonts on Windows.

If you have trouble inputing unicode characters, there is a link from each character's font-support page with that character pre-populated in the sample text.

Next on the to-do list is a grid of all characters in the font (like the Microsoft's Character Map utility) and printing support.

I am also thinking about trying to make a version of it with Microsoft's new SilverLight toolset, but am too daunted by the number of pieces I have to install to get started. Maybe when they're closer to shipping...

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