Unicode Character 'SYRIAC SUBLINEAR FULL STOP' (U+0702)

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Do not use this character in domain names. Browsers are blacklisting it because of the potential for phishing.
Unicode Data
Block Syriac
Category Punctuation, Other [Po]
Combine 0
BIDI Right-to-Left Arabic [AL]
Mirror N
Comments marks subordinate clauses and minor pauses, especially in Biblical texts
Version Unicode 3.0.0 (September, 1999)
HTML Entity (decimal) ܂
HTML Entity (hex) ܂
How to type in Microsoft Windows Alt +0702
UTF-8 (hex) 0xDC 0x82 (dc82)
UTF-8 (binary) 11011100:10000010
UTF-16 (hex) 0x0702 (0702)
UTF-16 (decimal) 1,794
UTF-32 (hex) 0x00000702 (0702)
UTF-32 (decimal) 1,794
C/C++/Java source code "\u0702"
Python source code u"\u0702"
Java Data
string.toUpperCase() ܂
string.toLowerCase() ܂
Character.UnicodeBlock SYRIAC
Character.charCount() 1
Character.getDirectionality() DIRECTIONALITY_RIGHT_TO_LEFT_ARABIC [2]
Character.getNumericValue() -1
Character.getType() 24
Character.isDefined() Yes
Character.isDigit() No
Character.isIdentifierIgnorable() No
Character.isISOControl() No
Character.isJavaIdentifierPart() No
Character.isJavaIdentifierStart() No
Character.isLetter() No
Character.isLetterOrDigit() No
Character.isLowerCase() No
Character.isMirrored() No
Character.isSpaceChar() No
Character.isSupplementaryCodePoint() No
Character.isTitleCase() No
Character.isUnicodeIdentifierPart() No
Character.isUnicodeIdentifierStart() No
Character.isUpperCase() No
Character.isValidCodePoint() Yes
Character.isWhitespace() No