IP Address Geolocation

IP Address Geolocation


I have a couple different databases that map from IP address to geographic location.

Your current IP address is More information about you from your browser, including Locales.


Results for

Toolkit Version Results
MaxMind GeoIP Free Country
October 4, 2004
Country code=--
Country name=N/A
JavaInetLocator 2.23 (February 7, 2007) English (EU)
HostIP.info (service) ERROR: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: http://api.hostip.info/get_html.php?ip=

Specific IP

IP Geolocation

Other IP to Geolocation Databases

Note: all pricing is for the lowest service level possible. They all have higher priced options (of course).

For comparision, MaxMind is $20 for 200,000 lookups and HostIP.info is free.

  • IP2Nation - free but only does countries
  • Hexa IP2Location - Reasonable: $49 per server unlimited
  • Quova - so expensive they won't even show you the price.
  • CyScape CountryHawk - Microsoft-only client. Very expensive: $350 for 5,000 lookups.
  • Atelier Web IP Locator - a web service, but only via a Microsoft-proprietary COM client. Expensive for what you get: $20 for 4,000 lookups.
  • ARIN WhoIs, RIPE WhoIs - really only useful for small ISPs and small companies with their own address blocks.