Unicode Character 'EQUALS SIGN' (U+003D)

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Unicode Data
Block Basic Latin
Category Symbol, Math [Sm]
Combine 0
BIDI Other Neutrals [ON]
Mirror N
Index entries EQUALS SIGN
Comments other related characters: U+2241-U+2263
See Also not equal to U+2260
identical to U+2261
modifier letter short equals sign U+A78A
roman sextans sign U+10190
Version Unicode 1.1.0 (June, 1993)
HTML Entity (decimal) =
HTML Entity (hex) =
How to type in Microsoft Windows Alt +003D
Alt 061
Alt 61
UTF-8 (hex) 0x3D (3d)
UTF-8 (binary) 00111101
UTF-16 (hex) 0x003D (003d)
UTF-16 (decimal) 61
UTF-32 (hex) 0x0000003D (003d)
UTF-32 (decimal) 61
C/C++/Java source code "\u003D"
Python source code u"\u003D"
Java Data
string.toUpperCase() =
string.toLowerCase() =
Character.UnicodeBlock BASIC_LATIN
Character.charCount() 1
Character.getDirectionality() DIRECTIONALITY_OTHER_NEUTRALS [13]
Character.getNumericValue() -1
Character.getType() 25
Character.isDefined() Yes
Character.isDigit() No
Character.isIdentifierIgnorable() No
Character.isISOControl() No
Character.isJavaIdentifierPart() No
Character.isJavaIdentifierStart() No
Character.isLetter() No
Character.isLetterOrDigit() No
Character.isLowerCase() No
Character.isMirrored() No
Character.isSpaceChar() No
Character.isSupplementaryCodePoint() No
Character.isTitleCase() No
Character.isUnicodeIdentifierPart() No
Character.isUnicodeIdentifierStart() No
Character.isUpperCase() No
Character.isValidCodePoint() Yes
Character.isWhitespace() No