Unicode Character 'ARABIC SUKUN' (U+0652)

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Unicode Data
Block Arabic
Category Mark, Nonspacing [Mn]
Combine 34
BIDI Non-Spacing Mark [NSM]
Mirror N
Comments marks absence of a vowel after the base consonant
used in some Korans to mark a long vowel as ignored
can have a variety of shapes, including a circular one and a shape that looks like 'U+06E1'
See Also arabic small high dotless head of khah U+06E1
Version Unicode 1.1.0 (June, 1993)
HTML Entity (decimal) ْ
HTML Entity (hex) ْ
How to type in Microsoft Windows Alt +0652
UTF-8 (hex) 0xD9 0x92 (d992)
UTF-8 (binary) 11011001:10010010
UTF-16 (hex) 0x0652 (0652)
UTF-16 (decimal) 1,618
UTF-32 (hex) 0x00000652 (0652)
UTF-32 (decimal) 1,618
C/C++/Java source code "\u0652"
Python source code u"\u0652"
Java Data
string.toUpperCase() ْ
string.toLowerCase() ْ
Character.UnicodeBlock ARABIC
Character.charCount() 1
Character.getDirectionality() DIRECTIONALITY_NONSPACING_MARK [8]
Character.getNumericValue() -1
Character.getType() 6
Character.isDefined() Yes
Character.isDigit() No
Character.isIdentifierIgnorable() No
Character.isISOControl() No
Character.isJavaIdentifierPart() Yes
Character.isJavaIdentifierStart() No
Character.isLetter() No
Character.isLetterOrDigit() No
Character.isLowerCase() No
Character.isMirrored() No
Character.isSpaceChar() No
Character.isSupplementaryCodePoint() No
Character.isTitleCase() No
Character.isUnicodeIdentifierPart() Yes
Character.isUnicodeIdentifierStart() No
Character.isUpperCase() No
Character.isValidCodePoint() Yes
Character.isWhitespace() No